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Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley discuss the decision to trade Jon Lester 8-3-14

Aug 3, 2014|

The guys discuss the Red Sox deciding to move Lester to Oakland in order to get offense and where they go from here.

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As far as the timing goes so. Of all these all the stuff really got through the royals series. And and swept answers and went to Toronto. And on the game Monday night. We were from. We're still thinking in terms of holding and winning in going and and and and actually making calls. Looking to add players. And that's what we're that's where our work was focused during that time going in that sponsors. And then. What happened happened you know everyone knows what's happened since then we haven't play well also. I would say. As we got towards the end of that week going into the ten officers them last week in Tampa. That's fraud when our conversation shifted. And we started making more calls to see. What opportunities -- -- -- better. It. It's it's next to cherry and credit for war. Often given credit for news that the outside the box something different plays out -- -- yet because water park and it's -- upset right now. Which -- here back in that event that keep in the year you use that criticized me. Taking the tree line -- I general column. January -- -- ticket to Europe because. It might be in the plan -- bush took the first point five minutes. February. I can take a week up in March but net March Madness. It's. Also. -- BC goes with that. April opening -- it. Ruins topics in the plants -- Michael deep cupped her. So by that I thought. That why the antics and opening patriots fox writes maybe. With the world. Went oh. That aren't here should. Show up. At night. And he indicated for now. I did not do it first of all thank you -- for -- My you know very evil Communist but. For the first twenty minutes shows. And I really appreciate it we got calls it was all I heard I heard it. By the way 805 at the Seacrest motel -- and film. -- -- -- Thank -- state police out there and did it at the Doug Mirabelli with this -- I think there -- well apparently you know it's the guy -- compare these so I did but this text is ledger here it is -- the MacBook we can. I will tell you this -- -- to your point I'll cannot just give me an apology first. Apology we get to your elbow whatever it is one of the right -- you wanna go on. You said a couple weeks ago. That this might be too unless his last start I created a frenzy that day and it. And I. After a little bit on that you did. And you know even though he's not around on the David Ortiz all I said it would you know -- Ortiz is a -- to be an all star -- It's. But apart except elected and with Kristi didn't look at the big picture with -- all the DH is you know crews -- -- so Ortiz didn't make your sister team they knew he wouldn't. -- make a big deal that. But I do have to apologize he did you did say that that might be US's last -- it was it was list and I right now I would. After the Federer. And and I apologize it by the way eight strikeouts no walks and jam wrote about it and -- I did. So I am so you know you've got that 1 right so I am are you got he got mad rat wedge and -- that that is one of the many you've gotten so here's one issue I have with you okay not that you took it is because you you'd chimed in you'd you'd chime in from your vacation spot I brought that my -- And you wrote from the -- -- Lester deserve better I do not disagree with the promise. The Jon Lester of all people deserve better for the -- and the we can you knew you did this in the first twenty minutes but ask are you -- one of those like Red -- issues at all. No but -- W thirty I've come to the realization. The Jon Lester. I know it's timing and all the 70000. Seven million dollar offer was an insult but I've come to the realization that they just didn't want me here. They just didn't want him here yet. OK well then if I'm the bad guy like -- -- presence -- that and that's supported your column it's good. But my point news -- -- come -- account for why didn't he say. To seventy million know it's double. It's a hundred and fortunately he never did by all accounts right elected to the thing about you selling your house in -- and I heard you do that -- that -- -- -- aren't buying the online -- of the day. The ten most boring cities and going on in Braintree was like before -- I'm not going to Geico does a commercial. Stupid is -- it was boring to always you know we're gonna Somerville and talk to -- this -- -- -- -- go to Ricky. Rick I butch I blocked it. Hey mark I -- wonder why I'm a Red Sox management. So cheap but they I'll make an awful lot of money and why -- they expanded it if you look at it. When people hit free agency they -- the late mid twenties early in the head buried and they don't want it signed these people is this a sign that it selling this team. I don't know about that but in fairness and you say why