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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Another news blooper 7-31-14

Jul 31, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by John Dennis.

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Actually with -- minute man with Joseph. Mean the rail lines brought you by AT&T -- cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network. Writes -- I'm doing headlines and reduce them. Editorial decisions -- -- right on start -- what I Billick was the funniest thing I've heard in the last week. Okay but -- start because it's very funny. And it's not so funny what's going on at the UCLA camp also -- That is discussed I'll say one thing for that the if you haven't seen itself in the camps in the Paula buildings flooded and every -- -- -- expects these sharks swimming in the Fifth Amendment shark -- photo. Arnold sharks -- Arnold got sold for lots of water got -- -- lots of probably nastiness and after they had just done two years a 180 million dollar -- this all over -- -- was renovated and announced -- -- underwater and it tickets I don't know how it's going to be ready for opening day but they still think it will be but it's gonna cost them a lot of money -- right big -- -- course you know Los Angeles. Of course the goal line but this they're doing everything they can to give you all the latest and some good visuals that mean it's it's the that I heard it straight visuals tolerance level court underwater and everything's wanted KABC. In Los Angeles. Which is area you know those huge stations out there are big network station called. Oh no I don't know I know I don't know what noted I don't know is Richard. Owned and operate correct so I tried it you don't advance the story. And they go to the fault lines because they feel like they have an expert but the department of public works who called them exactly what happened called Clinton called it -- while we don't listen to who called him. -- -- Spokesperson out on. Lewis blunt Q okay peninsula correctly it's I didn't do well thank you what do you tell us about it. -- -- -- -- OK you're very hot the army had little. They're committed. -- underground basically today we'll look you had been done very well done well it. Yeah. I think -- that it's very popular web. Yeah I think that we can. You exactly how big it is. We -- You know that that would -- you know disagree. It is it's very well through the dispute. So when is this something did happen at the -- UC campuses kids playground is not high school campuses you know source. I went out to me that he may be the agency debt. It seemed that the great. Area. It through security. Paribas -- You -- does it certainly has evolved and god. Only -- -- it. All yeah we don't get him back so it's funny some producer in the control room said -- -- at least two idiots know why can't I cannot. What would have been canceling who don't Luis Lou is looks -- and who. I have that right Kodak. Excellent actions that. If we can get him back somewhat to convert large -- -- all of the that it. That don't look who -- Let's problem I'd love that's been the Korean airliner or it's a drag out a lot of death. What was last week's -- ports through and they knocked the plane in the air. With -- last the gas I was asked bogus. Could you reiterate -- You files and up another question oh man all right you know -- said Euro wedding invitations -- the 11 I didn't get. All year yeah -- -- on that just don't just -- -- about an. You know we I would hug ran out I've worried apologize I did -- we've smooth it over we've hugged it out. It's okay. All of Israel and opera I had actually no hitter I was a million shot -- I don't know -- -- -- -- gonna -- you know to your second wait a second bro yeah. Your album list third I don't know about that Jerry -- Shawn Johnson. Just sit out the best way to wedding invitations ever. You set them out on iPad force. Each program -- with all of the 411. For keys big day. The only people the about it. Saying it does not accord between them what it's like a smaller and when he people. The big deal and it's 400 our talk -- sent to several -- a few weeks ago he -- thought he could deal a -- to go to the idea that. Once the power on a program opens informing the recipients about keys wedding events also include a photo gallery guest book. And countdown the big day menu that's notched that's the soon nauseating. That's got factory. They get to keep them right yes yes get the keep ipads if you don't go to you have to give it back. -- stores but yes you have to give a gift and if you don't go right. It does seem meeting should be happy enough to give the gift I didn't I thought about -- new -- gonna gimme that fish telling. The other gurgling conquered we collide during -- A jittery gift that. I Jerry keep that in troubled school. My kids know my kids yeah 11 -- two yeah what -- it's 500 -- because I have to work my daughter she doesn't know probe idea daughters like separate network ever. -- -- -- Accepted as a junior women -- yeah goodness it is time flies while a controversial punishment of -- first -- of a first grader