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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Hillary Clinton wants to change the Redskins mascot 7-30-14

Jul 30, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by John Dennis.

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Airlines has brought you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network bit surprised either of the New Hampshire teen -- Hernandez was seated in the front row of the courtroom as -- alleged kidnapper was arraigned on charge of kidnapping -- on Tuesday. Honest to god. She's fifty he didn't. Was fourteen when you've known disappeared on fifteen year old girls before which -- subject them to that now I'm not I don't know my daughters to go -- the idea you -- you have any idea with a game plan is there what the can I get an idea let's do this. Want our friends is quoted in the Harold they're that you wanted closure. You'll get closure before any testimony before the trial begins to view. Going to need a conviction coalition Dick and it you'd get closure of with the conviction and the sentence and the victim impact right I'm -- everything confined on this there is no speculation at all about what went on that trailer non. And it's a field that we don't know we don't know what went on when that trail on knows. Her mother. Is nuts if she thinks this was a good idea to have -- sit there and like star Adam. In court she was trapped as far as we know with him for eight months. -- you have charged a 34 year old New Hampshire man Nathaniel -- can be the one count of felony kidnapping. If convicted -- faces up to seven years in prison a 4000 dollar fine and up to five years of probation bales and set -- million. Either way at the request of prosecutors. The judge sealed court documents in the case that might shed further light on what happened to Hernandez during her disappearance. Our goal says the the day. Is to be able to prosecute this case to the fullest neither -- nor her mother is -- or her sister Sarah. Who accompanied her in court spoke to the media. Now normally when the Tuesday you know sex crime or even a minor yeah in a violent crime. You don't know their name right let alone their images are Frasor pictures on the cover front and Harold Bloom and every other newspaper told the news. If you're a fifteen year old wouldn't be. More inclined to Sri doctor yes -- yes high but I don't mean just I don't want to say I don't know I think our. Tighter from either fighter in the spotlight. Yet they -- to go to school she used to your friends she has to try to compact -- her life for a normally picture in the paper. Well and now she's I mean this looks like she's. In. Taylor Swift herself and put on the on the from The -- I would not want that if I were looking for a best interest. He lives in a trailer Ian Gorham New Hampshire his neighbors who first learned of his connection to Hernandez disappearance when swat teams appeared at -- -- This is when you quote the obligatory line quiet fellow he kept to himself -- herself aid it doesn't look creepy or dollars on -- out. Mean Karbala central casting he. He lives in the trailer who's got the that is bugged out eyes yeah I mean he's he's frightened to look at. I don't think she had to look look at her look at him again after eight months with him. Police questioned him only days after she was the missing. Were with the with the families with the friends assuming she was dead. I think one of the assumptions was she ran away because she was pregnant mother said neither real. Without providing any date without providing any details about how -- Hernandez was able to return home. Attorney general Joseph Foster gave the young girl much of the credit quote her courage and resolve to return home in the way she did. I think speaks for herself he told reporters. Now police have said that -- then fourteen year old Abby had no known means to facilitate her own disappearance. Or provide yourself with food shelter and other necessities. Just four days after authorities released the sketch of the suspect based on that information provided. QB was arrested and charged with. Well the New York Times. Is reviewing that accusation -- plagiarism. Against veteran reporter Carol -- Who was charged with lifting a paragraph from it Wikipedia article -- story about Italian Renaissance painter PRO. Because CMO -- missed that story. Read it but it my thoughts and equipped and say did you ever call a little better tomorrow -- paragraphs seem familiar yeah imagine but you idol. If you imagine log on to -- appear to do research insane. -- now -- to steal this whole. Paragraph what Israel's action it is -- you know I -- honest to god forget the plagiarism investigation find this -- for espionage and the you actually think you can steal some from Wikipedia. And get away with it. Nobody no -- paragraph discovered by fish bowl. Appeared Monday. And it dumps -- in appears in July 24 article they should just trying to get the job the globe duke could be European and his office. And it's almost identical to a passage from the Wikipedia entry on Decourt steam with minor word swaps and grammatical changes. We are of the where the situation and looking into New York Times spokesperson Eileen Murphy said. The charge is full book comes just days after. Buzz -- editor -- Johnson was wired procedure go plagiarism. In many instances Johnson looked -- passages directly from Wikipedia. Earlier this year fifty United States senators sent a letter urging the Washington Redskins to change their name now another notable politician. Hillary Clinton has spoken out about the Redskins name let me guess let me guess she's -- -- -- I don't know -- New York. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Almost fifty Democrats and at the sent a letter to the NFL saying that rescue teams used a racial floor. Do you agree. I think it's insensitive and I think that there's no reason for it to. Continue as the name of the team and our nation's capital I would love to see the owners. -- -- about what -- a vacant -- and suggestions and independent. No -- No I had I've -- I've thought a lot about them. No we haven't debated this what why you so against that against what the Redskins name change. I'm just against the people who work for that's all. Okay -- -- being against the people for you when you're if you're -- -- code -- -- American Indian -- this hurts this offends me I would say. I would expect him. Support his objections. It's the Peter kings in the Bill Simmons in the CBS. And the -- phonies. Like Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton -- a finger in the wind. Who used the term for thirty years of Peter King wrote that term for thirty years and had no problem with it until one day he stuck his finger and -- said -- a -- I'm going to be consistent as it is a -- the candor would become