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Jon Lester traded to Oakland and Lou Merloni is pissed 7-31-14

Jul 31, 2014|

Lou, Christian, and Tim react to the news that Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes have been traded to Oakland for Yoenis Cespedes. Lou hates the deal the move, especially because Cespedes is not arbitration eligible.

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We EI. Where did the right to the AT&T hotline -- -- beer and talk about the big news of the morning witches that Jon Lester has been traded to the Oakland Athletics with the Jonny Gomes war. Home run derby champion you're an assessment is from the days. I wish Lewis here Christine -- everywhere racing how did you bits and a wall is -- -- -- -- help a bit he's made these big going a little. Not split -- -- right now we're talked out -- bring him back and hopefully Canada and -- -- Britain and the doors off after. It's kind of rough but a rough week for a couple of Lou he's not happy about this at all though I think a lot of people of Boston might actually be more happy about this the weather scenarios been brought up. But Lou is not among them we don't. Let's see what Alex spear asked to say he had this story first and WEEI. Dot com. They UN assess this is coming to Fenway Park Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes or leave -- the and going out to Oakland. Alex -- thanks for coming on middays with MF beat. What's your interpretation of this move by the Red Sox why did they do what they did with Jon Lester. Be very candid you know it's the movie is so recent. I I learned about it probably. And it's twelve minutes ago that I'm I'm still trying to. Noted that the Republican on the radar so I don't wanna pretend that I have a better handle on exactly what the on exactly. There's that kind of motives behind it but if you look at it. Just in broad brush. We know that western films about free agent after this year the aid is clearly are in are loading prepared their their application to be sick. Can -- about Lester grade has -- And -- And then beyond that in terms of the incentive for the Red Sox. That's -- that's obviously represented. A that the quarterback what power. That they did not that they've been missing. Although part of me still waiting to see what they're not suspect that might be. Might might be a long term solution here because let's not forget that you signed for 2013. When he came over from Cuba and four year 36 million dollar deal is. It shocked the industry -- immediately you'd trade bait some. But he becomes a free agent after next season so small that the guys. For years and years of control. So -- there's a little bit of suspicion. This you know is it possible bit suspect there could be someone. Who in turn could be packaged. I'm intent elsewhere need to it's difficult to overlook the fact that there -- probably be interest tonight in. In a market that had a heavily Cuban fan base let's say Miami. In a player like that that. Let's say clergy Collison coming in exchange right zone and getting ahead on that I'm I'm in that don't want to pretend that you know I'm just trying to put together. I don't wanna pretend that based on the and he kind of any kind of inside information or anything like that. Right now the rationale for acquired that it is a bit speculative buy. Let's separate that side I'll write their potential on the Beatrice chip by. In the absence thereof. Huge power that -- you're right in -- power so you'll be a guy who could help threats such correct some of what they've been lacking assembly are. Someone who took place. Pretty dynamic and exciting outfield defense as we've seen thanks to all these reasons for the pilot real can't wait to -- -- throwing contest between better. In Jackie Bradley junior. And you know someone who is in the middle of the prime years which -- -- aren't -- target by the powers that prime but you have what about it. I'm back under -- but we come back out semester question had to put Jonny Gomes and as we plot I mean Jon Lester for access this wasn't enough for me that. Is there is or is this is there someone else common in my business major prospect on back. Will there -- -- -- there is evidently competitive balance QB going to it would be to the Red Sox missive well so. -- it also. -- helps offset the put the loss. For them itself so that taxes. Kind of a prospect we work in addition to the better. I I don't know just what what is the competition bit into Brooklyn -- is an arbitration eligible after 2015. I appreciate it. Our career. Or -- or. Alex thanks for breaking news thanks for coming on we appreciate the insight and information and people contract. Sales and get more insight as becomes available at WEEI dot com state posted keep tracking Alex thanks for joining us but I think there. Thanks Alex Alex -- WEEI dot com the story. You're an assessment is coming to Boston Jon Lester leaving Boston with Jonny Gomes. Christian are you feeling. I'm waiting for a regulator earth tremble as this desk is shaky at the lights are simply crazy that you -- late for the show. We're yell at a we will come in is not a good ball out of the door trying to make sense of at all. Alex did it help the situation. At all not only be really he really didn't because. When I read says this is deal it was arbitration eligible