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Red Sox asst. GM Mike Haze on the deadline deals 8-1-14

Aug 1, 2014|

Mike Hazen joined the show to discuss how all the Sox deals came together.

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I am really looking for to the front office report the problems report has brought to you by new turf care to -- business solutions and the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Joining us on the AT&T hotline assistant general manager Boston Red Sox by case and Mike did you catch up all the sleep last -- we still too jacked up to get much sleep. Her her -- -- -- -- go to rule out open after the enough for him right before yeah I'm going to be awfully blocked exits in contemporary -- We're pretty sure I go out and yes they'll. As an overview on a jumping off portion of this conversation halted the Apollo and win. Did the approach. Take place take form looking for -- most Major League contributors as opposed to future prospects whose idea was -- to get patched. Yeah I think we've had that in about our mind the entire aren't you know we want -- to you know we wanted to make sure that we were. Put much ultimately roster possible -- you can't win those situations with apps or it you can apple and that's great but. It's not all that -- offered. Aren't seeing that -- utility you. Players not immediately call. When they're making player -- that are not necessarily -- are they eight were really wanna do it right at retreat take two to tango. You can go to the other club and it looked you know look we got. Jon Lester who argue that players that we really short -- guys are stretched. On the flip side big great -- we can't take out the army club so. In Milwaukee that you're talking on the most close to prospect package is completely cloaked in. What we ended up finding was that there were a number of close a lot of depth on their roster you know the cardinals. We'll talk little account they have our city is about stock of baseball so they were able Europe. Like so they are those Major League clubs in order for us to help support -- There supplement their club in the rotation. Was there surprise shock in the room when this. When the name says -- -- game. How I don't think it -- surprise or shock I think we were. Immediately interest that. One when that name came up I think. You don't like it should be -- is not typical that you have that option available here. So when you had -- name initially you know immediately everybody was -- the other deal we have optical -- -- like. Equated bill that. Strikes. All contrast to what you're doing it. You know then you start -- in your lately roster currently looking at 1415 roster as well that or -- well we're holes where place shall. How the big area immediately. Your -- drawn to that sort of talk about it more more. -- once got the Major League guys or did you not need to -- the Major League guys because they are in MLB. No we sure every yeah we that we had -- go out for among the three weeks we have Major League. We -- actually cause we have mark -- course. Now a little different something we've done in the past because usually when you aren't you know you're sitting there and they usually -- only take all stroked and put all the Major League ballparks. This time we had to go we don't know which direction -- -- going to -- -- -- We know right at the all star break we played well which -- not a great group where well. And then Inkster turn for the worse so we had spread out through you know probably ten. Contending club mark -- with them and major leaking sources tremendous job make sure there were everywhere. Mike what's the downside to says that is what's the what what worries you is is it just a plate discipline or is there are other things there. Naught because the player he's fairly complete player. He's shown an ability you're on bass guitar and the issue in court this hour -- very good Utley plays good defense. I think you know the transition to the city. Pouring out Oakland maybe a little bit different for him coming to Boston. I -- something that we you know we want obviously output support cast around him that -- helped them with that. Probably the biggest support system has got to be sitting right in front of -- in or not give a little bit of protection every day. Sort of the probably racing but as a player he looked pretty accomplished players we're seeing here and in the playoffs you see. He's helped lead that -- it's in the middle Carolina deeply -- -- -- play center field. All the things that they were where it shouldn't. It by just because I'm curious I also wanna see these guys as soon as possible. I'm not exactly sure what all the flights or not I think it in the end all be somewhere in and around the city. What they editor doctor became you know -- incredible teacher Diego ancestors of Oakland so -- guys west -- east is is tricky. And in order. To get them here -- out and actors are game after a chart like so I don't know exactly when Palin whether the -- city somewhere. And I totally. What's the explanation Mike about Allen Craig's lack of production this year and do you see him as a core outfield or maybe at first presidential. You know here with the