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Red Sox turn over 1/3rd of their 25 roster by the trade deadline - response and reaction

Jul 31, 2014|

Biggest trade deadline day in recent memory for the Boston Red Sox... and not in a good way. We discuss it all as the news happens and take your reactions.

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Next year I'm with the got love all of you ever exert every single one of -- But for the text -- who texted me the four words. Let's talk facts please. Anybody today. -- hip and hold our offer -- Ayers though. There there are maybe a dozen days out of the year where. The patriots aren't germane to whatever discussion here on this is this is one of them. This is one of those days and and -- even veteran sage veteran baseball observers. You know who who covered this on a day out day in day out basis say this the most amazing trade deadline I've ever seen how many times do you get to a position like this in any. Of well three sports and actually have a trade deadline the batters on not including football and you were expecting all sorts of moves and deals and there were rumors and I can think back. To -- BA trade deadline the last couple years there were eighteen zillion. Rumors and all these things was supposed to happen in doubles was balls to fall. And we will let down so much I cannot win and -- two days ago think it. I wonder where we're set up the failures. As a as a whole this is then I agree the most incredible incredible. Single trade deadline day that I can remember. Or with the the hockey deadline where we've experienced going to bed thinking that a guy with a wake up and find that again I was. Was -- year old would always went to bed thinking he was yeah Sierra and back the Bruins pulled Matt art -- -- audible lineup because he was part of that trade going to Calgary. That are there to help him that night. The in the book in the bruins' front office that that have been rejected it was a bad night to be a -- -- wake up in just find out that the -- was apple did you see the interview the next day. With Peter surely did you see the bags under his eyes I mean the -- -- like he'd made hostage state are Mike sunny and north Providence I'm sorry hey Mike I don't. Hi guys. A few things. You guys are mentioning the bad trades that somehow that just that little one got lots. While we only we didn't say they were the worst we just came up with four really bad ones that's. -- -- it seemed it was almost like you're really kind of almost like it's like. You're protecting yourself mentally now -- I would rather not -- talked. Not that on a couple days ago and believe me if we were protecting ourselves the Bradley and trade never gonna go to -- -- a shell. At -- scarred emotionally lanky -- curled up a ball in the corner for food the whole commercial break. I call the talk I I I think that you know actually John Henry running the show. -- looking at this you know economically you know he thinks that the I think he'd think that this is the pitching bubble. Just says that you -- between the ball over and over in the Natalie and you know the recent housing bubble he thinks is the pitching well but these other teams are just. Falling over the insult -- or wait -- paying for guys. On contracts that they don't regret in the future. And -- he can afford to just sit back. And not pay because he's got a lot of young pitching. But you know he's gonna allow them to school or local cut the throats and it should be noted. That two -- that -- really involving themselves and that's other cardinals and the giants there are also set back. I mean I know that the cardinal all -- -- acquire drugs. Yep I mean they're not getting themselves into that -- gonna go on paid twenty million dollars for our guys over seven years. They're making more mid meet here moves like -- Lackey got them from their point of view that sit at the Smart money deal and now. I I have to say if they do think that and they probably do that this Smart to think -- What does a Red Sox fan. I like don't care I just went Jon Lester I I don't you know like overspend to get them I'm not terribly worried about. You know John Henry being able to make ends meet -- a matter of fact both pretty nice -- -- I loved that young adults are expensive. And now we can maybe you know put a helicopter pad and I would agree with the -- Stephen Drew when he he just to -- itself. Yeah I imagine either way it's gonna be a nice Christmas at John Henry's. -- -- Personally I know one -- and irrational to think that. I'm just can't I don't I know it's gonna be a bad contract the last two with three years no matter who signs what I just want him for the time when he's good. But -- I don't think that's necessarily being a fan. I think. You know when you get into these contracts whether their four years five years for a you know 2830 year old whatever. It's almost the cost of doing business. That if you're an owner of a professional sports team and in this case obviously baseball and you've got a pitcher who's thirty or 31 years of age. Almost