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Buster Olney, ESPN, on the impending Jon Lester trade, 7-30-14

Jul 30, 2014|

Multiple sources have indicated that Jon Lester will be dealt before the July 31st trade deadline. Buster talks to MFB regarding possible destinations, and he seems to think Lester will land in the NL Central. He also suggests that the Sox might as well get rid of John Lackey if they're going to deal Lester.

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Lester joins us right now on 937 WE I've buster how -- thanks for coming on -- -- great attitude can down the hours we. Lowered down at 28 hours ago so pretty. It's that it's the best -- it's the best time I don't bust your runner up crazy but the rumors are outstanding what's reality what is it what. What is the latest obviously -- scratched what are you hearing it who could possibly be the team involved. Well and talking we created the other team they're talking with a red side they say they think that it did it. You know basically it's certainly electors going to move. And their perception threats -- understand that the not to be able to re sign him so. You put him out in the marketplace she get return form and yes she did a clearly and actually central is right in and at the forefront. What they read such are dealing with a net vortex works well for them because not only -- that you know they Louis cardinals and you talking with a reds' psyche trying to get Jon Lester. Which -- trying to keep them away from the from the Pittsburgh Pirates on the same thing with the pirates they're talking about less city trying to at least. What's the price up for the cardinals and I you'd think. That the cardinals are probably the front runner right now. -- you if you the Red Sox the way that National League west played out over the last week it not working well for you. -- no doubt that. For five days ago with -- -- -- distraught perception with the Dodgers were going to be need to make move on Lester. But the giants to just stop -- and the Dodgers have a three game lead they're playing better they probably can look at this race the Dodgers and say you know what. We don't have to make a big move necessarily. Have to mean it won't. But did not as much urgency for damage there -- experts say the pirates. We're now right within a game the first place nationally central not as much or impede the cardinals who have fallen behind the pirates this race right. Would suspect -- he's gonna wind up with -- one of those you've seen if I'm taking my best educated guess right now. What would reject what the cardinals would mean that the -- people might know would be a guy like -- dove bars as a team that's. Struggled offensively as well with -- -- play the Red Sox will be looking -- in return. Well you would certainly ask the question I can tell you that. That he is widely viewed by what's got to go when they're watching plays being sort of a non portable white player because it's. A body language in the cardinals have. Guy who you know played a certain speed and and they they all sort of conduct themselves the same way at Minnesota Twins have a similar right organization. And doctor -- is someone who. Are to be in the I'd just get out howdy. Are seeking unique and where his at bat in the field he's going through a tough time he also has unbelievable power. So the question is unity the cardinals. Look at a situation you know like a Lester like David Price they -- Down the road media -- not a great fit for us all take advantage over my guess is that -- so. Because these. But you know leak power hitter. That that's going to be guided the cardinals wanna hang onto -- interpreted value even if they don't necessarily look at him as the image guided -- hang on too long term. They have such a great ranger prospect that the pirate. That there's the reds back to be able to look any long manual guide there's also no question to that that. The cardinals have a log -- of guys and outfielders. That they have in their system and that's certainly a way that they can match up for the Red Sox. A strong and others here on knighted for seven WEEI similarly I would think would be the case to for the pirates buster because Josh bills that guy his name is come up. And he can project potentially is a first baseman as well there's a lot of outfielders in front of him when it comes to Pittsburg and where they are for the next couple years. They were talked about as being a dark horse and all this I always thought they were pretty good trading partner for the Red Sox from the get go for the similar reasons you'd just brought up with. Saint Louis it does speak to the bizarre -- nature of this whole discussion. That you're you've got the pirates trying to acquire someone like Leicester in giving up prospects. As a push the other way or outing -- this from the Boston perspective I know from Pittsburgh perspective. I feel like I'm looking at this from completely the wrong into the prison here it's bizarre. -- well and it and it's interesting and -- keys don't work in Pittsburgh you'll notice that I've always found it interesting