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Chris Mad Dog Russo on the MLB trade deadline 8-1-14

Aug 1, 2014|

Chris Russo joined the show and discussed the crazy MLB trade deadline.

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I only half kidding when I say let's turn on anything and you'll find our good friend Chris mad dog Russo. Microwave -- TV radio he's the host of high heat on the MLB network and of course mad dog unleashed. On Sirius XM you do is on the AT&T according Chris how are you about -- right -- we're doing very well pay out teacher -- so what letter grade. You give Billy Beane and bench Harrington for the big trade yesterday. While that I give children in the deep let's say minors and I got to give dean I get upset that it side except there's going to be that good -- -- -- player I think there's some public that's that is the main. You know I guess last week he wouldn't go to senate field when nobody asked some -- -- -- -- to go there instead. You know he's a little lackadaisical on the field but I think maybe your mom motivated by playing in Boston -- Ortiz and Pedroia. I think you're being good chip shop on -- side I think losing him hurts -- thought given the speed. I obviously that is going to be a big factor there but you know the days now -- a -- Diana back and -- it seems like it's sort of -- small market feel good at a club. You know sort of a cold these teams out of nowhere made the postseason look at the opening days where how to do this like about the -- about. Another habitable planet back because they obviously gonna happen when the American League pennant. -- it will be made here is just two months well Lester. That this has signed for next year. You know so there's this is that going forward right now into some -- treated well and the tigers are gonna get place. I mean this is a tricky spot in the -- attracted a great job -- -- -- I do not think Lester and we're -- come back. I think that's absurd people think they're gonna restart about battle by that all want to play a lead he leads but I do think that they're bringing in -- is a good player. I he had 1997. RBIs couple years ago what if he would -- isn't quite division last year. Haven't thought he would like it happened -- about credit and that's that's I think without monster with a lot of companies and I insurance into the job there and I needed pitching is pitching they get a good job. What do you not like about says it is. I need a little lackadaisical if you want some of those plays in left -- -- that he's won a -- is definitely gonna you know he's a little. And I can kind of forcefully that you have to put those -- rate slows it may even to -- -- -- I think both against the angels. Out of left field corner you know one -- to the plate that somebody pick -- up of about the world oil plays made because he was lackadaisical. Going at the -- as a public out of left field line and -- was an -- on the quarter and was lackadaisical both situations are probably a little worried about it Matt standpoint. But I again is that he's a presence that he -- -- he -- -- -- -- week if the intent postseason games against that type of pitching staff. Would that -- 95 on base percentage. I not only hear about a fact if he doesn't hit the seventh inning that's not that good I mean let's and Pedroia. That this. And and doubt woods tees and then it slowly and flag and that's a good lineup I mean that's a good that it didn't -- added pitching. But they did have very good job of that fact that well Oakland did pretty well in Detroit obviously how Detroit. But David Price but -- smiley in Austin Jackson. And it's not an investigation. I don't know what that would do when I was at. -- awful trade by a Smart organization. And the -- obviously. So what what it won't tell you would agree that the Red Sox got more for Lester it was a freeagent the end of the year. In the rays did for price who is in the year as. I'll died yet I mean they got against some eighteen year old shortstop or those that give that might -- a little bit that -- second baseman. And Miley needed journeyman pitcher they've -- plane and a 41. I mean they have played very well flight one of the day. I mean I've put the rays were all out double but they'll look up on Thursday morning after they lost some walking on went into you know what we can't win that's straight up. I mean you do but put together a better package than that and made a Red Sox did tremendously competitive epithet but they can be upset if I'm out there and that can't. But they should be ashamed of themselves to what they did. What was the Yankees thought process was Stephen Drew parish -- I thought they should -- make it makes up and pumpkins. -- -- and -- -- I would say about the Yankees. I think the that you think you know that the Yankees they can develop all of Robinson baseball. And I hate the Yankees -- We can't we're sort of in the periphery of -- -- race. -- one -- that one wildcard spot we cannot let this day ago without doing something with a New York Yankees so they bring in more Lotto. And Stephen yeah I do not understand who's gonna play second base he's a better shortstop than Jeter -- -- at second base. It's a pleasure that would either this month and have held that they're gonna resign -- I would thank. And plateau of quit my -- Madonna wrote these yankees. They're big trouble we just lost two games taxes they were lucky to win. Lot of seven against the Rangers there's two or three games or 500. For a more in Toronto playing well right now also alleged that some of these two. But that the Yankees I don't I was kind of guys I have no idea. The Yankees showed yesterday and no farm system that they couldn't re prospecting and big player. And you know they are in a situation got a lot of bad contact yankees -- Mets right now no question about it. Up beside a groin injury what this Kelly Johnson bring to the red side. -- thought little pop a little pop up I mean a little pop. I'm not as far as like Italian