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Jon Lester scratched 7-30-14

Jul 30, 2014|

Joh, Gerry and Buck opened the show by discussing the latest rumors surrounding Jon Lester.

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Not I was making for mr. Callahan or mr. Buckley but I do think it is fairly safe to assume. The trading Jon Lester is no longer and if were also pretty much know the win that would be probably today and certainly before tomorrow for. The only mystery remains is where and who the return will be. And chances are Lester real seem head and a walk. You wouldn't know most of these names but at some point probably today certainly bottom RO -- named Josh Bell. Austin medals Oscar taveras jock Peterson Julio you're right yes exactly or Tom Wendell those might be some of the return for Jon Lester but going through all the papers or enthralled web sites is really not that helpful. Because there is so much stuff being thrown against the -- Which is -- -- your bias Kurai yes I like him yeah I -- and what you're right keep watching judge -- twelve times. And Jack Peterson only six times so I need you like. God I like chuck Peterson I've seen them seen them team got a bit feared hitter medium good at it with the thing from. Meet the parents -- -- fear fear of medium. The on the on the stock guy yeah -- accident I don't know Obama to meet the parents -- not a disappoints we were intimacy but I mean the battle of the bottom line is we don't know these guys know it is it is names -- a piece of paper right. And you look let them and nobody knows is it that -- nobody I don't care for it's Alex bureau or Keith law they don't. Well how would they ever watch -- you know minor league prospect. On the Seattle system. Are their names and a piece of paper that's what I said it's it's some of the numbers are better than the numbers than the other kid. One kid is nineteen when cute when he won one kid as a high on big business seventies that -- is -- -- yeah the under seventeen literal the -- updated patriots. So in a -- through all the website is that really helpful tea -- you're the headlines a Jayson stark espn.com. Eight. Landing spot for Jon Lester John payment baseball insider. Lester leaders might be the Dodgers the pirates the brewers and the Orioles. This is an interesting one. I just pass and and Tim Brown pirates a dark horse to acquire job. Doesn't that sound intriguing because what do they've been doing for a while our entire lives I greatly since the seventies. Acquiring young talent -- veterans I mean built the have a lot to offer you would think so. And it would be -- it would add intrigue 'cause I don't like Lester -- signs. You know because to LA right I think he stays in LA because the Seattle had -- days in Seattle Pittsburgh out and not so much. I mean maybe it and a plummeted but I doubt he would be back on the market. In November I like the pirates had a taste. What last year I had a taste they sought out if fans reacted and probably think -- a window here and it's in this is it. And they must have lots. -- the system you know what the Red Sox have redundancy in the system. The Red Sox have short smoky bets and yeah the -- to -- -- and in short stops that. There condom jammed up. Well we can end -- like seven guys playing out of position right shortstop playing third riots -- calculate every position except the one anyplace except as so out my my point is I'm guess and other teams have that same right good problem where they have. Lots of guys had nowhere to play them. Off the top you have what do the Red Sox need a mean the first thing that they are getting -- right handed 31 hour. I'm 3130 home runs and RBIs. Right handed power to -- -- may be although what position would play left field there. To left field that he left field that you'll remember we'd like Jim writes you remember when they had that thing that they've only had four outfielders since 1939 Portland -- Wasn't true because they were always like to a three year gaps but whatever the fact is you can always look at left field. Even as recently like Jason Day mean primaries that they had some guy in left field. Picking questionable evidence that that's just their it's the perfect position that it's easy position to play. Anybody can do you could be a left feel the you know right feel a set of feeling to be -- third baseman to -- could play it. You know there's no worlds for him ago and is no left -- -- don't you have. All the faith in the world that the kid can go out there play left well yeah I do in there is hard for awhile what happened to middle -- -- in the -- field. That was apparent that who failed. Duke Austin failed that he -- at a Saturday afternoon game at Yankee -- I'll never forget that because it was a -- ball in the in the new stadium. And it just happened to be on the day that I decide to walk around and see the stadium and I was in the left field bleachers and it was a fly ball to left field. Right -- he just stood there. And then all of a sudden did little tap dance thing. And the ball into -- happen every other game Manning though and minerals it is that the legend but at any country you can that's the one that