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John Farrell with Dale and Holley

Jul 30, 2014|

As news looms about a possible Jon Lester trade, we sit down with the skipper of your Sox live from Fenway park.

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Well and it's it's certainly a lot life for everybody in Major League Baseball on this day and tomorrow as well -- manager of the Boston Red Sox John Ferrell joins us brought you by our belly insurance. Town fair tire and Mohegan Sun. Make that it is yeah I John Gloria a -- or how much going on no not at all -- your little related business. Now have a couple things have gone down material let's let's start with this it. It every clubhouse or locker room in professional sports trade deadline day. Can be a bit unnerving for some folks might guess is based on your experience. This year it's even worse in that regard in the Red Sox clubhouse. You know if it's hard to gauge what's better what's not been I do know this that there are two sides that and when teams are in contention if there's not a player. Or players brought in to inject. Something into that team is its stance that can be. Viewed as -- as a disappointment. And then we're in the situation as we are right now where you hear talk of other teams having interest in our players and that is an unsettling thing -- well so. July 31. No matter what club house there there's going to be some wondering that goes on an inside of each. Don't we're beyond speculation with Jon Lester if you know hypothetical there's a move made -- he's gone. Speak candidly yourself as watching him managing him. Being a part of his career that's got to be a sad day well I think -- all due respect hypotheticals are just that. But I will say this any time. We spend so much time together as a team as a group it it does take on. Some of the feeling of a family in if if a member of your family is removed sure that that. Has an unsettling feel too. We also know that there's a business side of this and clearly it is billions and our intent to put together and build a team that can win this quickly. As possible. And that may require some steps along the way in and I think what we have to do is take a step back from that. And recognize that these are decisions that are gonna have to be made some might not be the most popular. On the surface. But what steps are taken are with that direct intent and that is to put together a team that is. Built to contend as quickly as possible John you specifically we're very. Open about tonight's start with Jon Lester talking about before yesterday's game that may not happen -- and saying after the game that it wouldn't happen. What was that process like for you with John involved and all that take me through that well I think any player that has had their name talked about. Attached to any kind of trade rumors we've tried to be open and candid with them. And at the same time as the day wore on we felt it was probably as a mission last night in the best interest of John and and everyone involved that. You know let's let's take -- uncertainty out of this as much as possible will push his start back will insert Brandon -- and that's where we are tonight. John was gone by the time the media got into the clubhouse last night is John expected in your clubhouse today. As far as I know yes will be in uniform to and he be in uniform would be -- part of the team. Are you ready yet to tell us what you're gonna do to get Brandon -- on the roster yet we're still going through a couple of things. And so no announcement. As of this moment. Yet that's the toughest thing obviously golfer batting practice someone turns an ankle you eat you don't wanna make the announcement before. You're absolutely ready that's why I think everyone was surprised how quickly guys really work. On the forefront and very brutally honest about Lester not making his start today is that kind of unprecedented view ever been involved in a decision utterly. I don't know what's been unprecedented and -- about I think we all felt internally is that it was important to be forthright. We know that there's a lot of talk surrounding John. And I know that -- has received a number of calls on him and others. So he he's swing through that and John has been kept in the loop throughout all this. And without uncertainly surrounding felt like you know and it's just best for John to not have to do it's tough enough to go out and pitch with a clear mind. Rather than wondering if you're going to be in uniform or not. So we we've we've made that decision have time. You take a look at this roster and -- this situation with John are you expecting anything to happen today what are your expectations. With him and a possible deal or you still hiding. 3 or 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon well I think. That there's a deadline in place for reason and you know it got full faith and confidence in -- and his staff and all of us that the best decisions are going to be made for us. And that includes listening on on any guy that we have an -- so. You know that being said. I deal with the players we have. And I don't mean to be -- threat but the answer but that that's how I have to look at. Do you have to -- all remind the rest of the guys the guys that you are dealing. With on your roster that there's still more baseball to play and it's a certain way. That you play it in Major League Baseball we've we've met with a number of guys individually even those who are. Directly attached to some of the speculation that's out there or others that are not that are. You know we know that we're gonna build with them and NB core players for us going forward and we try to be as -- up front with them as possible. This is a 48 hour period of distraction make no mistake about it and yet what we try to ensure is that. World we're all professional. -- there are distractions that come to a Major League player in all forms and how we. Stay focused on the task at hand that is getting prepared for tonight and going out and executing that's what we have in our control nothing more. Conyers -- is anyone I've ever seen at protecting your players certainly in the media. Talking about them in a way I know that sometimes behind closed doors -- may be a different conversation. You've never bad