eligible for free agency 2018. Mean it's sometimes these guys can -- these deals Kamal where. It when it's over with. There's there's still six years of arbitration -- for years there's still got to be six years control. Talk I'm not so sure about that -- he's a Prius at the 2015. A year and two months of -- just what does -- does this you -- -- Jon Lester from Mike Napoli. That's exactly it. 25 the thirty Olmert pop with a guy Mike Napoli when an arm and can plate while we get yet you need to come out left field off Florida's outfit worn RD to I understand that I understand that -- Mean that does have to play left pretty playwright. It got it right for year two months. Days of freezing gets old he will be then third 45 now you have been well on singularly at thirty to guess what you do it thirty years old you that everybody -- I I am I'm just like guy. I'm stunned. Me on this was the way you're not this is its last. Guy -- see no end -- this and this is part of that these are these are part of the that. Nervous the stages of grief is this is what he's going through right now he's I'm not sure what stage this is but this is disbelief. The dial which -- -- and yesterday he was -- he was happy. You know now he doesn't know what to do will disbelief little unsure going to -- Venus tells me a regular assessments of the best deal I can get that don't break in trade the guy okay you don't do it for year -- year in two months you'll assessments. Do next -- the money to fifty again with when he bombs again you got that guy first base again it okay but for Jon Lester. Over this of cricket. Is -- Oakland viewing Jon Lester is a fourth starter right about now dominant as he will be a force daughter Somalis are going to ask you you have -- sweeten the pot. Great agony compensation pick whatever it is second -- or whatever might be all right I guess you -- you can get to -- -- there. It almost feels like it is at this signing him without an -- round pick up I just let him walk a -- it was don't -- this year in two months ago we -- -- obsessed it is because I ever doubted myself a home run derby guy that's awesome. What is easy -- The guy you just traded Jon Lester we got to watch most likely at like 250. Okay it may be 27 bombs. How do you feel about Mike Napoli -- that's what you got Big Apple to be a better hitter. -- getting on base percentage -- -- you'll be 6050 to sixty basis 380 for God's sakes. This guys on base like 4050 points above his average to fifteen hit with a 290. On base I mean you're not a prospect and I know you hated the idea of getting just prospects. For Jon Lester at least he's somebody you can play now in our sports yeah I'm a year or two months it is it is a year casino but this year we got a mission. You build it doesn't matter if he plays great there's shootaround and errors to -- a matter of us who -- -- care. He's just traded Jon Lester get one year of Jonas says -- -- -- -- Next July. Petraeus asked true because what are you gonna do we don't have a case you know of any pitching staff certainly gonna get three. What's the Jonas says it's W trade him next July on this table to sit there and say. What we have for Jon Lester actually a year ago as we just trade incest but it's relate a couple of double a guy -- you gonna have a competitive balance but to -- have also. To be a first round pick it be it be like the thirtieth pick overall 32 33 pick whatever it is if you just let Jon Lester walked I'd rather have that that a third round pick. And three months of your assessment of some get ahead of myself for the three months but one year -- assessment but then sees a guy can give you 25 homers four year granted gravy -- big bridge rebuilding year. That is awesome. If you would all agree that next year's Camilo difficult to Joseph lackeys on his way out the doors well shall draw one bridge year he's gonna be out there puts a little kids running around. Adaptable for most of that to realize you don't post season to its regular assessments. So -- for one year. It's just this again. And I don't know get a check this one out because still he's only got four years in the league with this deal. They're still two more controlled years so wives that reading that he's not a reason to 2018. It makes a little more sense know that you've got to for the next four years. But if he's really -- free -- 2015. If that if that's where I'm really here and if that's really the truth. All we had a year. It's what the hell are we don't -- because they didn't sign Jon Lester back in the offseason that's what the holiday do one year. As far as what that trade ended up being right and I know how down you are in the theory of every prospect is going to turn into something I mean. You look at some of the names that were bandied about that were. Groups of prospects coming back to Boston for Jon Lester and kudos to Josh -- is ever going to be any good is he ever gonna hit 25 home runs in the major leagues -- -- number class now ever be anything more beyond order for starters some of these other prospect names at a bar is coming from. Saint Louis chuck Peterson come from well we don't know any of those guys are ever. Going to be. As good as -- -- but this is right now. I don't want you own assessments one year you decide to got thirty years old you remember we don't pay guys in the thirties don't do