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Rob Bradford and Alex Speier talk with Red Sox Manager John Farrell

Jul 31, 2014|

Rob and Alex talk with John Farrell about all the moves the Red Sox made at the deadline, what they gave up and what they gained.

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Welcome back to the -- doing doing trade deadlines show -- joining us now is John Farrell manager of the Boston red sites John nothing going on today nice relaxing day hope you enjoyed your off day. Well an understatement obviously. Put with 4 o'clock deadline passing. You know so much changed arms and -- -- but I think more important for those players who have both been our policy and remain here. I think it important -- to get past the deadline. I think it was fair to say that on the minds of many. And maybe how audible more clarity actually Arnold with the war or five games remaining. It's important for Russian perhaps some clarity of focus. You know John is obviously has been a long days it's really probably been a long week for -- and disagree you take us through what your day was like god we left do you late last night what was your day like what time did you wake up when did things start heating up was that one of these things where. Your phone was buzzing at 4:30 in the morning awards -- daylight. Well my my date doesn't compare any electorate then Mike is in another side and front office and know that they got them a 4 AM in the morning what a number of conversations. -- might get picked apart around 8 o'clock where some calls in regards to open their. I got a couple of hours sleep put. There -- a couple of things -- that seemed to materialized -- -- the today and then here where we are. Don't consider peavy and brought in this next seven players coming off or 12 o'clock and roster. It'd be replaced by you know odd number of establishment reporters. Yeah that question of established Major League players and such an interesting one because the assumption when when you are moving Euro zone established -- particular pending free agents. Is that your typically going to see prospect return and just curious. How was this what you were expecting. Did you expect that the focus was gonna be on getting these guys whether I suspect this or a joke -- Or -- and Allen Craig who you could kind of get a look at right now and start thinking about for 25 team. Well except I think the thing that we work their owners that planet then we have complete faith in order to try to. Put together a team that would contend as quickly as possible. And when the names of the guys you mentioned started to talk about it it felt like we could. Accomplish a number of things in the here now that maybe we're looking to address in the option. -- -- -- -- So that is brought back in our credit we we felt like -- it's something that we drew built on we have to prove. That was an ability hidden behind that there has been very clear about their. But to be able to bring back established. Big leaguers from seeing that are in contention. But I think if you look around the entire tape substance -- seeing and I don't know -- there's gonna try and work. So many players have been traded away from currently contending teams to bring in different. You mention you mentioned Sosa been just as well as Greg just adding and adding a dynamic of guys were kind of established. They they both have had middle of the order experienced. How much were you craving that kind of that kind of addition of of power in the case assessment is obviously elite power. Into the lineup. Well we know given what we've been all year whether it's been in the bottom three in terms slugging and just the ability to drive the baseball. A power something that we were in need of and Ben has been able to target guys and respect credential. When you can put mentally you're back. And what strikes typically middle of the order perhaps or something that's not readily available and we've been able and I'm gonna pro job and party and bring him back so it immediately liked the double wide -- We would consider you know him ever having. Looking out social status in right field Allen -- that would total left field that you -- Bradley Center. So you know would start to take these new names but what our -- from our clubhouse and on the field. That's where our planet right -- that's right Greg left. Stephen Drew go to the Yankees put their purple heart back at shortstop. Take these final two months and getting more. A longer and more consistent read -- and that was. So Johnny -- to the punch a little bit because I was gonna I was there are curious about the Allen Craig dynamic where he would be. But the names you mentioned you did not mention Shane Victorino what's the story with them. Well you know he he's she's doing -- some tightness particularly game yesterday. And we we've got so. Well with the ballistic missile was that's what we're targeting -- -- -- and depending on where Vick is in terms of how. That's the old war war to adjust off that Craig has also played first place. You know we've got some depth in the outfield right now and you know not -- -- -- to be able to critical the situation with Greg. At one scenario is one possibility. So that that's got to -- things shake out right now. And the other thing is saying I shouldn't -- mention and we we understand is going to be a lot of moving parts here in the last couple months. But another guy Brock Colvin will he be playing a lot of third base was the will middle Brooks could be slotted in there as if for these last couple months. Yeah I I think what will also. And won't get to that point of announcing your parents as well that we do have a number of moves that we -- -- from internally. It -- -- that. Putting guys in the bullpen. Where we're going to be rotation. And you know dissect this does not create that opportunity for little or Brooks or take a longer -- -- the third page which is a definite. Likelihood impossibility. -- that Jews brought all your ability to go and -- -- bit short and third. And as well in center field against that left him approaching so I left him well. And it puts in more and -- -- defined. Utility -- still super utility but not moving around -- corner outfielder. Out of position that much. Talking to Red Sox manager John Farrell I guess you know Jon Lester obviously you have this long history with you've seen him mature. In two really remarkable pitcher I mean I think it's been kind of extraordinary to watch. That at -- -- that his career is taken and where he's at and right now. Obviously he is now no questions asked top of the rotation pitcher. How do you replace that going forward. I think where we are right now with guys -- our rotation. We we also goes we we get a better read on the guards. Here now for the final bunch. We know that there might even need and probably like we need to add to the rotation as we get into the