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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - BAD trade deadline deals edition 7-31-14

Jul 31, 2014|

We tackle four topics, all surrounding the four worst Sox trade deadline deals in recent memory.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- Why. I like it can be very good I like Metallica anyway to affect my -- Johnson. -- on board for brought by AT&T. AT&T coverage more than 99% of all Americans. Building new and better network I remember. This segment is called for a four this is -- 54 of four surely give it -- four. Bad trades and Red Sox history we're not even Singapore were afraid -- Red Sox history. That's for others to judge and short story was. Women. Start right here it may get up to -- them on. Don't know this but I don't know hardship -- -- deals at. Veto power over night right eighties and -- now. By the way has anybody checked -- -- I notices of a side note here. -- was pretty despondent earlier today you know the whole Jon Lester deal this Stephen Drew deal might be pushed it flew right over them the edge. I'm a little concerned about -- publisher called him a cab. I don't think he should be driving in his current mental state. -- DL I just want to preface this first one by saying I hope you're ready it's gonna get a little emotional for you all of January 23 1981. Boston Red Sox traded. Redmond. Nothing bad but didn't -- them a contract rather than getting nothing. That was the case crop that they accept that frank you never know Rudy in the immortal you're endorsing from the April. Peter Gammons on the arena they let that exactly the same I have to I have to I'll I'll make this admission when -- when when we start this okay. Bradley and is my favorite Red Sox player of all. He is the guy you know it when I was kid playing baseball and playing high school baseball and I was the center fielder. At Brunswick high school in -- -- at Fred Lynn is who why wanted to beat when I grew up. So as the years went on and I worked out by the way out -- all I'm a center fielder for the Red Sox got a bit but as the years went on and I have the opportunity to get -- talk radio. I had the chance finally have Bradley and in the studio to do one hour and talked baseball as you know what it was like. Everything I ever really he's so classy and so cool. And and you know how some people we joke sometimes about how -- is today on trade deadline day I was like that. When Bradley like my friends I just like -- off year you remember when you made that die advocates in the World Series. It was solved -- -- -- Chris Farley probably when I -- tonight it was I was probably a slithering idiot you know with Bradley and then. He was my favorite player ever and -- and a guy who should've been here and to lead at one plane. Tell me you didn't used to do this as I know I businesses acute -- with my friends you would intentionally like not an actual games -- just sort around. Like hesitate on a -- that you could -- a big guy. -- Atlanta. Or run it all walled Lake Arrowhead couldn't he was my guy. Definitely yeah. Yes we are Michael. July 30 1996. The Red Sox acquired Darren -- from the Seattle Mariners. For the ageless one. Jamie Moyer. History books. 49 years and I'm hydrated fifteen days. He becomes the oldest hit Syria being. Baseball history. To win a ball game. How could we have predicted Jamie Moyer went -- for 74 more years I I think he's still. And for somebody right Motley of some sort of released a story. And by the way Padilla textures that -- to the same age as Bradley dale Knoll -- I'm not. Smart -- people forget how good Moore was here and it was right. -- -- because Erin brags that dirt dog he's ready to stand at the time -- his Jersey during who cares he saw. At the time of the trade Jamie Miller was seven and one. I was good plan wasn't it let's trade. Jamie Moyer get Darren for a yeah I ask -- -- Three he. Trade deadline day 2003. The Red Sox and Freddy Sanchez to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Brandon Lyon and what they thought would be the final piece in their rotation because. Jeffs who book. I hold that thought to have the team win obviously hit. The CBO discordant note was announce a run so it in about half that we won you know each time you know improve but as far as pressure goes like this idea to the other focus on job. Think the length of time and the fact that it was his first game here in Fenway for the Red Sox got a lot to do with that but. He's got that game out of the system now we look forward to some good ones from you have to do -- -- Came out -- record trade deals like this -- I -- -- -- -- -- -- I think if you're -- -- points I got a few ever I doubt it. Like I don't know if you got sick from shell fish you know this and yet educating children you walk forever again -- it kicked might might PT SD. Bomb but yet it's super -- we all assume that we loved that -- Don't put the whole city was going nuts what is believed. Locally the famous term does put some of the top 1% of what I -- -- it. That video that I a click gently. -- on went three and four with a 557. Or eight inches meanwhile -- every time. The other clip with the 1% ones you can actually legitimately talk about it's partly the World Series and fairness. All that they -- they'll. And time now for AT&T'S terrible awful horrible trade of the -- day. Uh oh boy in the Red Sox acquired Eric Gagne. And no they traded away the better pitcher David Murphy with some. But we have no idea. -- You know it. David Murphy's for -- records -- -- strike out. -- carved out health -- to see it didn't matter what they gave up to god -- -- it was such a terrible acquisition. -- if it automatic and notify you about a bad yeah -- resin bag is he was. That that I thought I remembered right for buyers don't want to make it a list of the worst acquisitions. In Boston in the last like and a half ago twenty years that his was number one. It was a disaster of epic proportions but. At that time what happened what did you think Paula it is exactly. The diesel probably needed and I daily deal and out of desperation right and it blew up and if they slip -- cartoons cigar. But they -- the World Series. Totaling. And so I suppose they'll they'll -- -- yet and is six point 75 ERA it was a Red -- You know what might -- like what he's -- just texted me what a vote. Delete the stand pat that would have been that would have been my choice not that we went on to a great career but it's the -- happy with the classic. Throw in guy -- right. Yes -- -- just they did they'd remember someone it's scrawled in its spray paint on the side of federated state of people like eight years they never took off. Who is the it happens. But he definitely had no one has ever answer the question. Let's -- back to call you guys 6177797937.

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