it. Pitchers players does not gonna happen what about Alex's suggestion that this is at least something that they can give to Florida for -- Collison when you have your own assessments because Florida's gonna hit the free agent market -- they want assessments. What they what Florida Marlins want in return for John Carlos Stanton. Is a player they can pay ten million dollar still. Not as good as they're got to pay ten million dollars that. Ended after one year. He walks and always always reached yeah exactly. Some minor amount brought me through this one because this off season. I got a guy John Kyle stand -- poster for arbitration might be worth about eleven million box. Have to make like six this year so I don't want John call Stan is gonna cost too much money the guy I want. Is your assessment a -- -- exact same amount of money for wearing a full one year and then he walks. Why would I want don't assessments on the -- models for Joseph called Stan. I don't know why they would want raging gonna stand but they keep everybody keeps acting like it's got to happen and if it's got to happen. I would see him as a classic coming back they -- didn't allow themselves to walk without. Is they don't want anything. It would make more sense for Miami to watts told don't assessment as -- four minutes. Pushed it and when Obama way. I would give you a guy that can play the outfield for the rest of the year inaugurated in -- good Stanton. But I must WA it was a prospect so you can compete still this year and you get the player next year completed a trade and I'm saying there is no logical reason for Florida. You wanna get rid of Staten there's no logical reason aside from the fact that you don't have to pay anybody. So you get. Just that is we -- here. Million dollars let's say modest and why I want to turn the -- If I don't wanna -- I ten million another big two guys ten million dollars would rather stand against us that's the -- Stanton clearly. But would you trade him you have to get something back to return that you don't wanna have to pay either. My point is he's won here if you what you're saying is right is closer free agency used -- -- on board walked. As a free agent you don't wanna -- anything form. So what's what's the let's talk yup alleged real quick what's. What's the silver lining in this what's what's what can you listen. Power right on your you don't have to talk about John -- I don't like got okay he could finally cooled down it's over now -- -- aides are gonna win a World Series Jon Lester is gonna went back to back World Series congratulations discount. Stepped you were -- now you stepped out of it. He's funny that -- park. -- 256 batting average right now what's the upside playing here what's the upside for him. Oddities of the -- and Antarctica are angry much better park open is a tough ball park the plane itself. Let's look at sports last three years right just. So is this just we find out. Your 2014. East knocked. The 7910. PS at home. 745. Road. -- PS at at home because -- -- -- average home to 62 general better average better OP yes at home. Let's go to 2013. At home to 6477. OPS on the road to fifteen -- 6840. PS on the road get away from that huge ball park in Oakland. That's collectors -- we had a great rookie year -- albeit 319. Within 937. OP yes on the road to 68. 791 OPS. He's a better hitter in Oakland. With more -- Pennies on the road. So the whole argument of well I -- big ballpark you're gonna see a different terra Fenway he is a better hitter in Oakland he's not even that good of a road be perfectly honest with you. Not at all. Mean barely old PS in the 77 -- sevenths it's that he's a better hitter in Oakland bringing Boston to blow up for a year. Who LO don't know Leo at this point. Someone better tell me really quick he's a free -- 2018. Is that -- I -- -- you that's -- and you haven't got you don't want until 2018. What I'm not crazy bottom. The game but the fact I get -- for one year as opposed to four. 03. Yup I -- to before to have years stick okay he's apiece. I again it. But for one year you wanna talk about sex let's talk 00. Cents and having it get to this point. There's no sense in having to get to this point -- on last I'm I'm not a big. The end of the player -- -- expected it to be easier for you to be easier for four years you say okay you'll. You got some pop up again it. You know and then what kind of hitter is -- I just told in numbers. Don't don't tell me that you know he's in Oakland and it's tough ballpark to hit he's gonna get better Boston because his numbers have been better in his career and opened the road. I would think -- the initial reaction. Maybe I'll be surprised. We go to the phones I would think that the initial reaction would be positive from Red Sox fans because at least they've heard of the guy. And he's got power which is something the Red Sox -- yet out of all the -- has been talking about this is the way it is not the one name though we have not seen. Yet -- again baseball reference. I Symbian arbitration eligible 2016. Freeagent 2008 team that represents six years in the league caught salary. Which -- do an unbelievable job says using freeagent 2016. So. John yeah I mean this is this is on getting people texted me -- freeagent sixteen. So I just you know here it is 2016. -- -- job by them -- One year. But. Illegal don't waste of