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Jon Lester traded to Oakland 7-31-14

Jul 31, 2014|

John, Gerry and Meter react to the breaking news of Jon Lester being dealt to the A's.

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Well it's done with you drive past the Jon Lester billboard and side today. You'll know that is headed to a pennant race out west Oakland a news Jon Lester. Jonny Gomes and his helmet twisting act is going with him. And the -- back. I would like to see the it's that he probably Josh Donaldson radio innocence but that's what would you want to assess what -- the home run derby thing -- yeah he's got a bad guy yeah. -- But Lester goes to local office a done deal. You want to write back as his power Meehan is the Michigan and do edit s.'s says -- this. You'll want to ask. Twenty -- -- -- eight years old makes ten point five million has seventeen home runs not counting how many Vietnam under 424242. It 26 home runs last year. All star this year -- outstanding outstanding deal but bench. Right right field in Finland. Can handle that that's for sure yeah he's got a typical Cuban armed listening to go on the throwing made double lives in Atlanta field play left or credible that states -- just a little surprising. Yes yes it is his Major League ready he's 28. I don't think Billy Beane would weaken his offense right -- is clearly doing yes but he's all in obviously on pitching and defense. While -- a great rotation and the sense -- as Alex I mean it was payment from and a payment past and report of the deal but how XP is reporting. What they're getting for him he was the first to break its. Jonny Gomes yeah and Jon Lester the deal to Oakland for you witnesses that is nice job Alex are we guys dug a -- I sell the time you know who's gonna wait to see which could back up because in a vacuum no one likes -- -- their guys fans media that don't like they like last year. -- like -- especially if it's if it's minor league prospects you -- -- -- right it it has no low points in about another one involved here -- we don't open it suggests justice -- I've -- now Joel Sherman two Germans didn't let the rest gaseous waste though Joseph shear numbers of confirmed MC and the other games that is in the won't be others but that seems to -- I think that's fine don't -- No I don't be surprised if they weren't so more bodies system might be one or two more. From them. Yes the prospect yes well it -- -- Guarantees Oakland I think spot in the world general consensus of over under on red sock is -- that did everybody say four. Up to now to god I would my number was -- -- -- render. Although. He's got one more years -- contracts for years 36 million. It's up at the end of 2015. He turns 29. When he went in. In October. So he's in his prime 510 to ten pros right that's right exactly what they need -- I think I'd be pissed at him. Number 52 I wouldn't show absolutely I didn't I started yeah I pianist outside ideas to. I don't know originality is Matt -- kind of you see mouse he not nearly -- self flamboyant is -- is he now is -- and I think like a little bit of that item but not like week. Com we'll we'll certainly get. More info on says so that's the deal today he articulates the point they already traded brought that's three now. Yeah that's -- about Felix Felix Colmes -- three dollars I'd go run for his sentiments -- by far and -- second place it's this year. Identities yet he's artistic -- -- not -- partners whatever talent by Reuters says it is he's gone damage he will damage -- I got the obligatory stare. And he's number 52. I don't think anybody is gonna. Mind if you're number expert at the famous address in a position to -- -- 31. They did do that to John ball district but yeah like that's kind numbers pre 66. All I guess he gets. Oh we get some more details on this so far all we CD you know -- Says that is. But -- -- what would surprise me but that storm -- still I vote yes to me how quickly you forget recent history. -- -- -- Lester. Goals were for now. Got right that just deadline deals and this is the least likely place he plays -- Oakland. I'd be more surprised that he went well. Lately less -- Pittsburgh -- went. Colorado hope or -- more pulling issues in Pauley Pavilion. Oakland right now 6641. -- where the best team in the American League. Two and a half up on the angels but they're going to the post season they always go to the post season yet they do they never. Winner in the post season but as has believed he likes and that's crapshoot. Jobs to get in the post season and he's done it again Jonah Hill told me it was locked -- -- Yes you -- the opponent has a lot locking got to admit posts especially short series cigarettes psychological what is the one thing that you have to half in them. A horse or three starters -- -- starters and they just -- Sonny -- and -- last week and doesn't Gomes play. In place of says this enemies not nearly as good and his -- gets right in their before they like a winner is a winner. This is. And it's an a for at Sheraton so far I haven't seen anybody on here thinks. Who doesn't like it when you think about this is elected says this -- gonna go out like this good -- -- I don't wanna make him he has stereo. Typical assumptions here but does he have a temper the hot head -- -- and it. I don't know you wouldn't be a hot head to hate this state to steal you think you're one of the playoffs right now you're going to a team it's. In last mile delay really pleased about it just a young people she's a wall the 310 VO a contract a contract that's good point. Oakland is a not exactly whose parents are coming through money in Oakland pastor it's not good for you now. You Wayne has a year from now. But next year you know you're in good park. -- Right in the middle of the order all right and after -- or maybe before Napoli two probably before I've behind Ortiz out of Davis is still hates this is much he hated it yesterday I don't know understated like organ and all these things but tomorrow yeah. Does David like protectionist -- justice he liked protect -- battling -- any birdies Liza laughs no way to victory in this -- right. Until this year. All right and victory is as good as any right front -- as easy. It varies all yesterday already got says -- know he's big on assists to find out how many. Assists he has. -- left in Oakland and he's great. Throwing guys out he's got -- wears the number here. Lots of lots of assists what you -- period nine. He's got a great -- got him in left in Fenway. You begun guys out every night. Thanks to Peter Gammons thanks to Jim -- Thanks to. Alex beer thanks to bench -- have been chairman are one we appreciate that as a port tomorrow. On our web front office supports more well the leader Larry or band Mike is somebody from the front person with the most -- -- with us tomorrow excellent. Good to see you back tomorrow I'm back tomorrow. God is in a row and I'm looking forward to -- popular morning it's six.

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