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Jul 31, 2014|

Rob Bradford and Alex Speier are in and talking about all the moves made by the Red Sox at the trade deadline, because the most fun thing about the day is talking about the moves of the day. Red Sox GM Ben Cherington held a press conference talking about the Red Sox moves, and Rob and Alex talk with Red Sox manager John Farrell about the moves made at the deadline.

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This is rob Bradford Alex beer W I don't come up doing in trade deadline showed two hours nonstop trade deadline talk Claudia talk about but the first thing we're gonna do Alex we go right on over to Fenway Park -- -- -- and let's listen man. -- that we're fighting coming into this week our intent was to try to see. What opportunities are out there for us. There's a lot of interest in our players and we wanted to see if there are opportunities to. To turn that into moves that. Like -- it give us. A head start on. Building again and becoming better as quickly as we can so. That's the those are general. There. Guiding. Philosophy this week and hopefully return and a some moves that make it better now and will legacy is the real good start. Dresses sees England the offseason with with the you know full incentive. Billion. Strong contending team for -- fifteenth. They got that question written -- -- On why did you grow up after -- -- to win. And did talk about getting that that period of from -- and how do you think you. Right and ended up. Sure -- are soft so it doesn't. So we had. With with with most of the players -- talk about we had we had alternatives. Certainly with Lester and Lackey we had. There's lots of different things we could've done. And there were attractive. Prospect packages. That were available to us for for both guys. You know we just felt like. What made the most sense for us was to try to try to focus on. In fact Major League talent that's that's ready. And we battled we have a lot of good young players we need we have strength of our system. So that's already a strength and although there was some prospect packages of prospects that were available to us that were very attractive. You know we we we wanted ads in Major League team and and really view ourselves. Ahead stars on it's that building. Building again and becoming is viewed as -- we can as quickly as possible that that sort of guided us at least Lester Lackey deals toward. More proven Major League players. Well we think he'll thrive. He's a guy that we've gotten no we knew little bit when he signed. We had a chance to scouted ourselves in the Dominican before it's time outs to follow them. To Oakland he's someone who. Obviously seems comfortable on the stage in his performance in different events and one in post season. Is it really powerful dynamic. Player in his prime fits. In our ballpark in the outfield we think he what will probably take a look at him in right field and see. -- how he looks out there. He has played center and left to live. We'll take an opportunity. Looks. He's a power bat who hits the ball out to all parts that are and should benefit from -- is going from a ballpark in Oakland it doesn't help right and -- quite as much as so. We're excited excited to have someone clearly we don't have and so it. You know as we're going through the options finding something that we didn't have. Was appealing to us. Then on suspect it's. Can you talk about how the team views. Him. Going forward given that you only control him through the end of next season. And in a larger sense we just talked about perhaps having taking a look at him in right how do you see the outfield deployment now given the guys that work here. Guys that are progressing like Jackie Bradley and two outfielders -- -- today. Yes so stars do it looks like right now. Vick is getting missile time he's he's he's still find some back stuff them. So. Since he's probably -- we'll use that time. You know right -- -- -- that is to right field. Even -- it hasn't played there in the major leagues played there in the past and -- -- some major leagues. And and more likely Craig -- left field. You know we're not ratings those -- Where that goes in the future but we'd like to get both guys acclimated in that way and -- see -- aren't. Moving forward. We certainly hope we added a lot of depth and possibilities for outfield picture for. And and that as far as that that is the question assess this mean I think we just got to get to know I know him a little bit more he's idiot you know us but. This is a guy in the prime of his career. Who. Is dynamic player does a lot of things well and certainly it's had guided. We can envision warning that there longer but. Let's get in here and and get to know each other first. And how extensively tees now since that's -- this field and at what point in the process. You becoming might be where he might you go. So you know we've been watching him obviously since he -- he -- in the right away when he when he signed as -- than. With -- Major League players and while we're all watching those guys all time this acute you guys are so we're aware of what he's done. You know we've always we were when he first signed. Impressed the deceptively. His transition was. And that's that seems to be happening more -- -- players but. He is very quick transition. And then you know he's just a guy who does a lot of things -- -- -- he contributes on defense on the bases obviously throws -- well. And of course is our and acts with the bat which is something we've. That lacking in the as you guys -- know. So and where once we got past. As far as the timing goes so. Of all these all the stuff really. We. Got through the Royals series. And and swept that series went to Toronto. And won the game on the night. We were -- we are still thinking in terms of holding and winning in going and and and and actually making calls. Looking to add players. And that's what we're that's where our work was focused during that time going in that sponsors. And then. What happened happened you know everyone knows what's happened since then we haven't haven't played well also. I would say. As we got towards the end of that week going into the answers Adam last week in Tampa. That's -- when our conversation shifted. And we started making more calls to see. What operatives in these veteran guys. Then I talked about suspect as being the type player and having that cool that you really didn't have here that power tool. How much was that a focus of yours throughout the week just in trying to maybe find players who had that ability and one and at that year club and how much did you sort of look at maybe projecting forward and feeling like that trade was the best way to do that rather than maybe what might be on the market come out on the options. Yes so. Clearly offense has been an issue all year when those that. So we knew that. That was gonna have to improve. No matter wise and in different ways. Before next year and we still. Certainly believe that some of that improvement is in it from. The continued maturation Korean players and they -- you know bounce back from some that are. That's got to be a part of it but we knew we are gonna have that wanted to add. To the offense in in in probably more than one way. And it it was. You know we're looking into this offseason you never know you never know exactly what trades are going to be -- the -- but. You do you know what the free agent market it looked like Nazis and pretty much. And it just is alive. As some offense though trees it was not a particularly strong -- class terms of offense. So that was the that that they become a priority for us to try to see if we could. Get a little bit of a jump start on at the offense at the deadline so that. You know we have -- will serve list of things need to do this whether. But hopefully handled themselves at least. It's. A benefit to have been about seventeen years of benefit of the Yankees if I come together and what is your thoughts on the infield alignment looking looking like now. Yes so as as you know as the sort of focus shifted as -- mention. Over the past few days towards. Listening to trades are better players one of the things and really at that. Coincided with a that conversation that we that we started -- with John and answer the front office about. You know look let's be honest about where we are no matter how. We think the team should be playing or could play were a lot sixty handers so. The math is against us and if we're really serious about. You know building and building another team and trying to become is is the kid can as quickly as we can well. What we need to find out the -- the way to do that so one of the things that we. Wanted to do if we could was to find a way to. Let bogey your back to shore and give them an opportunity to play -- a lot the rest the way. And you know works an opportunity tomorrow play. Play a lot of third and so both those things will happen. Partly as a result of that your trade. And not that other guys won't be in the mix at those spots too but. That was one thing we wanted to try to accomplish -- -- and so it just so we had talked to. You know and both teams about true teams that. We thought might be. In need of a shortstop and disallowed and as the Yankees or the team that. You know fit -- fit for them and sadly Michael -- second base there and then short but. Just worked it out today at -- you know happened obviously Lee and -- was the last thing we did. Now. You know. Didn't -- says you know we're look we hope it helps them we have you know we. I like Stephen we all exceed any good player hasn't worked out the way any of us warrants -- -- -- our attitude. But. You know hope -- hope it works out for him there and and the Yankee thing -- It was an issue in that particular conversation. Yeah thank you just to pick up on the threat but it kicked out that you were talking about when these things started. You instantly and generated -- what -- the last two days. We can provide. Some. So yeah -- a long long days and organizing in. You know as as everyone knows you you all know trades. You know. For what perjury to do make theirs you know twenty or thirty. Other federations that don't come together so many -- for the ones you do make especially bigger ones some of these severe ones. Those require a lot of a lot of phone calls a lot of work a lot of people. And so