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Have we seen the last of Jon Lester in a Red Sox uniform?

Jul 29, 2014|

The tweet is a little ominous sounding. Dale, Buck and Greg Dickerson discuss what very well could be the end of the Jon Lester era with the Boston Red Sox.

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There. In odd timing is everything yes it's all I've got this friend. And you can tell us about your friend -- I have this -- was in town and she's in she's an actress and is doing Shakespeare on the come out yet. She's Michael O'Malley sister Kerry O'Malley yes from New Hampshire and she's in town doing Shakespeare. And I said. I know here in town doing Shakespeare you have Monday -- often like the Red Sox game -- thought bring your friend come along -- is this on let's go to. But two innings at the -- they could -- host I -- -- To stay for all night on the come out. Now she did Saturday or she get on -- carry on carry showed up at Fenway last night -- -- to Bryant did not however. I said. With all the numbers I read about Clay Buchholz he was not the worst pitcher for the Red Sox last night. And so -- governor Felix Dubroff who is who is. Apparently upset about him back but he was taken out of the rotation and not your body about how he's being utilized by the team. She certainly made a name for yourself last night -- Felix Arnold's comments after the game last night were as close as you can get to a public beating by a manager in the 21 century and he deserves a public -- -- Yeah when he first century I don't get all the I hate and vitriol towards Felix to -- because the way he pitches. What do people think he has the -- -- fight starter. He's no better than that he never was any better than that -- you just -- -- -- expect him to be better yes -- because -- a couple of good starts while. If you saw it in the minors get the car once in awhile I -- well. I OK okay I had two minutes and 37 seconds in the pool by I was not a -- who wish that I don't have a yankees that that's the -- was watch in the pos -- stop -- two weeks ago box model last time you made it down you always be crime only got a. As we say in Cambridge he was highly guided it for the when he was in the minors a lot more will I again can't agree terms of I instantly gets things here's the -- Britain's is that expectations. More was expected all the latest and he has regressed and never really has gotten much beyond that if startled them speak. But -- did pitch supremely in the World Series in key juncture last year. And is a reason they won the World Series. And they sent to a fat farm Florida during the off season he was somewhere in Tampa saint Pete. And both he came to camp in great shape Pedro was whispering and it was a year. I -- the expertise is too much higher proposed brought the season and he has pitched like a frumpy old man who doesn't wanna be out there this year. And is whining about how he's being used. Isn't built up enough it's it's not a Chris archer is Chris are exactly -- search hasn't got the -- got the contract and no they think he's gonna be great stuff that they. -- signed up to two point twenty guerrillas. That they've given him a long term deal because they pinky can be the next big thing. But he hasn't built up the resume yet and I talked in -- ball too -- and meritorious to to be saying and in innovating some of the stuff -- -- I Rosie I heard -- say it on the on -- -- earlier today said. You don't feel it's the broadest look at that east are at a minor league deal next year that's exactly what he's -- Look bad things happen around bad teams it is inevitable if you have a bad team you have stuff happened you have players idiotic -- in my opinion. Not question the manager for not challenging call even though it's not the manager's call to challenger now but I -- I do questions staff. That's fine but that's not what they did 'cause they don't even understand the process that and -- they criticized the manager. On in May be in that speak Clarence there's no way to change eco which tees and Lackey tossed their manager under the bus and they were sent dead wrong. Now. I'll I'll say that you know as a baseball player maybe you don't care what processes. You only care about did we challenged the play did we not challenge the plight. Why didn't we challenged the play. I'm not sure they understand that at the time John Ferrell. Was the only coach in the dugout who gets to blot on the field and at time you walked out onto the field no idea. On hasn't seen it doesn't own island and I'll see you in -- and what he still is killing time I mean he's literally out there. Whistling show tunes with the umpire until somebody in the dugout gives in the bomb mop challenge it thumbs down don't challenge it. And and at that point he says okay we're gonna challenged the play or no we're not gonna challenged the play on both that. Those are the facts but amateur players understand how will work well I think it's kind of like we and we don't want an excuse to tell you will Maloney Christian Corey Ivy -- equip the coffee cups during the break out of that someone that. Take your almighty god -- is so. All of these coffee cups here and there asked. At that that was for a city that's the how right now of the shall what -- crime and -- -- -- at that time frame it's the same. I'll talk with -- heavy -- yesterday. Ernie Adams and the similarities between what he -- in the Red