African trade Lackey -- our show. Please -- -- the police do. -- international Christian and I get more entertained -- me honestly look -- it so far Jake Peavy gone -- brought gone Lester gone. So three out of five -- -- all the just pitching -- summer that -- climb in the latter won't -- that magic number of -- Red Sox -- that we -- you well know just go back yesterday so we had we had to brought we have Lester we have dome there's the three year old -- was four and a -- it was for an app that. A real QB he should we include PB -- -- -- and include PV sort of sadistic at three right now do we think there's going to be another piece the ball. -- gone Miller probably -- Miller and Miller is gone you know it's. It's got to be economy the world trade Lester. For one year and again a point why are we going to half -- Johnny guilty part of that's why -- -- -- key part of that looked -- herself and return to may -- -- got down the equivalent of that -- just. They don't wanna give up the picked -- you know obviously -- in -- Red Sox didn't they want they want something in return -- that is wanna give up their compensation pick -- whatever it is. This I think it's like a second or third round pick whatever. Well it will we need some return wouldn't deviate assessments -- double play left we -- platoon you know -- with him fault of somebody. We want Jonny Gomes. Yet and yet it's sweeten the pot and of people say. Sweet Apollo gold you crazies that she's exhibiting else he's also 300 vs lefties so be get a nice left field of the -- and hit lefties but -- three -- against reddy's gets what you got. Get two guys equal 300 hitter. But doing -- left. Sweeten pot. Leicester vs sets but it's 6177797937. We have one on line -- one phone line open only so get it now let's go to the phones and see who's right and as I thought the initial reaction would be more positive -- negative. Because all they got to -- it's exciting. If nothing else is supposed to prospects. That people have heard about -- never seen play and may never see play. On a big league level -- the oil in Foxborough and see what he's gotta say first Doyle go ahead your -- resentment. Good morning every. But. At the end of red fox -- -- that we know it. The Hudson goes that's a little -- I know you hate betrayed Doyle but that's a little -- went to -- I donate that your dog no dog do you eat drink and he's gone. Oh he's not already that -- had to say yes. I don't hate the trade. It only made sense to me of 2008. Mr. got the play out but I'm just I'm just saying you talk about well you know I got next year and everything else okay. It was Lester we all agree the most likely lackeys about the walk up the door as well. Yeah XTO. To beat transition year -- earlier put it altogether bullets and they replaced both those guys. There was this trade easier for the Red Sox at -- lot because at this point. They've already kind of committed to letting him go. There was no way they're going to keep him right I mean what was their peers or egg on the face for the Red Sox management at -- keeping -- And then in the end up getting nothing -- no I mean I'm not retired -- the had to get something I I was the only deal that they can pull off I don't like them so it's basically OK we'll just. -- all we got. I'm sure to be fair look at Nash and I'm not trying to catch up from a really and being his fares liking gonna did you have in your mind that you were gonna hate whatever the return was regardless. I probably was going to be please okay. We don't know what I appreciate the very own roles all looking for what of the before more than a one year return. On a guy that was already in the -- just sucks -- -- just traded last year. For a guy that's going to play people one year. You don't at least if he traded. At least if you went for. Elect a prospect is that okay maybe next is -- in the big leagues in May be easier for the next 67 years. Four years from now -- the guy we got for Lester. What legacy two years and now over the got a governor Lester with a guy you'll you'll assessments that we trade deadline is great games up to and have an -- last year ever mega. We get them maybe the prospects in return will be somehow linked to Jon Lester is well but I don't like they got the the return they got was a player for one year. Okay so the first call out of the gate ended. Red Sox baseball as we -- so he agrees with cute does not like the trade let's go to Joseph in Cambridge Joseph you're on 937. Well Lou you are ruining my morning man first of all of my own always already ruled out in a row at the Red Sox ruin it. Listen let's just say the Red Sox routed out from the beginning with -- -- last so we have to take that part of it out of what they got in return okay is a 28 year old Cuban who's been in only three years who could hit 25 to thirty home runs. And -- big -- for not okay. Now if you wanna say you wish you get somebody with more. For more control -- -- restructuring charges so -- the -- did a year that they could be back in the World Series next year. And the following year bailout played again so let's give -- guy a year trial. He how he works at -- -- worked in front of Courtney. I mean I don't want anymore prospect I don't wanna -- -- Kelly I don't feel like these guys correlate our system for six years and never allowed any. We got a guy who's put on a