about Pittsburgh. -- he always connected with the elite guys in the marketplace and they do have a -- historically for finishing second or third. Okay yeah where you'll you'll hear -- agent with a big regional winner and an aid coming up under the wire. I kind of wonder if this is what's going on here. Because they argued by. Neal Huntington new general manager is viewed by his peers without being very careful. Very protective of its prospects. And in talking with people today they wondered part of what's going on here at the hired or at least trying to push. The cardinals now. I do think that there's the potential matchup we did the pirates is because it's less value. In John Lackey. And it might be that you know what -- the pirates don't get Jon Lester. They can make a run at John Lackey and boy did he fit you know what they could use because of that contract or next year -- 500000 dollars. If the Red Sox of certain it is the result studio Jon Lester do is that how maybe some people do look at that should. Deal Lackey that would let you wanna be here -- water we signed played for 500 grand here in Boston with the deal both of them. Well that's exactly right it's kind of like what boil it in a debate with David Price and bent over to David Price target trade -- -- going to between now and the deadline. The rays are gonna move bent over like maybe -- same equation could be quite a -- Bet if you if you know that you can remote Jon Lester and you're not probably not can be able to re sign him in the wintertime. You might it will take advantage of the value job Lackey let somebody else deal with a quandary this 500000 dollar option. Next year but strongly with -- -- an ID 37 W the island Maloney to him density from Foxboro today players coming off the field of just an abuse for you shortly. So buster we're looking at this from a wide ranging perspective toward the Red Sox not just Jon Lester like for instance when it comes to Pittsburgh there's had to be looking at Breslow and Miller to. People have been clamoring why not Koji -- -- could he get a lot as a closer. Carpenter who brought wanna go in there were eight names who put up there on the board. From the Red Sox. Last week we asked Lou give us all eight yes or no are they going are they saying he -- all eight are gonna. So -- just started to go -- start with an over under I'll give -- an over under of all four and a half Red Sox traded off the Major League roster -- over under by the time we -- wake up on the first. Well I'll go under. Because that's a lot of work to get done in a really short period of time. I could see you know one or two relievers being attached starting pitcher they try to find a middle ground on a prospect. Red Sox do have those guys that you can put any deal. To push it over the top the other major -- that they haven't you know occupier the cardinals. You know adding an Andrew Miller to a -- to a Lackey could turn out to be something that's really attracted but I did elite that it. I wrote that the column today for Red Sox ownership boy you better have a plan B. Because I I I you know can -- really gonna be fascinated eatery actions in this chapter Lester it's traded. Our and it Lackey gets traded what terrorist response going to be going into 2000 -- seen from from the band aid. And really more importantly from the other players. Because I think they're going to be a lot of questions raised and -- Cairo it's better have a plan B. Yeah I'm with you they're good ebbs and lose my mind if they deal both those pitchers but I want to ask you voted to Miller because of the gifts I just spread between -- I forget who who said it but. Sox look looking for top prospects for a Andrew Miller now another rental I think that asking prices high. Even though as good as I think of it Drew Miller -- What do you think is -- what those guys -- -- tied -- -- Jonny -- that type of thing you were just discussing. Well. I think actually have a -- it's something back decent return last week when I was like within the GM and the -- the bottom of the positions work. It was the most volume beliefs volume. And didn't start out right into relievers most points starting pitchers do it right near the bottom left in relief. You have he would guys like Antonio but start -- there. But -- Miller I think because it is history. Because. How well he throws the ball when he's added as he's going to be someone who's going to be looked at for example by the Dodgers. And by any number scenes in the -- fit everybody indeed it's I think are you looking for I was in Detroit yesterday they were talking about Andrew Miller. He's definitely someone where you get a good piece. I I don't know necessarily have to -- Jonny -- I think probably the best way to get value at Miller would be -- it heal by itself. -- thanks a lot for coming on really do appreciate it thanks for joining us send we know that you're really busy trying to track every sort of trade rumor in the big one here is Jon Lester so thanks for giving us some perspective on it I buster buster -- here on 937 WEEI.

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