gonna have to overpay if you wanna do business if you wanna contend if you want to let go after a championship that you almost have to say to yourself I'm gonna get. Say minimum of three years value lot of his contract and I'm not sure what candidate get the last two but if I want content for -- -- -- I got to do. Positively you know beat that it's a small market for. Reliable. Left handed quality pitching like like Jon Lester is it's it's like saying I wanna buy a house by the ocean. Like the price of houses around the ocean is ridiculous. Because there's a limited number of -- but there's no question yes I. -- top -- that's the market this is the business that you've chosen. So if you want a -- but a solid dependable guy not speculate maybe. It's free age we signed will be OK we you know that Jon Lester is a known commodity. You've got to pay through the nose to get on top that's the breaks. According to Jack curry of the yes network and this is what he tweeted. Brian Cashman saw how aggressive the Sox were in moving players he texted chairing it about drew. Deal came together quickly. Now we were sort wondering you know how did that come about according to that Jack curry of the yes network it was a at Cashman is prodding. But. They've already said Stephen Drew will be playing second base for the New York Yankees and as we reported to you. He's never played a single inning at second base in his Major League career now one. And they are so confident. That they elect gold the guy who was -- second acts like everybody thought well I could daddy hasn't stood on second base very and I hear either 171. Average Johnson where they shot I don't. And others wondering where you guys and Allen Craig is our main. He's he's been Plattsburgh state here's keeping keep it lowered. Uttered it's a great -- -- don't be able to third a little luck Jim over the patent but it's a great question I mean. You think theoretically. Sets but this is going to left field and he's going to be there every night from this point on. You would think then that that means Craig goes to right field but what happens the chain victory -- You know you've got Napoli at first base it's why I said I still think they've got to move some things around before before game time tomorrow is just too many bodies here right now. No no offense the Shane Victorino are starting know what you haven't chain victory don't see. Really a part of the future this thing don't you wanna find out. Whether Allen Craig is the future this team or not and it took me. Share a love you brought the -- the World Series -- help bring this team the World Series last year but I gonna start thinking about my future I -- know what Allen Craig is part of it or not. Now while the other thing it views without lobster trade. What that what that means that folk -- can move over shores well. I believe that's happen that's what I think will happen and look we been hearing for well all week now. But the Red Sox were interest and try to find a place to trade Stephen Drew my guess is most of those inquiries by bench Harrington met with totals on the other end of the phone. And and apparently it was Brian Cashman came to him today. But but when we thought that all week long it was with the thought that they're gonna it's the standard Bogart's fact shortstop. Now now because off like a rocket the rest of the way people like Michael -- and others will be proven right I will be proven wrong. But it was the position the position change that led to with -- Although he wasn't exactly you know raking. Prior to that you know end and if you remember after that Stephen -- -- it's only they moved him the next day in fact he played short while while drew. You know got back in shape. And pleaded kind of poorly I I would say now whether that was mental because he just was you know distraught double B and moved it we don't know what. This is the time you've got. Whatever eight weeks here to say I don't care where the plea. Could badly you're differently you're going to be the shortstop win on September 30. We just -- as possible -- and a texture brings this up. Is it possible that you stick -- -- to shore. Which is his most natural position when they haven't played Stephen -- which short they played brought cold there. And and avoid what you pointed out Greg messing with with Zander -- had to learn more at -- especially you know that's that's. That's a good spot especially if you war of the mindset that the that -- arrows going to be here any Denver is going to be your shortstop of the future and M. Talking of one person within the organization that's what they tell me they say. Marrero is the guy he is the shortstop with a future. And that's why they moved Bogart's over at third base the -- is a third baseman not a shortstop they know what they believe. 