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Danny Amendola joins MFB, 7-30-14

Jul 30, 2014|

Patriots WR, Danny Amendola, joined the show for a bit to talk about his health, the evolution of the playbook, and the heated battles between the offense and defense.

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Let's go down the field right now -- is standing by I would Danny Amendola as we switch gears and talk patriots here at Foxboro as Gillette Stadium as the patriots are coming off the field from training camp practice today. Christian go ahead and yet we guide Danny Amendola here we're gonna keep the theme. Focused on the offensive side of the Balkans middle and the most important got out of the ball. So yeah obviously the first -- the most important question what -- it is. How's your health. It's a feeling good run around. Some real strong through -- healthy and really go did you do any different this year. Disposal last year too I guess make sure that you didn't have some of the nagging injuries yet last year. I'm a little bit you know I liked the prepare the same way every year -- to come into each champions. You know it's a really good this year and greater than to move forward. -- it sets -- in the Maloney up here on the red level thanks leopard taken some time to join us we were speaking last night on a celebrated. -- -- let's cut but we're behind this that are behind this car in behind it are. Apparently aware that he can't receive shortest guys wearing his blue days ago all right -- blue level. Or the blue level by about -- level. Danny we're talking at zeevi last night about out. What actually an adult man needs to do or can do to piggyback on top defined season that he had. From a year ago but with you being healthy with rock being healthy with the development of some of these other receivers. Is it as absolutely necessary for -- to -- the kind of season. That he did last year or in a good way might it be that his numbers are diminished statistically in part because the ball is going to more guys. You know I know I can't speak for Julian but just in terms of a whole group you know we're not really focused on on the numbers are. Or how many catches or yards but you know more or less -- wins and losses and you know we're all just you know get trying to get. You know -- -- get in position to help this team win in and that's what we're really focused on. You know days of -- talk about wide receivers in this system and how can be difficult but he picked up to be on the same page. With a guy like Tom Brady how is that for -- year one year Q do you notice any difference for you in week one anything specific to where you feel much more comfortable now. -- -- -- looks constantly evolving you know it's we try to try to change the father every day in and try to you know progress in in and out and get better so you know I'm learning everybody's everybody's out you're learning every day trying to get better and -- we're seeing some good things out there where we're competing in in. You know we're we're five and on on offense trying to trying to compete with the defense -- better today so. So you get to new acquisitions on defense you have you rivas. They have -- so we're watching all of you know the whole practice today one on ones you know -- on seven you name it. Seems -- the competition. Is a lot higher than it this year than it was last just knowing has an often the player. That it from you could be readers are could be Browner how important is that for you'd just knowing that okay. When I go -- to play in any real real game I probably will never faced anyone as good as I have my own defense. You know two quarterbacks with a lot of experience in the league. High quality. Corners me you know you know how to read routes battery concepts. Quickly and you know we're trying to mix up on trying to get better trying to. You know he did a great like I said so you know which -- -- compete every day in and in -- improve on in in all areas. Just wonder we scene nicely last time we -- I think -- that was kidnapped lobe of the Chordiant so Browner earlier in this did earlier today with -- felt. You trash talker you up there near practice you get some these guys face is well. -- everybody like that out here I mean it's very competitive it's very it gets heated at times but again today were Brothers and our family and then you know nothing. You carries over from from the field into the locker room which which is used very professionally and you know everybody out here you don't try to get better every day and it's gonna get here it's gonna get competitive and you know -- they were family so. -- and all this Dana how is dropped below Dylan and has there been any moment where you've taken some time -- to -- China. Coax him through his first camp. He's doing well -- catch on quickly and I was working really hard. Because she's doing great job -- putting him in position to it's a learning and to get as many reps as he -- then make -- Rosie needs to make and you know. He's a rookie he's getting better. I so let's look for Danny Amendola is a stretch and every time we ask my question is doing is Chinese keep is answering -- Denny thanks. For stuff combined. -- -- Syria and a couple weeks -- next game. There. I -- Christian downfield Danny Amendola hopefully have some more patriots interviews to come. The next few minutes here Lou baloney incidents view here Gillette Stadium overlooking the Dana Farber practice facility some of the fans -- many fans that have come out and out disbursing a bit but at a good crowd today for folks who were. Think about it. Back at the place. Absolutely. -- packet it would get people nervous at -- openly said over there to jump the house's. Or more people each and every week here based everyday gadgets it. It is in my in my picture that I never tweet it out about all fans are waiting in line did you literally -- tried I think you know a little late now so. And we are just say no we are looking for you know. Maybe another player so and and so hopefully we'll get once -- a bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A great -- -- right I have. We'll break. We'll figure out the rest they aren't embarrassed -- -- I can't -- and there's a giant harp here what does he wanted to do. The night 37 WB.

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