I mean they -- that may not -- -- think -- both teams. Doesn't mean much the Yankees doesn't mean much there aside you guys -- you -- -- do and I don't -- that means. You know I don't know I it's it's an oddity is that made a trade with one another since 1990 seven's -- -- -- crazy and that red -- it -- other Red Sox you know basically. I don't wanna say they gotta repay herself last year. But the plan would -- a year I don't think the Red Sox faithful could be upset. Sent this in front of good players and -- masters. You know it got me really. Determined that you lose a big game guy. But I don't think they're gonna -- on the idea that he's got a run back at Fenway in November I think is -- I don't think that's gonna happen at all. Chris. Any cameras -- Tulowitzki will be moved in the offseason he believes. He was at New York just to take in a game what a joke our I'm a Yankee fans think and this is a done deal the Tulowitzki is their next franchise player at short. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's about shortstop let the Mets have a lot of young pitchers. What to do with it didn't actually get to distress and -- one thing it says doctor appointment was in New York. And we need to -- supporting him for hours. That go watch the Yankees play when his ballclub and it's hot in the afternoon and then at that is that that is not an insult. -- -- team I don't know what is I mean that's dumber things I've ever seen in my life. I don't think the Yankees have the pieces. They get sort of what I mean what the Yankees have -- -- reliever I mean what -- yankees have that did that Colorado would dive work and that's sudden young pitching. They have four of five young pitchers that they can packages some sort of -- lighting the match. In fact Iraqi freedom I think they're -- so much more common -- out. -- point in Iraq although with a Red Sox Red Sox have what it takes them. Young pitching and they showed a surplus a couple of short stops. But they got a. But he had about a 110 -- position. -- 118 left. And obviously it's great player but he gets hurt. Well why did he go to the Yankees game I mean that's. Hillary that he doesn't want to see Jeter plight than they edged but the game Derek would you assess the -- and what you think I mean is the dumbest thing in the world. They posted regarding yankees game it out of that fact that the extent. I don't think the Red Sox who -- -- -- base the wanna play broke Roger shortstop yes sir. Yeah starting tonight we'll see he's got two months here that. You must stop I think the Red Sox and leave it alone. -- -- big guys that they had that back and is happy you're back to back. Yes of course that's assuming buster bill but they they like but they got back -- a -- rescue work -- -- you -- will -- play his last game. At Yankee Stadium or will he get on the plane come to Boston and suit up again and like his last. I have also not ought to be done on the play game -- but don't worry about that I would be at present part of that -- of months. But I think it's like I you know they yankees finished the season against the royals liked it and at Thursday. He will sign an app world three games but he would definitely play -- and read there's no way he would do that Red Sox fans this season would not be over yet in his eyes. At a very sick -- the revenue that's like saying give him announced relations. Yes no question unless unless Girardi sends. Stephen Drew out -- -- and -- and -- -- that we -- feel him lose it you know at cheers all mixed together. Now I and I love the Red Sox. Element in neat commercial with the two hands on the break. But I -- think yes I would be shocked I don't know this but I would be shocked. If he Jeter does not play at least two of those games against the -- accidentally. I. We're -- million Downey for prediction. Who represents the American League in the World Series in Oakland and Detroit. -- -- -- I think Detroit bullpen has -- been heard of I don't love I think you know Detroit so this is it was those who. You know they lost the giants' equipment when they got murdered by Milosevic that was gonna win at the Red Sox in big trouble this year reports he's in the Grand Slam. I would say the days a little better point five man roster. I'm a little better bullpen. And they can match him pitching wise they also have home field commander not quite as itself. A good question I would say -- Dodgers in the World Series. I'm with -- on -- when Chris following your television gold yesterday attacking Matt best version on the Seattle deal with -- -- my god you can't make Chris sent off as I and I love that let a black says. Bit out of that you can make the most innocent -- that topic but candidate well I mean that you kid that you outfit. I don't read it had a big DOJ. It's they've made about the meeting you -- -- have a laugh and -- I didn't do what I -- a lot of teams that he would pennant races he has sitting up. Well I don't know. You know well I don't know a lot a lot of scenes in the pirates nothing lead nothing. Not -- into the pennant -- to get it into an awful lot of them. Chris is always a pleasure and fun talking baseball with you thanks for the second time this morning you check them out on high heat on MLB network and of course. Mad dog unleashed on Sirius XM radio bankers who talked to on the wrote yeah boy racecars are so with that Santelli you know between you me an idea that compliment their team and god is going crazy about one about a Seattle do with Chris Denorfia like I accurately used by about two. But -- in my most minor trade what was he what was it sent to the mass that bastard who's the host of MLB network would make a big deal on the street in particular building trade the north is the second bombing. And so -- to which Crowley -- for Kelly Thompson yes yes what outs. And they asked that. Easily irritated quick I have about 3-D NC in this -- body 45. Mike Hazen assistant general manager often it's.

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