ability to play almost positions. Another. Fact that sort of entry doesn't work building a -- -- or do you want -- -- Brought all -- of -- that if you look at this year -- ability to play all over the field so. Doubt intriguing you know what what we we we -- -- still going in every day telling us that this guy. At the ability to impact baseball decide. -- banged up some injuries hero of the last year. Who knows what will actually in but it time and have a player an all star caliber like like air -- You know an adult penalties and try to get to the rest of the guys and restrict the St. Louis Cardinals or are considering trading and so. Those that aren't your opportunities that we had bigger stronger guys. Had a little talent so we actually in the middle -- Mike obviously we know why you had to deal lest he was gone at the end of the year like to deal Lackey. You got him under control election year and we all know -- bargain basement price you plan to contend next year we were clear about that so wide to deal. Well I think when you when you get present an opportunity like we had yesterday those things you have to consider you know we worked. We were shooting today in 20141. Player away one pitcher away from being checked -- -- -- next year. I think when you when you look at that you're able to bring back two guys. That you feel like. Can impact your roster helpful in the rotation in on the field we know what happened up shortly here we knew we had a lot wire -- We had a -- opportunity. I don't know that we -- we went into that situation looking to do that deal. I think that we continue to talk and negotiate at all on what. It's -- -- -- the whistle and every player on the roster until you get presented ideas are thought to kick around ideas and thoughts. And you end up with what we felt like we -- -- for him. That you have to open your mind that he should be for the possibility that that happened in order to she did approach shot chance to build that you don't you can roster. We're -- with a Red Sox assistant general manager Mike -- and Michael what do did you guys have any inkling that Tampa Bay was gonna step away from the race effectively and move price. -- yeah we are you you know her. Don't whenever there are straight not -- that actually Twitter account so that information yet we know it will be challenging but. We had an inkling without in we heard from a number closer at that they were still talking again. You know -- Lackey situation we're giving them the information you know that your mother you know your mother of the people that they're considering it. But no they just listening religious -- the market beyond the into the the other really got to pull literature guy. Oh we had so my idea they'll look at where they were standing seam where we -- in Indonesia be realistic and try to jump aren't well. That's an easy thing to do what you mark and I know that when they did that ought to double Lebanon when -- when we -- our. You know that made up eight or nine games and not -- the September -- -- try to chase or Auckland and they got off we fell aren't they played really well. When you're trying to achieve our club not a realistic gulf -- and a lot. Do you fully expect that Harry -- will be in the rotation next year and does he project as the next Jon Lester. -- I don't I don't think that it's a little premature to say that the outbreak of corners here and and in the rotation I think Henry had a chance next year so what to -- them. And to trust yet that's slowly. The next Charlotte after there's a show certain guys wanted to kind of units in the future -- now number one pitcher and -- I -- to put that label -- is that the that's a bit much here right now. Henry's and it's tremendously counterpunch are probably on the passenger tires but he got. Let's start to feel he's going to be really sort changeup into the big curveball. Because -- huge kids. He has great make up. With the what if that's gonna translate through to not want starting pitcher I think for the premature to that right now but he certainly ability to its atop the rotation. What and that's exactly happens you got to go through your transition period for the Asia you know it's. That's horrible thing that we return struggle a little bit to -- somebody got up and there's a period of struggle and those sometimes impact your ability to win games and we need to be realistic about that again the reason why we we acquired these now usually guys on this to help those guys to mock and make that transition -- -- that are surrounding cast. If Mike is it fair to say that these final 54 games whatever is left delegates 54 is all about information gathering on players like Jackie and senator. Zander short middle Brooks at third. Certainly -- me so what we're doing the stretch and one the acclamation of the new guys coming out of the -- -- -- -- out and out they shouldn't into the roster -- wanna every day. I think the starting pitchers definitely. No we need to see what you got and do. -- started to figure out which got a -- -- The main state in the 2015 rotation beyond maybe you got people aren't. And -- young guys also are proudly and all of our troops started to emerge. And started to be more consistent their