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Making sense of all the trade talk with WEEI.com's Alex Speier

Jul 30, 2014|

We check in with Alex on the eve of the trade deadline.

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I've always felt so confident. Introducing our next guest is the smartest baseball right right now and it -- Steve Buckley corrected me yesterday and that the smartest person right now. And yet while port in here talking during the commercial break and he's talking about all the the media stuff that's swirling out there that words metallic spears said it's crap. That was the weight when it was actually accurate -- spear from WEEI dot comes here Casilla. Thanks so much I'm glad you enjoyed my celebration of the fact that there's a lot of he -- -- Much -- -- more like you well at -- -- earlier on I said it is the licensees is meant. This is. No one knows this is the time when it quite frankly per per reporter who kind of questions you know the veracity of information that he's getting all the time or what you see out there but this the moment of -- essential crisis because we have no I. We are going to see so many things over the course of a few days. 10% chance video Pennington 90% chance 70% chance those up to me meaningless numbers. Ultimately a deal gets under a deal doesn't get on the shifting percentages. Why on earth did that ever mean it to their hundred or zero exactly and there and that the dynamic changes all the time. We heard it for instance yesterday rob Bradford and I were reporting that the girls were out out out on -- In other back -- but think about this. The shape of any -- can change drastically over the course of less than 24 hours one GM or one owner wakes up and says a second let's go for it or. What one side says wait a second so we were making no headway in X direction what happens if we include why player in addition to acts. It changed the dynamic totally so there are so many different permutations that go along with the date that trade deadline that until a deal is actually agreed upon. Every other piece of information borders on meaningless like smartest reporter in the room -- In the real time always ask our political apparently I'm by the way I am I'm going to absolutely objective that. It's odd minutes disagree with -- but the disputed that I was trying to hide from -- and all I. Bring back up -- -- comparison -- also crap it's like that's more like that's the real you'll actually this whole other Alex took the bars. -- -- gut gut feeling knowing that things can change our practice that we eagle on like a one. 300% chance like. Of his departure. I think he's gone I think it after the Red Sox this is an opportunity to do too much with regards to getting value in return. In you know but the idea I don't think it changes the likelihood. Of him resigning with the big deal or not so yes trade him now maximized the assets as long as you have a team. Willing to play which historical precedent says yes they will be you'll get a top prospect for a guy -- viewed in a rental like this. To me I look at the teams with the incentives I know that we're hearing that the doctors might be getting out. Again I think that this is maybe the smoking nears the Dodgers thirteen -- -- the ability to push across the finish line. On major deal in there are. All in so I think the doctors are pretty good RR a reasonable possibility I'm not going to say what I think that he's going because I'll be hypocritical on my -- But I will say Dodgers I think there's a good likelihood. Love the idea of the pirates because even though it's a rental that means he fits into their payroll structure in there aren't a lot of elite pitchers he Connecticut the pirates who fit in your payroll structure. And they certainly have the farm system to do it. I I still have a hard time seeing your heels ultimately saying. Where okay watching one of our top prospect pitch against us for the next 15100 years when the Red Sox acquire agreements signed him to -- pitch into his thirties. Early thirties right early thirties yes so anyway that I I like I think that those are very sensible scenarios. But ultimately. Any team -- a contender I can understand I'm looking at Jon Lester in saying that guys difference maker any of the teams in the NL central another the cardinals already made their move. They can look at him and say that's different maker of the brewers even. You know for the same reasons that the pirates would have -- so why are you feeling that he will. Come back and -- -- -- if the -- on a sign -- now I'm not saying that I do have that feeling I'm saying that I don't think it changes the likelihood of him resigning whether they deal him now or not if they were keeping for the rest of the season. I believe the odds of his resigning a roughly equivalent to what they would be if they don't have now but -- percentage of them after. I do wanna emphasize that I realize that so that it's so common for all of us to dismiss the likelihood of Lester coming back. I think we have to respect the fact that this is someone. Who is his own man who is at a point in his life where he understands what makes them comfortable in what makes him happy he has had. Very clear very direct very consistent messages coming out to any number of people including to me. Where he said money is not the most important thing in my life. The number of years and I'm playing -- is not the most important thing in my life I care about. Being happy. I care about my family being happy I care about being in an organization. That values mean so maybe in the end I decided it. Red Sox have a