first place team in the playoffs. A lot of little I love it I never met in the -- did anything like that. What congressman what do you look for next year -- confronted David Ortiz does in your new year to -- both gone. Aren't they don't forget Mozart all over you don't you get tortured for Jon -- -- to help build for the future not start over twelve months later. Lou that's your take on it maybe it's not dictate that they need to build -- -- to -- the -- trying to unless they could not anything that high pitched. A two out late game two or 33 years so you know OK yeah he he's a great picture at all. But if he's so great how come we continue to be a -- lately how can we fell apart reachable. Got called on our -- -- all did you watch the game to Jon Lester pitched. There the last play because that Jon Lester debut last place with a out of opera and like getting. All along you get out idyllic guess what what you get you'll get what you get your batting line -- guess what the next thing you good to be do -- Joseph when you call in. How we gonna give an -- -- pitching win it she'll always awesome out. Yeah he's awesome bring in James Shields can't wait another question mark right Kenny -- abolished James Shields 33. They're gonna overpaid for a wider market see what they get pretty acute James Shields and -- -- three year -- -- we can -- at 36. Not portable lap shields at 36 bowl worried about Lester at 35. Break. Me what you want oh -- -- given a chance and I just rebound -- what it would. Last the first the last let's go back three years ago Lackey at Tommy John. Lester had a bad year but that that talent is obviously still there because last year we saw Lackey come back and then Lester. Lackey Lester pitching good this year but there last place because they got no offense. The next deal up -- back to World Series led by who Clay Buchholz. Brandon Workman ruby Della Rosa. All we gonna trade the farm for -- for Cole Hamels. I have Jon Lester -- Hamels. I don't be bitter about starting pitching here with the yield great you know all the bats we can't win. -- 86 freaking years. You know why because it could swing a bat and couldn't pitch when the World Series until the budding Curt Schilling is PD could duel by itself the -- -- pitcher. And they won a World Series -- anybody back you won a World Series. And he had one and two Lester lacking won a World Series. Good luck with bats. Hold that thought because I want to try to paint as positive even for you okay I'm gonna give it a positive assessment as we come back analyst Stephen makes you feel better today. Coming -- -- of 37 Iberia. Yeah. -- Sports Radio network yeah W. Yeah. -- -- -- -- This is why does rely approved oblivious to the outfield grass it's created vocal support right there. Okay. This -- can't get better and I think they did not but I can do the best. And yeah. 1034. But probably as if they've been after the trade yeah down. Jon Lester going out to Oakland for Jonas says it's Jonny Gomes goes up there with an increasing cash goes out there which administers you guys that's a little. He's popped off again during the commercial break -- something more to get to Oakland for you on -- -- you're just turning in unity and a -- -- hates the trade. I'm all right with it at least at somebody identifiable exciting with power that the Red Sox need. To play in Boston as opposed his prospects that no one can associate with there were just random names -- a piece of paper to a lot of people so I'm more on board with a Christian. Just here enjoying the show. Watched it -- I actually got -- -- on her and I I don't hear enjoyed watching Lou mellowed out -- provoke him because I don't wanna go in my opinion it's like yours ever featured dog is actors really hungry and you don't wanna light. Which -- hand anywhere near the ball right for your Frazier miked it. That's kind of the vibe I was getting from -- the more information was read more information we fed him. At this last little nugget. So the athletics -- domes and they give Lester and they also get some cash much cash just just under a million dollars. Less than a million dollars in a deal that's what one or. All of this is the cost would formally inner soul rest the year or formally in the rest of the -- -- drunk when he 5% of his contract. And it is and to permit. It is 2050 he is going to be a free agent at -- went after next year's at that point fifty. Which means days did not care baby care. The -- I'm just trying to figure it out on -- side and all like radio I'm trying to listen and it and it and it properly -- public situation and edit in in a situation where -- Death is on alive that is not that bad. Somebody's gotta keep that that the level that somebody's got to put a silver lining up there are doing your best I don't I don't think you're upset about it at all. I think I don't think OK if I'm upset articulate I was trying to make sense of it. And lose -- -- he's dealing with -- in his own way become driver okay. If this is what they needed. And that's what they got. That it doesn't make any sense because you still have you still having long you have the long term answer. He's only going to be your four year this year doesn't count it's a wash he's become here get used to the city -- where everything is. And if you're just you're basically playing sand lot baseball because the winds