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Three For All: Tim calls an Arena League NOT Top-10 play, 8-1-14

Aug 1, 2014|

Our own Tim Benz does play-by-play for the Pittsburg Power, of the Arena League. A play in that game was featured on Sportscenter's NOT top 10, so we wanted to hear the call. Also, NFL players are getting micro-chipped on Thursday night games this year. Also, a Florida man gets creative when trying to avoid an arrest.

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate boss didn't Renaissance man it's at least three or wrong. Number three. Countries three overall venture. It's three overall these days with MF beat. -- -- -- they brought here by -- valley construction. Theater group they've got you covered this and we take a lot of things we've been talking about that don't. Have anything to do with sports -- just for the -- it's a dumpster in the show we put them under one roof we called the free for all. This what is kind of sports related Joey helped set -- for this one now you're watching earlier -- -- -- they had. It tops in worst moments from the week that wasn't sports that is sold time on products. One of the moments was an arena football game Christian. Again I was calling below Pittsburgh power so don't. Apparently we do is the Pittsburgh a power and the Philadelphia soul. And Jolie has been threatening. For months now you get some play by play -- -- -- arena football broadcasts on ESPN three I have just never one to watch arena football game at play the -- -- along -- we got them beat Pittsburgh power going on in the playoffs if you didn't see the top ten worst play -- be -- again actually -- us again. Two point conversion Philadelphia's going to war and they've botch it is this the first Pittsburgh team to make the playoffs like fifty years. For first Pittsburgh football team in three yes that's you're getting at all give you credit there. So the Philadelphia team blows it on the two point conversion and the ball rattles around. Fifty yards down the field the other way for Pittsburgh power. Two point conversion of their own enjoy re able by the split up like it's my guess is I blew this call horrible. Ivan and -- birdie yet and it -- -- behind the line of scrimmage and bouncing. It's great. This is still -- great again. I what I did it I. Actually thought about giving it they can you believe it but I was afraid -- -- misrepresented on the air -- and I turn Bernie -- guess. And did very -- real homered back a little quick -- -- in an -- in a -- behind the line of scrimmage for the bouncing. Of course great. This is still -- great might get. There from Delhi had that thought they had an -- ended I was -- yes I already did to our viewers sound I don't know I don't him Beirut you didn't all well all of that Jim -- and what's. Courtesy of Jim -- and their priceless. You're kidding me they just the anchors read over the video is that India all that stocks. Now I asked Carol the wait for your sports that are -- -- -- just forcing her before but I've not been -- a break my -- cut third you have how does that work. But I really view that there means you get to talk to the coach you already know the guys I mean there's only what I've got a feeling. They've got -- -- -- Did you do any pre production meeting is or is it basically there's going to start call which received but I feel a lot of prep myself and about further and every layer of yeah yeah there are a lot fewer players to learn and is only when some guys lost you equated relief but also what. -- -- across probably. Actually it's more like basketball than anything just -- -- like -- also a lot calling our basketball. What -- you out there. It's my football you definitely I would go if your fan of I guess fantasy football and that than baseball -- All those things that go into trying to figure out its borders cooler not. Did -- well it's going to start putting these little micro chips into the pads of NFL players basically to give fans. You know with all their insatiable desire for information. They're gonna give -- -- So we're gonna do is brawl for a fifteenth Thursday night games they're going to be able to track the distance and speed. To enhance the fan experience and I've just Thursday's game -- just Thursday -- I can still fifty teams. Atlanta Baltimore Carolina Chicago these of the stadiums. Right so it's not every not every stadium is going to have one of these transporters installed every team. We'll be part of this process but it -- tested it out. But it already fixed it Carter went through all of us on the weak but it. So it's sort of I could -- -- from running automatically you're gonna know -- where I caught the ball. -- yards I rant after I caught it they can -- it goes stated so forth and tell you how far offensive -- pushes back a defense of life. You can reset that supported you did. They'll -- tell you what players what it's a little bit like this. The little flaming puck. The global glut on -- I don't blame but you're the late morning first I thought it all hang around and who don't like that below are all right so you must love you know -- I hate this and I take a lot. Here's why I would hate you let me don't you think if there are going to be watching on TV and they're gonna throw on a budget numbers and here's here's. You know here's the -- harm and here's here's Darrelle Revis and and they're showing that little yellow line and an opportunity -- deep into the red. And they're gonna show you where the route went just I don't wanna budget. John mad and ask tight. Comic dating non verbal visual commentary of the game. Okay what I'd like to get some stats real quickly to decide. Maybe it's kind of a threat donors for the red zone channel for me I don't know what you think. Well yeah I mean if you don't I don't -- lines all