place that values me the most even if there aren't showing that financially like. Or maybe I decide bit. Someone else another organization -- would even offer less than the Red Sox he wasn't referring to the foreign seventy. But just kind of in an abstract -- maybe there's another organization but he feels better about ultimately. In the Red Sox this -- the guy who we should respect I think. In terms of his -- decision making capabilities into he's been throughout this process because to me. This has been a walk to your unlike any other I've ever seen in terms of how the guys conducted himself. In the degree of confidence he has about who he is a road a lot about this today. Jon Lester is in the best state of mind of his life. And certainly has based bunker but I think maybe even as light. He's so comfortable with who he is on the mound he is so comfortable with -- is off the mound that it's made all of the off the field stuff. Really easy formed -- Alex I'm I'm short John Ferrell would disagree with this premise that by presented it to one but I'm not presenting him to him on cutting it to you isn't it obvious. By the fact that they gave Felix to run away for virtually nothing that John Ferrell and Adam. I think that there were probably different people who had enough and I do -- I. I don't we don't know what the player to be named later list is going to be like that won't be determined bit. The Red Sox will be selecting -- there to be named after the rule five draft in December to me that tells me that it probably not a very it's not a top tier prospect. They're waiting to see the shape of an organization after it's been picked over to the rule five draft but. Yeah I think that I think it Felix two bronze. You know I I believe that his his failure to accept. The kind of team first principles with regards to. His role in acknowledging where he wasn't his career absolutely played. A massive part in his departure. If as we all believe that Jon Lester has gone in the Red Sox are actively seeking something form does it make sense then as well to deal John Lackey and not do. You know sign an extension for next year and forget about that 500000 yeah I had a really hard time wrapping my head around the possibility because obviously Lackey represents. You know -- Lackey represents the one reliable. Element of rotation that you would have going forward if you deal Lester that's set accurate threats like you do have to kind of considered Yeltsin about big deal both Lester and Lackey. To me you have to get some kind of established young big league pitching back. So you can't simply you you can't simply say -- we're going to be able to reconsider it is we've seen them do that we saw them do that after 2004 when they let. When they let Pedro in Derek Lowe walk for instance. Let this be a little bit more dramatic with so much unsettled about the future. State and he does not rely am Buchholz as the entire staff right now now I mean you couldn't even last year as good as as amazing as he was last year let's not lose sight of what it's -- as. Off the charts right like Cy Young caliber performer when he's at his peak. But even last year this is the guy who at the age of 29 has still never thrown -- 200 inning season if you look at the history of the game guys haven't done -- by the time they -- 29. There's been one I think who had a 200 -- season after that point in -- career so does that make sense you're here question Greg. It makes sense for them to consider everything. Absolutely everything in if you think that that extension might be a little bit of a headache immediate makes even a little bit more sense for me to think about it. But at the same time you have to narrow. You're going to have some resources within that prospects or money which I guess they would to acquire some some replacement pitching -- That's a hard thing to reconfigure an entire rotation before we let you go that the final question I guess your world an agreement that we think Jon Lester will be dealt before the trade deadline. Keeping this thing goes right up to the trade deadline 4 o'clock tomorrow. My my guts which doesn't help much of anything now that it would be that yes you kind of I you kind of wait out the process and you know and oftentimes. People respond to deadlines they saved their best offer for the last minute there's a reason why. In 2004 that huge four team trade happened seconds before the deadline why Manny was felt seconds before the deadline that's when that's when that tackling stops and went offers are made. You know we've seen it go the other direction as well maybe a team decides hey you know what I wanna stay out in front of this. Before someone else lose out on Cole Hamels or David Price. So you know quite frankly again it gets in the those percentages and uncomfortable giving you information but I don't necessarily believe it right now. At. The deadline -- 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon eastern. Six to eight tomorrow night you when rob Bradford will be on these airwaves. With the trade deadline special you'll break down all of the deals because sometimes takes a little while after the deadline. You know players have to be notified it's not like 4 o'clock that's it everybody's been dealt dealt. So my 6 o'clock when you guys come on -- and every. We really hope so otherwise other word -- -- a -- -- I mean just in the aesthetic attacked him for. It's always fun to -- thanks Trevor Alex they're WEEI dot com he rob Bradford at the trade deadline special tomorrow. 6:8 PM right here on Sports Radio WE yeah.

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