we. We haven't slept much last. Three or four days you probably tell. And but. We we we knew that. We knew coming into this week that we had a job to do it we had to find a way to. Taking advantage of the unfortunate position there and try to try to you know kick start a little bit. You know build buildings the next Keenan. And so that's we try to do so it was. It was a great. Team effort from a lot of people including ownership but certainly this operations and Johnson walked -- perils involved. And we we're working round really -- clock really legitimately. Not didn't last night. And he done much -- previous. Couple nights but. Caught the other stuff. But you know it's just. We we had a we had to see -- we can do and right and again you know the unfortunate position and so -- real does some things that. If that's start. It. -- Yeah -- my last conversation with a was in the club house. He came -- to -- some stuff out so I went I -- Jessica others in person today. And that was you know again and do those things Q and you know is -- appreciation for. Everything he's done and and any good luck you know it's going. A new place he's going to be pitching in big games down the stretch of an opportunity to winning and so we -- in form. Prior to that -- I've been trying to keep him abreast the best I can. On. What's going on I couldn't do that perfectly but. Tried to -- had several conversations with a really going back. You know 23 weeks. But the last the last one was today eating films weren't there in the clubhouse to get a chance. C vote them in person. And you mentioned that. A lot of these moves were being physical building towards -- happen if you come if you like Hewitt he. Well we. I think we're in better position than we were a week ago. But certainly not done and I think you know obviously now deadlines -- there's. You know likely a lot less activity as far as roster the rest of the way you know what -- some -- young players but. Hopefully we've done. Hopefully done things to. Get a head start on the offseason address some things but. You know I think and and and I think I don't know John the same way we get 54 games left these are now the most important 54 games -- season. Because real lot find out and we have new players that we wanna. Make sure comfortable and get acclimated to Boston. Comfortable ball partners from long. It was Boston. We've got young players who're so though things need to. Continued proven development -- folks on that. And we need to. Start building -- team again so a lot of the lot of -- you know people that are now on this -- now on this roster. Will more than likely be. On the roster next April and so we. We've got to start building a team can win. Think the next 54 games there really important towards that. But of course is more visibility more to do this offseason to. -- did well and be objective about that tree so there. Yeah I mean I think come. It's it is it is if because answer catches you different moments so. Probably. Really last week when. Last week yet so last week when. Things started not to go well. You know in the Toronto series and -- going to Tampa. You know I knew that. The more the the sort of math built against us that. The of the more possibility there was the ambulance have to face on this. And and and tough decisions at -- with people that. Have meant a lot to the Red Sox them who I've known for a long time done. You know great things for the organization so. So you start thinking about that and that's hard and then and then once once here in the kind of mix this week of phone calls and gone back and forth when you're going when you're doing that you get consumed by the the work. But then. You know even even then you know that the little that we did go on where the couple hours that we weren't in the office or whatever was. Sure it's hard if you think about it then. Obvious with all these guys but certainly -- was with Jon -- who have known for so long. It's it's it's not easy. And in and -- -- for Henman and not fair anyone but I think everyone understands too that. Everyone is trying to make. Something better you know Jon Lester trying to make something better for himself we're trying to make something better. So I think it underneath it all people understand that. But. Yeah -- go through this it's hard. And given that you're planning for the future is there an element of disappointments some of those deals you. Yet you know were in this position because. Of the performance of the team and and that's that's a force of the team is -- -- our responsibilities so. If we had done a better job as an organization this year and perform better. It's. Not just likely obvious that. Most of this stuff would happen. So. So you have to start there -- start with I have to start there acknowledgment that. If we weren't in the position. We're in which I take responsibility for them. This stuff this of these trades don't happen. And we don't wanna be in a position. So. You know we we we we take responsibility for. Torments. On the field as a as a mean. Certainly not enough. That and how much is. Trading Lester had to do think that might be at large shots in the winter Rory but there's still these chances -- -- -- -- step -- -- here. Well. He's over there right now so. You know I I don't think it's. I don't think it's right for me to talk about. About that. Other than to say. You know sort of looking back that. That we. We certainly had a desire. Two. Engage a contract conversation -- them then. That conversation just didn't happen enough for whatever reason and as we got deeper into the season. We. He made it clear that that was something you wanted to focus on right now. And so we. We honored that. That decide that that -- desire does that desire his heart. And we had an -- had conversations. That that. You know we respected that position. But because of the performance of the team. That meant that we. We both might have to deal with this possibilities. These. If the team did -- the team's performance didn't. Really improve that. Team that -- team -- are on. On and then. It was something -- what's the deal and so I think we we we both knew about that. Possibility going into this week as we talked about it. And so it's news and it was a combination of the team's performance in the fact that we. And it did and and his desire and it's not. Not books under right now. Which we respect he has his reasons for. So. What happens. That's not for me to talk about now is no today and he's had to do for them and when we get the -- at the offseason. With Lackey is you know you are from her point to him -- -- -- control these stories to. And keep them and what led to -- Yes that's certainly a strong consideration. With him in particular it I didn't see what was it we certainly didn't see it ending any sense justice trade. Both Lester and Lackey unless. Unless we were getting. At least one starting pitcher -- Major League starting pitcher back if not Major League players total back in return so it wouldn't have made any. In light of what I said it it it didn't end up making sense to us to do either or both for prospect package it just would have made the the next several months even more difficult that built one of these so if we're gonna do it. You know we've we've really prioritize. Getting Major League player but -- in particular at least one starting pitcher. Back and in Kelly we feel like we have a guy who. Is on the common is in his a developing advancing -- starting pitchers -- finished product. But really talent on our scouts like for a long time. Highly athletic really good stuff and we -- someone who can. Quickly develop into -- or part of our rotation so that's I use an important addition as we go into the offseason. And and we wouldn't have done -- -- deal without getting so that. -- obviously if the rebuilt the top your rotation. Bill but report. Do you do about that but. Keep in mind. -- Yeah so I think the first part is you know obviously some of those young pitchers in a lot of opportunity to dress the way the guys that are here and start tomorrow I. And so we have an opportunity is to watch that and they have an opportunity to pitch and development. We'll know a lot more about that group. -- into the season and it'll help us. Open for buses to some degree. Going into the offseason. That would be my expectation that we be. Active no matter what happens dressed lady -- expectations would be active in the starting pitching market this winner. Trades free agency would ever. Bower and learned a lot more about him group and and we've we liked our younger starters. Two weeks ago. And now we that it. A couple more to that Escobar and Hendry is -- to youngsters we got so. We feel very good about that the depth of young stars we have an organization that obviously they're. They're not at all there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right dad's bag -- to general manager of the Boston Red Sox leading off the final. A New England insurance trade deadline so I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com along with a man just kept breaking stories from. Thus still Don Don till -- That I think both states statements are absolutely accurate and I don't think so because I am pretty sure that I wasn't going to on route I'm. It was it was only after dropping off my son date there and that's when things picked -- out yet while you do a good job -- anyway I credit my son. At we all should produce on first for great coverage throughout today a lot going on our. It's a great time we have we've had some great trade deadline -- thanks to -- -- insurance and it's suspend. This is a perfect way to punctuated that we talked leaving him I would love to hear the -- -- of things we talked about the preview shows and now -- get to this. Today and see where we were are where we were right where things -- when they were thought we thought they're gonna go the other way. It was a it was a fascinating fascinating day week we thought it might be Alex. By I guess my biggest takeaways in a nutshell. Trade deadline. Trade -- to premiere players and you don't give back one of minor leaguer that was all major leaguers you almost never see that at the trade deadline. So strange they did get -- an important of relevant finally -- for me and to our -- aren't done right about Bartlett -- hockey absolutely two starting pitchers. And they bypassed. The usual avenue they did