WEEI>On Demand>>Jonny Gomes: "I didn't want to go anywhere. I can't fathom any player ever wanting to leave Boston." 7-31-14

Jonny Gomes: "I didn't want to go anywhere. I can't fathom any player ever wanting to leave Boston." 7-31-14

Jul 31, 2014|

Former Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes reacts to the news that he, along with Jon Lester, have been traded to the Oakland Athletics for Yoenis Cespedes

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Let's go to the AT&T hotline right now on 937 WEI. Two balls two strikes two out 2111 in the six -- the pitch. And he swings it. Drives one high speed don't let me -- -- back to back it up -- meant giant hit. But what we want Marbury Johnny Thomas and let's not -- man. His first hit a World Series the Red Sox lead at -- -- line. And we welcome that player to NF being. Right now -- 937 Jonny Gomes now former Boston red sock and current Oakland athletic once more. Johnny thanks a lot for coming on -- us and saying goodbye I guess you go back out to Oakland. I'm wondering what your reaction was when you heard the news and prior to the trading getting to your ears had you heard it all about being included. In a potential package with Jon Lester out to Oakland. -- I mean there there there's rumors you know this should not nobody generated church. You know the lord has said before -- go to -- virtually on the kitchen. You know aren't what I did create when you're getting up the team would actually be able. You know didn't you know are seen all all angles and all edgy little ball this story or. -- ball. You know I think a minute situation right now where you know on. Little bit and didn't packaged up with the best pitcher in the game and overture came with the best record in chill. You know low -- bit excited there but it's the same time. You talk about soft spot in my heart and soft spot among the relationships are a bit Boston that this chapter. The time being has come and. The Giants thrown to go I know Jon Lester obviously -- -- one ST year and I believe you would wanna stay here is well able creates in the year I guess that doors -- closed but. You look at this as as a club matters -- something need to sort of -- off I don't wanna go anywhere wanna stay right here. You know like I I -- we didn't want to go anywhere. And I just can't fathom a baseball player saying he'd ever going to -- You know it's very true. I came here Ottawa and -- came here when this team. Finish in last place you know in I want it to join this club over the last place and those are pretty magical -- Last year and you know this year things haven't gone it well. We were hoping. Any time you know as the -- Sox -- and Billick -- in that batter's box were some of the great. And it used to Wear that uniform at the same time. Sure relationships hit in the same it is -- BP group that is Archie apple in there or it. You know you arise which you know walk around -- all the greats of the pictures up there. You know that that's the stuff that you know articulate way it. So I want what they go wrong this year for the Red Sox are you talked you touched on it just a little bit there. You know playing so well so -- chemistry so many big moments last year winning the World Series. To this year complete opposite so you put your finger on a couple of things for us to just describe what you think went wrong this year. There are are -- -- one thing you know more than the other victory well we've pitched and would indicate that we can pitch. -- certain other there's there's hundreds. Of ways to lose in this game. You can not -- in a great eager to chemistry. You know the development coaching people or if you were not ready. We've earned our spot and at that position. I mean there's there's so many ways to lose later baseball game. But in reality there's not that many ways. You know to win it came so -- We -- just fine and you know couple ways you know to lose games you know different than what we did last year but I'm a different -- Well yeah I mean it just in -- -- the winner here. Or you know yeah that sure you know aren't you -- twelve. Shoot more games backs fourteen at halfback blockers or we came back won the division. Oh well they're cherished real possibility. And I didn't throw it well you know point out one row or any -- so long yet. She's not over. Just started -- don't right now former Red Sox sounds weird saying that so soon Johnny now with the Oakland a's. Thoughts on the the chemistry the chemistry in the locker room in the clubhouse was an issue you were talked about earlier in the season. Did that have any effect to do go do with the way the the season went this year. Yeah I mean what history you know and as a result strip an industry result strip unique acquired. You know no no change get a win the World Series by a guy beane -- -- and that being sick need count well but there are there are some form losing you know some -- street twist. You -- the same page. And you know have a shoulder football -- shoulder to lean on and -- a personal -- there's some preview when you are your struggles. Which takes away some -- into individual. You know playing. Characteristic. So well you know I'm not gonna ever pain you know losing our chemistry by any means -- -- chemistry at our church chemistry. It -- you know swearing in all the you know chemistry it is I on the topic. Jonny -- of -- there and -- seven WEI now a member of the Oakland a's once more after being treated with Jon Lester out to Oakland today. Johnny at any point during all the surrounding Jon Lester did you have a conversation with him that he in it expressed. Agitation anger disappointment anything like that that a deal had not yet been done with him to stay in Boston long term. Since he wanted to do yourself. -- I mean I. Guys like EE how -- did you know yeah pretty