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An all time fire sale by the Red Sox 8-1-14

Aug 1, 2014|

John, Gerry and Meter opened the show discussing an all time deadline day for the Red Sox.

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Here's how I picture my weekend. Like the Pauley Pavilion. I think it -- just I don't know where LB yeah that's what will be just be whipped the ball goes goggles that -- a solid guys that go to the store have to buy choked -- and just buy it rains. You rod admitted hat. -- Think the -- via -- -- keep the water from drip and that's good it's awesome form wants that what works and what it's like that and that you -- -- if it normally -- -- -- uncle you know not a good day for -- I was invited to the game sat at first was invited. Couple weeks ago it's it's archaic column right in the PNC. What's that I've still got a couple times as delusional about it I mean I would love to go tomorrow I would love the -- -- -- yeah. About the Osama I mean I can't wait to get there I can't wait to watch on TV and I didn't. This last thing about it -- -- a Tenet was watched the -- now other interest and I can't wait I mean I. My biggest unanswered question is the assessment is in town in time kept me up. Last will be you know very encouraging haven't seen yet between -- this morning assessments -- yeah. Where he sounds very excited about excited deputies right. I was wondered if the guy in the cleanup -- for the best team the American League who gets dealt to crappy Red Sox but if they might go kick -- yeah. And -- -- yesterday it's going to be a salute them not those stereotyping here but wonder if he was a bit of -- hot and say I'm not going to purchase today -- to -- them. He has to but. He didn't gripe publicly at all he said. Publisher Oakland thanks for everything -- -- look report that new challenges or whatever and he's I think he'll be here may be may be in Atlanta. Time yet yet I thought when I heard about the trade after the fact that maybe they traded him because he was club house nuisance. If you see that anywhere I don't know but no I didn't want you trades such a talent like -- assessed that's what Oakland a's fans are. That's been in mobile after warning that aren't chassis and and -- the Barack cardinals fans there are pissed. At least the ones that I saw her on Twitter and one's heard from and read about in the papers. Out there and stories of red. Ball Oakland fans and Saint Louis where -- pissed they should be that's a good that it is a Red Sox fans are -- -- what they're idiots. Until. I'm -- I wish. I was meaning Emmerich as he doesn't like the deal host who were here conceit or you lose big because. I love the deal on my gall rob Bradford did -- -- -- -- yesterday against them out. May be yet they bigoted and may be he's you know he's a more level headed a baseball fan and I. Want success for us says his. What they're doing this does is just excite you as a new ideas and maybe this is kind of juvenile me in and visceral me but. Wait to watch him play I think he energizes a team and it doesn't matter now because they suck and they're going nowhere. Wild if if he ignited them and they went on some kind of ridiculous run of one. Fifty out of 54 games what do you think Dodgers like from last 42 my two my two quick questions one is so it's you know me and I think -- Does Allen Craig and number 21 that's number music's respected veteran that he asks for it but I'm sure -- about the you know what that's ridiculous that did Joseph Cochran has to give when he went Allen -- because. They -- 26 to anybody asks I mean they gave Malone that's straight up rock COLT. Which -- hall of Famer right now. Roger Clemens is not. And never will be but -- Red Sox all of -- he didn't finish his career here he didn't make it to Cooperstown is fibers not up bombing aside why does he get special privilege widely reserve that number. I don't know -- there's nobody wants. To talk to somebody was one Bronson Arroyo. One but it tells -- return yes yes it is and they said that but like you know back then -- know what cheater maybe -- Joseph Cochran. Rule -- he goes over his head and actually Tom McLaughlin now. I anyway I think it goes above them of Al democratic shows up commences I want my number 21 do they give it to yes. Good to be a story for about. 