is one position that you could have made. Low in less than. Superb. Athletes of play right now -- whatever you can put a guy out there so that is the position. Well where you where you can to -- At some point after week. Hashed through all this stuff it's in front of us we should just for fun before the show was over. Predict where we think he's going to end up contest. Contests contests elect a cigar business and it's that had breakfast will be elected do. I think something that that that seems intriguing is the Pittsburgh story as unlikely as that is and as much is that easy departure. From the way they do things I only noticed because I read. Bill break in the post gazette Pittsburgh post cassette. They sent the pirates' special assistant to the GM mark Dell PI know to Fenway Park on -- on Tuesday but the Red Sox Toronto Blue Jays game with with -- -- Dealt Donald worked with bench Harrington. And Mike -- in the Red Sox organization last. The pirates are also in shifted and picking a lot of tires on left handed relievers who can beat Lester and Matt Miller in a much bigger deal what why. What is a scout have to come -- the stance. That don't have public -- and ethnic and and they don't have Scott reports on the -- mean. Though they know their rewards come from scouts -- know they know stance on the they also come from newspapers like I needed a fake reason the real reason which when you want. The real reason the real reason is I shouldn't no no that's the fake reason the real reason is. That if you Sanyo Scott the Boston is -- the other scouts and pick up -- They discuss what kind of gossip would you get on Jon Lester well it's not about personality traits and so forth but like we missing anybody. And a lot of stuff happens at the grassroots level. I mean seriously and scope so the most under appreciated people in all sports. There of this sort of went camp and lonely -- you know hotels and I saw Clint Eastwood movie and they all get together. And they start blob blob blob of the end and that's how teams get information. That's why we gonna have a guy implies that to what's gone on up there credit info you -- the Pittsburgh Pirates got a gut. This week you know from. Will be gone just Lester Lester left handed yeah and beyond that if if what you say is true I have no reason to doubt what you're saying here. You also find out what they're looking for what their real interest -- are you looking for left handed starter you're really looking for handed reliever they exchanged that kind of inside information. So that not nestled in the Red Sox but. But the pirates -- that was at Fenway. Probably talk to the Dodgers scout if he was in that -- clean any information from there the -- whether. I'm in the sweepstakes for Jon Lester with you. And your team but the jury is right you say just a scout Susan you're gonna -- -- your guide -- Boston yet and he's sitting in. Would they put them behind home plate up and that. Fiction seventeen -- sickening in and in -- certain there. You get a gold chart and -- write stuff down. Are you able to pick up stuff sitting in those seats that you can't get would super slow ball on TV I think -- seat pitch. Better on TV. Maybe see hitting batters in person you don't see base running for that matter fielding a group that pitching. And I go to games and I can never managers can bridal when it strikes freezer in the dugout I can tell at home. Like I get the little -- its own. I can't tell -- final -- you have no idea right you have no idea and that's why it's better to watch pitching at pitching. On TV. Especially now especially now as you can you to New Orleans and play. Believe he won't stop it in an elaborate. Five years it'll back you you edited it he did all right I wish I could wish they would show one more replay right amount -- freeze it. Recorded bring it back into all kinds of yeah I think of when I -- and the penalties. Prospects. -- and again you can give the name she gave the names and I got him got him from the -- to improve that which when elect the best. Which team -- The guy but you're right the right thing in Iraq if you look with the Dodgers Dodgers dodges yeah. See that's too easy depicted dodges as that seems like -- will pay anything but -- likely to other. -- -- -- -- they would -- the 35 ranked prospect in the in the minor league system he had agreed to a mileage would you do it in and out you know -- different -- flock of kindness he watches all these guys. A lot of bag of wind if that law has any idea what he's talking about it costs start to scouts -- -- worked -- an actuary does but. I think this is worth thicker when -- whose name is there might throw on the list. Is there a way. Probably Bryce Harper. Is there Stephen Strasburg on this list today the addition -- the three guys. I would say no because the simple reason being that with Trout. Harper and Strasburg the three things those guys have in common is that we first began hearing about them and Alex sixteen right but but. May be there are some guys here that. Baseball people have been here in about since he was sixteen. Yeah I bought an all star break on that list date catalyst for -- -- candidates and everyone at least