get a competitive balance picks so there is some. Elements of longer term consideration going on there. But well yeah that's it there's there's little doubt what no one predicted and we saw it happening elsewhere as well you look at what happened with the rays and their three and their three team deal involving David Price. It most of the parts moving. We're major leaguers in the mic in their case kind of young controllable guys like at nick Franklin. Editors. I was I was do you look at that list of players -- that David Price trade how is. There -- a lot of things that shocked me today. But when you look at that when you look at that three way trade -- David Price and you say Seattle this is what they got -- Jackson. This wrong there. It seems stunning. Because you expect to see when a guy like price moves you know they have the precedent of James Shields where they go shoot the moon. With a guy who has -- kind of viewed as an elite prospect. And in this case they didn't go that route but instead. -- perhaps they have a really high view. Of smiley in what I have to be -- -- let's never underestimate what the rays are doing with their pro scouting on the pitching side because we have seen them time and time again. Come up with dominant young pitchers in those kinds of trades. So this what I don't look beyond yeah I want to talk more about the price trade later in the show but. Right now -- set the scene where it is a lot to talk about. Will recap. -- do my best to recap John laughter I'm Lester. Jonny Gomes goes to Oakland. For -- the status yes. And also a compensation compensation pick John Lackey goes to the Saint Louis Allen Craig first baseman outfielder. And joked Kelly pitcher. Good job okay in all there's also Corey the trial or nitro left hander going from the Red Sox Salem team over to saint should we care about him. He projects as may be rotation depth down the Rhode Island and he's he's behind the other prospects who they've acquired Andrew Miller. Going to Detroit Tigers the Orioles at Orioles Expos -- go to Detroit. Yeah I think -- delighted today have turned -- -- -- David Price around then he had go to yours I'm sorry or Miley pitcher yes Eduardo Rodriguez who is son whose -- kind of being. May be probably at number four number five project with the number three upside Steven drove in the in the shocker of the day shocker today going to the New York Yankees first trade since with the Yankees since ninety. He ninety's. That yes indeed I stand I mean there are a total are terrorists are absolutely Stephen Drew going for Kelly Johnson. More poorly Stephen Drew -- the Yankees. Might as well be for the opportunity for isn't above drastically shorts yeah exactly. Clear that was it right I'm not missing anything else he's got all the today so we're skipping -- -- yesterday reported -- -- added Jake Peavy so join the conversation we're gonna we're gonna dive right into this. 6177797937617. 7797937. I'm rob Bradford without -- both of WI dot com is the hub knowingly. Insurance trade deadline show hub and the dot com. After this break and take your calls with so much talk about it's going to be a lot of fun our next hour and a half will be doing it all starting right after the. -- we're back. Of knowingly -- trade deadline show the final one we've got a great run here over the last month but a lot of fun I'm rob. Bradford WEEI dot com along with Alex -- the exact same organization we have so much to do so much talked to. Talk about John Farrell manager of the Boston Red Sox will be joining us at the top of the hour we are in this new bench -- -- -- some things up talked a little bit about the trades but. Wanna go right to the phone lines of you to join the conversation 6177797937. I first of league Graham Graham Graham -- And it ought to do -- I got pretty good it didn't want to on the last Patriots already -- down to is that access. They are an hour which will be a spirited and avoid ever since you yankees and there's never been an answer we get out of Indy. Or a little bit Bradley and -- -- 1 of the evening out and do you agree to eat. And it -- it yet it hasn't gotten all in a totally behind it he's young and you look that. But basically it there are -- or two really tough market our vendors you know and nation and yet there are now. So I think that about it. I think he has opened wanna think about long term because read into it I'm around basically an election ballot but it. Odds go to the Dodgers and we hit it in oh yeah we want to do that they are. Now he is that it. It equipment year I would I would we actually he wanted to ditch that contract in front somewhere -- the that the young. And he's going to hit that ball. You have okay. And as mentioned all this is the guy you give the big contract. What's what's your what would you give knowing the player this is Bettis is right now what contract were the same as a free agent after this year what was the contract would you give. I hit an -- years. Five years how much per year. I'd probably say pretty you've got you know. Right ankle on the back back -- or eat out at all I mean I think that I get a 100 million dollars. I read it right around nineteen point I mean I don't you know want our. I hobby to me it's no thanks no thanks and the reason I I just all. People I understand the merits of suspenders. And and we can talk about this trade thanks for the call Graham. By this -- caught up -- Watson who suspend this is -- I don't know if you agree Alex but. If we're talking about identifying foundation guys where you're gonna give that big contract to. To me that's not them. I would wanna see him get on base more I would wanna see the 2012 version of suspenders guy who stole bases the guy who did a lot of things he hit for average -- got on base I think you have like a 350 OBP something like that. Broker and in that first year since then get a sub 300 OBP last year. He's been right around 300 this year. In so to mean there is he's a great defender so we also need to beat -- Identify who the whole player is. But we know how important and in lineup construction now it is for the Red Sox to have those guys who can give you grinding at bats. Work pitches you know in and he's -- get on base. We don't we don't know that -- is -- he wasn't that guy in Oakland the last three years he had no it's it's a good conversation and I think that either people -- love with a more or see his flaws over the next couple months and that's going to be one of the fun things to follow this team Joseph and to QB I don't know. Our guys it's good that you are big day that I really exciting to watch and far in this morning to what. But I'm glad the ball that first caller about -- that is because I'm not a big fan. A big deal as it appears on the surface. I think if you look at the last two years. -- -- -- about them not getting on base. What I see -- -- From suspended as a guy who. Get a little bit better than Jonny Gomes and a little bit lesser hitter than Mike Napoli I don't get better like I agree with me while I. Let us out I noticed out. Text me after the after the TO insane how different -- as as hitters are suspenders in domes and I think that's the status Juli has and I'm worried that I mispronouncing. -- Bettis and I think in my piece that's been necessary at the emphasis that is out there is on the Sinatra syllable of it. I had a Scott text me and say I'm not sure he's that much better then oddities that much better hitter because he's a better defender. So there's that bud. Yeah they're they're questions about the opposite. It's you know it's funny you bring -- say compared to Mike Napoli to it's I think what you take out of it which is. He's -- things he's good things Alex he's a good defender he's a power to which you have to prioritize. He has some speed. You know -- is averages. Is is better out so much better homes and is in a way which is weird because Oakland is -- terrible partly right but to me that actually. If you we've -- a lot with the -- if you are a dead pull hitter. That it works which area -- -- what he's one and that's one of the things that's what you are there really well for Fenway Park is well sure but we've also heard that before and we know leads translate. We also -- but -- but that compared to Napoli that that the point is it Napoli is very good at things to do it again at ease credit thing I -- -- today if the visitor's center we have to get it to -- pretty good and like I said people say oh you're here you're there I I'm available. -- I'm not a good thing I do things or by Napoli takes lot of pitches hit for power. Okay by this to see what he is not I am not ready by any stretch of the imagination to say this is the guy you're spreading the Jon Lester money on you know not for me anyway. -- in Springfield West Springfield I do and Tom. And good are you guys had great. I've you know lightly date have been listening -- what I could be calm and quiet all of that -- -- -- -- you're. Well what they are. That there are the current state in between Jerry and left there. I'll work -- instead they let that. Go to Oakland CP cornering. This year or bringing him back. It did give me that left circle that -- Did you call it what the as as you know as the trade deadline and getting closer and more more. Talk -- around about it go. Are any certainly let -- get signed by the -- it just seemed like. What you're grumpy than I expected in the eight. And I I've got this and that then you know you hear it it wouldn't go block -- we're gonna pick up some pop and a lot of what we desperately need. It -- and in the public but looking back we're gonna say what you want we're gonna bring it back. Well Tom you are the only one thinking thank you that in terms of western not being romp in the final days I think that. He'd just come to grips with his reality and and he was -- in well. He knew that he was probably go to Pittsburgh a team somewhere. And then because he was pitching well he was gonna do all right for himself from the Nazis and I would be happy about all those things well he's he's got really comfortable in his own skin and you know it's it's been an interesting evolution this has been a different year for him. Just in terms of how he's how he's. Enjoyed it yeah I think in which is surprising guys -- in endless games in week at least in arguable that. He has handled this as it is and the players -- free agent derby is we've seen. He he