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Waving goodbye to the ol' Lefty? Jon Lester appears headed out of Boston

Jul 30, 2014|

We respond and react to the news that Jon Lester may no longer be a member of the Boston Red Sox once the trade deadline passes.

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And I think what we have to do is take a step back from that and recognize that these are decisions that are gonna have to be made some might not be the most popular. On the surface but what steps are taken are with that direct intent and that is to put together a team that is. Built to contend as quickly as possible. Red Sox manager John Ferrell who joined us in the first hour of today's program and I you know I do understand there folks who were working for eleven at that time today so. On Wednesday's our final drive is the managers three play. -- -- away somewhere around 54545. A lot of interesting things to say at that point. He may have known they were working on a deal for Felix to Bryant they had not made a deal for Felix to product that point. They have -- traded him to the Chicago Cubs let me offer you up this little tidbit from Peter Gammons has been picked up by hardball talk on NBC sports as well -- -- -- Writing this in this is Gammons tweeting quote. Dodgers have made it clear they are not trading Peterson. Sager or your riots. No longer in on Lester price or Hamels thinking back and starting pitching and bench. Now again. I use this phrase in the past -- trotted back out there again this is the licensees and look at. This this is the lion sees a 24 hours still -- and you still got 23 hours there thereabouts. Com. I have no doubt that somebody in the dodgers' organization told Peter Gammons that very thing. But it doesn't necessarily mean that you know. 23 and a half hours from now we don't announced that Jon Lester has been traded to Los Angeles Dodgers and they may change their mind general once it once it gets the and I'm not -- time you may say. -- we really -- bluster all right we'll give up -- up -- I can. Understand how the Dodgers may not feel like they need to it could be woods did. But why would you entertain it for this deeply up until this point. Right now if you look at what's gone out the Dodgers their plan their best baseball right now Matt camp hit two home runs last night. The giants are starting to fade like you know bird doo -- in the rain. And either -- what at least three games up on him right now and I don't think I think they think they're the class of that division. In May be all the wind at all without making -- -- And I'll also add this one tidbit we told Jon Lester was not taking batting practice we also told that they've got games in National League parks coming up. Tim Britton of Providence journal did the math and said that assuming Jon Lester doesn't attract. Assuming that he starts Sunday night for the Red Sox which is what John Ferrell said -- the schedule. He would miss both. Saint Louis and Cincinnati. Games in those cities with the erratically -- after yet which means if he pitches Sunday night. He won't have to pick up about Red Sox uniform again the rest of the year pitches Friday. Pictures that we're let me Martin's story nationally and internationally came you know at which point -- -- -- -- him more often. And I'm not sure that they've gone through the map of apple. -- understand why it's the Sunday and he used not to mess with his. It is. Routine and everything but we usually get him in there sooner or later if if Europe beat the team that eventually traits for Jon Lester even the Red Sox if they don't. One -- I'm going on by the theory that he's gonna he's gonna -- -- sum -- somebody and entertaining Red Sox but I'm if I'm an opposing team I want getting in there are some possible. But I don't wanna waste -- start with a guy I want him to feel comfortable he says to me we just traded for you at 4 o'clock 3 o'clock on Thursday. You feel comfortable pitch Friday or we get in this Saturday what do you Walt Ferrell said if you say no you again at the right cavity just native arm all melting -- I can. That extra day of travel I'm gonna feel much better about Will Ferrell said when he mentioned it right now. Lester would be scheduled to pitch Sunday he has traded he said the plan was that Lester with Opel and on Friday. And be ready to pitch on Sunday. And he was scheduled to start tonight. I don't know how much he would've thrown today I I don't know what they would do on the side on a day you're scheduled start to get scratched. They plan apparently cannot have him do anything tomorrow she went with tomorrow's. Naturally baseball and their off. And -- off obviously and then scheduled for mobile and Friday and start Sunday. And let's look I said before it was a 5% chance is in a Red Sox uniform. After tomorrow at 4 o'clock you wanna on the rockets at three all -- do better than that he's at five yeah I agree -- fun. Negative five there's negative not a chance might be