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J.J. Cooper, Baseball America, Joins Alex Speier on 'Down on the Farm' Segment #1 8-3-14

Aug 3, 2014|

J.J. Cooper joins Alex to give his thoughts on the insanely busy MLB trade deadline that just passed on Thursday and where the Red Sox are now that the smoke has cleared.

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What just happens let's try to make sense of the trade deadline came and went to which the Red Sox were the most active seller in baseball. They did sort of fashion that went a bit against precedent in a little bit we're -- talk about a separate matter which is the state of Red Sox catching. It's been a banner year on that front but what just happened this in the past few days of the trade deadline. Was really interesting the Red Sox added some young talent in their deals they landed left hander Eduardo Escobar. Right hander -- Embry from the Giants are in right hander he -- -- from the Jets for Jake Peavy they also added left hander Eduardo Rodriguez from the Orioles for Andrew Miller. But that they use the premier assets that they had Jon Lester John Lackey not on a high ceiling shoot the moon prospects. Who might either buster became key contributors for a decade. But instead they focused on getting big league ready talent. In returning corner outfielders UN assessment -- in Allen Craig is -- righthander Joseph Kelly so this strange model. And it seemed prevalent in the major leagues this year why is sets out to answer that. We're going to jump in with JJ Cooper of baseball America JJ thanks so much for joining. This was a strange deadline was it not. It was an eligibility deadline but a very strange one because usually -- that prospects -- are the currency that you -- looking for. This year it seemed to have much more cost controlled young veteran is what team that that he thought about that that is what they got back. Why then you know there I think that there's that that it's it's a fascinating phenomena and and it's all right but I think that the underlying causes -- -- Probably like there's there's a pretty good onion that you have to -- some players away on. And I Derrick are out there a couple of reasons to play into that one is it and that brought to the Cubs did a good job. -- only one elite prospect -- truly elite like -- Fifteen top you know and it's picked up by prospect who truly did that. You can tell that the couple who -- negate the Cubs in the market deal. Well I think part of the reason that you haven't Seymour is elite prospects he didn't do that right now. All all the prospects. Play for teams who are not very good. The club and three of the top seven prospects in the game. Between -- two of the top ten. There'll really if you look at the deal league prospects beginning. The only prospects. That jump out that are you know that -- -- handle a certain number of elite prospect top -- prospects whose unit. Are the doctors who. He looks like they were kind of active but none of it didn't want regulate who you're right chuck Peterson but -- and then you get to the national -- -- -- but. Again maybe that wasn't there -- no different here a deal they needed so I hope one factor and I think the other factor to look at the -- to promote active. -- the Red Sox. Well one the Red Sox have a pretty -- prospect at right now but you -- put more important that the Red Sox. Are looking at this has picked up that they're not saying okay we'll look down the road at 2017. They expect he continued to go out and get to. The rookie that's pretty much the same story at the ready. Are doing that straight David Price but they're also doing it saying okay. We're not again we're not saying we will beat that for several years. They're looking at it as we wanted to win in 2015 what -- in 2015. You are much better off giving young. Big leaguers in your prospects because there is a lot of content and acclamation process to the big leagues for even some of the best prospects. If you kind of you skip in the English. Do you think that that acclamation process has become more pronounced than ever in part of one of the things have been thinking about a lot recently is the fact that. It seems to me and I think that it's not even seeming to me it is everyone agrees I think that stuff in the big leagues is now better than ever scouting reports are now better than ever. The ability to -- guys up is now better than ever. And we're seeing we're seeing the run totals to suggest as much. Does that mean that the gap between AAA in the majors has grown. I think we're -- my apartment because one that there are parts now the big league experience. That. The -- don't even come close to equaling and you just sit on the big part of it which is it that. I've talked -- kept saying you know they go triplets the big league. If it's it's -- life opening in any kind of blown away because they go from. You know where your scouting report -- -- -- -- series it's like OK well this guy like well you know with Alex fastballs and you know. Stay away from that or whatever. And then he gets in the big leagues and at the book. As. We're paid out there and you you're -- type that spreads around on rookies and they've never seen that before because it's not. In the minor league level are going to double and a triple and so. I didn't think that that might make it a little bit you have more difficult and it really -- group. At the big league level right now but there's not a lot in the minors conservatives. But. Particularly well at this point is truly insane. Because we see you know bowl and national. It's that the big league level if you could somebody thought a couple like or what you do out there. And and that wasn't true even five -- sick. Talking to JJ Cooper of baseball America about the trade deadline and it's a fascinating and distinctive dynamics that does it seem somewhat unprecedented. Given that this was a departure from that model of you know of the kind of prospect based return. How difficult is it to evaluate. To evaluate how trades you know. -- of the quality of the return of trades just given that you know it doesn't followed that four for one template. Well it also that should suffer from the standpoint of the lower you go to Allen prospect -- the more disagreement that. When you're talking about. If you say it's a -- that came out and seeing as ruffle. I'm probably a pretty good confirmed