handled this textbook fashion. And in terms of him coming back I know this is going to be topic of conversation and people -- suggesting of this deal worked out and come back regardless. Lets him go back to the business week article John -- -- -- they're gonna have to change your philosophy. They gonna have to change your way of thinking. And I don't know in through three months what makes John Henry feel that way. I don't know well maybe maybe does because because how he feels that way it means. He's offering five years which could potentially get it done -- because if so Max though it's six Jon Lester I think would take five. But right now you're still looking at kind of a four year -- Yeah I think -- I think ultimately the rest it's its very much known to everyone that if if the Red Sox if they want out -- there and play in this game assume that Lester hasn't suffered injury or something. No one wants that by the way I think they would need to they would need to start at five years in order to get into the game. I don't discount the possibility. Of of something happening -- with the Red Sox I don't either team with mustard I don't either because. Well I mean just because but by Lester are still. I you know Lester was so forthright throughout this process into you know we had explicit -- you know we had. Very explicit conversations about the nature of how he review Boston. If he was traded in which she said you know my goal if I if I do get traded is to be really good and then still to come back and signed with the Red Sox. You know that's. But by the -- and he there's still when he says hometown discount -- will say that today. He struggle absolutely means that -- but it is not going to be a case of I'll settle for four years. And some other team is offered me sicker so that is just not gonna happen well and that's well let's say -- -- benefit it's that the Red Sox. Step up to the Davey or go a little beyond that's how the Cliff -- negotiations he's not taking four. -- not Ford up for relaxing if if if the Red Sox get to 5 you know -- -- I'm looking kind of at the clip we precedent. The Yankees were going to go to seven and 160. That was what was reported the time. The Phillies he had who he had pitched for before it really enjoyed went to five in 120s or higher average annual salary. And she ended up if the -- act if the Red Sox go to five the Red Sox go to five years and they've changed their philosophy. They've changed their mind set there in the ball game and also they cost -- so awful lot of money because but. They avoided a lot of risk let's say that they had re signed Lester at the beginning of the year and let's say that he had had a bad injury like -- -- the -- injured he's like Alex second -- he did it. He did it at the point is this not hide from the from the main point here it should have never gotten to this point. All right that's going to be a tidy little negotiation in March. Short on it depends -- it depends on -- they're different philosophies related to risk reverse that and I understand and that's typically in everything you're saying is typically how the Red Sox do business everything. And they they -- -- like they always do and I understand that and I understand the value of it. But there are certain cases. Where you say you have to your gonna come in here. You have to change -- philosophy a little bit because this case this is the best business decision well at all talk about -- and looking to take all your calls as the. All lined up lot of conversation and we're having a lot of fun. The the debate is fun now how it's aren't the Jets it's on our right 6177797937. -- -- insurance trade deadlines show the -- continues right after this. We're back -- knowing when. Insurance trade deadline show Bob NE dot com I implore a year ago there Alex is on the site right now I'll Bengie dot com searching for integrity. Well you don't need answers you showed today. How much integrity you have and what you're shots reporting chops in your personal -- to knock on the -- -- groomed this. Of Mario had some great conversation John Farrell manager of the Boston Red Sox will be joining us a little bit later up until then word does get into conversation. I think is enough to talk about right short via. Those talked about this keep their stuff they that is well that's what they do certain things those things good things is conducting OK Paul Tsongas are you good things was going on. Oreo that ball up. I have a theory that I haven't heard before like the -- I think they're getting ready to sell the game. Well I have heard that before not in recent days. But why why do you think that getting ready sell at the game. Well. They have cleared out a lot of deadwood. Not to leftists in deadwood. But they don't have his salary on the books. Drew has gone. Back he's gone they don't have to deal with him as well. And -- the -- Lotus. Which kind of have a blank slate they have all kinds of payroll. Ruled. And they got a lot of young guy and and that respect that they could spend their money the way that they've. Want to spend their money without any. Carry over from legal regime. Well Paul thanks for the call -- thoughts and that. Yeah I don't think that this was done with an eye towards clearing out now I don't I think we've been down this. We we've been down this road before there been suggestions and in recent years. If the Red Sox are looking to sell and priming everything. To make it it took to minimize the number of passing commitments for first and out every time I think did nothing to be redeemed go com. -- of we won a solid team but he acts a Georgian war carried Owens. -- picnic in the call I AM. I think I -- match fresh off the -- I guess I was wrong I thought in some way of my pipe dream was that you want to guys like Lackey and Lester. Until the next 23 years since the last a little longer leaving the integration of this. Turnover in the staff. Yet Jorge and like it around very honored sectoral quick it's there it's it's interesting conversation because. I think you do obviously. Meant and what they're saying by getting suspend this as we next year we care about next year can we need the power bat that even though we have a one year. We care about that year so much we're willing to go and get this guy because that's what we need that up but the people but the problem is is that. -- you -- -- you like you kind of brought to pay Paul here right. That's right but -- -- depressing also obsessed with as I told the screener that was what it might take aways today. Maybe tried to extrapolate that that the Red Sox approach. Bench Eric and I heard him correctly said he thought sense that this came on a lot quicker than they expected. And then when you look at the of the Cuban outfielder is not considered there's another. Maybe. Lesser -- this group that's currently in the majors -- -- money Thomas looking to establish residency. As a corner outfielder with power. We did we understood out it was or is it consistency and done the Cubans was sit back in the timeframe that took place. They're worried about the impact on their luxury tax and payroll management. Meant issues that philosophy. Slight weakness on the Cuban symbol we'd be -- autonomous because he's a freak yet. I'll Alter that after the call up jumper about a couple of those -- -- to refer to yes money Tomas as an area as a forget I think just slight exaggeration of circumstance. Because I think it I think that Abreu has probably moved the market up north -- grievance except for 66. With regards to the QB and power hitting outfielders and Tomas doesn't have the same power as -- that aside. With regards this as bad as the Red Sox scouted him extensively they knew him well. By the time that he was signing it did come at a time. When the Red Sox basically had very little financial flexibility you remember that they basically. Had to trade mark -- could grow in order to be able assignments -- to be broad audience -- -- Utah all men old school that didn't Ronald is a Cody Ross was three million bucks. And the industry was quite frankly shocked. By it what the a's did with regards to sit to suspend -- your right is a lottery ticket I mean there is -- they -- really one of the few teams if maybe the only team really William and a Major League deal right well it was actually the other teams that would give them a Major League deal but that they gave up four year term which seems which no one else was. Was envisioning that construct he liked -- a lot because everyone else thought I was too risky they wouldn't wanna waste any of those years of having him under contract. When there was a widespread consensus that he would need there he might need more time to develop in the minors. -- he obviously proved that he didn't need depth with the a's -- given that opportunity immediately because what do they have to lose. Entering 2012 Vick didn't think they were competitors asked to do in Boston yeah exactly so as we've seen this year by the way I'm so no I don't know that they do what's his status was they knew that he had. Eighty grade in terms of power top of the charts and eighty grade in terms of arm. Not meaning is strong and arm as he could have put the there was summer brought as we've seen. Basically in the subsequent two years. You and attacks during the AT&T tax line run brings up another. Crosby is TO might announces and yes Resnick it's DO. It was the -- that worked out for team just the other today is another title -- it worked out for the -- on Friday so one of the by products he port Saint Louis best thing that maybe can't -- a note I don't know they get along well moreover. The Red Sox now seemingly have a wealth of outfielders for next season. And the Steelers not a up is not a kind of pure power hitter Lexus that is so. To me it almost makes it more out but it but if you wanted me anything is possible Alex -- navy if you want to deal way Jackie Bradley years something like that in. You could be entered in that conversation it's interesting it's because. Big the Cuban players this has seemed to be the pipeline for positional players which as has -- a problem throughout baseball dining these guys. So 6177797937. I'm giving up the phone number I see the phone lines -- jacked up. -- get all the conversation will say it again I'll say it again -- were having a lot of fun I guess yeah it's -- exhausting day I know for you. Especially for you. In