our back to the calls Larry's in Rhode Island hey Larry I don't. Hi. -- I thought should do something dramatic. I think they should offer my contract tonight. And it's on the table at midnight the good contract for 129. So why have they done that already -- what they've been dramatic -- critics say it again back. I don't know I think the Yankees did this with Teixeira and and it worked I think it's what they're trying. Well we have the months immediately admit a mistake course sorry you're the best picture we have -- lip stuck forever. We stood by you do when you're down in nagging me to stand by us and we've. Rebuild be rated -- think they feel that way. And they that it it's obvious they don't want on Larry I don't -- -- price. They don't want Hamad held every month and and -- noted that the members our membership won't support it I mean. You mean and they have to offer him a different contract but not the moves he's not -- tax. Why don't think anybody suggesting that he is well -- -- about 159. And not. Not a very good I gotta tell you though and an -- disagree with the in this regard Larry. Assuming he's an unrestricted free agent in this in this offseason. Internet in an offseason where they -- in a whole lot of starting pitching available out there he is going to be a 150 million dollar -- whatever the market bears. But it be true about wanting a hometown discount and loving and. Welcome what kind of I don't take a 120 million. Like Larry whether it's a 120 million and Larry whether it's a 120 million or a hundred point five million. That is a discount that's a discount but the Red -- don't wanna get a discount like that are -- sure. Based on everything we know I've I've yet to have a discussion with Larry Lucchino John every vote based on everything we know. And deduction deducted reasoning. Yeah I'm pretty sure I mean everybody who who has any salt is a reporter is saying that the Red Sox are out there shopping this guy. And I keep -- all this stuff about the hometown discount I mean are we thinking that our hometown discount is like knocking. Ten million dollars off your deal I don't think an F five if the market army is twenty in my hometown discount his nineteenth I mean we're you know that's a serious money. I think I think with him a -- more than that I might be just that brought figures I think if the but the market values 140. And the Red Sox said look if you won 25. And he takes it. I think he's got serious about it and these -- -- still fifteen. How much is enough. Well stop when that I I I hate that phrase what what now in -- if if you really know like never enough if you really like the situation maturing and okay this is not a right he's been -- -- -- tire career grew up here as a as a player if you like the teammates who play with. Fifteen million dollars a lot of money cut that in half with taxes and agencies that that the correct a problem with that phrase is seventy million dollars and off. While it's enough for anybody out there but but. Not when you do what he does for a living yes because for a year seven deeper all bus -- all of -- -- my god we don't work pro life. This is where the phrase. It's not about the money comes -- because only guys that make. Boatloads of money can say it's not about the money and it's not this is where. Players derive their self worth and the players association. The equates who you are where you slot with how much money they're paying you. If Europe Frontline pitcher like Lester is you have to get you have to get a contract. That says that what they go to guy behind you in the guy behind you and so yes the home town discount thing is. A little bit Donald -- Don't open yourself to saying that public I guess that's my point don't say. Don't intimate that you take a hometown discount I think -- I I agree I think they -- good but it's question of you know what does that mean. Does it mean that instead of a yeah a six year guarantee deal you're willing to take a five year deal would make six year vesting option. That's -- -- discount. You know I got -- net sixty here I'm willing to do that for Watson huge discount it's a huge discount. But I have always thought that might work here I don't mean mark is that this ownership. Has any desire and I like the idea I'm not sure if I was the player I would. That's kind of technically which -- Dylan there's stand. I've been a really good player for you for a long time and he paid me and now this next deal you're gonna pay me but then you can ask me to prove myself at the end of it again. -- wanted him. Our buddy Alex spear from -- WEEI dot com is set to join us in just a couple of minutes were broadcasting live from Fenway Park dale and -- Sports Radio WE yeah. Fourth and final -- dale and -- Sports Radio WE yeah I would down here at Fenway Park and our center field studio says we are every Wednesday when the Red Sox are home. We talked with manager John -- at about 230 today we understand many of you unable to hear the interview at that time