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Gordon Edes: "95% chance Lester gets traded" 7-30-14

Jul 30, 2014|

ESPN Boston's Gordon Edes gave us the latest on the Lester trade talks.

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Like today we always enjoy catching up and picking the brains of our good friend from ESPN champion boston.com our -- Gordon joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning mr. -- are you. I'm just wondering John it's. It's worked didn't commission look at that that this might make guard Jon Lester available putting all time baseball game -- Go I like that Alec we think going out I know that thought occurred to him orderly quick this apartment quick answer and is one you won't know. What would use say is the percentage number. That Jon Lester will not be treated. I. I precepts that you'd say there's not much chance. You -- that might hit it exactly. I would rise zero. -- I I think I got up -- I don't know about you guys that -- little. I can't get over that and there quite cute -- covered baseball I can't remember. The fact that you -- well I'm not born yesterday and I'm not let's illustrate it. Portman would -- today -- -- art that I've -- are. A contingency. Put out like that but it is player actually traded oil why it's -- it. Not to mention the post game announcement that testing -- straight he's not gonna pitch tomorrow. Yeah commitment and that that pretty much sealed the deal obviously and you know it was quite -- night club sources told me. Shortly after that announcement that you know there's no deal. Jon Lester could Celtic pride -- against the Yankees and and you know you look at it. That particular I'm lucky after the that you get GAQ what do what it -- take advantage -- -- went straight your -- instead. I don't think so I think -- messed up their base but. I you know right now guys I think about it bodies on the table other. Did it surprise you when you read or heard about Bradford report that said the Red Sox have only given one offer and one offer only to Jon Lester for your seven million dollars. If you believe that. What would what does that tell you it -- back. Right. Now of course it doesn't surprise me I have at. Wanted to get reported that there was another property may. Do people -- there were some negotiations going on the numbers are being exchanged. There's no question. There's no question that the Red Sox. Have a clear understanding. Of what it would take to get John pressure -- side. There's pretty good understanding until unless -- side. The Red Sox want to opera that is a region. Guys that. Well in the Red Sox approached Jon Lester they can lectures charity event right around the all star break based at. I work at a -- on it adamant about not wanting to negotiate during the season. Thank you very much but will wait until after the season dating to at that point. That the Red Sox weren't going to make the kind of market offer. That was gonna get this thing done so that. And it didn't surprise me in the least because I know what -- and other apps and it may. -- say that you took a passive aggressive swiping your detractors here this morning and I quote. While Norris observers were dismissive about an ESPN Boston report but the Sox -- the Dodgers a popular -- camp. And the possibility he could be part molested yellow sites have in fact I had the effect part this -- scouting Kemper at least the past month according an industry source. So log your your -- in place that you detractors who whereas the temping right now. Well it. -- get crushed -- right out of -- the typical looking the other eight are about the report about it. What we should have put out by Al it's. The -- -- -- I -- I -- right back at interest. Or some violent content. I picked it it really try to help out. This whether any chance he can become anywhere near where large. He would -- amputee runner up or years ago. Obviously huge money mentioning every. Complicated to open up -- certain period -- -- -- -- It's what I -- things are a little bit Q mean our Olympic spot absolutely. Yeah and that it's accurate weren't sure that as we all remember so oddly with Karl Popper. Out. So they're -- very problematic witness. On the other side -- is the fact that the Dodgers. I've gotten them going a -- at a couple online yesterday I don't think that -- position. Where he watched it -- -- -- back compensation right now but I do believe that picture there's going to be very much. On the table it. -- Red -- discussions as. And I don't work out. It's got a big part of the conversation. Regarding -- yes the Red Sox are we want. Prospects back like I say -- Try to -- you can attest to -- not prospects. We -- this year and -- were talking about an offense that was. -- of production from an outfield. That was historically bad this year the -- I just can't wait for two or three years on the road if you're gonna need some at some popular pieces were actually. And as a footnote to this I believe you broke the Beckett Gonzales Crawford traded dodges a couple of years ago CO Europe plugged in the Dodgers correct. I -- that's reasonably certain yet. Okay. Would that tell us Gordon what's the what -- the package that they get in return. What that looked like how old will they be -- it probably won't via a catcher or second baseman but what will that be. Well I I think cherry and you know what you -- say when you look at. You know it's tablet you know they got a couple of