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Three For All: Justin Bieber/Orlando Bloom "fight", 7-30-14

Jul 30, 2014|

Today the guys saw that Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Justin Bieber, much to the delight of Lou (and probably many of our listeners.) SI.com had a quiz on their website. Basically, it was a quote and the viewer had to decide if a quote provided, was Johnny Manziel, or Justin Bieber. It was more difficult than it should have been.

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Hey these guys know more than just sports agent came -- well traveled passionate. Renaissance man who thinks he's too real for a long. There is the country's three overall venture. It's 34 wrong dvds with him death. These days that -- free for all. Budget bind at ponson valley construction. Need new roof they've got you covered -- -- the Maloney Christian Fauria from Foxboro today. And a Christian I was sort of on the same page for free for all. The story take everything that's non sport related -- under our roof brought you by the pot belly construction and you and I both saw. Different stories involving Justin Bieber today -- with that would be appropriate. For today's referral. Yeah and it's pretty it's pretty embarrassing that were both on the same wave we've link on that -- certainly see some beaver stuff we're really were all are there but. But to make even better is -- old man fell on their also Littlejohn immense self. I'll throw some Orlando Bloom in their two did you see the fight they got into. No I did not it's nice actually I think I heard about it I saw the video love it they shoot video the video was it. The video looks like it was after the punch we had to punch was thrown from Orlando Bloom right and I say yes. It would -- -- god is but yeah. After the the after the punch but it was still pretty nice and they're still afraid guess afterwards and bloom who was pulled back by his entourage. Once things calm down to a certain degree started to walk back over is if you want to get back into it again. And then now you heard a couple of bombs I think I think more of anybody. How old is Orlando Bloom anyway -- really. Fifty Powell immediately got -- -- -- what he always -- thirty easily hit these people it's why. He like you who whom I don't favor anybody that goes at the Justin Bieber right. Actually that is -- that is true if two guys needed to be punched. But it Justin Bieber would be number one and yes OK number two slowly bringing up the right to be done a mental your boy. Thought I -- I don't wanna put it mildly -- go ahead -- and it's -- the played online and admitted I've been to separate these two stories together so SI dot com had this that this great little car. -- where they challenged people. Two look at a quote. And try to decide whether dot immense self centered or Justin Bieber said OK okay see it take to quit the first -- Mike took it. He just felt like fifty cents feels just like high school. On -- I saw what are we come -- -- you you guys I have I have not seen these correct or else except most of them don't you guys the events that aren't so. Here's the first one. Does this so did -- -- Bieber the alligator and tell our bureau decided appears so we can do it right all right. I want my world to be fun. No parents no nothing like no one could stop me no one could stop me. That's -- That is beaver -- with a song. Sounds like lyrics. That parents or whatever it is really what I don't think Johnny for all his faults is still bringing daddy into the picture that's okay doesn't -- off for me there. OK I'm OK you go I won't try to let people know who I really have deep down. In my core and that I am that I'm not some us some guy who doesn't whatever is portrayed army. And it has -- sell itself. Talk about a score. That is that is Justin Bieber oil that's there that's the sick part about that that's Justin Bieber said that now which is it the sick because you -- the diamond belt that it. All right. He's a level think they got to know me I'm not know everybody portrays me as -- -- I'm not going to change joy -- for anybody. Am I going to living Michelle or -- -- just going to hide hide from everybody did not do anything I don't think that's the way I should live my life. I'm not going to do it that's Denzel. CD that's meant to Adelaide I'm not gonna change you and they all that is right that is diamond felt and our guys are -- I was zero victory on the here. Half because of the Selena Gomez is working as always -- mr. Curtis -- others -- you I know you would go -- it -- I can't hear you there's too much money in my -- big hand. Bieber SP -- you set it up you sit it out no act now. Now that. -- -- itself. Beginners or redirect there I like a no look I did because -- -- -- these two worlds are merging on the big guy John met bill is being compared. To Justin Bieber who Nolan can stand right now they were -- full force again was a tiebreaker is all right let me let me give you -- -- view just one more as a tiebreaker. A whole lot. I want to -- to give you one that it isn't necessarily. So obvious. I'd arcade in my response to reporters on who would like -- -- here's his answer Charlie Sheen and Rob Gronkowski and Tiger Woods. That's miss this man's health that is meant that -- what are. Do you already with -- with them drop Rob Gronkowski -- -- -- want to do it again there's so much money is the thing. It's just beavers at seamless dad and -- it's so I'll -- you could find a place. Were eager had to at least two out of three guys maybe Charlie's they've -- -- -- let me ask you want what marred with Tiger Woods. Now you wouldn't think I would do -- tomorrow boy gonna draft resolves exact quarterback noticed Johnny Assad is in the drop what Johnny does does a good. Years this year you feel okay. I might have a mr. spurred furious moment like you're about to have tomorrow I like just go crazy because I. That guy is just. He's becoming irritate now I see stuff like this it just makes my hair on the back my next stand up. But I he's not going to have a great year. When he does like you know he's makes -- awesome places to make some some plays really well how did he do that -- you how to get out of that situation. But then he's gonna have so many colossal meltdown when he's throwing the ball into the wrong direction just a carelessly just going crazy that's more what -- gonna -- -- We'll be attached or how they deserve -- really gonna basis the four of us right yes no we know we've got to bring some land -- you don't want -- to you know million dollar. You know fan of the football league high stakes fantasy because my Brothers and I did put an hour and a half a. Well they always information in India Leo when we don't need a quarterback's right -- -- before but we never get to Johnny and -- have the disperse further after an expansion draft from have to go way out. Although I don't doubt he had does not make in my team. I mean maybe as a specialist you know maybe you don't we got a -- element read it back punts. This -- back -- -- John event filled back there right putts I do -- get some joy and open discussion about a briefly with Danny Amendola when he was all of this earlier we'll get to that in the -- an hour of X and some more pages talks have throughout here at training camp but what we come back. Why are revisit the Jon Lester discussions since Lester is very much of the forefront everybody's minds to get scratched from his starts tonight against the Toronto Blue Jays. Workman is gonna get the call as we were talking about are trending now so what we come back we'll tell you which one of the prospects that already exists for the Red Sox. Can't be moved for even Giancarlo Stanton who -- that angle of discussion to this is not for seven W media.

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