that's why wait. Bring -- the managers replay on our final drive on Wednesday so you'll hear the John Carroll interviewed about 540 or thereabouts. Now I will tell you that at the time we talked. To John Ferrell he may have known they were dealing Felix -- brought hope we didn't know. And that that when I have to admit came out of the blue for me. And so we didn't ask him about trading Felix to -- we did ask him about trading a whole bunch of other players and he talks about many of those and the conversations he's -- those guys but. You brought one that that surprised me a little bit not that they wanted to trade him. After Monday I could see that just that I've heard his name brought up anymore. Came out of nowhere from. They want him around anymore I mean -- and plain and simple it might have been a guy that they were. Thinking about her the possibility of they thought they admitted maybe it was a rough year they could still. Try to straighten him out but after what he said a naturally how he -- they said enough it's enough. You're gone and we him carefully gaining back for you. And we touched and they probably couldn't got much back form anyway to begin with so it's not like you know the Red Sox made a bad deal much of the -- made a good deal for this guy right now. But the other thing too is and we kind of touched on this earlier on is. You've got. A clubhouse that may be teetering that may be a little unstable with everything that's going on why have a bad influence if he is indeed -- he's a bad influence. Why allow that to fester inside the clubhouse as things goal long while and especially if you think about what these the last couple months are gonna probably be like around here. -- can be a pleasant place. Yeah I mean I think this is the situation now where you -- -- you know. Can people can tell you right now at the Red Sox record is I certainly can't I don't really care -- -- -- really means much I do know that after last night they're on pace to win 73. Mo willow from you know I don't think -- The you do win loss record from here on out for the next two months is gonna matter a whole -- it's more about. Finding out what you house fighting out who complain who can't who's gonna wanna be here. Four. For next season because I think next season's going to be there's going to be some bumps in the road to unless he makes a major deals. On top of the deals are trying to make right now. By the weekend at -- was asked as part of the pre game show for -- He was he was asked if rumors that the Orioles were closing in on a deal for Jon Lester -- -- response was that would be news to me. -- and I will reiterate its alliance season. It may be news to him in May be that you know he just got off the phone with bench Harrington sixty seconds before that there are times when. People in management positions can tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. They are the times when they have to live like rot at some of them were really good -- -- through the ex -- affect. It may be their their best characteristic to have their their best rates good liar. Some mark aren't backed calls ago Davis out of Fall River David -- next to deport you as a man dale and -- -- cut I didn't. Well I -- Florida. -- you -- our that's when it's as my screen I apologize. Perhaps our. Broke the -- quickly this way about how are going to talk about those that don't trade. Well despite going to David Anderson treat it -- as a deadline they'll probably the laws might have been it didn't make a cut. And I thought it was but I and that he didn't hit him he was far more. I. Make of honesty it'll look laugh at his expense was more when I was saying hey I can tell is the reason that deal was facilitated. Maybe I'm too in my own -- here apple went straight to new way UW play center field that's -- needed Dave Henderson Arrigo a hundred. We are already there. He was there too but he was hurt well remember what. I do. You have. He's not gonna. Let a not the most likely -- don't you hazard but that's why he was used pretty much done by them. You -- immortal -- Nichols. Indeed. But you know. Played you played the field quote there on -- same time -- and -- all portrayed in their greed and they may trade SPL a liberated -- that what the picture up the defense. Great guy -- okay so. I mean only validate. The fact. They're not that bad defense and pitching. It -- and that and -- Lester and I can and I would I don't get prospects for them. And that you can't rebuild the team -- what -- -- complete prospect should he'd like to pitch attempt over the past ten. 1012 years in Allentown -- and they continue the culture they continue. That. That the culture that goes on the and the organizational. And -- go -- Indonesia who used to motivate and wish that the country and it can't. Complete a complete team or a rookie like the -- doing now. What they won't let it won't do that Major League Baseball you can't end and it won't anyway because they've still got guys like Pedroia and Ortiz