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Kevin Millar, MLB Network: "The home plate rule is terrible," 8-1-14

Aug 1, 2014|

Former Red Sox player and current MLB analyst, Kevin Millar, joined MFB to talk about the controversial play in Miami where Manager Mike Redmond was ejected after a play at the plate was overturned. He also thinks the Sox did a great job acquiring real players that can impact the team in 2015.

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Days MF below Maloney Christian Fauria Tim bands on a Friday we always start off the -- -- With Kevin Millar was brought to us by a RS restoration specialist and Brennan's smoke shop from intentional talk in the Major League Baseball network. Everett tot lots about the Red Sox and their moves yesterday but we just wanna get your perspective and discussion that we have right before top of the hour. Did you see the play at home plate last night in the Marlins game against the reds and if so what's your take on how was overturned. It stinks I mean I just think the rule the home plate role -- terrible I think each game. I mean it. That's been around for years. Want to -- it out. You know the player to become states in the second base sliding they were up sort that out. There's not that but literally physical contact your own place you know it's the ones are solid our ball loose and not think last night. Mike Redmond -- out with everything -- -- every all of comments that are there are at the comparable swallow during your spot but that. Your blood red was fired up man it sure was coming off thank god it teacher and -- there you know we wanna go there now is most plane -- bodies Kevin as you know you know not what they once work. And they got to fix that right before the post season you think of what happens in the game it's a sentiment that. Terrible little immunity if you're -- seriously you think about it. If it ever got decided that late -- -- sold out all eating in the accident baseline like really. I think about and felt like it in five. ALCS champ series play play eight in. And they roll -- called safe like that -- -- match and keep your match in this game now I mean that it's just -- that makes cents. And I don't like the role and never liked the role -- -- about bogeys -- he got hurt our our dynamic player like it straight. But let -- them to stay up. Patrick catcher you're a little bit more than ever -- you know Adam Dunn coming around third base. In the third inning probably accurate idea the stadium -- it actually smacked. -- a little -- become around the bases. You know in the seventh inning and understand and they're all like cancel catcher how little you're not run in the bottom line at what a bad rule. All right so the dust has settled on yesterday's I guess historic. About a trade to me crazy -- So just what's your general overall assassin what happened with the Red Sox gesture of all trades are made. Are are not there yet they -- they we've been wait for 23 years turned traitor like you wait prediction like oh my goodness gracious what and that can happen. I think there -- some loser -- to rotate and do much Billy didn't do much angle really. And you know whether you think -- got -- for David Price who cares I like smiley nick Franklin I don't know that they all shortstop picked up right -- I don't -- darn good GMs are not gonna question and I think Bruce Marley. It's our our -- Kubel all David Price not -- level belong. And I'd love look they're Red Sox it guys I love what the refs suck it up or protect right now laughter. It's never gonna -- by everybody it doesn't make sense you know they got that got three Major League players like a trade Lester and Lackey. And they got three big league player immediately help the club out the guy Allen -- that aren't here the last few -- -- all these. -- here this year great. You look at Jill Kelly hamstring issues battle a little bit but not now not that there are many. And little market where I'll be -- of the year let -- break it down for a quick little. And Seattle. And now I'm not -- an Oakland by the way is the workplace it. In victory paint all night but he appears the box they're. And he kept it going out of camp -- all. Baltimore New York. Trust me to get more to it. Well I I do I hope so -- can only sit and 233 in AL east Clark's in his career he's a better hold splits it and Oakland and he does on the road. -- -- -- -- -- -- 4545. On the road in -- are. -- -- -- talking about it's not like I get it here's the thing with Lester with me. I do think that there's an acceptance that it even got to this point I'm still caught up on them you know. Lloyd get a trip to medal at -- -- had to get that still caught up on that the didn't bring Scott back earlier in the year. I I think I expected I wanna wait assessment -- we'll see what he does you know year in two months and can they sign him long term to me that is deciding factor how I feel about this now we performed this. One year of your assessments that rate compete but to look at the trade this -- the -- out Tehran's it would be good for Jon Lester. -- it but it ended today are you tired of look at the offense from now -- production. Are you excited to have on the sale you want but we got kept him on the victory all on Kirby. I don't know demeaning things but we had a good time last here what you'll -- I'm sure watched him. At least keep that he would sign and I would've been like kind of -- -- Like it's going to be present it behind -- he's now you don't get any extra crowd while the report. Would ever but at that -- bat I was never real run. You remember broke late in Anaheim. And it was pretty funny -- Not all -- upper right now is all that Walt. Brought her so I look at a guy like. Allen could -- your hand on somebody like we have and are now you know what. But that's not it will land we -- had on the -- All our dynamic a spot and Bobby in the city and every -- everywhere round. -- -- Wonder why not that we're open and back here great. We all the city and it went three years they've