the list are feeling it might be Trout any. All stars -- would you -- some Wall Street so. Is that the the job here of the Boston Red Sox is to trade him for two potential all stars. You'd think that would that would they would -- this is what I believe it looking for a big guy with the most power. The guy except. Except pitching trumps all doesn't look of the best pitcher at least as stated get enough pitching beaches we lap at that but. If you look at the depth chart this organization right now the opening of a hole on the door is open. There is no next guy's gonna come up and hit thirty. This would be interesting to put in a mayonnaise jar for a year or 25. And pull this -- and mayonnaise out for getting you demanding dad and witness in the RC and then like four years from -- on the -- one point exactly that we're showing -- -- kind of thing -- -- -- that you draw -- -- -- -- every visit in five years and see if there is what -- asking for. Anywhere on this list and -- -- would be. Thirty names. Right in and bucks right but -- Trout. Harper more than -- in and vice it was LeBron James yeah he was on the on the cover of Sports Illustrated in the high school. And -- chief. It was -- problem everywhere you know around Vegas where where he grew up and going to you know he skipped school or he got out of school early in the went to some junior college just so he could be eligible for the draft. Early so he kind of as a special case. But is there another is -- -- guy when he was fifteen years on tour is like if funeral Mobil one economist and he's the one thing I like about two things like that one. Plays hard and he plays fast yeah that's good example. I'm sick of these slow guys subsequent watch and David Ortiz and Buckley buckled slow the game down hopper plays fast but his father was a construction work out. He was not one of these hampered Fuchs who was cheap enough that you know the QB camp. -- Johnny Mandela's old man -- in the oil -- -- -- -- tell you what you would like -- I mean for a single child parents -- post office who. -- -- Disliked Lester -- I don't like them don't I'm not accusing you dislike him simply saying that -- -- -- that said he would be a guy who admire because we'll -- very blue -- you allow Washington. Group areas and when I tried as we moved to Atlanta. I have no idea and back I didn't even knowing who to Atlanta until last week and who was that we had always Brendon -- I was at the all star game Brendon moss and he was talking about playing -- -- in the -- team. Andy was saying that walkways I get to see him during the winter and -- -- -- that is so we both wood and Georgian. All that everyone know that but me I didn't know that John was every. Certainly we found out fairly recently because -- it's one of those teams you know you have always have hawk Seattle's words from. Atlantis. Where he lives now Boston's where he plays now that dodges. Have you know -- and Crawford and all kinds of money there's a reason and I guess Pittsburgh would be on that list because they're one game out and because they got lots to offer. I would that's why is that where random list -- an insult yes indeed and now funk has already set in the Red Sox clubhouse. I heard reports that Lester locker was all but cleaned out. He almost without saying good by almost -- -- on Twitter -- then Dustin Pedroia is not happy about it. I really don't think too far ahead I mean I kind of live minute by minute so calm but in our. I hope for a couple days he's here you know -- And means lots. In the area everyone else and and now what is on there you know I'm hoping. And we -- or he's in there. So -- always default. I think the more you play it's you understand that the business side of the game it's so hard you know it. Not just you know just work together you know you're with each other more than that and your family so you know it's tough time. That's out of my got traded to oh yes oh. With would that be why wouldn't be able to speak the -- shouldn't go out the I it would do what only possibility which shark expert. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that just that and nice climate does it. I know a lot of TV Europe people have been like Atlantic you can fly in -- easily right Yeltsin might have a hunting farm group called the -- -- bubble or are people that. It's Bradford went down to Josh Beckett hunting far right in Texas the ticket list is only one. I think that we can rule out today that mean middle state that he stay right that is they have ruled out we are here. We are here for you 24 hours a day for the next. -- day and a half -- till 4 o'clock tomorrow. To monitor this and I think you'll find out right away on the station. When he goes somewhere else the one thing you can just forget this cross vocalist is. He's today in Boston it's all -- I heard Gordon needs say overnight he's gonna join a city thirty that one Red Sox officials said they are doing this because it's the right thing to do because you know. These -- being talked about. But if they don't get the return that they want for Jon Lester there's a possibility he could start Friday night against the Yankees that -- -- -- well. Has anyone ever been