that. From eight or nine of them. Because. Again he's one of the best prospects in the game. When you talk prospect -- -- about a water Rodriguez or keep Embry or it would -- There's more disagreement we we -- are we -- -- Fifteen prospect street that the double. That we ran out -- the trade deadline that team and read about it simple beginning. And -- comparing. Pretty significantly. Carrying. Opinion about how you repeat because. Again in your talk him out for almost all not 100 -- -- there's a lot more there's a lot more variance in humans have a guy who really leader Annika. It -- and not in a very good at all. On and so there's a lot more experience and you feel that great that the guy that the Red Sox traded for. Are -- -- the standpoint of I -- like. That they picked up the -- I wrote I three guys who if we -- around the clock a year. All of them would probably have more trade value and have now. Just to clarify did you -- talking about the prospects name about the prior pitching prospects here as opposed to as opposed to the buy low on Sam Allen Craig. We're talking about Eduardo Escobar Barbara Rodriguez and and -- Emery. Exactly -- other three pitchers and in all cases. You could say they're not looking as good right now. Although Rodriguez is -- a little bit more up and down for you in -- that this year but also read on. You could say are not looking at good right now -- they've looked at. Now -- at that you could say okay well they're you know they can higher levels -- you know -- regular stop stacked up. If you're optimist you could argue from the standpoint of well -- you know. It would Escobar tweet usually you're I would ask -- -- at right. -- -- Concur pick or is that excitable long term problem beat -- like I -- at the future and there will not a good look at church it mean that. You try to do well. Because as you scalpel -- talk about a left arm in arm that really quick that you know that work these weeks. You look beyond doubt that it did not you know it was not a bad start it did not work you lose and you do not want to -- features game. It's it's one -- that you we will not a couple of and quiche that helped you shut them you know a better a lot shorter quicker around the net it this is just you know a short term pick up. Pulled in. The Red Sox -- like guys who could be a very solid you know -- starter who has three catches. Eduardo Rodriguez. If you on the right night BC. You know 9394. Touching 96 in and we talked to guys who think you -- and stories and everything come together right. -- guys who seem -- -- and it looks like. And you have more probably more bad night he could actually cheer but you've seen in the day and now I'm playing and you know useful reliever who may be back in starter. Again that a lot more variants on these guys and that's what I that's why there are available to penetrate you know and as a lesser prospects ball. So you had does so so that kind of pecking order of of these prospects and granting that'd -- prospect status represented a snapshot in time rather than. Rather than any a proper a a complete prediction of their future worth. In the big leagues would be Eduardo Rodriguez ahead of Eduardo Escobar followed by a ball by Ethan -- given that he's the reliever. Yeah I don't say it's Rodriguez. Decent gap at the -- Significant -- -- come back you know after -- -- and Rodriguez made our our our top fifteen. I remember correctly Henry did not Embree was kind of battling for the last spot on the and didn't Enrique. You're really hoping that he can be you know you -- seventh eighth inning guy problem you can have that and you know that yeah well I do a better. On the could have in Boston isn't that there are a whole lot of -- are going to be competing for a spot right over the next that your two. And you talk about how long before he if he can make it you know pretty quick impression to control around a lot on pitching with enough in -- talked. Because there's so much depth at the upper levels. I'll I'll I'll finish up with one last question JJ as well as we kind of take stock of the dynamics you know what of the things that did play into -- -- expert was certainly. Scarcity of available talent right in terms of addressing those holes so they tried to get in front of a limited free agent market but. And they acquired that's that's why they acquired SS -- -- that's why they acquired a and Allen -- Is that the better move or would you have would you have -- the prospect route and then sign someone like he Resnick has DO. Who is at least in theory just about Major League ready. And but still represented doesn't have a -- big league performance track record. I liked the way they did it because again. The big thing come back to on the phone and I don't think that the prospect route there if you wanted to go -- -- -- if you -- -- -- prospect he's going to be equivalent of a couple -- that. What available the team to have those guys. Again they're not looking to try to win in 2004. So you can't primer I've lived. -- that being the case. I think it's pretty. It's a pretty useful pro what that would rip it and it the other thing I think it looked a lot that this is by essentially turning out of the rotation. What it does also give them that give them a month and a half two months. To come and see what they hit me or not those in India can a guy that can do which gives them a chance. I have a much better idea -- 2015 starts. Of which of these again was we -- I mean this massive number I would not be shocked at all and real. In you know a couple of weeks. If you get USC I could be a deeper. I know I wouldn't do but I kicker -- was a bit it would not be spun it we felt real and not that you know it's September. And I can think -- get the chance they have a chance now to kind of fort through some of these pitchers and he again not that you're gonna take for 56 start. That you absolutely positively sure this over to contribute that that's not -- -- a much better feel that it would. If they hadn't had a -- to bring somebody got a picture. JJ Cooper baseball America thinks so much for bring in some insight to be out to the trade deadline really appreciate the perspective. -- felt solid and do that. All right that is JJ Cooper coming up we're going to have Chad Epperson the Red Sox pitching coordinator examining the year of the catcher in the Red Sox system.

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