Eisenstein spending money right up until two days ago we were spending money and they were spending lots audit. Yeah apart they expanded in the way they used to they're not they're not by the big people the twenty million dollars. Look at Victor -- look at them they'll look at Napoli it's a waste of money I. Well well OK let's go step by step. They wasted their money all the way to the World Series last year so so take a step back and bring some perspective to -- -- and that was a fool and don't tell me a lot of. While it wasn't that you can't look you weigh a 162 games and when the World Series. Though the hope. If a whole bunch of guys. Excuse me if a whole bunch of guys come together once. And Victor Reno had a great season last year joining go with any productive season. Doubt we provided power Ortiz not like he did ten years ago but had a pretty good season. Lackey had a good season Lester a whole what you guys came together and had a good season. And they won the World Series that's not a full that the budget guys having good seasons going all right discount the book of -- at the notion of afloat. Only good thing and I think it would stop more from up above with the Boston Marathon bomb and I just believe it up a good man up above. Gave -- about. You know I think and that but that would be divine intervention that's not a fluke. While while while that's true. So -- let me ask a question are you is your beef that they're not. Making a legitimate offered Jon Lester are that they're not spending money. Lot of dead did not spend the money in the way that I think it should be spent I think did -- get why couldn't they give Leicester dropped front -- idea what they paid him 24 million for the next two years and -- maybe went down a twenty million in the last two years. Seventeen million dollar contract like that I. Wise and because that's advisors told him. That he would get significantly more than that in the open market. Yeah but he says he's one of the hometown discount they couldn't even a decent opt out. All right stand at I I think we have a philosophical void the chasm as to a hometown discount it because. Quote on this guy I think people -- on that night -- -- is guilty as anybody know that we come back to hometown discount but. That doesn't mean signing pennies on the dollar means you might do it again. There is no you can't look up hometown discount and finally percentage attached to the definition. To -- -- -- hold. Ricky said that is before is they're not spending money but his real beef was not spending money on last. Because if he's BP is they're not spending money. They're spending money by the way that the most boring town in England -- and this is in need don't shoot the messenger and is re on Mike Napoli overspent on Shane -- they overspent on Jonny Gomes. They overspent on Ryan Dempster did agree to the degree that this got the World Series they did notes and they got value added to all okay. It's a good point but my point is -- anybody in their right mind when they gave those contracts. 339 for Victor Reno. Who ten million for Gomes fourteen point 529. Million dollars for two years for. Ryan Dempster did anybody know what they got back -- -- right circumstances but did anybody think giving you facts I mean did anybody think that money was worth it at that no question though they don't have. So -- point Ricky Somerville was. They're not spending money my argument is they're spending money that not just on spending and Jon Lester in -- all know all about that on Thursday that he deserves better. But moving forward I I believe you look where they are right now when they're moving forward. It would appear they aren't going to lavish players free agent or otherwise with six year 100 million dollar plus contracts. And if if that is a sign of things to come. Then you'd better get used to the Red Sox becoming. The Tampa Bay Rays that that's why they raised by the way. -- -- to be hard to like to be a season ticket holder raised and you bingo on every single game to bring in the wife and kids also along if true smiling now. And they they turn around a big in in and Joseph Maddon god bless them. They forget what the next day was back in May when they were sixteen and thirty whatever was in speeding past. Any guarantee that gonna start playing great baseball and they went on this and making a -- like 42 when fourteen whatever was. And they go on this incredible run during which they become the best team in baseball probably get it I don't know. But then right when on the cusp. All moving in contention for a wild cards but corporate place the American League east they turn around and trade their marquee player. They Tehran because they'd they'd know that journalism at the next year the betrayed him and if you're if you're race fan like -- One apartments -- -- four year. Dexter says the Sox do not mean Lester and Lackey. To finish ten to fifteen games under 500 all of this year they can do that other ways and less expensive. Good point 6177797937. Text on the