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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Tara Reid believes in Sharknado's 8-1-14

Aug 1, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by John Dennis.

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Not exactly with Kirk minute. I'll take place on Monday if I'm John meet Perot such a bang up job yesterday. Don't do it again the real problem is a real excited as Bruce Allen -- -- the professional theater headlines has brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network -- -- Bieber out. -- do we ask you this question yes there was the last time he went to a library. 1978. I. Probably like Kent State days back -- Kent State you still haven't returned bail wolf no. When you get that college costs are collection well all right so are for those -- care that the South Boston branch Gerri what are your favorite branches. Will be named after. Our former mass state senate president president amass. All that there be losses Sara Lee. All of us all the little. Slowed down Damon stopped at the politicians' period but corrupt ones. I don't honest to -- the more -- year bug eyes you know whatever market slipped well yes or Jared Monti -- war. Jeff Bowman people real life heroes they're -- yes. Why would we ever name a school bridge library after -- can -- a guy who got elected come diver I think of that intimacy that that Taj Mahal also known as the mobile courthouse some. -- -- People in this area like war heroes we couldn't name the court says that we help. Guy who got elect the upper -- our winner from our of the middle water winner from New Hampshire talked right last week she. -- I'll get it yet. But don't -- -- NAFTA and be like a little park -- school yet but it should be named in a flag all like no I regret the Bulger was a trustee of the library and so boss for 25 years what does that mean. It means it's goes to a meeting once a year. Promotes -- and check. I'm pleased to say yet -- TV is host yeah that was the biggest lie in history it like is like nine kids. Say we don't own a TV we read how people had to sign off on this idea. Was just like one stupid person's idea -- -- probably -- debt. This is from a City Council president and a bill Linehan he's submitted the written nomination regularly yes. Like he showed his face and says I guess two minute there I guess it's so incumbent for Whitey what do you think -- definitely economic that's what killed people. Are right our good friend Bill Clinton didn't have to say for president you know it's going to set us back all we always present always always -- -- federal president always present Mr. President told an audience in Australia just hours before the September 11 attacks. That he passed on the chance to kill Osama bin Laden with a military strike. This battle until he passed about a half a dozen times right you know Saudi Arabia estimate you want them. And he said no I mean he could have captured and killed them. At least three reports -- technically he could have. -- -- is going to go get him and drag him out of humble not -- himself not elect Obama did to Iraq -- of course you know what will be will be -- idiotic little sketchy but what you read the quotes than the can and try to listen for those words and actually hear him say Davis -- here's what he said. I'm just saying you know a five hour Osama bin Laden he's a very Smart guys I spent a lot of time thinking about him and I nearly got -- wants I nearly got him. And I -- killed -- well. But I would have to destroy a little town called Kandahar in Afghanistan. And killed 300 innocent women and children and that I would have been no better than him. And so I just didn't do it. I could have got them I could have killed him. Oh I just. I. You know what that's in -- insult and ABC yup that's it insult them again as -- lose their lives or Sitka right at that the -- -- everybody who is indeed. Either they're trying to get him and the other chances we could ago Adam and kill nobody. Any past -- this is from NBC last night. It's. They're Smart guys don't want them. -- -- -- -- -- And I got I I couldn't feel them. But I was at the people who wrongful and the whole team -- Princeton -- people didn't -- And you know we'll. And horrible boo. Qualifiers -- this is this definition of us there were more self absorbed yes number 44 right now we get it yet again and I had enough -- clubs -- with Kornheiser and with Obama. What's -- five rounds this year. That Hillary eighty's did you -- now but also to get elected that's going well over under. Half torn. As. Well as Joseph Biden offer. Tree is. -- -- club I put this on it this year. In the first family DE TO eight hell about the VP. Off the Robert Kessler quotes on -- Secret Service agent issue about -- lead lives of presidents a Secret Service yeah you know is there on the front lines now. They know. Who's a good person who's Biden is portrayed as being more interest in coming off as a regular GO you know. That being potentially responsible for the nation's nuclear codes not to mention the guy apparently doesn't have a problem getting naked. Agents say that whether at the BP's residents -- at his home in Delaware. Biden has a habit of swimming in his pool -- know. Yes he has a nude in -- -- vice president's residence that it'll pull. Apple leader on yes that it would it -- -- it's like split the life. Or what it was like him yeah. -- female Secret Service agents by not offensive. -- -- test swim naked in front of female secrets -- yes it's highly offensive to them. It used runner -- deterrent manager would you -- your old elements well. Daisy and I'm jumping like the old dog wanted. A lot hot sweaty clothes and -- outlaw bull -- You swim and you will make -- private. The -- 100% it's the -- not if the UPS guy is coming. Back up to the front door while he'd known Mexico's -- -- -- in all its. You swim at your own pool nice after sweat a lot to our club and jumped -- went around. I'm not that I'm buying in the naked. I tried to come out on a couple time yet received some money yet. It can't do away. World I am like all over the skill -- as I cut million -- can witness can afford him a someone -- and do both of those things like a pack shoveling it had to -- its home and swore like ever afford the big strong kid that can do. Trouble but sure progress SS yeah that's what we talked about it dinosaurs had a business it's -- you don't want -- -- right. In the winter you my answer is that big you know I know people more complete you argued. I would like love your backyard. Yes are all you do -- the dog in the other -- Electric fence in. -- if you thought the says it's in the winter. Does victories you -- so. -- will -- -- August 08. Lash out and that all you do is on the back porch and ruled the tennis ball and the lab goes and gets packed so you ought to be you know you can be sure sounds. It was. But young Jack doesn't want -- -- non -- may mean you can almost done that. Those stories now what good the terrorist. -- that this everytime I hear reits that. Number that it is intimate moments with this bubble a mile on the collar bobbled. Mu. -- she doesn't hand. The darkness. Analysts like one hand what net -- comeuppance and oak tree accurately she actually says despite. The -- -- star. It happened. You know oh no actually it happened she told GQ. About the occurrence of a -- NATO I mean the chances of that happening are very rare but it can happen actually. Which is crazy. Not that it the chances that are like you know it's probably like. I saw. He thinks we ever -- while I'm not editing this. Like I don't think pigs could fly but actually sharks could be like stuck in tornadoes. There could be a -- you know not we ever responsible institutions. Seven I -- our NATO's possible to happen. Even the accident is expected to be checked immediately it's a fine -- My dad and we'll make it heavy minutes. Am I gonna have a bit of fire and it. Everywhere relax go watch the movie and I enjoy it it's great for the third one agreement he got awesome. Her book. Even dumb and dumber does this sound that sophisticated. Apparently your. All whatever not a bubble like it is now the -- right. All right headlines shark responsible -- a tornado went by the ocean water out that ever picked up a fish and land yes. So could -- Opel alive white great way. Those great whites Jordan. I think they got the go and -- -- -- and rights of could nurse shark village shark I swam governors at their big and it's kind of scary the first time -- Obama but the ticket and dangerous you know it's like a castle like. Manatee. Job on him -- this thing. I headlines ruptured by AT&T recover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network. -- mad dog Russo Chris Russo. Joins -- next.

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