mouth any of your players and public never seen -- happen doubt that'll ever happen. Media day -- the closest you've come to San that you were disappointed I think with maybe the effort that you saw on the field them I'd be the first time I've even seen you react like that all season long. I don't know if it was being critical of our effort. I don't know if there's any specific examples you're referring to. Puts both fourteen a one game in and in some of the guys on now wanted things got out of hand particularly in the sixth inning. And I and as you know monsters there might be some referenced a few extra Brian and we have a couple of conversations. Prior to that game and then after the game so. You always wanna. Make sure that the things under control are are held in the forefront in. By going out perform to the best of your abilities that's gonna speak to the day that's gonna speak to your role to -- -- you know extended or expanded responsibilities. He's been clear on what is preferences I respect that you respect the fact that guys want. To be everyday players or they want a a greater role on a team and yet competition as a way of sorting through that. I remember I asked you last week directly. If there'd been any thought -- in the organization. That Zander Bogart's might need some time at Tripoli to kind of series hadn't hit his game back together. And and I -- -- at -- Saturday night where he struck out fought it was the third out of the inning he wasn't was taking the equipment off in the batter's box. And it made me wonder is his head where it needs to me. -- I think there are times when the game speed up on individual players. And you know that that might have been a case for Zander in that moment and yet I saw a couple of bats last night -- -- -- the better -- -- -- quite some time and not just a home run but I thought it took him. A good breaking ball from stroman had -- into right field stay on a pitch that we haven't seen with that type of consistency for awhile so. I wanna believe that a lot of work in early work that he's doing is gaining some traction in between the lines during the game. And as you say it many times this is a young player that we know is going to be an impact player for us for a number of years and we're committed to him. Time in this 48 hour period of chaos basically with a deadline looming. How much are you involved personally or you can certainly I got old enough to worry about on the field let me know what's going on when you know something well. My communication -- -- is this frequent he in my case and others and he hit it it's. Begins to get more specific if it's relayed it to relates directly -- -- of -- -- and -- -- and something has to -- -- -- or something like -- -- All the other. Multitude of conversations. That there's far too much of that going on and and we've got her own thing to do with them -- us. -- -- of those conversations. If you can what was the conversation you and Jon Lester had yesterday in a ballpark for about fifteen minutes just out there in the outfield candidates how to have a conversation what was out. Yeah I mean you know -- a conversation no other -- known nothing different other than. Many other games or days of BP that you stand in the outfield you talk about a previous game to talk about things upcoming. You know that that was just a normal moment that you have with with any given player. I I make a trip to the out of VCI I've walked through the -- that I talked to guys in -- -- all the relievers triangular holes where they are physically on a given day. And then using make my way back to the infield in and starters kind of have their spot either at that at the ball bucket or over by -- second base and just kind of ended up talking with John for you blob. Jon Lester gets most of the attention right now because of his pedigree in the organization. How long he's been here there are other players whose names have been. Out there in the media as well. Are you having similar conversations with John Lackey in my car and Andrew Miller and other guys like that we've we've met with all of all the players mentioned and even a greater number than than you just referred to just because. We feel it's important that they understand what. Our needs are what our plan is and and how that might come to fruition. Justice legacy and I think more than one minute your professional courtesy to kind of keep the distractions at a minimum. And for us to stay focused as a team that's appreciate that -- the burden. Pretty much understanding of that. There there understanding if they're not they have the ability that's the questioner two in and that's met with open arms. Lineup tonight changes and have put a lot of the about we've got a couple things I don't know what's. Well we know what's going on there there's a couple of you know. Dated a health issues that we're working through just to check and available to first and the Mike -- playing two out of the last three. That didn't have anything to do with showcasing and it and an -- something about Mike Napoli and -- -- -- a -- you know he's still deal with some swelling in that -- that dislocated. That kind of -- up on amendment and on -- night against a right hander with a really good breaking -- felt like left -- for the week ago and and he -- last -- -- leads us to the question for the manager comes from the cold in Charleston -- -- future on. Our lineup decisions ever made to showcase certain players that may be country. Not necessarily because there's there's such a an opportunity for players to be seen throughout the course of -- given year. And you know you can't say I've never been given a directives and a play. This player because. -- is in here. If it's a picture than normal rotation following -- scouts are all over -- every Major League ballpark so. Scouting reports are across a pretty wide time frame. And no I can't say that there's been -- to play again just to showcase given. Well I nailed it this year hasn't necessarily been the most fun that in baseball as ever presented and I know the last couple days and the next couple days roughly parity that we preach it time and candor thank you very much OK yes the -- -- Red Sox manager John Carroll joining us Sports Radio WB yeah.

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