6177797937. -- telephone were careful to walk on the side of the room okay. Rental model a little water to option problem here that -- gonna have to take care like UCLA -- -- it's you know this floor looks like Polly pavilion and right now AT&T text like 37937. You really were upset about that -- thing just. -- water bottle right over the Sports Radio WE yeah. Fourth and final hour. Elena holly Sports Radio WEEI this is just too delicious for me not to share a guy named mark Gonzales. Is the cubs beat writer for the Chicago Tribune. Cubs beat hiker who tweeted out about a minute or so a cult. Felix to brought to the disabled list but the apps are -- You know had again I think ultimately it did he strained his calf try to get the hell out of town that effect with a -- helix to brought to the DL with a calf strain not now the next thing you know the cubs wanted to take that deal back or something why is it that bad things happen to good people all the time -- -- what that heck happened there. Calf strain like I would. What's it strained by a bone sticking through last year with its effect but the okay he's got -- dot com by the Red Sox have Gordon when new plays a wanna impress them. Well I have friend gets a chance to start over you know reboot like holy -- and it will be. That's why the united wanna say anything I was trying to work through this but that's why I was seven troubled you know lost. I've -- and I've worked an honest thing for two months now and Felix the ion horse do bronze with a calf strain. That's an ideal but let abilities get does give the starters -- that does not normally have shut it down. Round -- and it -- and other with gastric articulate her on pearl while -- was put on the sixty radio. Again Greg this is my my point on all injuries that baseball injuries in particular they have to have. Two elements one. It has to be a part of the body that any preschooler notes on the song head shoulders knees and toes like like not water cool or something like our half qualifies but the other thing is. It has to be an action -- it has to be a -- -- Eric are -- not. Strain. Applicants to -- that's soreness. Or whatever in -- field to -- this is classic J. D. Drew stuff. I will say this and and following a log on Twitter all afternoon it's so much fun anyway but but the the reaction around baseball. And I'll just give me an example Jayson stark tweeted this a little while ago rival executives are stunned. By the rays return on price. Bought they'd get more based on what I asked elsewhere and I have to admit when I look at this thing. David Price -- award winner. And and and under my trek the next year and under contract it's not like you give them up -- I'm very famous. Muppets characters -- this. That's why it would Guzman but it -- would be better. I know he might as well I have more value that if you get you get guys Miley and nick Franklin. About that -- you traded David Price for nick Franklin. And -- -- A year and a half before he is able to walk. So you've just got to self a year and a half of David Price. I I do for college -- mad -- Twitter yeah. He's been strangely silent the Internet but I haven't read anything that he's not drink insurer rather than -- -- extra inaudible. Hey guys enough. By the box it by the -- Now as that extra points out it's probably true we've talked about this with Felix to brought. He's out of options -- Because believe me if he wasn't out of options even go on for Euro while ago to. So because he's out of options. If he goes on the DL and consent him on a rehab stint to the minors and you know now he's got a chance to Madonna worked on some style of castrate all lights Mike Huff hit my ball -- broke it if or whether that wanna colored spectacles -- and Derry New Hampshire hey Jake I don't. Hey guys some. Sort of what USS district chair either -- it makes no demonstrating your best pitcher for. A guy caught in the -- particular. So it is going to be more common we have so much expression doctor -- simply beyond. At orphanage like he was their second best film. Wiley pitching the second guy down and work for in the system and around the -- -- -- supposedly the third best prospect yes yeah so on. I think -- I think it would spin out beyond so why are bad. And down here cheap plot now bar and the guy bombs -- just go. And also ignorant auto Orleans. Forum stand. Would go up I how many went with that science. You're giving up like seven guys let's -- let's let's also throw in. Let's throw on the kid because they just got from the Yankees. The second -- petroleum in different different vehicles. That's that's what it -- not exist. Great outfield trust -- it -- would you gives you nothing in attack enter a Portland her -- still or lol don't match. So only Coronado and elm. -- -- -- initial shot so so you -- you know you're gonna give them seven prospects or whatever the number wise. And you're not gonna include some of your best pitching prospects -- -- an excellent young prospect that's what I mean and and Henry Owens is probably your best pitching prospect. They might either own or an automobile he. Where -- what I said it would hurt ticket yet Kyle Adams. -- fatal that. All leading out here -- like I. I know that folks in these parts -- just made at their life's work to figure out away. That John Carlos then ends up playing