don't really mean any thing. Yeah lots of young kids coming up evaluating a lot of talent. And so what are you know you're gonna get you some rotation. Well this is the positive that I want to bring up that MS rep for the commercial break and I'm glad I'm glad you brought us down this path so low what do becomes journal -- this year. Last place still does not not talk about terms the -- and to start next year would -- its opera great start next year and they don't. Give the big. Post thirty contracts to pitchers. But roughly age wise is -- not going to be almost exactly Pedroia was when he signed his big deal. Yes theoretically age again and only half joking about does not Cuban -- that theoretically she's gonna be close to what Pedroia was resigning his big contract this should be true yes right so what would the problem then be especially -- -- -- is -- -- built to sustain his power more so the Pedroia ever would have been. When he signed that deal I hope so basically. -- yeah I would hope so yes. OK so there is a potentially eat and you're looking at from the short term he's only going to be here -- year but that's only he's going to be here for a year and hit five homers. 250. Play left field where you don't need all that great of an armed with a short porch right behind your back and then I get old apple you know what if he takes off here. And your splits in your right on the splits is what's -- weird by the way even when you go on the road. Is there are other crappy rotating ball parks in the Al west would you point out a Seattle. But most of his home has been hit Seattle yes -- hit any enemy isn't any here Fenway when he's come to Fenway. So he's a little and his quirky when it comes to his home splits to open about park which you received his numbers are better in Oakland it was tough to figure out trajectory now must ask -- if he does do great. And they do -- sign -- two way deal which is possible based on the Pedroia example. Where's the negative there. Now some long term OK we'll -- now there's seems to be some confusion and then a lot of people are. But it may read this one actually -- you fool you can't become a free agent to a 2018. Not enough service time while. Full full. Hum. International -- to sign a four year deal Lotta times they in order to get the players they wipe out the arbitration eligible years that a client becomes a free agent. There's some mixed. Feelings here are some people are saying that he is a freeze in 2008 team. I have already -- many people every same answer definitely a free agent after 2015. You know from from every every lot of people and tell the last on just Alex -- the man knows everything up and down okay. -- a free agent in 2015. Sorry for. It's not 2008 and roosters two per week and operated they get similar deals yeah yeah pick up on idle most of you know most of will be something like that very similar. You know maybe the younger international signings. These are decent but these guys that are beyond a certain age to where it doesn't turn at the international signing pool as -- -- an international -- groups based on age. These trees at 2015. That aren't you that scene for a year. And then if he's the answer okay the maybe have a future of -- medicine right. -- In left on that type of field jacket Bradley Center go pop on both sides Jackie Bradley I did it protects in the granddaddy used to tell you tell me that I got to wait. See if they let him go or not. Well that is sent to -- freeagent noted illuminates not let my emotion there's there's -- your first. Two worst again the first all over again at least that rotation on Dante that's that's vet that that. Mindset that thinking is gonna get to a troubled that this -- -- going to happen again this back and forth this Yo-Yo effect of being great and being crappy to be great at being crappy game it just knock it happened. There needs to be some sort of consistency some sort of level playing field where you're constantly. Competing to win these you can't just. Going to counteract that a -- my emotions because they could sign assessment is too long term deal and they could do. Re signed Jon Lester and everything's happy again after -- -- the wait that long. That's like a year away yet your guns away from Lester and maybe a year count a year away from -- We LS does not going back so beauty that went on your head that's that ship has sailed he's never coming back again let's go to Jim in Chelsea let's talk about that very topic idea. What do you know about structural. I have a friend who -- -- is reporting three -- nights. Ago on June well I don't get checked all boring thing or phone calls. Saying they're folks are architects are underwater. Done deal. Com a week later I get -- -- Supplements and went up apart from -- -- -- -- -- by eleven since last year or no hurry. We could cut in the year. Pick it lost her job -- occurred at port number one yet -- point Alberto trot or -- is not the end of this year. We -- our first round. Drop in the third it leaves out in the back here we give them all -- now we go first program. So that the late gratification I won your second period if you were Miami. Arms and not throwing a lot of streets around Miami. -- -- -- draw it out program where I would call -- or arms or something like that. Certain amount Miami they might I am where things stand in is not