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John Lackey is traded to St. Louis, Lou's emotional roller coaster continues. 7-31-14

Jul 31, 2014|

Lou goes through the 5 stages of grief, then John Lackey gets traded to the Cardinals.

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We're can't Shia -- again like OK I am number gosh. This kid was on top of all of his diagnosis -- cancer and never on -- organization. Kind killed over this but that the weight -- the news except John. That there roughed up for. For the baseball. Is -- -- was -- -- into the outfield wall. It's buffalo airport right there. -- the it's good at that I guess it can't did anyone know everything that's okay well I played good good. Got just I was excited about proper form. And I was happy just to beat the bills -- -- -- under -- for the obviously it's it it's very exciting for me and and some always remembered. I think. You know win the World Series -- in this organization means more to me and an innovator. I guess that is definitely someone cared for along time. Global bond sets up the belt what Mitch -- -- -- twelve -- The Red Sox have swept the Colorado Rockies. This this really exciting and we're stands driver right now trying to get my stroke getting CDS. -- -- He turns on the rubber attitude to home soon. OK okay. And it's. The. Nobody noticed this. The main thing is I got back. Enjoy baseball haven't. These guys. You know I'd love to stay here. I would hope they would like to stay here. Including get something done these guys on. I won't be here until victory sisters feel my back just going homes -- and like -- said. How many times were only that they -- -- -- -- -- and in this position or feelings and they have to do for for their organization. And balls mean so -- it doesn't. Keep them off their foundation -- It's an open November December. October whenever this. Great montage Joseph right I don't know these it's like south Vietnam often try to give you going to go again. He's very trying to get me you know. Tugging at those hearings and Sara McLaughlin available or anything like that on you know it's I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm working on this right now that the information yet you are doing TV and AM yes and start to see -- big picture of maybe you're as good as a writer on the wagon -- -- -- -- it comes back notices. We'll give it a little but it -- If we could finally got to please. For the record we do you have coming home the same song we played over and over again. Schuyler grant we've got that cued up right ago when months when he resigning -- ago gaga so -- relax the agreements that are next door Syria out. Restaurants are -- yet not like herpes are going to -- do come in -- just for Jon Lester when he resizing comes back he's your -- -- this. Instead. And you were just -- was -- information gathered yes is that the -- just turned deaths like Francis scored needs tweeting that it looks like there are. More developments. -- trading John Lackey. More developments yes that we're getting closer and closer to become closer -- senior -- John Lackey trade accord between the yes. Why does he want my -- -- Sox close to deal for lack UNL team the cardinals would Dodgers. And Ken Rosenthal has just we that is not going to be the Dodgers. That would mean the cardinals. -- I feel about that -- nation today also got Andrew Miller here this one Johnny Damon just weakest cards getting lacking. Cards getting lucky. Was that do for your little. I mean you know it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Enjoy surprised you with the music I think that's really what let the Arab. Remember 4 PM lots of in interest from lots of teams air quotes offers a bullish on the -- has been hit I don't her. I beat another -- yet. Yours yours close will be brief video coming out. It goes to go lie hit you know I'm cats you can do -- man's owe money sign are you guys boasts an auditor noticed that over is still important has he slept right I don't like right on everything -- so -- -- off the -- out a few guys. Is that yogi. -- The prize with Vladimir. -- at all. What's what's -- an eagle eagle back will you regressed -- a couple of -- you yell you're all over the place I don't know we're. Allen -- suggest Lackey the cardinals appears close but haven't confirmed. That -- Johnny Damon just real simple tweet Lackey to carts. I just you know it is I think on lack. It -- You have all this leverage right for this 500000 dollar deal next year. And again in no Lester everybody booking finalist will be back next year it makes sense get a bad I'm kind of a dumb gathering info to get my mindset that in the long term and maybe you can bring Lester back maybe. You have Lackey. I mean you have. You know I end -- pitched a 500 no but you might get him for 1012 million bucks a year these two year deal right I mean. So. You have home night at a trade. I'm just that you can every all the -- we still don't don't stop now but I just did you carry it backwards and -- -- Hostile. Okay -- lawyer -- last year's September. You add -- across to him up now to last September it's six X then looking at Lester Lackey. He would he -- do brunt Dempster and Buchholz. I got block you know L -- All. -- not being brought to come back in light of -- rebuilding your rotation I understand the reality what they're probably gonna do this. I just. Ridiculous it talks it all Mike like your rap and I can't. Yeah and fifteen I mentioned you've. -- -- for two years. And this app Clay Buchholz opening -- Spanish Sonata got a pitch it out to be professor. You know what she's gonna show him gather your mental hero right. Your attitude won't call them the double mint wells now on -- and I've come to deploy at last is not gonna be back to get what you give form Lackey was. -- -- He was gonna have to be what do ban. Horry would have fired but if you're retires that is not on the Red Sox it's on him -- this is great and Andrew Miller and Hudson's. Right. And he's closed -- Koji go wrong just what are called out of all this coach he's going to be the main -- the one got its -- -- probably Stan. Currently. That's Koji Lackey forty year old Andrew Miller. As a tool is to win fifty games out here to really get