here and I said it almost feels inevitable at this point but I don't know but -- -- seven of your best minor leaguers -- some. And what to give that -- credit he. BO made a cart as opposed to those of that the typical 99% of your trade tax. Are like laughable like you you put yourself on the other GM shares in eagle I that would be career suicide. To make that trade. The Marlins would take that in a nanosecond. In all they would they would it's send out you know what a gulfstream depict those guys up. I'm gonna need a few minutes here's how I mean I know we've got all this baseball stuff and and it's important stuff that we're doing and and I know the date a text or want us to talk pats and I said -- And another text the -- to talk the revs and I said no. God that's a signal from major what what what what are you got that Barack delving into areas say 88 troubling and -- -- to discuss it. I'm gonna get it off my chest and we're gonna move on from here. There's a disturbing hockey. Disturbing. Turns out that Malcolm Sudan. Ruins minor league goaltender you know first round draft pick. Admitted recently. That he rooted for the Montreal Canadians in the playoff series last spring against the Bruins will -- -- -- a while all the bet that it's the body heat he would say and I'm quoting here. I was cheering for PK. Obviously he's my brother and I want him to do well. That out come on now so. We asked ourselves this right -- what would you do appear -- issue as congress -- of people. On the yen as it is not the one on the -- And if took you know split the -- here is that only helps his status by. The last year -- -- for the era for the for the he's intent or not -- integrity but it intelligence either way I am joking rocket program that's not well thought out there -- maybe we're not for me crazy -- -- just -- OK I mean it's like when steam the -- got in trouble around here because he was -- -- he would in the super ball. Now I'm gonna say it's -- -- -- -- -- -- nobody -- was verbally spiking the football afterwards -- that her. That got her ex cricket and the doctors that it's okay in my opinion I don't get to decide these things only given my opinion. It's probably okay. There I don't -- that I just don't tell us the -- I myself am not a shared it but it's okay Paula. As the as the youngest of four Brothers Tom -- Don't think they've never rooted for me for anything lifestyle as your demise and -- the enemy enemy anything -- what I electoral from Comcast. My brother was actually -- body was probably called -- -- and I -- Why aren't true story the first time -- Evelyn not a comedy stage was at Nick's comedy stop an open Mike set and it was everybody -- ever met in my entire life was there. And my brother grabbing just before I went not the first time of Everett told jokes and publicly said he just you know its Google they're terrible. The club you'd. Be like that I left. I. Let's I say I took the State's help. Yeah that at the point is who one's a much better brother then right now or idea as well especially ours. -- my Brothers just mean. I thought that's not a bad guys -- don't always sucked really bad and I gotta be honest with it at the end and made Adrian how you doing. Thank you an example of. I let -- show our first -- accurate do you create each day deadline I had. At C didn't operate a long time a bit. I mean and certainly from from the Red Sox perspective yeah they -- the center of everything it seemed today. They they work there or just quick questions Soria. I'm now how direct are considered at all on the -- Getting set but it. And Lester go and so Oakland. Bet that kind of just a rental because you can either religion have been considered at all like in aired out at the -- dealing. To re sign him next year as it is a built in order. That assessment this order -- now I start anybody's talking about Jon Lester I've I'll tell you what to what Gordon needs tweeted out a little while ago and am paraphrasing now that don't have it from me. He -- I find it hard to believe myself. But sources say the Red Sox plan to make a big push to re signed Jon Lester in the offseason. That would -- it in. -- Well it yet luck if there was some sort of conspiracy going on here and tell you what will do John. We got to deal right wink wink nudge -- I'll stick this in the drawer here. I'm gonna shipped off somewhere I don't know where. Although it would couldn't do that poured into heat up descendant somewhere where he had at least a chance I'd like to get -- out of it you can't send him and Minnesota and the Oakland thing to be honest with yet. You know how they they always say this is that trying to stir the pot yesterday we got word on Twitter. That a mystery team had become involved in the Lester sweepstakes. Was true this time. I mean it was pro for a change and by the way it wasn't that much of a mystery I think a few people had actually brought it up and not in recent days as a matter of fact. And down and a whole -- understand I think. Gordon needs brought it up on -- isn't telling you this morning yesterday morning so