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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Best of Trade Deadline Edition - 7-30-14

Jul 30, 2014|

We tackle four topics, all centered around the Sox best moves ever at the trade deadline.

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And -- -- and -- this movie we don't make the trainer Carl and I turned on its financial. That's. Still there aren't old car. As he did you get that authority -- this time. And I got it manually. With -- success in his indictment against him for schoolhouse rock school. Rock. For it or brought you by AT&T. AT&T -- in 99% of Americans annually that are -- So right deadline deals that work for the Boston Red Sox. But if we vote for them to a larger. -- we're gonna start with maybe the biggest robbery and Red Sox history in 1997. The Red Sox -- off he -- slocum. And got back Derrick Low and Jason Varitek from the Mariners just minutes before the trading deadline the Red Sox slocum. Tennessee -- exchange to find prospects catcher Jason Varitek and pitcher Derek well. That I looked at this day make the argument that it's the most one sided deal in the history lost that's. You can almost make an argument that its top five in baseball history. I mean when you think about and and you hurt if that was John McDonough talking about it and you hear -- thing to find prospects member of that now. Or prospects or what what you're probably going to be getting in return for Jon Lester and John Lackey and Andrew Miller and whoever else you -- here. Look at what -- brought to the Boston Red Sox bats is that a trade deadline deals ever and when you made the deal. At the time and I remember at the time -- kind of felt like well. Really given up much of anything here so what do we get back it's going to be better than. He -- -- and slocum below that that is really became a real -- to call bill are attacked not attacked close that was the -- early. Andy. Yes we are we're gonna move up to the summer of 2004. You guys -- the deal I'm talking about Nomar shipped away brought back Orlando Cabrera and Doug Mientkiewicz in May. In this trade we acquired two players who. Who won gold gloves were they large impacts on our team defense. And in -- -- required Dave Roberts another plus defensive player. Very speedy player so I think what we've done today is that we lost a great player. You know my aggressive -- and always done is we've made our club more functional clock. Definitely into the sadness and that you know that's that going through because. You know only a place -- -- love so dear to my heart. And spend them that long -- out there you play and do what she did -- the game you load and you know what you had on the field. It's pretty special. And you think about and and field and at the end their horses and after and in a separate deal with -- Dave Roberts. Who only who say they literally acquired him to do one thing. It was needed and and he he did the one thing they've brought him in four at the most crucial critical time. And is as much responsible for the possibility of winning the World Series because the ones stolen -- one I think one of the greatest parts about that -- was that Roberts the old days and think David stole the ball. At eight. That's why I doubt about that -- Cabrera was just held and he got rid Nomar which is what they wanted to do at that time and as we pointed out yesterday. That was that deal where I mean the Red Sox and twins in Minnesota. So Mientkiewicz just switched clubhouse is in the middle. And you know played for the twins against the Red Sox one day. Played for the Red Sox against the twins and acts that you know there's actually been a player that did that in the -- actually got it for both teams on the same day. Ridiculous. It's -- all ridiculous -- And I can't think I've got a problem I have are got a lot of what any jump to any he scared me and it Lhasa I told Youngblood. Got traded he really got traded from I believe Cincinnati to Montreal. Where the other way around. They were playing each other and tell that are getting hit. For one team in the first game and getting hit for the other team says he'd given your tree history -- Really thought you were -- -- that you wouldn't. I didn't do that against Meehan didn't. Now you've been wrong because an area -- so let's talk about the topic for a minute because if Byron member might might -- -- Red Sox history. In the world famous 33 inning game. Didn't wasn't there a player who played for both teams in that game yes that that -- that -- in the front as part of it -- I great about it. They resume the game. I think he was playing the other and actually played for both teams in the same 33 innings. But I don't do that though. If he is in the line up for the for the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm a genius and I like the whole story and if that's true by the way the -- Youngblood who's the Mets next. Without there's -- and that's not a lot of -- -- Steve Lyons did okay and history. We're gonna move up four years. Disgruntled manner -- was dealt away to Los Angeles. Craig Hansen Brandon Moss Roosevelt way and we got back Jason Bay. Well -- a great city broad you know we have cider and imitators -- remember when I was like eight years old Marc ground more -- was home to the states and the word there and a mark -- uniform. But -- aware what's the value. Number thirty soul like -- -- conclusion on him -- affair that was remembers who of this team and anywhere fan. Also using the pads and everything and it was available in the form of brain and -- -- I'm thinking globally if they develop values and and see how little of this thing. I'll tell you why I put this on the list of deals that work. Because the minute Jack McCormick to the floor in the clubhouse and use them. He had to go apps and everybody in baseball that we had to go and it was like. Why would anybody give anything that mattered when they do you had to get rid of this guy. And they got Jason Bay and returned to pilot was frequently at times it's all on the surface you'll look and see what Manny did. The well let's see a lot -- offered it now is -- -- that we thought it was unbelievable -- I agree. Based on the circumstances what Manny Ramirez he just couldn't keep me in this about any longer. Yet they had to get rid of them but he came to LA and had. One of the best second -- I've ever witnessed completed 53 games 53 RBIs and hit 500. In the playoffs for them and only that season. One of the funny things is they -- Manny Bobble head night. And he didn't start that day -- Grand Slam to win the game later on on his own Bobble head night but. The caveat to that whole thing is I'm still waiting for him to -- paws his brain. Is noticed that when people ask me about the Red -- and -- my freedom clause. Might someday win and here's a scary not -- positive Steve here's a scary thought -- What about the possibility. That the player of meeting later that the cubs and the Red Sox in exchange for Felix to -- as many premiere. Was in their minor league system now AAA -- -- vote. And this -- him on the field -- I don't know I have no idea. One quick note before we get to number four. John -- meeting with the media right now he says pass up right now. Jon Lester scheduled to start Sunday night. Let her who would have at a Friday. I don't -- None of us that he's gonna be here Sunday night with John Farrell says he's got all the cards. You know some crazy stuff on because they basically put some back -- if he's not that we thought. All right Andy. Hill and time now for the AT&T best deadline deal as for the Red -- are. Now we taxes on a little bit 1986. Was the first season that July 31 was deadline. But a month before that. The greatest trade ever Red Sox history. Steve lines shipped away for hall of Famer Tom Seaver. -- -- in the middle square. So many. Injury. Showing you how to achieve playing just like bill. It's. They're very we got okay. Cheater. Yeah so it was enough guys that -- likely to projectile -- -- they opinion analyst iceberg off the I've forgotten and I am I shouldn't because we've been friends I've forgotten the lines straight to you forgot to do you remember that if you remember -- lines that. Tom -- was just to -- six. White Sox decided to get rid of him and for him to Boston got traded for a under 500 picture it was not a climate it was under 500 years a mile to a five year been hurt himself and never did plant layouts. -- says pause it will be it from -- hall of Famer I can guarantee you this on TV doesn't think. It was cool because I mean I. Everything I think it does for us and has not all of this. So that's our fourth or today as we try to come up with nice to be known as again -- one of the best trade ever. As a guy did you know leaving minarets that was the key here was that a degree that it has such -- soda experts. All right we took an opportunity to know why I admit that. It was a cheap shot but it was there and we and we were predicting.

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