a little bit for me by it's it's really been a fun day I did this is the once we got toward the end here. This is -- fun cocky about this stuff analyze it and making sense of it because this was such that this was a day where you're like bouncing around like a pinball removed to move. And then all of a sudden when you step back you kind of see that there is at least you don't know if it's if it was a day of good moves for the Red Sox ultimately. You -- all -- what they're -- and also this interesting not your run of the -- hey they traded for Josh held Pittsburgh you know single -- -- a good or bad it was really trust in me every. Really dove into a big one that David Price deal while talk about all that I see all your callers did join the conversation if you want. Is this trade deadline. Club -- and insurance trade deadline show this is the place to be and we're gonna prove it right after the break. Why were back to rob Bradford WEEI dot com along with Alex -- the exact same organization as he -- -- -- -- NE dot com trade deadline show enough I don't want -- Monthlong. Run of trade deadline shows. After us at 8 o'clock be great planet Mikey. Befallen Lewis taking all your calls -- everyone's fired up -- -- -- there will be no shortage of reaction. Q what has transpired today and this and take us by surprise. I mean we even had a drew thrown into the trade deadline David though it was you know it we're talking perfect storm stuff I said listen NASA for a little bit bad about today after about -- there. I said you're talking of the drew stuff came up and reduce the trade deadlines oh man confirmed drew stuff that you would bro. As it well you know Alex -- broke the story but I broke the news to Stephen Drew Brothers JD. I thought about that at -- closes by satisfaction. In doing that so wise it's weird weird dynamic. First trade since 1997 with the Yankees. And Stephen Drew I'll say it again I don't know if you heard this -- there. Stephen Drew should have been on the Yankees. Starting in February of this year I thought -- had it was maybe even last year who knows Derek Jeter Derek here by him at. As maybe conversation for another time or maybe you talk about Stephen Drew amongst the Mary add up changes and people were getting traded I includes David Price you wanna talk about that. Both lines of Jack but if you wanna join the conversation 6177797937. This heat things up this -- -- Matt from Fall River and -- before you go I should mention at the bomb the out John Farrell minute to the Red Sox will be joining us what he got Matt. I'll I'll go you got -- be at -- like Christmas in July Soriano will sort of I was well you don't want to get an important. But don't break -- well you know what Matt though it in Christmas was great is that you opened the presence in the morning. And the addicted now that now it's so awesome that there was no net and now. Now the middle omelet and I like it and that's all right let your kids keep you up with something like. God I'm very happy if I got two things don't quite get all. After -- locked up against the wall I called you got a long time ago and said that Allen Craig should be. Now we're really -- Allen Craig congress have been that was that keep you hundreds are about. Yeah I would probably do it well enough to get -- I was hoping they could extend his night. But when you've got to talk a little bit after I get off on the possible role he would have I think he's going to be critical. Going on to begin a lot of flexibility compete under control. The other thing I had predicted I got -- -- on another station who called me up there in the -- Los Angeles on Tuesday July on -- you know I I I I straight but. I predicted that lie I had had that look a good idea -- -- -- the trade John Lackey in the offseason for except that it speed and then move. Public they -- the other right fielder. Renowned for. Stealing victory now. Yeah at -- center field if what what they want to ready. Of course that didn't happen and they went with -- -- tomorrow I'm just wondering do you think that -- had -- an impact if they had done that maybe he would have bad. More of -- Dolphins. This year yeah of him we go back and thanks for the call that we can go back and what went wrong in. Obviously miss miss identified some needs that this team many in the year. But yeah. I go back to Allen Craig because I look at is the two main -- -- The Lester and Lackey trade. Personally I like the Lackey trade -- I dislike. There should be greater return right because under control for multiple years yeah sure would be that the pitcher Jon Lester in he thought it was it was interesting though because. You could have said either way one was more valuable than the other. But when you just look at if you just took Alex if you just took the Leicester trade in the Lackey trade. Which which one maybe not necessarily which would get more back but what's what did you like -- I. I think that for the for for what the Red Sox ultimately get I am like the Lackey -- you know because they get guys who -- controllable. Yet who haven't established big league track record although you know the same time. We don't know what Allen Craig is right yet that by. Yes that's the mystery if you get the Allen Craig of couple years ago boy you've got something. Yeah but this year we're talking met a guy who's hitting to 37 with a 291 on base percentage 346. Slugging mark. The really interesting thing about with the Red Sox did in addressing what we did what we believe are in in trying to address their offensive deficiencies. Is that they bought low on two different guys or at least they bottom two guys. If they would like to ultimately seem more from the what they've been providing do you like -- spent a straight. Do I like it when you look at the way. Initially I was hesitant about it but then I I I thought. More and more about it and I said well you know you got to the offseason what would it take to acquire status. You know -- taken three prost I don't think but that's the thing out I don't think anyone's argument back down I don't think -- was arguing that it's that the -- -- is is very very difficult to -- job. It's jest. What you got back for Leicester which was still -- we go back to the Garza example CJ Edwards and all. What you go back for Lester did you wanna go that route or did you wanna go. With something maybe a little less certain but maybe a little more sustainable along lines of what they got much Lackey tree. Right -- and that's that is a very fair question. Without knowing what other alternatives were available to the Red Sox it's really hard to figure out whether or not pick up the press -- or turn on and says the best. I think it's I think it's okay value. You know I -- now I'm not trying to that yeah I'm the same mind I understand it I'm still. -- -- yet to be determined this go to back to the phone call -- -- right to a ranked. There is an amazing stat during the all star game Gary cute play one game and it Korea with the Yankees mathematically eliminated from the play. And and I think that illustrate the philosophical difference between the Yankees and the Red Sox Red Sox and got a lot plate for a split a lot play. Yeah that's not an operating philosophy it's guys that are they alike because they're not blocking out there nucleus players long before they get the free agency. -- the third spot with -- well on. And and then I'll worry about that we hadn't given -- Brandon -- -- replaced upon unnecessary volatility. And the other Yankee that. So that's a bit of I'm sorry Brent I just interrupt you but operated -- was in the Jason Bay trade. Back in 2008 not not really what I. And they spun around unnecessarily trying to replace the closed the position when they had a preeminent closer look at that the proven producer. And would have gotten under contract earlier they are -- -- -- -- -- -- -- double probable. Papelbon they had no I don't think you would have I -- I don't anyway -- we need to fact check your little. -- -- Go -- ago yet so so. -- -- -- -- And the pace and not getting to know under contract that he only guiding evident on the contact and Larry you know -- comparison. In my in my you know when I have the take on the second mortgage to buy my my tickets for next season. I wanna know are they going to be a playoff contention next year or not. I I lose I'll tell you yes you know -- we don't know. I don't -- army I think -- and -- -- -- that you know in fairness. They say we got to get the bats now we're gonna get the pitching in in the offseason now. The problem is it. You're chasing something that you don't know right. If you have Lester you know you have. New York you might get that but it's going to be some more and you don't know how it's gonna work out in the -- you don't -- that's gonna work now. Rough sport that you regret flex sister that -- 100 games at the -- and it wouldn't I'd rather Clinton in Elkhart Al smoky Joseph wood the other great. He -- so on and so Lester the fourth filly to Bryant. Now what that Lester no the idea that these prospects. Will developed a level of less predicated east typically. The stretch that they've been. -- guys and a hundred in each year yeah they had they had at Ruben guy that could produce in this market the won multiple championships. And pitched to -- -- -- level last eight. You know you get back and contract in the -- put these young arms behind. You know I think the operating for a seat with the Red Sox slide. Equal or looking out -- -- that victory lap without furthest. Young in the hot seat on the just foolish you know at yankees. Out there they're mightily just in the not a productive that you Tebow and -- that's why they went on their run the -- sucked mightily just in the stock. But that they not get getting their key players under contract. Oh yeah we'll see what happen I will also point out that the Red Sox basically created the template for extensions with young pitchers with Lester so. We shouldn't dismiss the fact that they were willing to commit to him. You know through companies now the question becomes how they treat well well -- I rate touched on some things -- and he mentioned the yells -- in the toppled on in the free agents Red Sox not him. I know that that to me is different it's totally different. That is you they were knocked -- a -- narrowly. They're not there we're going up. And so right there right Ellsbury walked away from like 