very important part amnesty -- Stop -- Tolbert are in contract from Cuba and the older. OK so there is a possible. -- I think we could. What I want drama -- a unified I don't remember times. I I don't want him I think they're without the possibility. He sang it or does he Robert BM bought the impending world I want to protect your dirt on. Oh are we dire text messages I don't need picnic stuff at all I mean we've got to follow this guy to -- yeah exactly. It's a possibility comes back yes we don't know the possibilities it's also the possibility exists that the Yankees -- 180 million dollars. I'll believe how badly he wants to come back when I see him turn down a 175000180. From the Yankees to come back here he's back great good. That you've really made out well. But I have a hard time believing that it took this far down the path before I think you'd done things get done and gets free agency and now come back. It's hard and all of a -- now free agency off from 170. Dollars -- dollars 900. At nine dollars I -- and I wanted to do it there or they're not gonna be the highest bidders do we know that notes to come down. What is Lester comfortable with would you ever want to resign here today you can't. Win we chased it this way in the -- you got to replace the case. You have to do you can't win without it. He can't -- you can slug your way all the way through you know and I mean Toronto's gonna trying. Baltimore is gonna try anybody believe any team in the east has enough. Why -- we think Oakland now is gonna win it what do we think Detroit was gonna win it. Because of their pitching well you had a guy like Lester and Lackey matched that pitching that's why they want it. So you -- You don't slog in October also the bats go quiet and if you don't match elite pitching with elite pitching. You don't win in October you can have -- British and Bradley in standing year old field. OK if you think Henry Owens and Renato and get roasts are gonna get it done it's not I don't think gonna be stuck with that. But he had a guy that already shown what he can do here and I think he traded him for most likely one year this cap. -- we come back and got another theory as to why this might be a good thing for the Red Sox. I struck out mother -- try to make who act as if I can do this. Six footer Lou I -- -- we hear somebody JT says we don't let him try to play is anything positive about. There's somebody makes it perhaps as much joy -- -- Obviously got this one from. -- says it's a good deal not great the market rentals soft they just needed when he fifteen. And rob says why can't the Sox extend -- this you've -- -- camp victory and was gone after next year. That's what I was trying to make. I come from rob you can tweet at two -- WE I. -- Maloney to advance Christian -- not 37 WEEI missed the news Jon Lester gone out to Oakland with Jonny Gomes. In exchange Jonas says that is the home run derby king comes back to Boston and you'll play act Fenway Park. And would we know it when he's going to be here. We got word on that yet won election be in the lineup -- confirmed -- -- added that you off these stories from not to be in at Mona are now. When it comes to another positive and I'm just drawn this up there -- doesn't try to do whatever I can make you feel better about this I don't receive beat this. Depressed Erica what do they. In part get a little trickle down. Affect. By bringing cesspool this year in their bid to maybe get -- -- deal. The Q the QB in prospect. Who is billed to be Brett Gardner with a lot of power in a five foot 9205. He's got to work out on Friday a whole bunch teams went down -- public work out apparently the Red Sox are in on him they like him. Is this may be temptations of that just -- argument somebody comes in over bids by five million dollars like the White Sox did for a break you. Despite the fact it's been an offer more money came a voice says this is there another Cuban guy and -- -- comfortable. I liked this guy I've watched this god and prejudice gobs of spit balling and that's the case that -- temptation to have them in that regard. That's absolutely listen I I I understand everybody's the odd you're wrong try to make it better for me. Right -- guy -- -- -- returns in the week count. You extend your own assessments you know when you've got to Jackie Bradley with the Cuban health fearless on the on the corners maybe it was some pop just great players. You know and now you having used up any of your prospect. -- maybe your prospects do you go for -- Cole Hamels needs to start. We prospects do you go for another guy they just develop. I get all that nets so far away I'm just react and the fact that. What Jon Lester represents -- still go back to you know. You talk about long term deals you can look at Miguel Cabrera and you can look at Alex Rodriguez and you can look at CC sabathia we're talking -- five year contract. For Jon Lester for 31 a 35. Is there risk this risk with everybody I don't really think is as risky as most people think I'm really don't. Now they lose out on that player any signs somewhere else in this off season. Now I gotta replace him the Red Sox win World Series country a popular belief with -- arms but I got Sakamoto David Ortiz one. OK but if Lester and Lackey don't match. In a locker and Wainwright. You know we keep it is 00 game will keep it one nothing game