pictures. Back and return. You know be your immediate thought is. You know -- -- popular outfield but I don't think there are approaching it Atlantic they're looking. And it and what. It in terms of achieving best prospects will he be willing to do its best prospects I think. They've zeroed in on a couple of -- in other parts for wind with which. Executed Josh gotten a cute name auction that is correct them on the top prospect in the game ball bulk orders. Other cardinals after Paris should Dodgers at. Chuck Peterson. -- paparazzi said that -- all these jokers out what I'm told is. Red Sox are asking our quote a rat them in return or less certain that they are looking. What but I got back what -- act. In this market you remember all their pets prospect attitude brought elected -- -- number one draft pick and another prospect is that GO. -- -- is different it is. That some IQ what's it got so much it would still be under open control -- out of here. You would take direct shots at those demands a little bit. But when you sick of running. Good chip design and -- the employment of it. We're talking to the SU Boston's. Gordon needs Gordon at two things that a statement and a question having Olbermann disapprove of view is a badge of honor -- YouTube where -- again. And and you're here to the ground like I know ideas which 12 or three teams do you think. As as kind of net nudged into the lead here in the home stretch. Yeah I mean pretty. -- -- articles doctors. I -- that if you are what you're talking. Oil and -- are two teams in the division I don't think. Eight and are willing to consider -- I don't think that's what they want to do. -- Can Oakland I'd I question whether -- -- you. This has been an eclectic -- packet. You know unless they wanna eight includes stressed that. Other spectrums would let that apparently. You know that would basically aren't -- popular. -- -- and that should -- treat them all at this point -- -- you know we're we're talking about gene patent. So one really -- to look at that they've made it appear -- -- Actually actually wide open right now I. Actually what. Great jet opened up their rotation NS cockpit that they might shouldn't be willing to expand the field. But just maybe include Miller as well which -- Create. -- -- -- tightly called the current stock. The pirates and for that matter. Well that's right. I mean doctor -- -- secretary and -- -- -- the market but Miller right now is absolutely crazy. A lot of change on dollar. About what this article I and Atlanta as well. So Gordon that being said what do you think is the over under number of Red Sox get moved before 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon but to children. I had to bet I should be over under at. -- I think Miller and I got -- I think you know what might be a little well I'm a skull or I think is gonna get moral. I got to prodigy -- big picture getting old spam. Sure you don't want to secure our. Don't. As a project is somebody for moving forward but who wants him in a pennant race right now. Yes well. I'm not a good tactically. I. It -- it's not so much it's electric under -- Adam -- actually thinking that OK there's a piece that there aren't good that we can add. Sport. I should actually I like the web -- -- does that help get hot yet. Wireless Andrew Miller that that a couple of teams that moved on with him in the Red Sox. Yet he never turned out to be that big twenty game winner that he might have been projected to be but he's in a row now we can flourish to make a lot of money. And you know what that guy that I think there's a better achievements are just -- Billy Miller being Miller compact. Took wash it -- -- -- -- being out and then coming back I think that's a victory going out and yes -- The I was gonna I've sort of interrupt you -- what you had done but is there rate is there a player on that's completely off the race if he just just for the fun of this discussion. Is -- -- player on the Red -- whose name has not been mentioned in trade talks at all. We you might well what if he does get traded you you could see that understanding of that. Well. -- should -- decided I had to move you borrow spend. It wouldn't shock me at the Red Sox included either -- -- -- it. But that's not gonna happen. We'll finish finish your list I said Doug Miller Lester car that's three that we Michael -- what about you are drug Gomes true. You're gonna end yeah amateur who should consult monetary I have not heard is no question eagle. Not not want you. And it adds metric Jerusalem's I don't think you ought to work. Bogut won't be at shortstop -- all for the remainder of the season. -- it it doesn't appear that communication. You know unless something drastic like designations you can. In and it's not so you know let's protect it's also -- wake -- period you don't actual fairway bunkers -- pocket so. The -- for -- change it. A contender at a middle infielder. Were caught -- -- -- -- -- it could still beyond a bull. A court would we say goodbye just -- get moved today or tomorrow. I think it's gonna go down to the deadline. I'd be because -- tomorrow. Just because there's only things getting any -- -- try to milk as much as he cannot you separate or nine teams right. Absolutely. Neediest -- Boston thank you for taking some time for us on this very busy day we'll talk -- down the road Gordon. Orton needs with Dennis and Callahan and Buckley on the AT&T --

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