wasn't a total shock to some people yeah and I referenced earlier Peter Gammons. DNC and he he was asked this very question and he talked about Lester is agents like they're not the kind of people that are gonna that are gonna do this that are just gonna. You know cook up -- -- -- -- and because -- got to deal with these other -- -- sure at some point or another and they wanna get their guy out on the market find out what he's -- he's he's two months away. Three because I'm gonna assume he's gonna pitch deep into the playoffs the way from being able to see what the market is far. And for people again were joining us latent and don't all of because god knows we've giving up stuff throughout the course of the day. Tomorrow's start at Fenway against the Yankees was scheduled to beat John Lackey obviously won't -- analysts. -- Anthony Renato who was scheduled to start today's afternoon game in Pawtucket. Was told yesterday you're not gonna start Thursday we're gonna push your start off till Friday night he was told today in Pawtucket. He's making his Major League debut here at Fenway Park tomorrow night against the Yankees now. The ancillary move to that in my opinion. Two days ago Henry Owens started for the Portland sea dogs became the first Portland pitcher in history to win fourteen games in a season. Everybody knew he has outpaced that the competition in double play. My guess is sorry all those great fans a padlock who watched the sea dogs you've seen Henry -- the last time. My guess that's holiday is here is that Renato will come here. Owens will go to -- out of the talk -- it's from Portland. And he deserves I mean he has just eating double live down in the numbers are off the charts and. If you're if you're that desperate for pitching in the future and you're looking to get guys up. Give -- shot at triple -- what he can do there and who knows -- maybe he shows you with finger to. And he could be ready by spring training next year might be a little early but maybe shows -- -- 6177797937. Aaron is in Palmer hey -- I don't. These -- -- -- -- are excellent so laws that would where. While I'm colored suit. Ninety. Yeah I think it's -- restraint obviously. Were hurt are our editorial view each other's it's like out. And we brought some good spot. I think it yeah it actually believe it or not it actually cost. The Red Sox money today. Alternate all of the deal ticket if you add them all up in who left and who's coming back and all that stuff. I think Peter -- Abraham -- waited about that. That the deals today cost the Red Sox somewhere around 3.4 million dollars -- being a freeagent 500000 dollars for a room for a while 500 grand for problem lacking next year but I also but what I'm saying is money for -- play -- They may end up wearing the Yankees 500000 dollars for drew for instance -- -- OK but I mean journal I mean obviously we know what you hear is I'm not saying it was a bad shortstop party at all. -- power and our farm teams in all black and somewhat and locate the minimum -- pay -- -- -- in our respect. And then you have a lot certainly have a chance asylum why not why don't Meet the -- they want that's what they're in the liege. We got such as we got such as where. That's hidden from me. And then I won't stay tuned into the object this -- -- our our lineup it's gonna blow and and there -- veteran leadership. Yeah you can't control the younger guys. They need to keep the chemistry and chemistry within the thinking it's called. I'm culture. Some local football game AAA level -- we want to double I watched your undergoing right. I'll one want to believe a word about our game we're on triple exceptional and we want our -- they do -- chemistry. We play the warriors check -- Abbott but I mean -- I gotta be honestly -- -- Chemistry has to be combined with -- biology chase -- You can have great chemistry if you don't have talent -- -- -- win -- -- -- -- the chemistry it was great last year. Oh by the way they also had David Ortiz and Jon Lester and a great pitching John Lackey and hope that you ought to go. Same guys here this year. If if the last ten years have taught me anything is that there's something to the chemistry thing. You know then why get -- -- origin nor can make a good team better right I don't think he can make a bad team good yeah it can help the team through that that the through the inevitable -- some bumps in the road -- and so on and so forth but. -- this year they've had pretty much the same chemistry. And have been able to drive in runs -- it it's the same group of people I I assume they're working just as hard by. Yeah it's it you're actually right it's it's it it helps but it's not the be on -- -- -- on the self. Won't take and I you don't expand -- -- everybody so you sort of problems that it will go a long time Red -- but in older I'm -- as well. I'll pay the highest ticket prices Major League Baseball and you get these letters feet short seasons at the Oakley it team was going to be a bachelor higher prices. -- in baseball and several gonna get told -- a a patchwork minor league -- -- for the rest of the year and I understand if Churchill might be bright which you know I am very disappointed and very upset. What bigger scale but isn't it fair to say -- that when they were writing those glowing letters. It was in the aftermath of a World Series championship and they certainly didn't foresee this app -- your cat and we over -- last year we're really gonna -- this year. But what I would want to check. What -- hoping Osama has -- and importance as a -- 125%. Responded this season ticket -- will continue to support. 