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Jerod Mayo joins MFB, 7-30-14

Jul 30, 2014|

Patriots LB, Jerod Mayo, talks about the high praise he's been receiving from coach Belichick, trying to forget about last year, and what the team hopes from the defense.

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When I voted him dance studio. At Gillette Stadium overlooking the Dana Farber field house and the practice fields for the New England Patriots. Downfield Christian Fauria -- mail linebacker for the during the patriots is gonna join us soon. Christie getting years down the field I got -- and I got you for folks or -- and about Jon Lester will keep you posted best we can -- development -- mr. view with buster only. That'll be podcast on demand at WEE I. Dot com if you wanna stay up to date on everything going on. With the trade deadline not just with Jon Lester but with the Red Sox in general in Major League Baseball bat large IDF draw down there with -- And -- you know he -- stand right now I think what we're trying to do trying to talk -- coming over here so here comes the lumbering giant right now. He's going over he doesn't want to because just signed a bunch of -- a bunch autographs and I don't know -- if you knew or not you had to sign those autographs Heidi and it was up part of the plan did you know yes they have brought this on monitor. Not at all but appreciate the fans coming out and I'll do whatever it takes them. -- appreciate you being with right now obsolete. You get injured last year get a lot of praise from Bill Belichick but that tough for you to handle having is that you are you not -- he's trying to -- you're not -- you know a lot of high -- -- in the -- Are obviously I appreciated. They ignore the noise goes you know for the negative and positive nods commodity every day -- work harder. Make -- -- fan base -- -- good defense on him. How frustrating was it for you last year office when he got hurt. Seeing that you guys who went to this exemption game and knowing that it maybe if you were able to be out there committing huge difference not to lose that game field and extra. You know juice -- during the offseason. You know eyelashes last year he knows there's there's pressure from the you know being home but. No we have a great group of guys this year coming out here working hard every day and was stardom brings and again together. -- it's Tim batsman -- up here on the deck of the -- Louis got to start don't you're jumping jacks again little -- little blue -- and director -- yeah editor of her way up here. Sure on how this defense the way it's developing and with the additions that -- got in Browner and Revis has gotten people so excited. About how good that unit can be top to bottom we were talking on the air yesterday about the jets saying that they might have the best defense. In all of football Calvin Pace went so far as to say that. -- do they have the best defense in their own division or do you guys have that. Know what the guys who knows no one's played again so we're just out here compete against our offense each and every day. We'll see you at into the season so much so. You know -- derby command that in the defense your defense this is gonna be elite right every eight of their confidence but when you look around yourself coming back in big events and editions that Tim which is talking about. Is there a different feel is -- a different sense in those meetings that the guys. You know honestly all these guys -- the play again football. And I that's good for the defense -- they have a great time -- means we have a great time on the field so it's all about doing that camaraderie right now I'm going out and putting everything we put in the -- rooms on the field and being on the same page. Are talking a linebacker dropped mail number 51. On the field number one your hard -- so listen. Aqib -- last year Darrelle Revis Brandon -- this year. What do guys like Browner and readers do feel. Honestly no they go first lost -- in the -- those guys always on time as I was always asking questions the right questions you know and they played a lot of football in this league so. Obviously they bring you know football savvy and and now -- to the game but also they come here work hard each and every day so. I'm grateful to have them -- at -- town with a -- -- -- from the field and yes we're trying to. Drive for you personally and for your other starting Q linebackers. On this team give me one. Attribute one word that best describes what you bring to the team and what the other starters -- -- the defense. -- Assad and his moral question because notes and I'm not really. They've lost out anything like that but as a unit I think you know we work hard. We have a great coach impact Graham met Patricia. How's the prognosis has coast a lot of linebackers. We distraught about them what -- you know our best foot forward so that's the code that's a question -- about. Jamie call -- end of the year last year obviously came on the scene everyone's talking about him this year expecting big things it would. What do you see from him just -- it just the F let assistant that he brings as well. He obviously is a great athlete. He studies the game puts a lot of work and you know I was at the now from the pre season all what's the last we can see the nose to put it ought to gathered not not as Jamie but it went across the board so. Our last question dry dessert guy those are young guys so far that stood out. To use -- got to -- -- that you realize he had just have a -- didn't realize that he was a dedicated that's that you things have a big year this year. You know honestly. That's a tough question we have a lot of guys come here and -- worked hard hat moment that I it was fun days than Modesto it's tough to really answer a question like that we have a lot of great athletes it. I asked about it now. That this Bill Belichick approve it. You you'll have gotten so good at dodging in avoiding questions you can't talk about the past. You could barely talk about the future and you can't talk about anybody on the team also made by the way to ride the White -- Jerod -- will be with us once a week every Monday right everybody drug addicted to tell you that yet exams for errors I -- got to go work -- the negotiations. The next time I drive pitcher televise a combined open along apria.

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