admitted. You've got four guys that are performed at ten pitches and he just out of Floyd -- you that it makes her come on let's let's see what you get return. For John Lackey made you get one of these items are as a -- OK you get -- what number of epic Ramsey went for. For com what does it Masterson. Gave the tip at best ultra elect three other prospect Oprah prospects above them. Got to get more for Lackey. Absolutely got to get more for Lackey. Nash is a free agent year lackeys spec ECU of all the leverage the science -- Africa two year deals will be getting -- few years of John Lackey apps again give normally give the masters. I so Lewis definitely paying ponting and yell yelling here I I don't monitor -- really is no I'm an emotional mess right now. Or do we have ready to go the K and be our reaction. Are photographs of them -- John -- Red Sox expected to give Major League ready outfielder and pitcher. Back for Lackey might select ready outfielder let's let's let's see. What we Deepak okay that maybe it's -- this Scotty battery likes I don't beat it beat the virus may be -- You get to bars and a big league pitcher ready. Hey you know what let's see would you give back -- return elected -- wait for the sets but this thing. I'm not crazy about a gathering info on -- big picture the one area they lost as they don't have his outfield power they've acquired that released the of the got -- that long term. I've come to grips with that let's let's just see what you get back for -- the folks at her Lackey rather. Folks -- Red Sox stats point out the guy who wrote the article that I was quoting from there was ripping the trade from an Oakland perspective -- getting Jon Lester. He get this cross pollination out there's probably a giants fan. Indices of big giants and the authors so Leo basic of the grain of salt but from our sister station Camby are out there. In the Bay Area here are some quote -- these old guys -- shows -- Basically just people call its listeners reacting to the trade okay 957 game. So I went through the a's roster in my head. During the break and you know one. Since this is the one guy. That I don't wanna give up for journalist I know you're on the wagon but it's one of those like that you know when you have a beer and at first you TCI and time. Now about this many have another wanna go count I can't stand -- that's where you're where exactly. I don't know more I'm thinking about this deal the more and more I absolutely love it for the -- I mean. Yes you you loose -- Syria hurts but you you're not a recital next year after the season anyway you get a giant Jon Lester who is a guy. Is built to win the playoffs he will be your number one guy. The more I think about this trade the less -- -- and I didn't like it when I first heard written in -- right now and with all due respect to -- -- Yeah you just said that you look at what. Lester and assessments can give you on any given day. If a playoff series in the first round goes five games blasters impacted one games just -- all major cleanup hitter with a potentially impact. All five. Let's just game one starter so they're ping -- into a little well understand Lester starting over everybody. Some larger Jamaica's first postseason appearance Sonny -- it was very good for them last year upstart Lester. Scott Kazmir have a great year. Do you trust. Mr. Scott Kazmir Mexico's game -- game five and you move. You move on -- big and it -- game three game sevens and you win thanks to come. Most of the -- is there any god against her show so that will be that will be get to popcorn ready. They're looking at the Sampras and agrees Bernard idle time and I've always been advocates for him as -- -- -- -- losses and incursions went better than you name whatever it is there gotten so that's probably -- -- got the perspective that they do on that but I can no longer view it's money -- money pitcher who's gonna pitch in big money games. -- I'd keep everybody posted on what the return is Miller. And John. They -- there -- any there there in the same situation -- if they -- the same thing we are out there right -- and resigning after next year anyways muscle gets on the -- real fast crank. -- don't go ahead you're on. Take gently on that. They have the block who are absolute repression airborne sort of part about competitive you know I love the guy we're getting here. But my biggest concerns that we haven't for one year. -- kind of think back -- I would. He signed a four year deal and actually. To get this could be created. So I just the way the reflective it's going right now -- in the next deal. We're not a great deal so I really feel it's a one year thing I just don't think network it's almost. Yes it's a one year thing Lester doesn't resign says -- is tanks and is it worth keeping. Today's gonna look a lot worse upon further review. Brings Jerry -- upon further I don't know what it could down. The lower gothic whatever will she was Lester -- we'll see you assessments was -- besides you have you about another hour. Hour fifty minutes either make you -- make this day works for you. You haven't so that's already knew what was gonna happen it's sort of like you weren't prepared for this to good Lamar activist. And -- division I mean it's already -- it just it's insane -- what just happened here in the last two and a half hours. That he's been traded. If you confirming it they don't know what it is yet Saint Louis -- -- to Saint Louis and nobody knows people are confirmed on him report lectures goat though. These traded Lackey and Lester. And peavy and the -- attorney Andrew Miller in OC. This World Series team in less than a year ago just lost that two guys that dominated in the post season due to win it. They got they acquired PB nine will be dig a couple of arms -- and deal is another piece and Andrew Miller. I actually -- I feel for the guys in the locker right now if you need to show up at the ballpark tomorrow and elegant you know -- you. Wanna get that -- well. Who we are gonna get to that the reaction within the clubhouse now that's gonna go over on the field and we -- -- -- -- interview at 105. If you missed -- live -- -- -- for you again here -- an FB -- On -- -- to -- yet.

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