1010 when you -- season tickets and I feel badly for that you probably don't watch a lot of bad. Uneventful baseball over the next two months but don't you understand. That's what you get into when -- -- -- buying season tickets not every game means something. And as Adam since 1979. And there's no better and I think that extent but united found what I'm just disappointed -- -- -- I'm watching it impact but it on the black market this week. Well but. I'm -- signature all of that's true in fact if anything I thought they should have gotten more prospects in these deals than they did. I mean we were talking about the list earlier. I thought they were gonna get all prospects for Lester and then Lackey and all like Jack the only candidate would like to prospects they ended up with -- other guys. More Major League players Allen Craig you want assessment this. Kelly joked Kelly I mean. I was actually surprised it wasn't more yeah it double late AAA guy. I'm with you that the sense -- this thing is what I still find the most curious out of lawless you know I thought they'd get nothing back but but prospects to meet the standard on every move that they make -- Will this guy be on the field that the next time they win the World Series so part of that what do we now expect to be back in contention I. I almost look at -- produce. Kind of like I can look at up prospect he's just an older prospect he Brett he's blossomed some. But he's never really put together an entire full year you see the raw power you see the the terrific all armed what you still waiting for him to become that complete player put it all together month after month after month. Unfortunately. You don't have what your control five years to find that out you've got a one year control for one year by a map right -- -- -- says baloney guys the Red Sox rays ticket prices when they're successful. They should lower them when they -- I mean look at it in a perfect world you're right I mean in a perfect world. Up player who has a bad year will go when it was general manager and say that he's not worth as much as he's being paid. In in a perfect world you texture on your job if you have a really bad day doing your job your gonna going to your boss an offer to refund party your paycheck. It's not real life. Abs absolutely not because I'd be you know working for free every job you are -- unit had given back boy I got another cut made in that understands -- Let you know it if the Red Sox don't which they don't. How many people just refused to shore up -- -- just what -- supplying demand if there if people don't show up at Fenway Park in droves. Ticket prices concession prices they'll eventually go about -- -- people keep showed up and they give hope. Just look at us they are there are higher 6177797937. Dale and Holley Michael's not here. Dickerson -- Thornton are Sports Radio WB. I'm running up a new baseball baseball here on top of the hill. Then back -- on the left side. Most durable in the long line problem he's -- -- the -- minutes. Candidates. And a lot of performance by Jon Lester tonight. The Red Sox -- client does -- mean he tosses a complete game one get shot out. He retired 27 of twenty. James absolutely magnificent. Tonight here in Boston. After a year ago Dave O'Brien on the call. It's -- great ticket Thursday tonight caller right now at 6179310937. Win two tickets for the Sox game on Saturday against New York yeah that's the Yankees and free parking. Courtesy of the Prudential Center garage -- here at W we got clubhouse insider. The women's -- the Red Sox radio network broadcast Booth. Call 6179310937. Right now brought -- you by Geico town fair tire and your home for Boston baseball. Sports Radio 93 point seven WEEI. 6177797937. -- telephone number Dexter says where's the in depth analysis on each acquisition. If it was hockey deal would be of value waiting in gap while bias that would only spent all four days this week talking about. Baseball and trade deadline out of exhausted way everybody ends and an an -- even give that the the texture here. From for a one probably didn't listen the whole show and that's fine. Sure we've gone over at 31 of these deals in fact the point I've been making news. They get too many outfielders on this team we talked about this already I I are gonna have -- you're gonna have Craig and left SaaS finesse and right. And let's say for the sake of our argument Jackie Bradley junior stays in -- a while that word is Daniel -- ago. Where it is Shane Victorino go does Brock -- automatically go to third base that