and yeah they they are not eighteen full of rookies and they won't even next year. Now pitching rotation could be another matter if you dealt both Lester and Lackey you party -- do broad. The most. Veteran guy you have the most senior guy you have as I've said all along the guy who would be your opening day starter next year's Clay Buchholz and -- yourself on me. Not because I don't -- he isn't talented he's as Alex said sky's the limit on his on his talent and and it's upside. He's just maddeningly inconsistent and CNET and -- reliable physically. He's he just seems to always get -- and can you imagine putting the pressure. On Clay Buchholz of you saying -- play. We'd like you to carry the staff would like you to be our number one starter through the course of the season trying pitching some some of the biggest -- the the year -- -- You know I think I and you know I've I've seen playbook buckles -- I Sully did last -- rattle off nine years nines in a row. But. There's you know is he what is he -- nine -- -- Actually got a nice start to get up -- little bit it's it's like even out spears and you know if you if you add to the -- we can throw 200 innings and you're not durable enough. And you're not reliable enough to beat again it's you can count on. When you go out there when your Lester you. When Lester takes the mound. You're you're pretty much you're thinking about that team is definitely a winning game and he doesn't always happen when Clayton Kershaw takes the mound. It's close to an automatic win easy yet when when some of these guys when price goes that -- get beat up today. And that's when the mount -- like law and these guys are in for today. It's going to be tough to beat them buckles has not been that guy hasn't been that guy for a long time and I would go so far -- to say that. Based on whatever they decide to do with the deals I'd be surprised if clay buckles opening day starter. -- here just to clear up something in and Steve you asked me about this earlier. And Tim Britton has cleared up forests of the Providence journal. Anthony Renato was scheduled to start Thursday at noon. For the Pawtucket Red Sox he had that start pushed back to Friday. Again for the -- -- Red Sox for -- Friday night. That would also coincide with when John lackeys start as scheduled he's scheduled start Friday night. For the Red Sox here against the Yankees. If Lackey were to be dealt Renato would then be in line if they wanted to bring him up from Pawtucket to take Lackey spot in the rotation. I think that's why they moved Renato I mean obviously if you let him go up there Thursday at noon and throw. He's not an option for your Friday night if that's which -- And I think they want I'm up here obviously -- Webster got the chance to make a start more for any reason than anything else was because it was his turn in the rotation now he's gonna get to make another start. If you're. If you're not a doubt -- -- -- you Whitman. I think they like me I think they'd like to have in the big leagues with everything else that's gone on. Matt -- me up some house liking get there instead of missing my mind Majorly opportunities just because it wasn't my turn in the road. Patient. While I don't think they just they just and unilaterally set you know what I know you're gonna start Thursday -- But the Friday night but now let's just do that it's obviously -- they knew what they were doing here and and to their credit they're planning on contingencies. What do we deal Lackey we need a starter what we do. And as John Carroll told the media here today right now Jon Lester is scheduled to be your starter Sunday night here at Fenway against the Yankees. I don't know anybody who thinks he's going to be to -- that start for the Red Sox Sunday night against the Yankees no one. Are more us in Boston anymore I don't. Glad I am. I I just want to chime in and say I'm devastated. If they trade -- there. Really devastated. I he -- such a class act for fifteen for the fan base. And such an incredible stellar picture that we desperately need it. I know all of you are saying he'd gone -- here's my question that nobody seems to be talking about. Who are we getting. It's going to be so -- think you're -- Looting -- on my. And that and that's tomorrow that's exactly why it is. It's so troublesome are so bothersome. Because you're looking you say. Who's gonna eat up 200 innings who's gonna lead the staff who's gonna start 32 games who's gonna give you fifteen wins and. Gonna fill in the class act -- watch. I'm I'm an award last gasp as a lot of class and let's award about the class act I'm more worried about the a more word about the starts in the on. Like I agree I agree that it's a whole package and I meaning and it tell me prices come into the picture. That I'll get it you're -- know it -- not -- not gonna replace him with anybody of his caliber also -- bottom line. You're you're not you will not immediate value for value you're banking on the prospects that you get for him. Developing -- to a guy like Jon Lester in the future and -- you're not the only one think you know we're all thinking the same thing. -- hopefully you've had ten days to get used to your -- is does the devastation here because obviously you've been talking about the fact that he might get traded for a little while now and it's almost a you gotta think it's pretty close to a done deal but I. I couldn't agree with you more how do you replace what you have here this is a monetary decision. I think they love Jon Lester I think they they love what he's done I think they they're happy with him in the clubhouse. They don't want pay him. The money and the length of term of his next contract they don't wanna deal and that's why they let him go by the. Like I don't even think they begrudge the fact that he's gonna get it out there somewhere in the marketplace they know he's gonna get -- They they didn't want -- -- they knew he was gonna get from someone else the other is. A slight difference I think from a public perception point of view between Ellsbury and and Lester. Jacoby Ellsbury was reports is represented by Scott forests we've known from the time he arrived here. That he was gonna get to the point where he was going to be on restricted free agent and that he was gonna go out. And wherever -- one dollar more was gonna get Jacoby Ellsbury services. Never once he didn't say anything bad about Boston don't misunderstand me but never want that he professed a love and desire to stay here. That that Jon Lester -- you you know what you're gonna sign Jacoby Ellsbury it was gonna cost you every last cent that you possibly had. With Jon Lester you knew going into it. Republicans save a couple of -- said. Lester might just be smarter smarter play in the game -- saying all the right things right now it. It's the smartest thing in the world for him right now to be -- how much he's loved Boston and how much he loves playing here and how he wants to be a Red Sox forever because. What's the Alter a myth of him standing at their -- I can't believe they're not sign I mean this is crazy. I mean either Jon Lester is really Smart guy and it's been a little bit of time with them and I think he is but he also is really good representation to say look job. You know say a one bad word about this town their fans how you've been treated you just go out is it looks like they're gonna probably try to trade you and before that happens. You tell everybody in the world how much you love it here by the -- everyone loves you. And Steve I don't think that they that even had to be told that I really that good representation does exactly what you just described. Maybe you know naive here I think that's what's in his heart anyway. I think he loves her I mean he talked about a kid that I grew up in this organization is very comfortable on doesn't wanna change. And and by what we all think they're gonna force him to do it. Seems that white Danson Cranston paid and I don't. Hey you want a quote oh boy. The rate of gun would be you -- -- team that was possible was 69 the magic number but -- -- A reason to follow them. Okay something to strive for I -- It does not -- promotions do you know dominant -- I'm I'm just I'm just waiting for John -- to pull -- Jim -- and walk around and hand out hundred dollar bills to people like the owner of the Indianapolis Colts that. The other day at their training camp maybe that'll drive people. The rock bottom of the common to. -- -- well. And I'm glad I'm out there -- It not been out there like call. I don't wanna see Cole Hamels I -- and here's what. He did that pretty much the same right realize a bank. They're similar they're not too far off what it might point I mean it's what's -- and how to memorize. And it's really a Cole Hamels in 28. Which basically -- work. It's seven and thirteen with the area or six. Now you know that that's. A lot by the way his numbers against the American League east or even worse than that and I want to have -- incorrect number in the American League east. And -- you can take 22 and a half million Kodak I employee as. I don't think there was I don't think their interest -- getting Cole Hamels -- -- -- amount when you're pregnant somewhat become horrible it's mighty oaks when I when I heard the the report and I loved this when I mentioned it earlier. Supposedly when the Dodgers inquired about the availability of Cole Hamels. They were told that the price to get Hamels. Was -- Peterson. Craig. -- And as -- say -- right yes I believe it is all three their top three prospects. Now I was hoping the Red Sox could get Peterson. Out of this deal if they traded Lester to the Dodgers I was hoping they can get back. Supposedly the Phillies asked the doctors for all three. And needless to say were rejected if that if that's the price that they're asking the Dodgers four for Hamels what are they gonna ask the Red Sox four on analog TV again. It would be Henry Owens. It would be Zander Bogart's. It would be not Christian Vasquez. I