eighteenth -- -- on 37937. All it is right with the world. Braintree is back in the saddle again Steve Buckley Butch Stearns. On Sunday morning -- Loper taking your calls the -- Our ability now to length about the lineup with a you know and Craig. Gives us that depth that I think has been lacking. Throughout the course of the season I think it's also important and all that you know what we're not in the development phase you know. With the players we've been able to bring back this isn't a prospect -- situation we're announcing getting exposure for young players. We've added establishment of the players so. Are our intent our goal every night just block went. So here we are on Sunday morning. The first weekend in August. And -- Boston Red Sox got a fire sale of epic proportions. On Thursday. But probably the biggest surprise of at all. Is that we're not scouring the com. Name your team dot prospect dot net to figure out who people are they have major leaguers in return. They have revamped. Their Major League roster would -- trading deadline a rarity. In this day and -- in baseball Allan Craig. And -- just but it is thrown into this lineup for the foreseeable future. Several years Allen Craig is signed for annual recessed but as for at least a year and a half by the it was a confusing the other day. With that I was listening when everything is confusing -- -- -- -- it's it's just a good thing about that he's an international player and wasn't. Arbitration eligible -- others and I mean some people thought I thought who Maloney did a phenomenal job Lewis. -- that is very best actually got the iPad out might WBI app and he is his passion. Which I happen to agree right I -- a little on two major points -- Bogart's. At shortstop and again again I don't work with script I don't seem as shortstop sorry and number two. More pronounced. I don't know -- if flu is still with me in the book right thing but. But Lester to me he should have remained with this team. And will always rather pronounced on that any in it was just about the best radio offered a long time the other day listening to one that. -- it was Sewell Chan yeah however as much as deeply in the belly as we say as much as we think it's unlikely -- do we all agree. If Jon Lester is sitting at a press conference in Boston and signing a contract with the Red Sox. At this trading deadline becomes brilliant it it does except that that's pure fantasy why it's. Game -- it's just I just don't see it happening if the Red Sox. Had. A genuine feeling emotionally financially. Baseball ease and so forth of keeping Jon Lester. They would -- -- animal that would have made the -- low ball offer great spring it was so bad. That apparently and I say apparently because who knows but apparently Lester camp beaten even -- to make it cholera so. Like that's the best you can do I -- Went at it from doctor rusty on this by their actions the did not want -- yeah example being and you boring little town of Braintree that it it. -- Dexter says there's a reason they call a dud loans that'll let alone actually meet the list. And again this isn't my list by woods some online thank anyway. 100000 dollars for your beautiful home. You would say I'm an intimate encounter -- run. May be. -- -- -- -- -- I'm still surprised. That they got back Major League talent on the rushed. I mean it just by the nature of the trading deadline when you trade with contenders the usual mess with the roster. The user don't give you Major League talent -- -- -- -- -- I mean not only took two months of Jon Lester we gave you these cleanup hitter yeah that was producing the best on producing. It is Nick Faldo made a Dick part of a good point today when was the last time contending team trade between a -- While the closest I can think -- was in the cleanup hitter but Nomar. Went back channel four and again they had meaning in the entities. So he was in the cleanup hitter but he was an important hitter in the lineup really was hurt for awhile. Trading a major player at the trading deadline content team that's not something that we see. 6177797937. -- in a car -- buck and butch on a Sunday morning hello Lou. -- -- -- -- -- -- And it was clear. Our. It. -- Oh. What -- accurately. Orders. But you can't do under a pack is back. Oh are you. Sure that picky about. -- -- -- -- With the with the team that they had last year I'll have you great years so it was a great deal. And you -- He with a chip it would be silly. Oh actually should be -- right by one country he had -- -- -- what he would want it. While the Red Sox would buying it slowed got the seat compartment but cannot -- him to be winning. -- -- -- let me let me -- from clear about what you just said right there. You're saying it would -- foolish for them to make him a legitimate offer and try and sign him or forged a Lester at this point to accept an off. -- -- -- I can't beat. Them let. And we wouldn't be -- -- -- so your point is they might as well illustrated. Correction -- would -- that was when. I. Looked on. And I albeit. So