offseason but going back usually what you conversation with them. Felt like coaching will be more readily available speed bought through the free agent market then out of position players so we -- started position players are there are traits. And what -- idea looking at pitching should create a market. You know it would John we we saw you out talking and Jon Lester on the field I'm sure you're a multiple conversations with -- behind closed doors. Pour some of those conversations like as Alex mentioned you go way back we discuss this guy that you're tied to him you you have. A great history with him on many different levels were some of the conversations why key in these last couple days. He I would say that they range from the can you know the normal one but we would have -- -- coming out of start. Through what was up communism and -- -- and five irritation or more permanent schedule. To. You know talking about. Knows that the first time a player changes organizations if I were to take place. You know just you know and then we have -- chance -- -- -- -- -- on some things abuse. You know. It can't screw over com. You know the cultural although. All the steps along the way that you know we took regard it. Are actually Whitley can look at a mushers are you credible -- -- strike you that what he's comes I mean it's an incredible score and then we talked and when -- -- a breakdown all the -- and you think about all the the delivery changes on the mechanical changes and the experiences that happened. Overcoming all things that -- built practically. You're gonna -- probably couple days or a reception with them all the shirt but. In the end. You can be more proud forgot -- -- up as a pitcher man breaker -- A -- that's due to identify your favorite kid viral askew. Is this the was Jon Lester leaving with that work the hardest one for you of players that you -- go he's had a lot of great relationship with a lot of great players have gone. But to your point of everything that you said made this through this one must -- home maybe more than any other. Well sure and I think because Wanderers -- emotional coach for four years. In. You know from afar for two years you watch what's taken place and see how he continues to meet some challenges there own way. And then to come back and and see him. Grow even -- -- -- what was unique was that had the benefit of a two year gap. And -- how much. Further developed as a person so I was like okay you're -- or an integral player for her pocket and when you got a way to come back you start seeing some of the changes that have happened in those two years and all for the better. And you know what it out of -- fortunate to have been around a guy that's. And are good -- -- that are. With giving up a guy like Lackey who you did have under control through next year as opposed to John who was going to be a free agent after this here are some and we've said many times but it. Re sign. What do you know about about Joseph Kelly and you had a chance to get a pretty good look at them both in the World Series of short advancing up to it. Well and I actually -- -- -- you know traveling true you know on Sunday school line in the -- -- You know something like baseball approach actually a couple of starts and I have no idea yet and our clubhouse that. Those -- -- -- tremendous are usually up you know he pitches in the mid ninety's he's got three. Quality pitchers. A tremendous at. And when you can acquire a guy of -- physical abilities it and like most guys most pitchers in the early stages. There are some refinements that will eventually in and undoubtedly take place. -- -- power armed right here you know maybe to remind -- able power I would be very good. Top to bottom -- curveball and the changeup well. From what all the fortune to have just a great team mate and outgoing personality. -- feel like is gonna fit in Atlanta and exceptionally well. -- one of things there about him Joseph Kelly is a great makeup great. Great character in the and in the clubhouse or -- go a long way of a one of the things I wanna talk about is something that you touched on briefly Zander Bogart's going to shortstop. This is what these two months or four besides winning baseball games by identifying. What certain guys can do in certain positions what are you looking for from Zander Bogart's in playing shortstop coming up. That would convince you say this guy can be our opening day shortstop next year. -- I think it was starting to happen purchases the signing of Stephen Drew and his third base early on. Yes there there were -- him I think just getting accustomed to being speed. At the beginning of the season does -- came out last year most credible that when he was in mid season form and we're going. Probably a top the game as before coming here. Inevitably that first year in the big leagues every player every where. To try to get on that role that a that a guy coming from the minor -- is already on getting on that all the Major League level -- call it allows a player. The plate relaxed. That's more challenging. Is to do your first year at the major bowl just because of the pitching -- -- quite so portable for six weeks I think in getting re established. Back -- the big league level the speed of the game and ultimately at shortstop but I felt like yoga for the week prior to Steven joining us. You know and their play action range project which was -- -- was approved. He did countless our little war would border to continue to refine that. And -- what we're gonna get more in the locker room watching much to see. I know that the pressure scenario relative -- that you know. We might shot or we as a staff to say that picture and then dislocated shortstop -- -- -- like in the next -- quit and we people -- Wells is about moving forward in the news trade deadline day has come and gone so now we are looking forward what is tomorrow's lineup John. There is tomorrow's lineup. Well you know what we've we've got some guys in -- you know Kelly and back Craig there -- fly ball all the general cholesterol so sick and emotion play in San Diego so they were traveling back most of my. It looks like that they'll be in here fourteen kind of moral. But. We have a number of other -- or make you know that we've yet to make announcements are so. I guess unfortunate I got a -- Baltimore Colts it's more you know we we can say who's going to be here it was not -- inventories. Well according to name -- to what -- corner out. But all are kind of -- gathering tomorrow just got to reset the expectations and track outline what hopefully get or final five games. And that could very well be so often and so now on paper. Much improved. It was -- you know nothing is -- remote possibility. Council you'll take a deep breath and and we appreciate John thanks so much. For joining us here on a on a crazy crazy day airstrip or are -- so much on.

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