in Houston. Ended with a teacher reprimanded and he family demanding answers. The girl's family doesn't want to be identified -- the agreed to share -- share her story. The mother of the first -- -- daughter drew a picture on her desk. And the girls' teacher punished -- She Gloucester -- says she went to the principal's office and that she had to wash the desk and that was it I was never told I. I was never told that her desk was removed. The day after the drawing incident the little girl showed up upon her desk on the girls reportedly told -- she wouldn't -- -- back until second grade. She sat on the floor for more than four weeks it's a until she finally told her parents where where since it's a Houston -- execution against. Not Florida shocker I pastor what are -- tell -- I was too scared to tell your mom she thought what she did that was so bad she didn't deserve. Do you apps on the full from -- -- All the school yes. It's that you don't produces just happened to that of war. -- are good one -- -- left a lot of produce the sausage there -- you know salzman knows. About boy. First day the first day being bound he started with a sweep by in the scale and put on the scale is reporting nine yeah after 4349349. Yes and he. She owes every ounce of now in this large -- shape man. He's this week is -- the whole week he's on vacation. Exit LA on vacation in Los and Southern California I assume Venice Beach ball congress well they work out into the Illinois -- there. Why the hell the last person in the world who should be walk in the street -- dale and drive a sausage it doesn't it's no longer us you know was I mentioned if I asked the government in and sober up and Lenovo and he must look that up. -- every bad everywhere in California. The desperate you think that's why he went to California it's probably put this up sausage is the guy. We knew already seeded in the plane and -- you in the aisle seat in their jurors files in the window seat and you've got to open middle seat. You see sausage walking down the aisle you please dear god but no call quote all make him sit next debate. I talked to my at my last flight from -- I think has -- the drug -- -- -- -- -- lead you to believe that. Is this just. Thank you Merrill one well on it to obviously it -- now talk like Tony Montana and also wads of bills which took out at the end of flight. To pay for I don't know it just started count the movement so that I gotta put to a together. Pick in this -- had some nefarious activities. The snapped and set there's these guys set their noble. With the the hoodie ovaries -- like well there's a sign that. Award occurred but it works for WA AF could I want to. True that the guy locked around in the in the hallway would put up in I mean. Nobody works. So hard look cool in the whole crew -- again other than LB LB doesn't care what he doesn't care. She works hard has their -- -- -- -- call grunge I think -- -- grand -- credit crunch yeah yeah it is. Yeah. Our confidence. I RT spends 152030. Minutes every day trying to figure out looked at yet which which top siders and middleware which you know cargo shorts and -- had a program backwards yeah but it should grow a lot of that is like four years old -- old -- -- Could question yes the tough call. Now he's up forty. I think you look you gotta stop you do leftists take stands -- hats on backwards at an order and -- point shirts that game game Jersey yet. Yeah that system where did you meisters and no I'm not. But you know between acutely in Ryan clause that's true that I don't think they're on the clock and claws and not in the closet so -- about it and Iran don't blow me off in Charlotte. I was there a couple weeks -- who blew me up -- most of them emblem funny do that. So I just didn't reigning NFL defensive player of the year was helping a friend move. It's a nice -- -- drops like chest -- draws as forthright and so so that's the excuse that was news is it going to be -- -- one day I'm tired training camps in Judea and I don't like you got much activity. Like you've got out of the last Amazon you know some extra points out that maybe that wasn't. Crank call. You know which sausages LA all he could -- to. -- theory. It's -- it's that we need to follow up question I love when the tennis. Six you know advance the end of really -- one out of the -- cherry bombs at let them off before yeah. They have higher -- Yes so how does the cherry bomb blew up a toilet. It has water where Obama's five total sales don't get a little bit of metrics that should be your first read -- guidance that fell after the DPW. But if you drop the cherry bomb and with the -- the fuse goes out there quite yet. You're you're talking about Southern California and TV anchor people I've gotten. You know what's Lester -- its elaborate. -- Can even call. It that I really miss and it really used to light when I was a little boy. -- mobile in your town. And you never now -- -- etc. -- -- -- -- I don't know about the book to come every Wednesday to a like the location. After school you gullible mobile you know something that they have those imprisoned opening night -- -- partner -- Well the new York public collaborate finally got back and extremely overdue. 