mean it would be this why hard. Either Vasquez horse while yet one -- it it would be the three prospects that would that would hurt you the most if your Red Sox. I think it's imperative if you're in or an organization. To look at the history of the pitcher and weary spirits and that I'm not talk about what team is based on the what league east Pittston. You know you have to. Really look at a guy who's been a National League pitcher for most of his career. And determine whether or not camp it's in the American League that extra hitter makes a big difference. There are automatic outs in National League lineups that those guys get used to rely on. They'll literally pitch around guys. To get to the outs there are fewer of those type of outs in an American League lineup if you've proven that he can pitch in the American League that's why -- numbers like you know Clemens and you know what he did in the American League dominated it's -- Imagine if he -- -- nationally don't want to bettors numbers of the event that Pedro good lord he spent more time in the National League. If you can't pitch in in in the American League you better not build trade for a guy like. Watch what Barack that's why a lot of us thought that Jake Peavy was a great deal for someone to be had. In the National League and that's why we think the giants maybe pick themselves up somebody who can help them it's for that reason he's proven he can pitch. Albeit not well this past year in the American League but he can pitch in the Al and he can be a pretty good starter in the and it kind of pitches just well enough to lose. Usually there especially and again this year again says it 6177797937. Is telephone or broadcasting live from Fenway Park. A day before trade deadline day but the Sox have already made a deal. Our final drive managers replay coming up boat about 540 or thereabouts you'll hear from John Ferrell there on Sports Radio WE yeah I'd -- the number but the lines have been fall. Since we sat down here at 2 o'clock. Whole Lotta baseball fans out there talking about trade deadline date and as we mentioned earlier the Sox have made it feel to it. They have -- a picture today. Just not exactly which are reluctant fours they treated Felix to brought to the Chicago Cubs for players to be named later. Basically. Our -- not the Red Sox just. You know just get him. I don't care where -- for -- get him out my clubhouse. In the -- from might keep them off my mound. While that know that that is the managers get off my -- Did I say I think the reason they left him out there is so that they can get him out of here. They just let him Wear that that appears is okay. You wanna go out they're not really care you wanna pop off the boat didn't trade you wanna pop off about. I should be a starter and not a guy in the bullpen but they like gone out there when you start having a bad outing. Have a nice stat don't look over your shoulder considering nobody else coming in gyms and western mass HM I don't. They are going back to grab. I think everybody missed the big picture unless you're here. His -- issues -- Being cancer he's got a World Series rings he'd been dominant in the post season. What goes up all the pain. And he's not getting it anywhere near what did he. The Baseball Hall of Fame. What what what what look at look at it and god knows there's nobody out there that likes Jon Lester more than I do as a pitcher. I'm looking it is 67 years in the major leagues to be in a hall of Famer. He's got a he's got to go 25. We've got to -- 23 and four for the next seven years to be considered a hall of Famer. Okay without that don't like what my point is that his goal. And it could not believe that you are pregnant red carpet square the exact same number one Houston. Is in his goal to make money in my championship like PRD has -- Wanted to know he won the championship you got them on now. Didn't -- your competitor goal is to try to get to -- planes. So -- realistic and understand that he's gonna he is only goal now is to become selfish player. Not known what this is what they've been -- into the would do anything to the reds are being but -- lead -- -- and ultimately you're gonna hit 25 home run combined. Yeah yeah every time you are definitely. Starting pitcher that we didn't appear. Nobody disagrees with all the facts that you just positive -- like it or not this year's tournament shares the same thing last year what you're saying is that that he's not telling the truth when he keeps telling everybody you'll listening wants to -- Welcome to the hometown discount -- that would go to the oracle World Series victory. Yeah and -- this year we're sorry she wouldn't look. He has that he has sent is as early as a week ago. He doesn't want colony where he wants to stay here he's never once gone back on that original statement that. You know IE I've I don't know -- LA I know I never once come back on that he's been always true it was worth every single time it's brought up to. And you know he's learned now