the screening that but if you use that information at some point during the game. -- to sort of posting information you -- gathering a background that's different story. I can -- are pure fantasy football guy and get a big league we talked about this earlier how how high. The winnings can go right those giant -- millions of dollars it would many of the millions of dollars. I could see -- you can be at a game watching and it they are constantly update. Your score and your team at the end based on games going on all over it that's built you don't need it though -- -- want people to do this at the stadium now. To -- go to the states stadium heavier little phone do what every one. I'm surprised they don't do it on they don't have just day one big giant screen just devoted. Two games going around -- and the stats and information that comes from those games let alone just your -- Edit that's gonna come at the votes of stats eventually it from -- have been doctrine again on your phone -- pats game all got a lot lines. -- to -- is thank everybody still you know so it's I can't -- overlay service you get anything. Art I was so if this thing will want to call -- Friday. So I I should restore from Florida west about Melbourne Florida. His name is Julius local -- which brings up the story would you do to get out of a a speeding ticket. So -- was pulled over. While he was pulled over I -- -- officer turned its back. On him what he did what he called 911. And let this message. There's definitely some gonna get shot please please swing day in Hollywood please. There's a -- the gonna see you look at them -- the keys species of myself or I swear those get a might that it killed myself please. Now look at the offers is dispatched to the scenes. But the officer who pulled over looked away its state what. There's enough people going. So with that they respond to public offices -- real threat. So now I want dispatchers. Tracked down name of the caller announced it they tracked the full color came from. It now -- and -- over the police radio yet just so. Which alerted officer who was actually heard it that's getting right next to the guy in our. In realized that point that it was the same person that was -- in the 911 call all this happen in a matter what. 34 minutes I don't pick up like that is like registration back credit card debt when he calls and says tries to get back -- to -- right to go -- -- shooting. Meanwhile the track it all down and incomes if I realized that it's the guy that's right front in the car. The -- and get -- to all traffic tickets I don't know he's now facing a felony charge for the five year maximum. I was. Just speeding speeding ticket and it wanna get it and called in this apparently. We're going to find out that it math or something like that it would -- -- that crazy got to speak to. Where I used to have my dad is about deputy sheriff and LA. So my dad when he was obviously working used to did he gave all of us made his car his deputies here cause. And he made just staple it to the back of our license. So whenever we dig it polled voters like this common courtesy between police officers you know like they don't give each other tickets and hopefully they wouldn't give each -- children's tickets. So I never got a ticket in Los Angeles ever. Of all the times I mean it wasn't like it was to get it it it and not -- drag it out not out -- get the ticket -- and dump my license. They were rebuilt -- -- is back to the car turn over obviously see that my dad was run the numbers and say -- -- -- get out of here. I Amy it was nothing serious it was like out drunk driving -- you like that but I would always get out of ticket just out of I guess that doesn't perfect comic courtesy of 85 and a school zone now at one time -- you know. Drink in my school. -- Let it happen kind of like organically. If they wanna give me the ticket I understand I was -- -- -- there won't let me update you very much I appreciate a couple -- want to. Western -- on the plight they got -- game back in and I was actually out -- -- it time to give back he's itself. Little. Particularly job is -- the Red Sox but they'll serve and say that at all. Good because well let's get you could afforded here haven't they are not happy at all what was that -- -- this this. Well it's like just give me the damn ticket out all the other crap you know vein Billy out westward maps -- votes on mean -- -- This -- cops number I actually knew somebody in that area should have a father -- that was an area and they get the ticket fixed and the populous left wrist for be idiots -- President. You argued it afforded to give -- -- -- to shut the hell if you -- -- Daddy Yankee -- you wanna give me a bit of speed and we -- let me -- appreciated but don't give me that crap. That is just bring it up stories that the stores are trying to get -- clubs and bars back when I was younger -- and it felt players caller. And if there was a long line and in club and another state with my boys -- offseason they've been like just. Well because Paul McCartney -- we go out like all right fine I'll do it okay pulled -- the -- same date. I tortured double play some tough economy I -- ironically figure out. -- trouble they just look like a total tool like hey -- out of somebody you know I am but this kind of proves that I'm kind of an ordeal. You know people know who I am that the verbalize -- MI -- casually dressed white guy friends. -- coming but others bachelorette. Trying to get a club like apple you know -- club it with jeans look flops and T shirts hats. You know Baptist. Bill. I'll tell you what what are you and your wife and then obviously the -- development. When we come -- old glory why don't ever give me try. To -- building O o'clock -- -- -- Libya might.

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