DOT PCC -- in pander closing Panthers then I have to be against this name does it really offend you Peter King. And I can't speak for Peter king of their relationship of five years with the native American years ago and I learned stuff. That that would have gone beyond my -- knowledge and purview. Had I not been down the throat. And the if you read the actual definition of what redskin is is offensive well not according to carry burned in your newspaper. He had a whole storm like this dug in my newspaper that I don't agree with the -- of an issue there. All I'm saying is what -- the harm be. If they simply change the name. There would be no harm in fact if I -- in the Snyder I might pick but as a marketing or money absolutely sure -- yeah quite yet but there we dug my heels and set I would never changes. And I think he's got the means -- the the money. And the stubborn this to have to stick to his guns at least for -- a few more years I do understand. That this stuff can go crazy because our -- of the Celtic origin. And -- somewhat all every time that -- yeah I'm offended by Olympic on. And I mean seriously I I don't give a rat's -- couple up but but they'll. Every time I bring this topic up somebody we know what about the -- calling your Irish -- feel about that. Mark my people have not been persecuted. I understand Irish -- entice them to finish. Irish need no Irish need apply -- signs nineteenth century. The the Herring jokers who came down from Nova Scotia. Persecuted by the Irish -- here are in this thing in the whole story -- that hasn't been in play for over a hundred years. And you still to this day have native Americans pushed on to reservations in the southwest or what it used to say that's -- And what you friend thinks about -- -- bottom bleeding heart -- 90%. They have surveys. Of native Americans and predominantly they are have no problem with -- and by the way it is in many on many -- reservations and it on players their favorite team. Yeah. -- -- myself I don't I'm not speaking because like I had a script and it's -- by the PC please well. I understand that here's the biggest problem when they used to the US patent office. To fight their fight -- to use the full force of the US government because you don't you object to something you object to word. That's scared. Lot of scary things going on in the world these days. At the center for science in the public interest they've done our research and surveyed 200. Fast food chains across this country. Have you heard of Red Robin Berger. I've heard of that scene at summer's Olympic replace there -- Red Robin earlier they have the bottom most -- where it isn't just called Red Robin. Let's Fries well it ain't read all of the -- and eat yes. So I'm shocked that sausage as well that sounds -- bit -- unhealthy concept of of all the Fries you can yeah. You've heard nothing yet. At 3540. Calories it is the single -- healthiest meal. That they could find serving 200 chain restaurants. The group found that even -- it's called the monster burger other group founded even easier than usual -- nutrition offenders this year. In the pastor winters -- usually had about 15100 calories most of these dishes have at least 2000. Now. They off that are on menus that featured new -- options as well but those are much smaller parts of the menu. While Red Robin gets top spot. The Cheesecake Factory gets the most three. Or it's. Or Bally chicken and roasted garlic 24 and cheesecake as the biggest -- healthy menu the -- you know how they always have healthy choice is right. To -- like hundred healthy choices at Cheesecake Factory which I couldn't believe cause it's council. And hopefully so you wouldn't go with Hebrew -- French to post a 2780. Calories. Or do you think his readiness butter chocolate cake cheesecake fifteen. Second thing it's -- -- because it's got chicken and -- I don't expect yes it's just it's as if I guess you about it for a foul. FA RF a LL he'd never heard of never heard that word golly it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to burn those calories percent of said. You would have to do twelve hours of brisk walking for the monster burger meal you do that. Sausage deputy went as you'd walk for a -- twelve hours -- hours elect walk home from far -- -- if you're. Seven -- -- -- -- swimming for the French toast five hours of jogging for the chicken pasta dish and four and a half hours of republics for the cheesecake that a lot of people who -- that she's connect you for -- I am pretty aerobics at the maturity -- like this I know 6777. Point 793 set I have. After the pan mass challenge. Getting big Mac. Mountainous like right after to reward -- yes might rewards that the Mac had poses. And young and stupid and those little problem. But they just taste looks melts on healthy. -- while there there were back in the day when it was a goat to burger treat yourself. Yours was a big Mac. Dollars you -- -- that quarter pounder with that would go back thirty equipment were never like you never ventured off to burger all you don't know my eyes I was in that specific it would whichever one was in my view. What's the most unhealthy thing that your remember eating on a regular basis. I did there was two things like each and all the -- area and college not only breakfast it was you know. The late nine month chief. And and what else -- tragic and today the network with one. An entire baggage to read notes in a quarter. Those milk you ask for something arrows we aired weird -- groceries and unhealthy doesn't get much more held Dallas. -- -- choice would you you back injuries meets on the brink of an election milk and yet this is gone back when it was a beat writer. I would stop at a grocery store -- hotel in Cleveland and I pick up a big bag burritos and a quart of milk that's disgusting to go against. I have this it -- get in May and I don't know you know like a repeat or jelly with the Diet Coke and eagle you know just so a clear with talking about. My sordid past you quote Archie and and David drank. You did that sober it. This is through some wrong what you book and a nothing wrong with the reader to read -- and milk. I've never in the and the worst part about it when you eat the do Rios entry and that you get this little. Sixteen -- -- Like -- bowl yeah. And it's like everywhere and it mixes with a note it's this the worst thing yeah it's permanently imbedded in -- disclose. -- -- -- -- You don't dust and the show you but ask. Our guard needs an 830 fault lines opened 617 sums it went 7937. I don't know whether we put this in the category of stupid or nausea and whatever the case may be did you see. Stephen -- Smith's. Heartfelt and I'm not being sarcastic here apology on first -- yesterday morning yes we will play that for you and then tell you what the result ultimately laws after that.

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