Google's leading paroled from Jonny Gomes -- what if it's four nothing early on because you start somebody that's not capable. A pitching with and those kind of lights you're done. You know it's so great you got the bad okay -- -- should I be patient. Should it wait around -- -- -- so -- around wait the less is more you listen because they weren't gonna get there -- lose Lester anyways. OK so so beaten -- -- you got something for him. So it's it's less about OK the trade that is by the fact that they screwed up not signing Lester anyways based on the oral possibly that they -- and assigned. I got a multi your -- deal -- after he was thirty and they were gonna commit the dollars that the cops show that he was he could get. I mean is that a fair assessment based on. You know it but the issue really is can this really says there are -- they lose it anyways right -- he was gone he was not gonna resign -- So it could always get it it still comes back the fact that Lester. They weren't going to be there weren't willing to sign up for the pricing was that he was gonna be getting go to market for -- 90%. Mark you're on and you -- -- -- now gone. But he may first line -- a couple of event great sure all of I haven't we -- guys very interest and talks. Thank you move -- from training and so I love you -- I have to say. This is not a good trade in my mind I just they put myself Christian I can't tell you that it soccer ball you know both sides of the spectrum here. Unless there. World Series champion for the Boston Red Sox we all know what he's done this organization. Trade for. Eight outfielder that has occur every two to 62. I think you know what it ignite a trade bill. They could've done a little bit more I know the true -- in on their -- and this and that but you can only get a couple of very young guys. We -- audio guys in Chicago though unfortunately mark had they don't know -- in terms of young guys because they all went on the Smart to deal. I agree I feel like she's because there are more and I can't tell yet. I'm very unhappy with the Red Sox manager because he'll say okay let's all hope that -- -- it come back lately that you -- negative direction but you know it. When you trade is it was a proven they who's done so much on the field and off the field. For a guy who 262 -- -- -- between nine years old fault just start an eccentric in in my book but I'll let lectures. -- -- mark really appreciated 6177797937. The whole thing about Lester coming back. You remember we'll talk about this a little bit more the show goes along but there's this theory that a deal -- -- have been worked out that he will come back. I don't know why if we all knew what it was gonna take and Jon Lester and his agents didn't have to pick up the phone at any point say this is what I want because theoretically we all knew what the deal was. Why didn't just give them 5125. Before. Now they're gonna get to freeze it what won the game 5125. Before he's gonna see a 175. Or a 180 million dollars. From the freaking yankees in a couple months. While we come back for that now and why -- the Red Sox than even offer a 125 let alone 150 or 160. Attempted to stick. Metropolitan areas not that that theories across commit there's nothing. That's not that's not eating it's laughable it's not gonna happen there there will be no offer. They they already knew yes that we talked about buster all the talk of Bradford -- we all talked about they know what they're gonna need to do did the sign him they were willing to do it. So he knew it was gonna be gone. It's it's it's it's -- voters failed -- he -- 245 or my arm falls off the mile walk year is -- 125 or wait a couple months get 180 that's a different set of circumstance. That's why I still feel that agree and I know Lester wants to. Well wanted to play here wanted to finish career here and we'll probably want to re sign here. K and then it's gonna come down to are you how much money you won't leave on the table. -- one year 25 million would you leave and it's able. Probably. But will -- believe two years fifteen million on the table. Man that's a out of all -- -- -- city that much. -- dollar you can learn to love another city -- I just don't know if you opposite to be easy on the ball -- I. But -- about it they don't meet -- locally he's treated open their mistake guided its opens up resent a kitten. Don't know -- a recent. Nobody it's always a free agent didn't open would be a team that would son. You know who knows -- -- -- was rated dive and finally -- we know the Yankees going to be involved but -- Seattle's going to be involved you know at Dodgers having this be a bunch of teams. It could be involved in this I mean all the teams it would just traded who knows maybe they want paid a high price. Maybe Milwaukee -- in sales rose merely -- -- -- separate. All it really takes is still. I don't nobody -- is looking at it from this perspective. But I'm looking edit right now against the Detroit Tigers. Have to go against the Oakland days in a best of seven ALCS and they're staring down the barrel. Of Jon Lester. Kashmir. Sonny gray -- a margin. That's all my -- -- you can't even think you're gonna win that series and it doesn't matter who it is I would just gotten late word. That Jonny Gomes is gonna join us next here in 937 WEEI.

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