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It Is What It Is Cast: Brandon Browner gets fired up

Jul 30, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price discuss Wednesday's Patriots practice, which featured Brandon Browner getting into it with Kenbrell Thompkins and a couple others.

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Welcome back to Gillette Stadium everybody my name is Mike to try a -- is always by patriots expert columnist for WEEI dot com Christopher price. Okay bill -- -- check it started off Wednesday talking about how this is the grind of training camp. It's like this every single year -- now on Wednesday it manifested itself. In a little bit of a dust up for Brandon brown -- not only with Ken -- Tompkins and wide receiver he's been matched up against for most of training camp. But also Jimmy garage below yelling it at the a rookie quarterback. But I think what stood out the most was about to thirty minutes and he was yelling out and assisting coach that would be wide receivers coach Chad O'Shea. Your take on what you saw out there on the field what do you make of at all. I think some of it you know you can chalk up to the fact he talked about the grind you talked about the frustration level at this point of the use of the year you know you -- getting champ you've been -- week -- keep you're at the same guys over an organ can you just imagine what would be like to be didn't have the joint practices by the way. That it's just part of it I think is that because it wasn't his -- wasn't directed at one guy if it was directed -- one guy if he just went head to head with -- and gotten a dust up. Then that would lead me to believe that there's something there between those two guys. But Browner patted it from multiple guys today you know way in that leads you to believe that there's some frustration level they're just because at that point camp. Guys you just get used to each other guys are sick and tired hit the same guys day after day after day. But there's also some. Dorsey frustration but I think there's. Some sense of how far he can go in this defense well -- -- anymore physical when we -- when it comes to his overall approach when it comes to how he can play here as opposed to the way he -- got -- because government Seattle you're very physical group of quarterbacks I wonder how they're going to be able to marry that philosophy Browner for -- through what he brings in here with what they've done for several years. I know you asked Brandon -- exactly that question what kind of adjustment is it from Seattle where was all you know the legion of boom that whole mentality. Really it was felt literally throughout the secondary will it be like that. For him here I think we have to find some sort of common ground that I think did he needs to BB dial back a little bit of the as a cavity and -- and quite frankly. The patriots need to ratcheted up a little -- some of those other defensive backs need to ratchet it up a little bit. To be able to meet that level so I think of -- meet somewhere in the middle -- Belichick talked yesterday about the effect the you know when guys community here. Were able to kind of glean new things approaches techniques methodology styles. I think. That is gonna come into play a little bit when you're talking about Brandon -- within the context to this defense we had a chance after practice both to their credit both Brandon Browner. And can -- Tompkins addressed the media. We've asked Brandon Browning said it -- it was particularly of note. Look at happens between players worries go all talk it out. That's not that big -- deal but I do regret what I did with Chad -- that's unprofessional and cannot happen period. It he said yeah we hugged it out afterwards so -- it appears that that's kind of you know it kind of got a water under the bridge at this point is going to be choosing go to seek to watch those lot of blood because they provide -- great theater over the last couple days. When you're talking about the wide receivers going up against the defensive backs. -- been some really great battles Revis cattlemen Browner -- you've been a lot of fun to watch a lot of the -- dial back a little bit when it comes the intensity you'll work. Ask -- -- that exact question Chris and I said did you hug it out like Brandon said no we will talk about later talk about. So let's move on to some of the repetitions that we saw. I know Ryan Hannibal writer for WEEI dot com pointed this out and I thought it was a very interesting point -- -- fell was over on the other field working with Ryan mallet. And the twos and threes or -- Tompkins has been getting a lot of snaps in with the ones what do you make of that. I think the when you look at what they both bring to the field and when you talk about those two wide receivers -- -- stock but the fact that Aaron Dobson was not here. And I wonder how Dobson would figure into that mix I think the thing when you're talking about the -- may be working with the twos and threes today. The fellow has some more position over its ability the NTT does in Carolina he's lined up in the slot he's played almost kind of a tight end role. Over his first few years in the league with a Panthers so maybe they're trying to figure out what to do with him you know where he works best. -- Ken and Carol with a two's and three's gonna get a sense from those guys there before moving him up with the ones. I also wonder frankly how many reps -- would be getting with the -- for Aaron Dobson was out here. Working on a regular basis -- has been very well to take advantage of those reps to that point to this point. But I again. You wonder about the overall use and where he would be where he would be in the pecking order depth chart if if their adoption was out here. Let's move to the other side of the ball defensively I know you're working on a piece for WEEI dot com on the pass rush and how important it is for the patriots. To not only sustained but improve -- they improved I know you'd spoke at length with Rob Ninkovich I had a chance to talk to Chandler Jones. Chandler Jones says that this. Defense has a chance for great things because that's another year of experience. But mostly the same guys along the defense of line and on the edge -- was raving about Rob Ninkovich. What it Rob Ninkovich tell you about the potential of this pass rush to be better. Well I think he echoed a lot of the same thoughts that did bill had a earlier when we talked to earlier this morning about. Finding a balance of learning how to play together is complimentary defense events it's a process in you have to be able to know. The strengths and weaknesses of the opposing defense event in note that. You can't vote in years back and go after the quarterback because if he's a good -- he's just gonna step up and avoid the rush that way. I think two things when you talked about this pass rush to come to mind. First of all. In the learning each other's tendencies anything they're going to be better off from that perspective the second thing obviously we can get away from it. Is -- I think this secondary is going to be better in 2014. That it was in 2013. It is a result they're going to have more time to get after the quarter -- bid to get him more time -- -- after quarterback. If that gives you think of it in Taylor more time the fact the Revis and Browner and Arrington and all those guys are on the on the back and doing what they're supposed to be doing with the patriot -- team defense better than anyone. I think you're going to see that he dividends this fall. But we've seen -- to hear about it every single year the patriots have to get to the quarterback. They have to have a better pass rush are we going to see a break out here from their pass rush I think we're gonna see a better year from their -- -- well and I and I should clarify Chris yeah that I think at times last year we saw some of that break out. But it wasn't consistent it's certainly wasn't sixteen or fifteen games worth we saw spurts for three or four weeks at a time but then it would die off. Exactly I think when you're talking about. Needing to be able to bring consistency over full sixteen game season having -- Jones is one of those guys. Because if you just look at the sack numbers and it's probably unfair when you're talking about a defense event. To -- him purely insect numbers but if you just look at the sack numbers. Those numbers have gone up and down over the course of his -- he's got a sex in bunches ended in other times he's been neutralized by some very good tackle over the course -- -- he needs to be able to step up and emerged as a superstar. But as dependable presence a guy who can. Get to ten to fifteen sacks a year. Drew good job set the edge -- put pressure on quarterbacks that's the other thing too we overeat sacks a little bit when you're talking about the work of a defense of front. I think if you consistently put pressure on the quarterback I think if you're able to. Get a office spotted dribbled and knock him around a little -- we've seen out of Alaska -- Denver was able to do that. In the AFC championship game to Tom Brady other Super Bowl losses the giants were able to do that to Tom Brady for able to be physical -- the quarterback knock him off a spot then that's half the battle right there. All right Wednesday is wrapped up here at Gillette Stadium the patriots who were in pads again on now Wednesday. Now on the grass fields will be back out it on Thursday they'll practice in Friday in the stadium. As part of their special in stadium practice for friends and guess. Of the organization. And then they will have the weekend off and then they -- all had to actually Richmond Virginia. For week of practice with the Washington Redskins he is Christopher price. I'm Mike -- rally outside Gillette Stadium WEEI. Dot com.

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