his maturity levels the same thing that I saw from Roger Clemens when I've played with Roger early and left with the -- -- came back. And I son just pitched brilliantly in game. And and Red Sox lost and he was really good and I I'd seen him get very very upset as you guys have seen -- to get upset this past. In till he finally realized that pitching. You're also an islander you Q kind of by yourself. I think that the pitchers get to a point where they understand that there win loss record means. Absolutely nothing as you talked about it it would take a number of wins. For him to even get considered to be all they Amro which I agree if he's not an -- that. Timers they didn't have a great start to his career in order to that they get him to that point. He understands what pitching is now he goes out there and dominates the game. And if he holds the other team down in his ER is a better indication of how well these pits he's like. I have I did my job I did the best I can do to keep my team in it. It's after the half and -- -- as the Kennedy's someday help me win this game and if it's a loss. I'm not happy about it. But I'm comfortable with the job that ideas will be going out there pits and I think that a sign that seemed transformational -- -- -- with with Lester now. Bryant's on the cellphone. Brian I don't carry a grant McConnell. We're -- -- free agency obviously. At this point my -- and capture terrorists probably I think I make most money to -- agent for starting pitchers. How much do you guys think I am sure there will make compared to what Webster's sealing it and maybe only change she'll still. Com how much difference whether -- how much difference. In. In the hometown discount that Lester struck me about how much. -- on not just on -- we are we talking here down from his maximum value that he could yet. -- that that he would take well just -- quick comet that. Are you guys were just talking earlier about guys who were you know when they go on the mound -- It's great guaranteed when I think about what he the American League personnel and I think that's special and add his name America. Well I and I'll say this the irony theory is match your -- decline the tigers offer a 144 million dollars. At the time Jon Lester. Not a critical wages and boy beat it beat top turned that down. I think Max Scherzer is gonna get offered more money and -- I'm not sure that he -- more but he's gonna get offered more -- -- -- offered -- -- 44. No I don't think so I mean I think it'll be like a 150 what you you're looking like do you think. There's a chance look Jon Lester on a much better job with his contract -- to match -- -- Yeah exactly as Michael has an opera you know 144 when -- third of the dominating. It's slipped it but it's still the talent is there -- side is he's had more than its fair share moments -- here but yeah well here as far as that's the ironic that thinking -- I think Max Scherzer is gonna get -- 150 let's say the Yankees for the sake of our discussion okay. And I -- tigers. Going to I'm Lester and saying hey. We got a hole in our rotation that 144 is that it would be -- turned out. Victory or well that's not exactly a 144 anymore when it's close maybe a 134 or five point as. I think I think there's a good chance -- there's going to be elsewhere. And I there's a real good chance the tigers are gonna have money to spend on a front line lefty in the gonna say that right there. The Yankees by the -- are going to be. Definitely in the running for guys like Lester to -- pushed the price north in. I never buying into the never never never never never all place let's skip the Yankees play the Yankees get what it's like. Happened a bunch I just -- -- the bunch righteous kill this part of me it's the fan part that lets hope. Jon Lester don't of the Yankees and John is much as he says he loves pitching here in Boston how difficult it would be for him to actually put on a Yankee uniform a pitch for them that's for the business. On the giants like chances -- you know what I think lesser ends up with the Dodgers at some point whether they'd make a deal form I also think that. If they make a deal for him and he pits as the rest of the season with the Dodgers I believe you re signs that the Dodgers in a long term deal they have more money than any other organization out there. Bill they love to spend it. I got in his way at -- loves it here but LA is an amazing place to be a player. On a good team and they're going to be good for a long time to come. It if they give him in that clubhouse. To hang out with guys like. Kerr shot and Greinke and top pitching and watch those guys dazzle on the and he goes out matches. Be really tough to get away from that I think builds up in Maine hey bill I don't. I had a good doing great. This is exactly what I say there was -- call vote for a split lust for putting up. Don't over the Red Sox would trade him I was hoping he really really truly committee want to stay in Boston. He'd be auto. But. I've -- opinion