everyday play. -- other guys that are going to be able -- show and so I think these next two to forty so they're going to be streaming interest thing. I think the the level of talent and raised on the opposite side. And I think we're all totally get that channel on the pitching side and -- -- to kind of step up shall look into. How did you possibly. Pull off the Stephen Drew deal with I'm I'm look at that teams are on the major leagues and there's teams that need short stops. The Yankees -- one of them I mean what what made them pick on drew and his salary. I figured out people in your favorite top. I don't know a I mean. I gotta give you guys all the credit of course you're the guys who signed him to the ten million dollar deal but -- -- him was just pure brilliance. Look I don't know exactly like you know you that the Yankees don't know exactly -- they neglect certainly -- and other -- as well. But they elect need another killer and what we know it's even it up -- -- with a with a short fortune. You know things didn't work out your trust where we wanna computers you're certainly but you get an ability throughout stretching and got some offensive numbers and didn't really acquired an excellent shortstop. But to be that utility got. But I don't know. It like specifically what are we going to see starting with Anthony Renato tonight in particular specifically. We're gonna see orange. The commode and appropriate our -- -- -- -- 93 and 95 he really tall so he's so he really leverage is based all when it'll pop that torn down on. -- out some deception so. A senior triple a this year got a great swing and swing without all the good curveball changeup. But I think more than anything else in another one of those got -- here. Put on the stage and we'll get a chance to you wouldn't really know about -- at a target your pocket. He's a good -- career for this is another opportunity -- prosecute -- those young -- the chance to. What shall we can do. Then when you got fifteen guys around and it's 3 AM. Our half com not seen straight in your trying to make a major deal how does that work that. So if nobody seeing straight box or clock been most talked about going to a diner somewhere. So burn them. I would I just looked out yesterday you know I bet. You know we we got a big game tomorrow. But it doesn't still running. I think adrenaline kicked -- at that point you know we've got to restore this that you're at 4 o'clock in the morning. And then do we know at stake in ecstatic so I think that that carries you along. What did you think of bush NATO to. -- The Internet like. I don't think he's not a big now these two and stuff the media Michael let's go I guess you heard the weather in San Diego is perfect pretty much year round. Earlier order here aren't you Rick and yet beautiful. Climate. What do you -- -- -- delusional. I don't know they reached an all that look at cable -- to that your -- to -- -- know what what happened here shortly. Well good luck. I hope it works out the best for you we've enjoyed our time together talking with you if you do go over to the other coast at some point. Thanks Mike Mike Hazen. The property report brought to you by new turf care to shoot the business solutions and the New Hampshire Motor Speedway they're gonna turn into Tampa for a Evan Longoria hit it if it's well while -- -- -- -- while -- still drawn people I think. You know public as the you have in the newsroom yesterday. They don't have as many well known that. You know or like considered the smartest team in the big leaks I love and lecture got a feel like I'm and it's -- cynically using a local I was in dogs are used to New York in -- Freeman. Houston Houston I don't know about it but I just out of what he's done that he get on these. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But at the table on tap but you know Gerry India monsters -- on the roads and you know must -- in Boston obviously. The whole crew of the fifteen of them. We're jumping around celebrating when they got says yeah pretty happy now then when they -- -- and Kelly for a lack. They were very happy -- on the price was out of the division. I mean I know it's still tough to get beat Detroit one of the World Series. We do that later you know you guys beat Tampa right now and that's arrival -- team to play 181940. Game when we're 2812. -- -- to your fans around all next year I would like to know the dynamic -- I don't think John Ferrell wanted to see Jon Lester ago. No wonder -- Joseph Maddon was in on David Price if you get. Dragged kicking and screaming and this would that -- that he's involved. -- excitedly involved. Must've been strange I mean you're getting is smiling starter or reliever starter he's been able what is a four. Did it for four baby a three. And -- -- and -- shortstop prospect yet why don't no one knows nothing about but easy Timorese listening -- selling and one yet. At some moment in public you'd expect from. The worst from Matt Millen. Not at that end our yeah. Put a -- from a foot from the Tampa Bay Rays. A sport than that. Well our road lately a lot of ground to cover with Mike -- and 61777. Point 7937 our work to your phone calls next.

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