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The dust settles on a wild trade deadline day, 8-1-14

Aug 1, 2014|

8 players were traded away from the Red Sox (starting with Jake Peavy) and the team has a completely different look. MFB look at the acquisitions and fight over whether Cherington and the Sox front office improved the team.

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It's been a really bad summer for movies because it will be all summer. I have an you know I'm still wow I would I think -- -- -- with -- was trying to simulate before the summer. But other than. Teenage mutant ninja turtles. That's coming -- -- I think it might come out today but there's nothing I had any interest in seeing the only thing at a passing interest in seeing was the sequel to the merge. And I just saw yesterday anyway it was the Boston Red Sox I feel like it was. Basically my summer movies summed up -- about four dollars for a good heard you know on on I don't know that's when they go into town. You -- one -- To kill whoever you want. And not be accountable for light on them get rid of whoever is like useless to society XT dangers of the world including a day. So -- drew got hurt out -- expect. I have some respect and a great guy great job -- -- works coast was the guy that got the was gonna go under. -- yeah that would be me. But man we almost got it think about it guys I don't I don't know of anybody else had a line that was much higher than four and a half. I see dale had to buy button yesterday and we -- we can't happen at five and a -- Canada we don't want to push it right he wouldn't he wouldn't go to five point five. So I don't think I was listen I -- back and looked at my notes. -- -- -- Himself like we had him on the air out and too many people too many people to its two ought to make moves it's too many moving parts that I'm like yeah that's the first part of since the one efforts. Sad about this whole ordeal no way to move all these guys too many moving parts -- -- he doll segment. The great eight way to play because I think trader vick's very tender candidates -- -- -- -- low grade I coaching car. Thank you know going as well yet everybody gone. Eight -- -- Lou that Jose parades and we wound up if you really wanna be brought about it there were eight moves that were made. Since AJ taught starting when AJ and -- yesterday Jake Peavy who brought you count we could have gone over seven and a half starting about a month the goal and we would have been right. You guys on starting with -- you know I. I'll say -- out last -- gates and a three nights all over. Dozens of TV news just. This craziest day you know in Boston and people of course jump on it now I unity of people obviously took like -- real life. You know -- about marathon in the big bought Boston Marathon AMOCO in army that's that's you know that's what I'm talking about yeah Iraq and I'm not talking about sports -- I'm talking about real life you're right. But -- -- was -- -- you know last year 2012. On two years ago when he made it huge -- that was came out of nowhere is one huge trade users like boom dropped a bomb we didn't expect. But this is just the peppering that was going on all day -- right the buildup to it. That was -- -- really know much about and it just happened this one -- the buildup hype are they aren't day Lester is gone. Lackeys gone Andrew Miller is gone gold is gone drew his -- it was just one thing after another. Of just getting peppered you had a spin back in the day it what I get fatigued by end of the day. You know so I was gathering the information I noticed is that the -- said that because I am staying up to watch Lou explode again. Comcast did you ought to be a lot last I don't enjoy twelve. While barred explosive tests though are straight out wonder if you're gonna have you're gonna start up the same way eating it and music accompaniment obviously -- attorney and saying where art is good is -- it out of view -- military -- guess I'd better provoking yet. You know but I think no but I also think as he was just tired. He was just beaten not -- -- is the only -- he was exhausted. You guys are trying to calm me down. Public diligence that emotion that came out because it would just happened but those guys kind of egging me on it just didn't have that it's not your enemy. But also did you have -- a different voices did you have did you get more clarity. What's once the dust it's easy to go crazy and you know sky's falling -- freak out over everything but when you're able to kind of step away permit. Did you feel better late last night when you're driving home and do you feel better this morning. -- honestly the -- the election maybe feel better about a lot of things. Com the Lester one I still have my issues with -- all overall when you look at the -- but I think that's a personal issue more than anything it is because you don't like. I feel like people that you're satisfied that it happened. You know and get ready to start to start -- -- right now it just get over again it okay. But I feel like you got a fan base right now that was just accepting of this. Accepting of the fact that the Red Sox just traded away Jon Lester rather than holding on to him. And it just accept it without a doubt that it well hey look what you got form -- why why get the point where look what you got forum. You should be happy it got so that he was gonna walk well let's get back to back a little bit why do you have to walk. Why. You know so that that's got out. I'm still not over that yet wolf you're thirty don't you know you are people who don't you are just given them a free pass with letting. That trade Jon Lester happy they got back to grope for broke up with you but you're still call her ass off for days just athletic though I still a matter why did you get a -- the anti religious. It's not a mouse -- it's not you it's a little. And -- you -- at. You yeah I had him about it but not enough. We look at the plate and Eminem like loses though I think we just found Unisys is what got an oddball plays it. Really it's not you not me I'm not buying that excuse all of Fenway Park this replacing sweet Carolina I like two weeks later and still call that ex girlfriend going what do you mean it's what got him. Mean it's you -- I don't yet inflict. But don't just -- That is just. Overall there's just this acceptance. That trading away and not resigning Jon Lester. Is OK if you want to hear I can't get over that white people accepted this so much. I think the better analogy -- girlfriend wise now is you became accepting of the break up for a while but now she's getting remarried. I and the bandit has been ripped off in the wound is open again now because. Like you if you want to reel back the pages if you wanna go back in time and just talk about. Why hasn't gotten to this point that Jon Lester has its -- if yes I'm every bit as mad. As fuel our because -- think it's -- -- you've accepted that this was gonna happen. This had -- yes that you and I think it's something for him now what you're talking about yesterday July 31. I was OK with July 31. I was very unhappy. From spring training. Up until the last week week and a half where they didn't get anything done -- talk about the older 1:11 o'clock or wanting to venture into it says you know. Been real bad scenario. I mean honestly understand people happy about the deal that's -- the British came if they'd sign of the five years a 105 spring training. Have been a shame if they'd sent to a five -- 120 million dollar deal two weeks ago. Because that he could have moved ahead with the John Lackey deal because -- not that good. And because the return was so good that you don't want we've addressed the left field situation now correct. And we've actually we've addressed -- starting pitcher 88 number three type with ceiling right maybe. That replacing a dvd rotations to get Lester Kelly need a Craig -- They've addressed that you trade away some of the pieces. In that in the offseason. You have the prospects of Google gates Stanton in your populist in correct. And you have the money three year deal for 33 year old pitcher James Shields. -- -- 2015. With Lester under control James Shields for three crank and stay at knelt there and he'll field -- -- -- of the three. -- -- And I scenario yes you know hey got assessment it's to everybody's so accepting of the fact. That this is okay that this was just fine it was no big deal I I I have a problem with that. Still you basically say they could have done. Basically in the end it done everything. That they've just did that -- David just did over the last point for hours. And still keep jobless -- they -- to address the middle of the order. On offense could address defensively could've done everything you just said. But they could have still kept Jon Lester and that's one less pitcher you'd go looking for. After you've got to keep the app you governor -- brought after -- got a Lackey assuming you would also be gone from at least you have one. -- -- one want to go to guy and then build up. Like any offseason with all your prospects you make one major trade. -- years anchor your lineup with a guy like Allen Craig with Napoli with Ortiz with Pedroia and a guy like -- -- at least going to be traded and I do. I think a lot of people do. And then a free agent market look at it what I -- insurers are anymore but let's us not talk to James Shields 33 years old guess what three years that fits our model. We don't wanna go too far with a -- 33 year old you don't want three year deal overpay for three year for per player like depth at three years is for the -- such a big market team. That's the direction I I was out it's sticking out here and and now it's this and they do what they did. They got the players OK and they addressed to balls and this organization that they have. And that is corner outfield bats in a free agent market doesn't look too good to like get that I just wonder if there was maybe a different way to gold -- I look at yesterday's yesterday exclusively the big picture stuff of 100% right on board with you that's an area you just laid out yes -- would have been better. I just look at sets but it's coming years posted three prospects that may or may not pan out as a better thing for one day July 31. That's how I walked away from last 617779. You want prospects. On that we sent say three prospects have two or three prospects that we don't know if they're gonna pan out and getting says -- I think there's just I still think you can get a lot out of him here. Yes and and so here's the model and based on the model it's the worst to first to worst to first again. I was offered at all my boy I was trying to access spite of that much know all meet. With with the moves they made because I was thinking that it was going to be all I Alice. Equating this whole transaction this last month really. To the Celtics. And how the rebuilding which is gonna take forever but we're gonna have a a year and a half. Two more months and hold of the season up just re growth. And trial and bridge years and try out the young kids you know who can who can -- -- -- who who's out emerged. You know but it you'll like. That's not really the case you know to -- acting -- -- they're closer to. You competing in 2015. Then they then they'd and they would have been after the season so. I actually FCC says this is a potential future assets or use he says this is somebody they want to try to sign and keep here. Well I think it's a win win situation because either either way back to work form if he ends up. Playing great and I like dumb and he fits fits the mold and he's exciting and all those of things go from one look marquee players. -- sure you keep them but at same time you can move them if you want. Jack I know -- disagrees with me on this but if you're really gonna go down the Stanton -- I concede the Red Sox going to the Marlins and saying here's your assessment is for just one more year under contract ten million. All you can keep them -- let him go we know your intentions are your intentions -- to not spend money and so you can sell your fan base in the Cuban slugger coming for Stanton of Stanton comes back to the Red Sox and if you pans out you decide to keep Graco spend your money on him. Or he can just walk and be free agent and your -- of the money you would have had to paid Giancarlo Stanton. And it will take care of that will pay him that money you do what you want to assess this I get it. If you get that as a mean I know we went back and forth but