that if he really really truly want to stay in Boston put his senior tour is boxes. And and obviously he's not gonna do that. Lol well it went real until I got to Wear it out when they -- percent relative -- wanna ask a question shots all the ones offer that's on the table. And it's the only offer that's been made for a seven he should just sign that. Well but never so just sign evidently you -- and you negotiate. Now I don't care what the union says he should yet. I would union vice president at one time years ago. It did not did it tell me what to do it it is technique from what's done to -- And that. If if you really truly won the state he could negotiate something in the Red Sox truly wanted him. They would negotiate maybe nowhere near what he could make on the six. I used to work essentially Powell. And but what I really wanted to do was another job. When I was in 1970. And I took a big cut in pay to go to that other jobs. And but it is I've you know I've basically put my life on the line because it took a pretty because -- and obviously I -- -- twenty million dollar. Cut but a mechanic -- other media. Mechanic Jim good slider. No I didn't get to vote -- but it would drop a regular job but I but I took me. A substantial credit -- -- or do the job that I wanted to do. I NN and I understand that that some of us in in real life and have had much more difficult decisions than. Professional athletes have had to make especially from a financial point and I and I understand that I agree with that. When you think about the possibility here and the only contract offer that inmate is four years seventy million dollars. None of us think that there's any way Jon Lester will make less than a 125. Doing -- I mean is that minimum. Now but he does -- -- -- makes a good point 55. Million dollar penalty down there nobody walks away from that nobody walks away from ten or fifteen million dollars these days and up to one and a. But I think the appointment of bill me and you gotta think that this happened if it didn't and then he's absolutely right. Is at what point did Jon Leicester city to his representation. Going in and did a freaking deal done. Get it done I don't want come to this go in there let's negotiate and that's what this man is these are humans and bills that is you know what -- never has had a good point -- yeah. He does have a good point about that go get it done. It is in because Lester is set all the right things that won the Olympics here. And they'll get -- field. I can understand the Red Sox if they don't want him and I don't think they want them at that price I can understand them not making another offer. I still can't as you bills I understand why if you're Lester make any sort of all make any sort of counteroffer even if it's outrageous and ridiculous dim -- while might end. I've asked this point before and I do understand a little bit where it's coming from. And I know it's not a perfect analogy but Greg you're selling your house for a million dollars and Steve offers you 200004. You're probably not in the -- You're you know what you're saying is he's not here I'm either don't think yeah I mean I'm not out of some outrageous and outrageous one -- say yeah I'm Michael back. Unless I'm the only game in town which is the sort of the -- -- answers or was only two way street you know -- the only people they can't negotiate with each -- he calling back -- elect. United and close I mean if you want the way I only runner up on me throw me something here. And I can remember it was Michael news editor or somebody else has been on the show last few days when the Red Sox offered four and seventy. Lester -- -- -- okay how about five and 300. Some really cool week off the wall number just say. I think that's as ridiculous -- the offer human -- in Houston. No I didn't say I -- there's always says. I don't some some guy I don't know I don't know Michael no it wasn't like some Michael goggle it wherever Ali I can't remember if it was Michael is senator one of our -- -- saddened that I can't give credit. I don't know which -- sent it in maven and you know what it was and part of it was an artist and my friend Mandy your friend and such make as as. As off the wall and offer as you think their make. You know you're saying -- you're still not our productive at the news today. What it you know what it probably more proposals to do just what they did which is okay we'll see we'll see at the end of the year right. It's it's kind of sad I think for most people I think we're at this point less than 24 hours away I think we all agree that less will be gone. The organization had all their reasons for doing it but I think as fans of -- and of what he does because he's been very very hard to replace. It's sad it's sad. All the way around for everybody I think. Are -- final drive it's the managers a replay on Wednesday's -- were at Fenway Park you're gonna wanna hear from John Ferrell he's coming up next.

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