they call up will middle Brooks to play third. Where's Brock COLT gonna play if that's the case -- got through all of. Who's the pitcher what it was it's Sunday night we decided they don't have a starting pitcher at the moment they don't I don't -- Brock pulled. Batting lead might as well pitching because it's the one place he hasn't been the issue that does that does that -- one -- like. Look up Edward. Eduardo Rodriguez is like baseball prospectus if we're not real -- that he's got up plots like cutter is cannot let the -- out there it's it would be terrible radio. -- electoral what does he bring to the table with breaking his game down you always leave in the Red Sox and gets traded away. 6177797937. Into the text -- who says dale. Say something about the Bruins please I'm dying here. Funny you should say that. If you tune -- to -- Tonight at 930. A Bruins summer cooler featuring myself and -- -- It was supposed to run at 630 initially but -- all the baseball stuff happened. So it's been pushed back -- be at 930 tonight on NASA and a little Bruins summer cooler Andy Brooklyn rival. Well talks in hockey and ask him. Pardon me to stand for that. -- -- -- -- -- You make it sound like who the hell might -- and -- -- -- happy -- -- -- -- -- -- I thought before a packed tonight and actually meant to me though huge is not a little bit excited just have a chance to talk document and all I know I -- and I love days like that there is sweet he's about once a week a little bit more than that I don't do all of them sometimes. My buddy Billy Jaffe fills in but what can we sit around in the studio talk hockey for half an hour at the black. -- -- The patriots alike definitely that there's never an off season is never a day where I don't wanna talk what you want everyone we like all the sports but there's always that one thing that you you like to take apart the engine and and see how it works out. Is a patriots training camp we can go fight crowds to watchman practice. 47 of whom would not gonna be on the final roster but it does them. Have you got to decide which 47 this whole New -- -- Exactly a son coach wants to see you bring your playbook. Jason west boils than. AJ and I you don't. I I get there aren't doing graduates up. That the big picture okay at Matt hurt it. Well so didn't diet that tiger -- and not let. Right and you know that SI article. -- -- -- -- -- So you -- you'd think that the Red Sox who apparently didn't wanna give Lester a 125. Would would jump at the opportunity to give shares or a 150 or 160. At younger and -- -- -- he lets -- crazy he's months younger than last year. -- -- yeah I mean you know he really doesn't he's got he's got a great year last year and a Cy Young great year he hasn't been as good as Lester this year. Ryan bell I mean yeah GA you just gotta look my friend any salt so like I said about six months younger than last year. It's been like Vienna state that it meet somebody you -- at the app but there is that it spend their money is my club shirt there. -- -- I just don't get why they would make them move having not made the same move full list or who do a lot of hot commodity. I look I think there's a better chance. But the Red Sox resigning last year. -- that they get Max Scherzer and about Alec is great chance they -- Lester I'm just saying I think there's a better chance of that. And signing managers as you you had basically captures or already your name with Jon Lester he was cheaper ring you're more from when I just wonder if they're. Philosophically now opposed to the big the third contract. That Josh Beckett got the third contract. And did they what they will -- by the skin of their teeth to get out of it I wonder if and we have you seen the end of the third contract -- I said Buffy direct account -- he's at 62 year period contracts but I said it before. It's the price of doing business if you're only team. In a major mark I can understand if you're Kansas city of Minnesota and he is somewhat hand cup but this day -- age of of TV money pouring in in Major League Baseball some fiscal. Helping terms of our collective bargaining agreement situation. You have to be willing to spend money and overspend and probably have some dead money on the back in a contract do you think go in there. Offices that they they look at the track record on guys Lester is -- sign -- -- these huge deals in and it's pretty ugly. Johan Santana is that as one example of CC sabathia and I know the different body types but. It I'd I'm just of the belief that they sit around they say that that's not gonna be yes that's not gonna be our model going forward. And did get yourself ready to never sign these players would never be in the market players like that. And you don't you have to looking out the compare you mentioned sabathia -- to take a Santana and his history and his track record and other guys. All of his ilk in his age and compare them to what we already know what Lester. Other guys that have given -- 32 starts every year and not been on the disabled list for five years probably not -- -- North Attleboro