so how do you feel how do you feel about Lackey then in that regard in other words trading a guy with -- another year on his contract at ridiculously minimum money. Do you feel about them trading -- -- second one. You. May want to see what all she caught. Allegedly all of these alleged pitching prospect that they have a going to end it got too much. These guys to come up and get. I don't think it. Happened it somewhat. Watching a completely. Market and -- -- shot and end up light. Partly. We -- BI RI. RB yeah. It got a lot of our. Guys don't come up I'll be right out pretty well who act as part. Woke you up. I'm in the minority I understand that I and I respect your opinion. So here's a couple of things -- that really stick it in my -- over the last couple days one. By design or not the Red Sox went from what are -- going to Fenway for two. I don't know -- it's must see. I wanna watch this team the rest of the year I I I think that was a byproduct bright or by design. In nice. Benefit to what they did in other words you have to see Jonas says but as you have to see Allen Craig you've got to see Joseph Kelly yeah these young kids have to get now to see. Bogart's middle Brooks and Jackie Bradley junior to a lesser degree evident that sounds great. Switched its not true. It sounds great abstract but ID. Mean listen it's gonna look like that because the most of the tickets are meaner this season was sold back in -- So that they are going to have very good crowds this seat from from this point forward. And people like you gonna say oh look at these packed crowds there are all here to see the kids play in order here because they it they'd invested in tickets. And they have to go so I don't really buy that right. No I don't see that -- let's go to Justin and New Hampshire hello Justin. -- -- -- There. Out. In love. It at that for what reason Major League players for her number well -- -- Getting. -- look at that. Or hurt it a I like that but a great player of them and I go there. And that they are. Not a lot and -- -- art cart who in order. To. Bogart Henry Owens and Ellen and double it all out. -- Brian Johnson Stewart you're welcome it. It a -- -- brought. It regular here. I. He didn't know the other thing and brought back the respect our work but I like it yeah. They tournament where it's part of my ball out of it but it around. You know what I'm here present -- in the actor award. 1100 brought that that -- owner in your 120 million dollar. And Larry and it was bad and that's the big FI and I respect the hell out of that opinion but it is the cost -- -- yes -- do it undervalued Justin and Justin I'm sorry. Com. Did you do you feel excited going into next season. If they don't have that as you put it to forty million dollar they don't have that -- It that's great that's where you're still no I I don't be expecting a lot and Tony are lighter and a sign back here. Mean I don't know I went back there turned up or or million dollar I don't think it's going to be in the ballpark Mallard. Spent money. I -- the site where they might well do. -- -- I'd -- what are Bert but here and -- fill -- number -- starter James Shields and adapt. -- -- -- Well you know what I don't know I don't know that that they are a number I. Did not. At all but I don't I don't interrupt Obama and -- -- that stood. I think that their -- Or the well that's all we're practically put their next -- -- going to be. I think you just brought up a really good point -- into the break Justin. By. Going middle class. But all the respective Victor Reno Napoli Jonny Gomes Dempster. Koji and all them they -- World Series by shopping middle class. And Justin's point is they don't need -- twenty million dollar pitcher. Do you agree isn't pitching by nature different if you're gonna get a top of the rotation guy. You have to somehow spend upwards of fifteen to twenty million dollars. Or you just gonna hope that -- Renato or Henry Owens one of these guys emerges as that -- which we almost gonna take time. You agree -- Justin's point. As we had the break that you don't need to spend twenty million dollars and that my point that you could go the bargain basement by the middle class -- with hitters like they did. You know years well. I mean you can -- -- three years 39 in between victory. -- you'd get that being peel bark. Pitcher who's gonna win Saturday eighteen at -- -- -- and my only concern hypocrites. Like the -- I like the moves in that they were aggressive. He opened the box beside me gates and different things have an issue with the mole. My issue goes back spring training when they didn't sign. That so so having concluded that Lester is gone. Now look at the moves they made because you conclude the -- is gone. But I still go back spring training -- Utica Lester. -- -- thing when we come back Steve Buckley will give us some insight into what John -- actually said. To Jon Lester in the parking lot at Fenway Park the other day it's -- and Barbara Sunday -- -- era.

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