won -- World Series collapse and but I'm just one player out kind of cool you'll hear about the opt out laps and blocked. And hey I'll mall or. Yeah -- of the could have some pop not worried about the other end to that big that that might wind and that's the pitching staff and if the unwillingness to sign guys long term in their thirties to me if that Juli is a philosophy than Lester they won't resign him in and it just there's still a chance but -- -- off the bench Harrington to get a number one and a number joke is we don't know that's what it takes to win. You -- right now miraculous game regular lesser evil act. Like you know whether act here or government whether they lack of stopping the ball there's a -- -- was on the right here. At these -- and we saw that picture saying hey. -- not -- and they -- Am and that's -- -- certain -- and value actually act rerun that. July 31 August 1 radio I'll explain why how they got all. Albert is now I don't know what we're gonna do. What kind of person pretty calm on the map out at a bigger let that you better have a backup plan was gonna replace him out and I am and we -- change. And we talked about the order -- we love being their client that their that we another error would get what. They're gonna happy assimilated it to have that dynamic starting. You know number one starter you know out the rotation that and we have no idea. -- Morris from intentional talk in the MLB network pay -- As it relates to the other big trade with. John Lackey and wondering what you think about the potential bounce back that may or may not be within Allen Craig in Joseph Kelly is is -- still. Enough talent there and are they still capable drawings more positives out of these two after making the deal for Lackey. 100% positive coming out and this is what it's bad at the stretching -- they -- pride and look again very top. And who understands that the game has sparked by all thirty to about five homers in 2000. To work -- Okay the point home run. I'm using it and backed or it hit forty home run every 85 and ninety RBIs a year also it's too -- to drive it he. And it's also note Michael can't play anymore. You have off here out cricket has had a rough remark he's. Or that I'm all it's -- wherever it got brought in about thirty or if he worked forty rod whatever. But -- about or -- there aren't that. Open ninety plus RBIs. And -- both. Right 300 back every year all your roster remark like I I would have while I'm Arnold allowed him. They aren't a little birdie -- -- The red -- -- I hit a plant number eight I hit it square -- -- that drive and -- RBIs I'll take those guys that hit forty home runs well. And grab the top eight and nine eagle on RBIs. Allen -- that's rock and the games popular -- at all you're still felt like Eric Young army that we got the hamstring issues here but good -- -- that he was on that staff developed pitchers. Ray ray bought insurance and it began to relax. So if you are looking -- status update us on UC reasoned assessment assess it as a unit that's only precedent you don't remember it. Assessment -- for the rest of us. That's about the -- it's easier to think about I don't know I felt reference. If people want to assessment as -- year you try to figure out okay. It's you can't really view them as a rental 'cause there's an opportunity for them to re sign him long term. So if at the hope is for them to re sign him what does he need to do for that to happen. Who years there's a dynamic. Aura around him already Al you've been around this guy but he's got that start sort of player -- that star or. I know Billy -- -- wanna give up symmetrical figured it great for the opening. I looked. Like guys available. But there are currently in the league in runs okay Heatley -- -- -- operate around the lead in RBIs are all up. Apart at -- Asia where you're actually there at the -- and somebody now you know but -- -- but I think there's a star. Aura around him you put him and that -- that -- -- Red Sox with big -- and I'm. Up the -- or another dynamic I'm not looking RB hit it well. 45 -- I don't need to -- backdrop I know what -- he's gonna hit point -- thirty homers he's gonna drive big RBIs. In place and -- -- outfield that. Absolute can't you know I know you at -- outfield. You that you mention it here earlier on just assessing the entire day but at the Santa Freeman -- things that amazing amazing job with the organization obviously. Could they've gotten a deal in the off season another five for five games on its going to be tough Ron but I'm trying to make sense of this deal I just don't get it. Yeah I I think -- extra one -- you look at it like when you're back or your player back. I -- him while he was up. He's not a big man -- you get older indeed quite regard record remember Lambert you know up well over there but -- yourselves -- -- -- again. What element or what are you going to the -- a bit harder. Smiley pretty darn good he's got a great dynamic name yet but I I I agree with you we were expecting. For guys to comfort David Price -- in that they aren't. I don't know that the deal or not at all but I know one thing and friends hell lot smarter I am so he felt even make that -- Now and it's good feel for the right because we've won ninety games were hot streak he's the one unit that there are. I -- it's -- who's got the better starting rotation. Oakland -- Detroit Tigers. I can't say that tiger there are no better remember they get the three last three years Cy Young award winner back sugar -- and I know -- got all by the RA this year. Here we know -- say hey -- based. Justin Verlander -- game five. So I think that if the Tigers are the better bat like that because look at their five starters got -- -- well where. Reports -- Anibal Sanchez report. No doubt about the Tigers who brought it. The open nature of solidify that can matchup now with any. Kevin thanks a bunch really appreciate coming novel given on in the MLB network look at. Are or our depth as Kimmel are here on 937 WE I.

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