hey Jim how you don't. Not bad. I I I can't believe the lap that's that's gonna and as far as I'm concerned the Red Sox did it this this is the equivalent. When they -- -- route to the Yankees. Jon Lester is the best left hander baseball. He's got a point 43 earned run average in the World Series. And try lousy couple box after all the money they wasted and super hot idea or whatever his name was. They paid sixty million before using god here. In Matsuzaka. Yeah Austin Anderson he is. Whenever there was a failed -- objectives and is only -- your time until it's hard to get -- There -- -- on the money around pretty good carry out. And also all we finally get black he healthy and we finally get him to a manageable contract. So what do we do we get -- rid of that. Can I -- you guys to do one thing. Pretends that trade. Was the opposite in other words we were getting black -- we were getting last year how would that be viewed. But it be viewed pretty damn good 'cause that meant you'd be in the playoff on orders of Jihad villages that -- -- -- and let the bad guys well that's actually the point Jim and because they're in last place. Because in the case of Jon Lester he's going to be on restricted free agent a couple of months they tried to get something from that. I am yes if if the if the Red Sox were not acquired Jon Lester and John Lackey at the trade deadline it would be because you thought you had a chance to win the World Series. That's Hillary's -- what you get guys like that. I know Jim we use this upset when they traded -- long Balkans long gaga just. I just wanted to I political views this mad when they when they sold big group -- so at at a colossal every day like we're right on the inside of. You know -- just laugh -- the notes -- -- A Suk a posse will be joining us from our -- it would which -- I think we are somewhere at time carry out these three field needing somewhere around there -- a New Hampshire hey Don I don't. I'm -- are you very well thank you kinda had a question I want talk about Henry Ellen okay. For example last year when -- Fernandez went straight from single a ball. In the majors in the superstar you know he has come on now but why can't and the only skip everything's coming right up he could be a superstar Q. Well first of all I think as it could be counterproductive given where you are right now. Look I think he'll be here in September I think you'll get a chance to -- Red Sox uniform. But but the the biggest concern the Red Sox have organizationally. And I agree with them. Is the increase in innings for a pitcher from year to year. That you know if they roll a hundred innings this year and I'm just using these numbers -- throw a hundred innings this year he doesn't go to 170 next year they're very careful about progressing. Those young pitchers up these these steps and and they just wanna do that at this point and they are in a position where they probably shouldn't any. And if you're sitting in a situation where. You're thinking in May be wondering and boring if you have mentally damaged -- Alexander Bogart's whose young by switching positions. Do you necessarily water rush up a kid from double play who has still let me amend a triple play in this kind of market I agree with -- -- you'll see him. In September and I said before if he shows that having -- but tuck it and if and when he's brought in September I wouldn't be surprised to see him appear during spring try. One name. He'll barred. I I would argue that not a name I want to hear that they rushed and who knows if like. We the year may be mentally we work so. I'm I think the model for -- -- two -- they -- in -- with -- -- -- says. I'm in the street burning my soup hot secret -- after. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Daisuke or Matsuzaka. And and if it's. -- the one on one with the old looking building in the these -- -- -- it's like I. Well I think god God's still thought it was and I was like god delivers his road and against a guy has. Techsters several -- have come up with another rush job through the system Craig -- and a -- you talked about Daniel -- Craig Hansen might even be a better example. It and I know many people's will help errors that make them up here. We can make his mistakes here and you you really do run the risk of messing up a young kid this kid's. Ceilings seems to be limitless. But -- wouldn't wanna do something to mess with that and it's not like -- -- we -- get him up here we -- -- -- win some games for -- it doesn't matter what you win anymore let himself grew up in front of 3000 people a -- not. 32000 people on the city Boston look he's already sort of you know zipped through this system. And he's about to in my opinion -- another step to put pocket. You'll see you get a chance to see him in September. My guess is he's even gonna start next year in Pawtucket which you'll see him up here on the Major League roster. Probably about this time sometime next year -- welcome back just a couple of minutes -- your call Sports Radio WEEI.

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