32 and only idiot you know people like me when -- know it's like you and I lightly at first I like the idea I mean they don't wanna get to a rookie that's fine. Q respected veteran like Craig. Secondly. I know there's lots and lots of opinions on these trees trees from lots of people put. Would you have liked to offer from. David Ortiz yesterday I mean Ortiz who the day before was lamenting that the imminent deal. That losing Lester right. -- to be for world. -- has to be this is the best support the best protection. He -- Sammy and bitching about it all year well -- everybody who went to Clay Buchholz event last night with the exception of play. Wouldn't speak to reporters outside. Uttered about the also pit stop as you're driving his. Creditor raptor truck did you see this way I saw the it is I think we're looking vehicle -- is yet and he stopped and get a couple -- was excellent you know I'm not buying into the we get time to Italy's all the principles you know. In my mind and into the you know the turtle boy take on this the goals was phony I disagree -- that was great here obviously he. Produced. He contributed to that what's expected to do. I thought he was exactly what you expect -- he -- against you -- against left handed pitching which is to continue to do in Oakland and Republicans would vote he didn't play nearly enough as he wanna scare the hell out of view in left field -- but the than lots of that mediocre left -- well this one in the hall of fame Jim -- You know -- That position. The coaching thing -- delivered yes has prosecuted. -- and I liked I liked the Jonny Gomes and illegible growing Oakland probably -- the answers. -- -- three and a half the wonders while the floods in Lackey pitched against each other so I think yes and this article today you know I wanna double checked -- odds I think the three and a half to one was before the price really do. You cannot totally. Different have to one would David Price. Pressures. Just Berlin as your number four starter I don't. It's amazing front three are -- still out on Miguel Cabrera still have Victor Martinez to mean that team. Is there really not betrayed their heart and soul to Austin Jackson. That is that is loved -- -- to trade I think -- which still houses slide it yes. Why should we haven't talked about what would your favorite part yesterday. The thing that just made you moist and get well that's true the best deal about it yeah today I did tweet that -- because. I don't know that that the game that much credit because Spencer and signed the stay right. But he did unload Stephen Drew on the Yankees I'm telling when -- -- -- dollar started bottom line. Read what since does that make for the Yankees he regularly played second it's almost an average player's life he's never played in. At second or third when does that stop the Red Sox from doing that this year it -- I tell me that when you look all of a Major League Baseball and all the utility guys all the young guys on the fringe guys all the brought colts in two minutes later they got on they got our team -- it was a much better boy -- broke and you think Stephen Drew had two and a half million a month. Makes sense I don't get it. I really don't Edmonton do we have -- done confident yes yes at their original so maybe you can address that because I don't -- It -- it's it's always starts and I I I'm I commend them for unloading him and alleviate the play in most of the salary they are. As a possible maybe they think it these captures magic. -- I mean obviously he's a good defensive player. You don't know if he could place second -- -- OK it is G-7 injury I don't know about. Jeetz yes OK when he lose. In the present I would I would assume hopefully most of innings the rest practice. -- The last team to me is it seemed like they needed Stephen Drew was in New York news but that's what pension and the genius that he's a genius that -- Is -- I wish I could say everything -- you know. But everything was aces circling back to Jonny Gomes and closing the loop on that. Who said there was fraud -- terrible it is for other and other other -- I don't get but he clearly wanted to be here clearly did not wanna leave and that's essentially the essence of his comments. When -- -- -- in Fenway Park. There's rumors you know this should not -- -- -- you know the -- exit before -- -- -- -- -- You know aren't I this trade didn't I didn't spot the team had when they didn't. You know -- you know are seen all all the angles and all edgy you know all of this story -- You know I think on the situation right now where. Little bit and didn't packaged up with the best pitcher in the game and the overture came with the best record in -- You know low where they're excited airport it is -- time dart -- soft spot -- ardent. Soft spot among the relationships are -- Boston that is chapter for the time being -- -- bad. That's with -- -- there was after the deal. But you know maybe it's an emotional visceral reaction but I can't wait to see says this play and I don't care about anybody. Leaving other than -- The U know not a mystery on why now I mean not at all there's a reason they treated like that. How adamant 500000 excuse it because what if that's secret. 