much this whole year and even back in spring training. The -- that professional yet that's gonna worry about it every day you know or whoever. And there are not -- -- and he's such a positive. You don't have that in that back pitcher that -- and -- hit it there. -- people under the bus yet back. You know you know. Not treated the right -- you didn't happen and that -- -- Since that day -- got the Fort Myers. You know. They've been together but you know this there are seeing that back and you know he urged all the energy. All dot all the work ethic you know and helping all of every five days you know you can actually still can't go out there. You know I never felt out there around about there are some companies are late or I'll leave early. Well there negotiations or don't as well or you know whatever. You know he he can't control we can't control what it looked like. You're just about a month ago kind of laugh in the idea that yup Sox would trade Jon Lester and announced that I think now it's official. They -- -- a joyous David Ortiz and Napoli your goal with them you know longer and it's Red Sox locker room here but. I think that goes all -- with those guys wouldn't be too happy about. Well I mean again guy back there I've also -- you know there -- And you don't. This schedule I lost some pitching you know we that. But I mean this guy and her knocking at Charlotte -- the -- on the court brain. And discredit that as an athlete heck of -- game changer he got in backing. Yeah eject him a year and have been injured in orchard homework I dark -- or the -- hit. You know it. I don't know about in -- about you know I'm not there but it. Same time you know I mean that the relationship that I creative with you know my main man my brother my. My ace in the hole my -- thing you know Mike Napoli and Lara we came -- together. It's -- it sure is we took part you know from him and everyone. This dish you know -- like Saudi -- -- -- -- it's a different in nineteen you know last year I felt. It was. You know there like a brother really well you know you don't either traded away from your brother by Larry it sure seemed like you know we are. Jonny Gomes are destined WEEI Johnny what is the most Acker way to describe your feeling right now your emotions is it anger about being traded. Disappointment about leaving Boston or excitement about joining a pennant race wants more. You know like I was saying you know on contender for the first time back in 2008 it's great for my second are. -- notebook all the players. Not gender really. Before you know -- -- -- in in order -- are a lot of players out and opposes the players. You know. Check and cheer Q well and you use tactics that you know -- and I've done my best to try to put my conference wherever I thought should do my best. Well -- art that irrespective in my aunt. I'm not B yeah I forgot who. That car -- Barack. It's all there in the world and emotions you know get it anchored by any means not my game you know acting. I can honestly say that I came here are great about per year. Our brand out every single ground ball and it never came out of it emperor has -- in a physical reason never stop me playing the game. And I never went on the DO you know. I think I might be the only one for you are constrained. Well position player -- who could -- that level so that you know but her ability was there. I was ready when number I was called or what I'm not treated great by the manager. Yeah by the GMs that -- not angry. Well. We are no immediate ban that game and as you know the history of the game to be totally that split. You know an idea at the same time back and go back in game six as well and that smile much -- And of course going over Oakland where I'm from you know or raised in our age as it brought up. 201112. You know they were can't stale last champ sticker you know on the law. Not kick. The best pitcher in the game had -- over the best record. Johnny talked to Jon Lester. This morning we yeah we are more. Ready hope -- yet mean justice must be tough not just for you -- him as well. Yeah he got away more going on and let me got to worry about art day your ego -- -- got in the order. All I have to -- legitimate state. -- -- you go out right we have met Georgia more and you know like I -- Well for extra base hit -- there's not a whole lot award and I made it got a good -- Or. But yet you are actually some polish guy that positive are we doctor Morgan who. Little scarlet -- on possible and Derrick Rodgers. Worried about it next start who asked about the rubber in the way our guys have any idea where you know shows where like it or -- you guys yeah. Like you said you and Jon Lester head over to the team with the best record American League wish you all the best method to join us. I appreciate it or. We'll see you down the road you know it back this year but I. You can you can book -- because back -- the Blazers felt great match here yet thirteen I know this year. You know having done you know as as we don't like it but I like please please everyone knocked it about but you -- -- even the worst Pittsburgh. You know that your views about -- never rallied around eighty. The finish line depth but I mean everything -- us celebrate their call. So luck might be down a bit when call right now we're lucky now with that great any of the members last year had a I could Wear -- you know acting or are you Red Sox. Are. Thanks so much I really appreciate it best elect in Oakland and hopefully you get by without any pitching out there right at. -- but I see it died. I that is Jonny Gomes former Boston Red Sox player and now a member of the Oakland Athletics. As Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes go out west to Oakland at the same time in exchange for. Jonas says it is.

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