1920s. Low making manual. Which presented. Failure. With a sex star borrower. Rejected out 55. Years ago now. And he returned it. Yes what's the fine funny thing is the book and supporters efforts with this first and only marriage at -- -- a more note attached to the aging and disturbingly dog eared copy. Of ideal marriage it's physiology and technique. It's -- give you that. Come natural. Law. Did and I -- animal -- -- the dogs are now slobs boats. At a those elected do have to look a couple of them manual how to do and it's out each page thirteen trying to. Ordinary ordinarily it's a maximum by the twelve dollars and do the math. If the leaders pulled over a year he's not -- all day today -- easyJet. Dollars up and did you know -- bounce and waterproof fuses all the texture element now the one so maybe that's what happened. -- on all of that yes -- -- The expert on. Just worthless hollow Hollywood gossip it's close he has you guys together pretty close I have to say Dino and I talked to mr. -- a hundred times over and we discovered him essentially this site died -- -- -- ordinary -- -- shirts hats was -- Bugs and you know we have a Boston in like like the -- -- -- concept -- a couple of years but now which I don't like it even more. And -- -- and homeless and without John without me and you guys were great because you're as sick and twisted as he. -- -- Three if we -- -- was elected and we forgot somewhat -- mean -- -- -- guys that you preview elect you know musicians in sync yes we were little creep maestro to out via tour. We didn't we didn't ask about Tina Louise when he your favorite -- -- he could go deep with -- -- did right that's wanna stumpel once. -- -- -- -- -- Really it's a boss and people think these gonna -- who just had known she was never naked right never happens a lot of those guys sit there typing away now we -- -- alive management studio at all appear -- Orlando -- vs Justin Bieber who do we like -- that -- I think -- to take. -- -- an athlete now that he's -- is also little pussy boy. Up to have you seen Orlando Bloom. Osama. Win this latest story -- cigarette hanging -- -- on its tortured she's -- tortured and one of them. Yes his clumsy bit dislike Justin Bieber writes the -- was spurred by the fact The Lord of the Rings start. No longer face his wife. Miranda Kerr after Bieber got cozy with her at 82012. It tore his secret model so sheets was massive problems wife. That's that's the rumor I saw the pat and Anna Annie was victorious secret model would would give that climate data this'll work its premise. She. Disappointment it is it is gone is gone from him he's got around the bend his economic creepy now. -- -- -- -- He's beat up the ante in the Dubose lightweight celebrity sparring match by Palestinian mr. Graham picture bloom. Crying on the red carpet outside 82013. Broadway after party. And I saw all is beavers handle and a picture -- crime and but he -- crying because Bieber beat a model who's overcome. With a motion after his debut in Romeo and Juliette. On the great white way. And a brand deliver cry after her performance may be Bieber could Tim Bieber thinks he's a rapper I think she's at a yep -- really sexy bikini shot of -- on Wednesday morning Bieber who it's crusty and now obviously meant to vacancy red. It's essential that you could use these punk you know it'll change for beeps after that deposition whenever legacy -- yeah yeah. We don't -- for that and a down he's just so arrogant so it's going to be us as -- bodyguards. A lot of the lot anywhere without bodyguards. It's true I'm not a big Miranda -- for him not. -- okay. But urged judge in the -- danger because she's too thin area. Elect a little meat on the -- as you know this would be your girl. Love them for the truck and some cushion for the bush and go to the -- is that me that's it I tell lines I Perot. I was torn about a meter back. And in discussed this with you yet you probably -- -- what the -- Because as everyone knows mess Aniston is balance yeah. And I'm pretty sure it's all made -- rules -- there's no question -- -- and I heard it was perfectly legitimate criticism. Almost say is. I'm more disappointed and on arsenal that I am and you will explain that we come back headlines brought to by AT&T they cover more than 99%. All Americans building a better network that. Any reading from buster old. Is obnoxious rightward. That's a beaver word beavers obnoxious he's obnoxious. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Exclusive US staff sergeant Michael Boyd is at the US embassy in Ukraine and says that he saw a missile. Yes I'm here can hear me I can't please tell us what what you saw there on the ground and you kind. Well I was looking out the window and I saw projectile flying through Skype and would have here. Yet each slingshot I don't much less what overpowered circus. That it would appear that the plane was shot down can you tell us anything more from your military training. What sort of missile system. And that may have been coming from.

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