'cause they know what's going to beat the old days and opinion dated you know ARD says it'll play for the option action but all he never goes public. It is issues went public with a -- two days ago he said he wanted to be traded. There was -- -- two days ago anyone reach anyone -- is yes on and confusing but the broad. The whole -- all Lackey. SA attitude is to dig that out yeah I don't hold the -- it but I believe that you believe that that there was that point where he says yes I want out. And I thought he he made the best you could there too. I mean we're gonna do the lineup -- lineup is much much this is gonna take some work the the rotation obviously is not but here's the rotation for next Clay Buchholz. We will close sure I'm not so sure that worked -- Hillary on Owen and that you were not -- Brian Johnson. And a pitcher or two to be named later they will be in the world be like forty million list that it was this year and they will be. Obligated. To spend that money pitcher the pitcher will be change shields Mac shares -- Cole Hamels will probably her. It will be somebody just got Masterson and it would be somebody who costs a lot of money and who has proven track record and might even be slotted in the number might start opening might even be Jon Lester. I don't like then I -- Stay within our grasp I think I think Miller is more likely to come back if you saw him yeah yeah I think it was definitely an easy target. Lester and not some friends at work and audio -- audio rotate I guess he's not good about Joseph Kelly a bit and joked Kelly that's another one I don't know it's always back and guys think -- when you heard -- to talk about it he said Kelly's. Work in progress and a lot more urgent pitch -- he's very animated. Not her -- did like him I passed -- test yes we like that is an athlete. But I'm not sure what that means is a pitcher but he's an athlete. The to field his position several web sites it's due to rumors highly rumored that John -- off the record said he treated puppet from I believe we believe. It was floated in. Would you believe it yes yes -- to the people at Saint Louis aren't happy with date with epic. The people and Oakland aren't happy with what they got. A lot of people in Boston while happy. To open nickname for you want us. -- us but it's it's gonna go pretty cool NATO called -- dull 000. I would talk nicknames. Allen Craig is the ranch. Alan Branch audio and I think Kelly's machine. Is Aaron Evans Indianapolis he -- games and baseball reference which in the round. So used all the time that's -- guys in a dark room call machine it was cookie David Ortiz is cookie monster called the -- while ref never ever heard that we'd never ever call himself the big -- -- -- -- -- -- People around you are excited CEO. But I think a lot of people unhappy that side on Lester as well. I wouldn't get past it is him maddening he deserved better Gary -- of the five and one point five whatever. I mean he's going to make. 160. -- my number was one X it is -- that most of 200 offered up 180 -- make money. And Red Sox didn't want to pay it that's why not coming back they still wanna play it now -- that they wanna pay Mac shares of that either here. That might objects and there's a -- there's surprise absolutely there's a -- but it includes some pitchers who are here now. They didn't give up any of their prospects. Amazing that in its trade and you get a sense of over all yes Baltimore but they get one prospect they treated everybody. They -- prospect they gave up on the last minute Michael Faxon drysdale on the other I'm not -- earlier deal wrapped up until that deadline day. It's related everybody that was the part of a -- that would just urge you to do more company that's a unique analysts give but he unique nice job -- -- turn -- because maybe the last deadline trades we got four Major League -- that doesn't happen and I think they were critics you know the critics. We were ready epic Keebler -- I. The extra Reid saying. These prospects urges that prospector -- -- right spot yesterday you know they thought he was gonna deal all these guys and get a bunch of known name prop unknown prospects and it didn't we would have considered golf and baseball America -- who the heck is this and we put us at what 2000. Fifty is out the wind -- eyes that's gonna this accelerates the return to respectable out there going to be considered it's considered a contender in in April while say they won't last place. There will not be in last place just forget to add one of those guys Cole Hamels. That James Shields. That should -- -- dim dim good or someone else out there who's gotten close to you know big money on this small market team I don't know that is. But -- gonna add another pitcher to that crew that we just talked about I mean we're not host tonight thank you just run out tonight losing fasteners had an excellent year but -- up. They have two guys who are just kicking ass in Portland in Owens and Johnson. What makes people just assume that there's guys on our status to Jon Lester the last couple weeks which the state Henry Owens isn't the next challenge -- -- I don't know. Why not just why isn't -- -- -- -- It maybe but these considerable atop prosperous -- -- that come through organization before you get to read Jon Lester loudly answered probably fifteen Britain one of Jon -- the pops out. But I don't -- is going to be stiff do you mean I think I -- -- up but is Ian race. I think YouTube may not have an -- in -- so I think he could be based on all the report grip that I haven't seen him pitch him up in Portland area. But I I would like to go I think he's projected resonates. Everything our residential. In your dollar oral by your breakfast if you could name -- eight players. Who since this whole thing began are now off the Red Sox roster. Cheating don't be cheating. And let's agree. -- -- One John Lackey to Jon Lester three. It's wells moment for Stephen Drew Joseph warms again relied on all the yards which is a good yeah yeah I think so hesitant to. Sex. Ball. Our internal Andrew Miller I hate that he's an afterthought because of the -- -- -- bother your forgetting the first one to leave. The city's TV -- -- -- what you would never get -- -- through and a guy from a ball mean -- a trail. Which is Marcus -- there's -- markets that kills at least a tough a similar but at that this whip reasonably it or Corey little little or you order a mama's boy. -- -- yeah OC that's it Yossi you know seemed like it was all meant to check it out on the range. I don't -- and it's according to. Baseball. References -- games. -- -- yeah L while ago. Like talent and I also want to help Poland though that's producing video work out of him it's pretty amazing though he does it -- fortieth. 45 inch. Standing. Thing on top of the -- he's incredible debt and it's right he he looks kind of squatting uniform he has ripped on this show him with a picture running sprints. He's Jack is not a -- there and I know it. It sounds like all gone all follow. He's an MVP candidate a potential MVP if he starts taking pitches at the plate you know are no borrower's collateral notre Bob Melvin said he has to be more selective I don't watch. I don't wanna emasculated the man I think you can afford. One free swinger in this system and a whole system. The Red Sox -- thousand theaters. They can afford one free swinger. This you know I don't want to pain book and bronco and he wanted to go up there in between. All these other patient is in between. Napoli in -- Ortiz the of one guy who goes up there. And Harris and he's Jesus -- blow when snot balls to use your favorite term moves up the beat the eggs in and he rakes. If you wanna sit and wait for a walk he can -- Napoli you can have Ortiz and if you were gonna everybody. Else does if you were to build the perfect the perfect -- partners. It's UN assessment. That I -- -- out of about Jack Clark Atticus -- I nobody thickest. App today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You say this -- he certainly better off of them there and certainly better in that way when he was in -- I mean how well he's right handed there was -- the home run derby one home run derby the last -- places. That's that's would -- -- to be right pull hitter to win that 54%. Of the ball it goes coastal. He vehicle rolled out of the for a second many times yes -- to stretching icing and that would help it break in the laughter though when he digs in at home plate and look at the wall vs the policy. Just it's still are three masterful par fives and and you know what he's. He might not be known MVP might not. But -- rookie year he finished second -- the to my probably ultimately peerless -- -- betcha he's a good wildcard MVP weekend or next and I'm emits sounds like we're getting to -- that's what I like the deal like each it was shocking here's how to say this is Malone. Is -- here for a year a year to Muster was only here for two months. -- useless task force starts Celeste is gonna get a 180 million what's suspect is gonna get in the fall of 2015. What every -- again at the Red Sox can afford they I think a thirty year old at that point will be when he almost 3030 roll position player in that kind of shape. He's different from 830 year old pitcher. Which you absolutely much different I don't think him as part of every across the board every play at least among pitchers. Pitches over thirty every time we've done is we've looked up you know all the sabathia and -- manner and Ellen de villiers all the guys over thirty. And how -- hold an up. We don't do with position. We do actually pull Holtz fielder while. Josh Hamilton Hamilton thank you -- issues but. Right what happens to -- The cause some in their isolated cases I I. I still think -- is pretty productive player and he's not going to be productive maybe 41 right by I think they're okay would -- rather old and ugly. I of course 3030 -- or has that yeah argues not 617797937. Mad dog Russo will join us on the 7 o'clock hour Mike Hazen Red Sox assistant GM will join us. In the 8 o'clock hour we have work to do. Community auditions. Start tonight at Fenway Park. Let's just for the sake of assumed that everybody is present and accounted for. What is John barrels lineup gonna look like that it's a little five of them.

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