109 -- and offers. Right in this case and I understand what you're saying Alex about Lester about they want certainly throughout the year and wanna ride it out. And so that's the reason why you don't sign him early on because it got -- -- Beckett did I get like a 32 explanation of that tour okay. Yeah let's say that you agree to a five and one by the here 110 million dollar deal with Lester. That prior to the start of the season. If you wait until the end of the season let's say that you assume that the risk is that it ends up going to. Sixers 144 million dollars you've kind of put yourself at risk for 39 dollars let's say he blows out that last season. And he's worth zero dollars then you have. Put yourself at risk of losing a B minus 110 million Alex EE saying what if you blows -- he could blow any time -- But but the point is is that your costing yourself money. By waiting that I understand you're costing Europe paying money for the certainty right. -- bus but in but there is no there this is what drove this is why when we talked about this trade in this whole trade deadline. I understand their moves and some of the moves I like. But I'm having a real hard time getting past the fact that it should have never gotten to this point because. They could have. In in what I think my opinion I think it would have been the easiest of negotiations. It that you could -- Jon Lester in March if you just put that offer for the Adam Wainwright you'll right around there then you get that. And then you do not have to worry about that. Free -- position why you're doing everything else that might include trade John Lackey. I recognize I recognize the logic I'm just saying that there is there are multiple ways of of approaching. Of approaching it and if you and the reporters heroics if you're going to pay a little bit more at the end for. That certainty but this is an old but this Alex is is a little bit more this is going to be and -- -- possibly losing him altogether this is -- right exam now now that judgment can only be rendered what we know what they ultimately end up doing. In order to be able to draw -- boy that terrible but the ultimately will end up doing is either losing Jon Lester. Or getting a pitcher that we can agree right now as we sit here probably isn't as good as Jon Lester. And ambassador's job must. In a might be Jon Lester but you know what if it is Jon Lester then you also have you have you whatever you said you have to pay for certainty of of keeping a healthy you've paid too much he worth thirty million dollars to retain Lester and to have had that certainty that you didn't waste a hundred billion dollars in two ambulances sped us. Four year no. No not to me in and who's to say that you can't get spread us anyway. I mean you can get suspend -- that other ways you can get a player like this present other ways the point is is that you also chasing Jon Lester you're chasing. That pitcher and and that is a task in itself. If there is some positions on a baseball team which you just wanna say we get a lot this sop. And we don't wanna worry about that because there are so it's rare positions the half. David Ortiz Jon Lester to meet -- Two positions. I think there's a compelling as there are certainly book I'm not I don't this I don't dispute the logic what you say I I I agree that. Especially because of who Lester what Lester represents in terms of building a rotation around him in doing it in with exactly the personality. You wanna help kind of Stewart guys through Boston. I think that the logic underlying an extension was really compelling. I do think that you know I do think that. Until we know exactly what the what the what the end game is here with the end result -- -- they. They're there -- it you know it's gonna have to get -- don't -- -- -- potentially you could be fair to say it potentially cost him thirty or forty million dollars for the certainty. 04 for the price of as opposed to potentially having cost -- a hundred billion dollars yes. For what had if we get blowout. What have it -- yeah rob if Josh Beckett had reached free agency after the 2010 season yes which they it would -- extended him report on what the third day of the season. Something like that. I Anderson if it so Alex what are they cut themselves and created today it didn't I understand I understand about what their philosophy is I understand why they get burned before. But what you have sometimes you have to say well this is different much like. John Henry's business week model. Okay you can't pigeonhole every thing into that article. You can't pigeonhole every throw it into that philosophy in what I'm saying is that they had an opportunity. To do a wise business decision. By approaching it outside their comfort level in March and and as we sit here right now that would've been. The cause of not creating this enormous -- all right which it's by the way. It is a trickle down effect has John Lackey and everything else by -- as we continue to conversational -- No. Right before the break and an over run him by telephone -- is gonna Georgian. Matta you and George. Looked up those. You know. A lot of kitchen went out the door today you know it is kind of shocking when you look at the other one price there and how much pitching. Didn't go back to you know elected Tampa or Boston. And to me. You know he can say what you want about the -- -- situation that's pretty easy to understand you know OK why didn't we trade him because -- money. You know we didn't wanna pay we might not -- pay whatever but as far as I'm concerned when you look at -- -- Miller. There was no. Sort of like in the Pistons have we have to treat these two guys I don't care what anybody says if you hit. Magic button in this is April and actually telling me that this team is gonna be a better team lacking in -- team I say absolutely I don't care what happens. Miller's free agent after the blue -- he's a power left -- you can still anybody but Jorge -- you can still Graham. I mean I think they have a better chance deciding. Andrew Miller after the seasons are well trained don't -- -- not -- -- why -- why if you if you think if you think you can sign him after the or why would you trade. Because you want to keep them here you -- for two months two months when they're going to have when they were on pace. Who's not. Between the too -- and bring -- back -- daydreaming just like Eddie green you guys in Beijing talking about now -- come into Baylor Andrew Miller resigning in Miller and resigning Jon Lester after the year I think are two totally different congress about Lester guy I'm talking -- you just trot out there. Forget -- he's not -- -- indeed I did say he is so you tell me why did we trade lacking in Miller because. They don't wanna hang around for two months. Now my tennis -- you got a couple of guys package my technique -- I'm sure. Jordan we we have to go to -- all right we have -- -- -- -- but I don't know but -- I wanna explain it to you. I want I don't wanna leave -- -- -- you feeling good about everything as we go -- that happened happened OK in all right well let me explain it we're gonna focus -- we're -- we're gonna focus solely on Andrew Miller. All right not Jon Lester not John Lackey. Andrew Miller was going to be a free agent after this year okay. Missed two months of the season -- meeting with baseball for the Boston Red Sox so definitely there is league. Much greater chance of the Red Sox re signing Andrew Miller after the year than there is of Jon Lester right would you agree that -- okay sold why would you trade if that's the case why would you trade Andrew Miller. When those two months which don't meet any thing. To the Boston Red Sox. Get something back in the resigning. Well I think here. Really. Assuming a lot like in other words mean myself I would it would -- what do they get back from -- who will be again. They got Eduardo Rodriguez it was a double a pitcher who's who's their third right ranked number three and your assessment trivia. And the Orioles don't want sore right. So in other -- did we see what you or you did so now we're gonna puke if we get that kid and then Miller is gonna come back I don't think so I think what you do you give decorated in to get now you given -- to get a chance to keep that guy there I wouldn't do that myself. That's my opinion because I'm telling you right now and April we're going to be question. Lackey in Miller was still hear that -- I think that I think -- retarded if -- they'll miss Miller I don't know why I I don't doubt that means we talked about this before Alex's the he's one of the guys that you can't. There's no logical replacement for Andrew Miller and I'm not saying that resigning but would you agree you'll have a better chance of resigning in Andrew Miller. Then potentially -- last. That'll be interesting to read because Lester would be more inclined to discount -- realtors are yep the market that market different the market differences isn't going to be as raises little. Potentially -- we gonna go to break John after this break John Farrell. Manager of the Boston Red Sox long day for him long couple days for him. He takes a few minutes. Join us on the pup knowingly and trade deadlines back to the -- doing doing trade deadlines show -- joining us now is John Farrell manager of the Boston Red -- John nothing going on today nice relaxing day hope you enjoyed your off day. -- and an understatement obviously. Put what before Clark deadline passing. You know so much changed arms that would -- but I think more important for those players who have a little bit are approximate and remain here. I think it's important to get past the deadline. I think it's fair to say that was on the minds of many. And maybe how audible more clarity actually Arnold could be war five games remaining. It's important for Russian perhaps. And clarity of focus. You know John has obviously has been a long days it's really probably been a long week for -- and disagree you take us through what your day was like god we left do you late last night what was your day like what time did you wake up when did things start heating up was that one of these things where. Your phone was buzzing at 4:30 in the morning -- -- daylight. Well my my date doesn't compare any electorate then Mike is -- and other side and a half ago that they got them out for. AM this morning what a number of conversations. You might get picked apart