scratched on trade deadline day and then not been traded. I'm surprised they even announced at why would announce it shouldn't it just said processors doesn't deal I he's got 45. Things in from the right for five offers. And all of and they don't do it now now I agree on why I went on sale last night right. As opposed that today we have to make the roster move for -- -- -- porting it which they can make it 3 o'clock exceptionally good. Know what mean is this like would check of done that bill now held well now. I guess may be Belichick might not opponents after the -- at -- -- to reassure I don't know sure all the liquid GM and reassure all the suitors that is available to pitch for you. On Friday. Or as you point out if -- Toronto available to the pits for you on third got a pretty fascinating Gail Allen that Blase and it's just the coolest thing in the world. The idea that that that game would start with Jon Lester popping instead. Out of that -- days ago out of blue hat on right Byrd on it and walked out to the mound and pitch for the blue I think would be hard for chew it happened. I'd forgotten about this to happen with Doug Mientkiewicz. When they made the Nomar trade pitched and wouldn't pitch but he was playing. He was playing first base of the twins -- and hit the next day. Is that not a lot of doubt feeling a little don't do that though this isn't your how horrible thing that -- is a big load and I know so Mientkiewicz plays against the Red Sox on like. Friday. And on Saturday place for the Red Sox against the twins right now that's a day that Nomar -- the reporter -- no yeah. -- position -- the ball is electric hand right amount request including handle cattle that. Canon digital digital crazed unit takes the mound that we're watching it moves not on the list as the Yankees and it's isn't weird that. That's the only team they won't deal with or Toronto or Baltimore. Ronald Baltimore that kind of been rival for the -- for a long yeah obviously you know he's apparently obvious that they're gonna he's gonna go there and you might see him one or two starts when you see Toronto or Baltimore later in the year. But he's not staying. Probably won't -- try to -- to -- yankees. That he vehemently stand -- almost want that opening day starter yet here yeah. So do you guys think that and that means anything in the grand scheme but. Do you believe as I do that over the last year or so -- experience warmed up to Lester. Whereas before. That it really know him. It's -- that they didn't like him and certainly -- he was raised that very -- yeah he didn't he wasn't very -- the -- now that's a good way to put an end and not but he is now. But I think that over the last year or so. My dealings with a -- been a lot more. User friendly if you welcome he doesn't tell funny stories like Pedro did right he doesn't trip over his speed develop -- isn't the way the Roger did. You know world according to Roger right and it Jerry used to that was your assignment. And no that was not that you ever at that was Campbell Campbell the yield at the dual according Roger didn't. I didn't know put I had you know -- -- -- I had to face little Grasso I'd go -- the face of Africa Clemens when he would bitch about it now. He was happy about it but can't we agree that at. Beyond what you just said I think he's done himself lot of good in the PR department with -- handled this from him really -- he wrote it he wrote the book on yes how to handle this even going goes far to say that he would consider coming back -- sure. And I guess that would be. Fueling the false hopes of fans and isn't he's not gonna come back here and he with a tweet last night. To thank you all for the -- it's a blessing every day to wake up wearing a Red Sox uniform items that you all in Seattle. -- we've all been well we we don't know when they came from it may have been him hanging out with Beckett those guys Lackey and let's say an Anna and sheriffs don't let -- say it -- while. -- Oh yeah who spoke while -- -- PU. Ally like here with it. I use the little there's so light that it outside of that that's with a state fair is every year all of the states say there -- all night doing Scalia I think ultimately going to be a it's called it's called that there advertising your readers called do the Puyallup. And when I first met western experts came up I sit I walked up music nineteen. Interest and I said -- do you do the Puyallup and he -- how do you know that. You would suck it up I know that runaway instant connection how am I got it Brad folk current crop. We're gonna pull a Brad -- that. But today. Today we gonna talk a minimum today mostly of the company today and probably on -- -- off any minute now. We're monitoring everything we got yeah you'll hear their political everywhere I will say this when we come back I will have for you what I found to be the most interesting. Just a shocking shocking -- to be shocking shocking but it's surprising maybe a little bit startling. Factoid out of this whole Jon Lester situation. Have the where you when we come back. That wouldn't pitch but he was playing. He was playing first base of the twins.

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