that will be yesterday that. So I can see him being an asset -- see him being somebody. -- if it works out great works out and get some power in the outfield but I just wanna see this trial with -- this over the next year here plus. -- -- You guys -- what went double Lester signing you know a -- signing is -- do you believe kind of what you heard when he other Red Sox are willing to. Invest in pitchers thirty older long term deals Romeo John Henry comes out talks about players over thirty overpaid under thirty under paid. Com talked about investing in guys in the thirties and do you do you believe all that stuff that we heard. -- I believe that they don't want to pay pitchers into the long term incident thirty yes I believe that. Why they're gonna offer him a contract this -- -- I don't think they are thank you. Well just saying they might. Everybody keeps telling me they gonna stick gonna sign him in the off season. And you think they're lying and you don't believe everything you've been hearing as far as they don't wanna invest in a pitcher and a thirties and a long term deal. If you really believe that. Why would they -- -- contract this offseason though we've made that point a thousand times just don't put on their child a lot of people are trying to pacify. What happened yesterday people like you -- didn't like Lester for says -- -- -- say. We're trying to pacify their -- by saying well it's just this or gonna get Lester back in the offseason and I don't believe I'm not unless they're not going to offer any deal. I think there will offer a deal. But if they're not well in the gulf five years because of a certain organizational philosophy. That's gonna change in two months. Again now gonna go there and say okay we're gonna give via the people send oil of the gonna -- -- market this agreement starting in six and 115 they're gonna they're gonna get a little more calm down. If they if they really if you believe what you hear that they don't think it's worth the risk. Of giving that kind of money -- a thirty year old. What do you think gonna dive -- And hopefully I don't -- I really -- 61777979837. -- I have one phone line opens -- on it right now real fast guys before we go to break we did not have a chance to talk about rule or Miller being shipped out both of those moves happened after we went off the air. So negate your reactions on those are gonna have moments we will implement silence to resist it to -- Okay can we play at some biggie smalls and -- brands -- I. Mean it. Does this mean Michael Kay's other vice president of student group and -- beloved. I do or die Suzyn Waldman is the vice president of the Stephen Drew frankly we've passing the torch on to you now all. Got to get a very good player and a great man. Quite frankly is what they got Stephen Drew. We can't signing we weird I don't know I don't blame -- of Red Sox yankees. If you're New York you try to solidify second base -- get a guy that's ever played second base and meet. I would say 75%. Of Stephen Drew his value is music play shortstop at a very high level. So if you get them you should put him at shortstop. Gonna get him for his bat. I think he will hit. Three run bomb in -- I don't I think he will hit for -- I think you can receive a two to sixty to seventy hitter because. If you look at the last three weeks here -- boss to prepare that a first three weeks or so with Boston he is a different hitter right now he's kind of the first month month and a half. He he fought through it in a slow start but now I start to catch up again so they gonna get a got to give it a little bit but don't understand why they would want to with -- not gonna put it short. 61777979%. -- Bob Miller. I know -- -- barely go to Auburn granola does this in advance of the Alison we may doing it to a letter but. About a -- Miller. -- -- -- -- -- -- instead they got more calls on him and yeah -- and that's that's the one guy that I want to stay. And obviously they didn't control on he's still gonna be freeagent he can obviously still come back and still resigning if they want. Out of all -- -- -- one of the guys that was that you you're gonna you know between Koji and Miller. I was leaning toward Miller. You know that's why when you think about you know coach is still being here and he saw as an opportunity re -- wouldn't you rather have Miller if he can -- it would with the with the hole. What's it seems clear that he can do it that he can beat that closer for him. You know younger guys stronger on the free audited. Nobody so let me get -- -- -- race if the team option for coach for fifteen million dollars what she's got all qualifying offers she's gonna sign -- you don't have doubt into Miller so -- if you would -- like it would rather than for the future. You got the same chance of of signing him because it's only a three year deal that probably twenty million dollar range if you really wanna bring him back. Edit that's your difference one guy technically counted -- and control Koji. If you if you choose to think they will or not the guy you don't. Are we come back I've found a Christian I finally found something Tennessee lock. Guarantee you no doubt will make -- -- feel good about yesterday or at least a little better. This is a guarantee I know he's gonna be on board with us on this one we'll do that we come back and -- on hold. Stayed there because we will get through a lot of reaction to what happened yesterday the Red Sox urges completes. An attitude -- so. Wang in advancing the ball breaking ball. And Red Sox have found that 70 man. Three at very base. After five and a half want nothing jays. Do do to me to fly ball center field most artifact now comes then go after the Covington LA pitched a perfect catch. Talk Cabrera had a bailout goes to totally -- like that. In the twilight here and Cabrera came straight across more -- than -- already in the Red Sox lead the bases loaded. I'm too loud statement it's a -- -- right davis' Big Brother Conner ghost going back into the wallet jobs and as long as god out. Not offer. Just that they left that forget that 28 black markers. Steve -- with a three run blast his third of the year the Red Sox lead at five not -- big night and Stephen Drew.

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