around 8 o'clock where some calls in regards to open their. I got a couple of hours sleep put. They'll work things pending that seem to materialized in the pay him and here where we are. Don't consider peavy and brought in this next seven players coming off a twelve to five -- roster. -- be replaced by Eddie eagle on number of establishment reporters. Yeah that question of established Major League players is such an interesting one because the assumption when when you are moving Euro zone established veterans particular pending free agents. Is that your typically going to see prospector -- and just curious. How was this what you are expecting. Did you expect that the focus was gonna be on getting these guys whether I suspect this or a joke Italy or -- and Allen Craig. Who you could kind of get a look at right now and start thinking about -- -- team. Well I think that being it would work here on his then play it and we have complete faith in order to try to. Put together -- team that would contend. As quickly as possible. And win the names of the guys you mentioned started to talk about it felt like we could. Accomplish a number of things in the here now that maybe we're looking to address an option. So and -- -- this is brought back. -- our credit we we felt like -- it's something that we -- build on we have to prove. That was an ability hidden behind that there has been very clear about our. But to be able to bring back established. Big leaguers from -- -- that are in contention. But I think if you look around the entire today substance from seeing I don't know that there's gonna try to work. So many players have been traded away from currently contending teams to bring in different. You mention you mentioned says that this -- was -- just adding and adding a dynamic of guys were kind of established. They they both have had middle of the order experienced. How much were you craving that kind of that kind of addition of of power in the case assessment is obviously elite power. Into the lineup. Well we know given what we've been all year whether that's been in the bottom three in terms slugging and just the ability to drive the baseball. Power something that we we're. In need of -- -- and -- has been able to target guys and respect credential. When you can put middle your back. And -- -- typically -- bureaucrats or something that's not readily available it and we've been able and I'm gonna pro job and party and bringing him back so it immediately liked and -- -- -- We would consider you know him -- having. Looking out social status in right field Allen Craig that would total left field that should -- the Bradley Center. So you know what would start to take these new names but what our uniform put our clubhouse and on the field. That's where our plan is to go right -- status right Craig left. Stephen Drew go to the Yankees that -- it -- back to shortstop. Take these final two months and get anymore. A longer and more consistent Riyadh and that was. So Johnny -- -- to the punch a little bit because I was gonna I was there -- curious about the Allen Craig dynamic where he would be. But. The names you mentioned you did not mention Shane Victorino what's the story with them. Well you know he he's she's doing what some tightness particularly game yesterday. And we we've got -- so. Well with the ballistic missile was that's what we're targeting as you guys saying depending on where Vick is in terms of how. That's the old war war to adjust off that -- Craig has also played first -- You know we've got some depth in the outfield right now and you know I spoke -- seemed to be a little bit of a platoon situation with -- As one scenario one possibility. So that that's kind of where things shake out right now. And the other thing is saying I should merit mention and we we understand is going to be a lot of moving parts here the last couple months. But another guy Brock Colvin will he be playing a lot of third base who has -- will middle Brooks could be slotted in there as if for these last couple months. Yet I think what will also. And won't get to a point of announcing your parents as well we do have a number of moves that we better bring from internally. -- typically that. Putting guys in Portland where we are going to be rotation. And you know -- like this does not create that opportunity for Obama Brooks. Take a longer marched -- the third page which is. Likelihood impossibility. -- that -- -- all your ability to go and feel of it short conferred. And as well in center field against that left him approaching so I left him well. And it puts in more and -- yet defying. Utility role still super utility but not moving around the corner outfielder. Out of position that much. Talking to Red Sox manager John Farrell I guess you know Jon Lester obviously you have this long history with you seem immature. Into really -- remarkable pitcher I mean I think it's been kind of extraordinary to watch. That at the shape that his career is taken and where he's at and right now. Obviously he is now no questions asked top of the rotation pitcher. How do you replace that going forward. I think where we are right now. Guys are rotation. We we also -- we we get a better read on the cars here now for the final two months. We know that there might even need and probably like we need to add to the rotation as we get into the offseason but going back to some English conversation then. Felt like pitching will be more readily available speed bought through the free agent market than that of position players so we -- part of the players are there are traits. And what -- idea looking at pitching coach for the creator Marc. You know it would John we we saw you out talking and Jon Lester on the field on trio of multiple conversations with -- behind closed doors. Pour some of those conversations like as Alex mentioned you go way back this guy this guy you are tied to him you you have. A great history with him on many different levels were some of the conversations why key in these last couple days. I would say that they range from the can you know the normal ones that we would have off on coming out of start. Through what was up communism and work and it is -- irritation or more on the schedule. To. You know talking about. -- -- the the first time a player changes organizations it's got work to take place. You know just you know and then we amateur so we don't talk backdrop -- something that you wish. You know. The draft through overcome. You know the cultural all although all the steps along the way that we took regardless -- actually Whitley can look at a mushers are you could write a book out this guy you look what he's comfortable I mean it's an incredible sports. And then we talked and he had a breakdown of -- certainly think about all that. The delivery changes in the mechanical changes and the experiences that happened. Overcoming. -- into the typical practically. You can go to public they were a reception with -- all the shirt but. In the end you can be more proud for guy whose -- crawled up as a pitcher demand record -- A -- that's due to identify your favorite kid viral askew. Is this. Was Jon Lester leaving with that work the hardest one for you of players that you seem go he's had a lot of great relationship with a lot of great players have gone. But to your point of everything that you said made this through this one -- -- home maybe more than any other. Well sure and I think because Wanderers -- emotional coach four years. In. You know from afar for two years you watch what's taken place is you know we continues to meet some challenges there way. And then to come back in and beat him. Grow even further -- what was unique was to have the benefit of a two year gap. And cheek how much older he's developed as a person so I was like okay you're -- or an integral player for her department and when you -- a way to come back you start seeing some of the changes that happened in those two years and also the better. And you know what it out of a fortunate to have been around a guy that's one darn good pitcher -- that are. With giving up a guy like Lackey who you did have under control through next year as opposed to John who was going to be a free agent after this here are some and we've said many times but it. Re sign. What do you know about about Joseph Kelly and you had a chance to get a pretty good look at them both in the World Series of short advancing up to it. Well -- -- active -- you know Ireland true you know on Sunday -- line in the -- on. You know some -- -- baseball approach actually a couple of starts and I have no idea it via an -- about that. Those ago on the tremendous farm you know he's up -- the only -- in the mid ninety's he's got three. Quality pitchers. A tremendous athlete. And when you can acquire guy of whose physical abilities it and like most guys most pitchers in the early stages. There are some refinements that will eventually and undoubtedly take place. -- this power armed right inner you know maybe two to ninety able power I would have very good. Top to bottom cut her ball and changeup well. From what all fortunate have just a great teammate and out or is it personality. And feel like is gonna fit in and play them exceptionally well. Guess one of concern about him Joseph Kelly is a great makeup great. Great character in the and in the clubhouse or so go a long way of one of the things I wanna talk about is something that you touched on briefly Zander Bogart's going to shortstop. This is what these two months or four besides winning baseball games by identifying. What certain guys can do in certain positions what are you looking for from Zander Bogart's in playing shortstop coming up. That would convince you say this guy can be our opening day shortstop next year. Your I think it was starting to happen or news signing Stephen Drew and -- base early on. Yes they're there -- saw him I think just getting accustomed to being speed. At the beginning of the season does and it came out last year most lost portable that when he was in its form and we're going. Probably at the top the game and before coming here. Inevitably that pushed you in the big -- every player every quarter. To try to get on the walls that a that a guy from the from the minor league authority on getting on the role of Major League level that built off that allow a player. The player relaxed. That's more challenging. Is to do your first year at the major bowl just because of the pitching you're facing -- quite so portable for six weeks I think from getting re establish. Back -- the big league level the speed of the game and ultimately at shortstop but I felt like yoga for the week prior to -- joining us. You know they have their play action range -- it was -- was improved. He did countless hours of work would border -- contributor -- -- find that. In -- what we're going to -- more stay in the locker room watching what's there to see. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We -- shot or we as a staff to say that picture and then dislocated shortstop the leader -- like in the next orchard -- and we -- -- -- Wells is about moving forward in the news trade deadline day has come and gone so now we are looking forward what is tomorrow's lineup John. There is tomorrow's lineup. Well you know what we've we've got some guys in routes you know Kelly and I credit they were for a ball all the general West Coast so sick emotion play in San Diego so they were traveling back most of my. It looks like that will be in here fourteen kind of moral. About but we have a number of other -- or make you know that we have yet to make announcements are so. I guess unforced -- a -- Baltimore Colts and let's work you know we we can say who's going to be here it was not but it didn't Zorn. Well according to name -- to -- the morning without. But -- have kind of -- gathering tomorrow just got to reset the expectations and track outline what hopefully get or in the final five games. And that could very well be with the offense -- now on paper. Much improved. It was say you know nothing is that -- possible. -- you'll take a deep breath and nine and we appreciate John thanks so much for joining us here on it on a crazy crazy day. Airstrip or -- things about John. I'd thank you John -- Mentioned Boston Red Sox hearing on the club knowingly and trade deadline so I'm rob Bradford. WEEI dot com along with Alex -- the exact same organization. I have suggests. Taken a five hour energy while ago Alex has just eaten something. So old son -- besides his position. It really is really change at some once -- You know worry I've restated Hulk NE dot com I implore you to go to this site out about it right now. Club Andy dot com a new England's current trade deadlines shows communicable calls before played in my youth rules on him. And continues this awesome awesome one. Bill -- played on bill. Good I wanted to hit them on a couple of today's happenings absolutely. Do you think that today. Plays that they obtained exceeded the perceived expectations going into -- That's a great question. Out the Giants and effort -- do. I think. It didn't. It was just different I I don't know if you can -- exceeded or or did they exceed. I just think it was so different than what everybody thought bill right because we said this at the top of the show. When have you ever seen a trade deadline where you you try to wait to premier players. And get back all major leaguers because usually the teams trading are in the pennant race and they meet those players. I feel like they did because I think -- yeah I do and I think they did because to get they'll play them now. Building towards next year I mean I don't know whether they come back. And make an offer Callaspo but that would be unprecedented. So you know it even though they -- you have to yield little but the -- that would be it usually and if they resent. But also well I mean I like that he did the fact -- on the yeah. Papelbon and Ellsbury because neither one of those guys and signed now. They were pretty committed testing their free agency. They were not they were not good Dustin Pedroia is I'm team Pedroia. And I don't mean to their bad teammates they weren't RB. I'm going to sign an extension at all costs no -- you remember with Papelbon also this is a guy who. Who said. Year after year after year I'm all right with taken the chance I'm fine absolutely. Well I'm not back at a's but and then this season ticket holder that's looking for a guarantee that they gonna make the playoffs thanks. I mean how can you. In all mean you you can't tell when you're a season ticket old. You know you're you're -- -- you don't know what what's gonna happen. He had you don't whine endlessly as -- belt thanks for the call is a long way to go here and we we can identify what they're going to be like next year and they set themselves which is. Are we want to approach that the bad situation in the office situation because we think that we get pitchers in the open market. Right that seems absolutely to be where where their. -- -- today carry you. Or. -- -- Yeah we'll call you right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So. I don't call guys am I the only one. Who would not believing -- absolutely I'm an adventure and we're not there they're but he out in the first thought I'd do that that you Alex late. You do you keep talking about 0200. Literally and Lester did it it's your money. That subpar year down the reds are here this team as an endless amount of money they want to and there are acting like the Pittsburgh prior. There's no reason at all bit betrayed and but he today I don't care what position they're in pitching -- players. Sign them next year they wanted to if you don't want to spend money. Because I don't particularly care about the fans -- don't care about performance they got a lucky World Series very quiet here and perhaps you. Well. I think that they they certainly care about performance -- certainly care about being period ends. You know they're they're pretty mindful of -- of any host of consequences. Of of not being good team. That said they'd be you know as as Robert you're mentioning throughout this they have an operational philosophy about what you do in order to be -- and equipment. Nonsensical act and I don't mean -- -- -- but look let's look at it but pocket and technically although it that you could have the youngest players and they are now. Are -- and I'm talking about it like -- don't have to look at the top nine or Arizona. At Atlanta and Miami there's. You name not -- vote came in really any direct direct to keeping your putting up the stock into. You know into the potential over. A wonder you people that might become something well let's be real -- my character and I the total or not I'm not only that mark and it happened ever. But JJ. And it requires Jason you come away from today you say well that you must be happy. If they went exactly opposite of what every other team in this situation probably would do right they get those young guys. I'm happy -- it was so this content that Boston yesterday at the cost does that fit you know that -- consequence unless -- -- I'm not the reason that. It's simply I don't see any -- like -- Next thought he didn't think we spend that much money they wanted to bring apparently just distinguish I think that this year to begin with and what all these Cuban players. Baker -- do you test this. You know we hear that that there were within five million dollars of getting to bring you predict that the ball out there don't have standing where where earnest Graham's blind auction. But my point is your cards is that you know I -- -- get to ten years now that you would you does every year -- Oh don't worry we've got this great farm system than you would ever really amount to for what it honestly amounts. I -- 2007 was World Series team that had a -- on our program parts 2008 was -- -- it's it's it's all important -- -- -- -- mean if this is like the money -- thing he has doubts persist that some young players -- -- players -- all important -- have a little -- a little -- of -- today and this flexibility -- -- this year yet maybe they leaned -- but the younger players a little bit more than they should -- by unquestionably yeah -- say that -- -- so yes so I think it. You know it but you do have to for a lot of reasons controlling payroll. Getting through a season I mean when when they were going a little bit run a couple weeks ago he start to think these guys are playing better now they're going to be fresher you don't have the injuries. But well the there's a better. A couple of years ago I had a conversation with bench Harrington this was at them and many years ago and it was focus solely on. The how the best teams are the ones that -- the most players in their prime and so the young players run one risk are not be inside of the prime. The old players run another risk in the -- is always how do you get the guys in their prime today. They got prime years out of they got a few players whose prime years are going their their prime years now -- they can be prime players it's go to Lamar called -- car I don't know. Rob I don't know there and I'm a little confused here -- held early and -- western everything you do one of our aces. But I'm. Wondering why. It happens I know all all money. Why don't wanna continue this year we we're not that far out of it I'm rob. There really far out of it at this point there'd -- disastrously far out of it they're a team that's currently on pace. Rory 72 and -- season in stated I mean there -- the gap to keep hard a rough week I don't love you watched the last three games. Here are -- Mardy even if if even if they said oh well you know what they're not that far out of it that'll -- team it's gonna. -- back and to a era. Our -- bigger your dad and where they and that's the problem Robin thanks for the call I think that. It's this was a saving grace for them really because they weren't gonna win. And in team we've seen it before Alex teams -- caught in the middle. In the end up going for when they shouldn't have the Phillies got caught in the middle didn't do any gauze it really -- -- a chance to go down that list of the team to do and doing thing but. What do podcasts Alex. Great job great job today old today. Great job that you Robin you looked -- -- things to go it cools distinctive clothing thank you very much for me Alex Oden asked him. And and thank you very much a -- knowingly and -- is sparkling trade deadline show the entire run club. And the dot com -- it. There's no -- for integrity Alex but there is. An excellent excellent. Organization -- knowing Owens patio you're excellent yeah on the glass thank you very much. Treat for everybody planet Mikey up next continue the conversation regular.

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