Sox do. Again our team most electric players have no idea what Ernie Adams and the process. -- Bill Belichick going to -- I do think that the play should have been challenged I think that that the Red Sox were one to challenge. Bought what you don't do with -- John Lackey or David Ortiz is as you correctly point out pockets throwing your manager under the bus for. I'll win when a team is going bad and this team is. Mike -- who was. Maybe not loving his role with the team last year but content to at least hold that role this year says you know what if it's all the same you guys to go somewhere. Or Felix the front says -- off I like the way can be used here that's what happens when your team is that. And it it is inevitable. Bad teams are bad things happen on that this is two lines like quote and I. Always attribute that Cuba but these these two lines -- no one. That things happen a bad teams they'll -- 198900%. And noble with its program as great journalistic. Take on this. When they played better -- bad. I got an event at bell and effort goes into stereotypes. -- probably fair to do so you're right negative they'll be so negative what team writing about c'mon if like if on the Red Sox I said in my car. -- -- You wanna be traded you wanna go somewhere else I want you go make yourself a deal. You wearing your agent goes -- got a team we can trade and I also don't want to overstate this on my understanding is from people who've talked to Mike Carp. It was very respectfully done it was not they'll take me out here it was not that sort of thing I don't think Mike Carp that kind of guy. He just respectfully said look if if if it works out new confined to place -- right -- play more and help the team I wouldn't mind doing that. Inevitably in this town postings become all Mike Carp demands to be traded hot. Which is not exactly what happened here so look I'm sorry you also look up his numbers by -- -- you beat -- -- very surprised. It would a key role he played this team absolutely. And -- was willing to play that's subservient role because the teams on a roll. It's got some open goal and he feels good about his teammates his situation. -- by the way it was correctly. Pointed -- that at the end of the year they won the whole thing gets a big ring for it it's different this year. And it's different because the team is awful this year. There's no sugar coating they are horrible OK guess what they are gonna get worse. Well -- -- and that you tell me if I'm reading too much into this just about twenty minutes ago. Jon Lester who's on Twitter we'd end up falling. Thanks for the love you all grateful for every day I get to wake up a Red Sox. This game can be uncertain at times just got to roll on -- So you'd think that's kind of valedictory years that the right way to put that I'm I'm wondering if it's his way of saying to -- I have said I -- over the weekend on Twitter and I said yesterday on the air here I've resigned myself to the fact that he's going to be. I I don't like to be resigned just up the fact that he won't return. Yeah a lot of read regular -- winds and I I we we've come up with a couple of occasions where that's happened. But they're few and far between and yes I've resigned myself the the fact that. I've probably seen him throw his last game Red Sox uniform but -- you could go one of that scenario. He could be wrecked -- Lara and return. Problem is. The team doesn't while the player they don't want the 222425. Million dollars they never want while they don't want -- -- four and seven web elevenths essay about that figured dale. Well -- and in and just to give the back story here Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe wrote this yesterday and I heard some discussion of last night. Are among the things that that it was put an end up Peter didn't say. This was the amount that that the Lester camp has sought the word range was in -- rightly what is it what he said wise a Major League source. Sat on Monday that the Red Sox have been informed what kind of contract lefthander Jon Lester is seeking. And that has led to the team putting its -- on the trademark. Now he went on to talk about -- this is Peter Abraham sang this. He was he was talking about his source there he was he goes on to say that Lester is seeking what was described as a quote. Competitive offer consistent with the market on quote. But nothing that would be considered precedent setting. We all know about the four year seventy million dollar offer which most of us thought was a joke back when it was made. Eighteen source said the Red Sox have not received any specific. Contract offer from Lester agents Sam and Seth Levinson. That falls into the same category as you know vote the the the agents have denied that they have made a specific -- said this is what it'll take will sign if you give us that so he goes onto say that. On a contract that reflects the market value for a pitcher of -- experience and accomplishments. Would be approximately. 2224. Million a year. Over five or six years. That's kind of the number most of us have been talking about affected the little lower most of us have drawn out what 551115. So so. What -- -- dilemma -- -- with that number I guess is it's -- now. But my guess is and I'm just I'm I'm completely thrown stop against the wall here that number would have gotten it done. Two months ago and now as each passing day goes on now all of a sudden it's now well. That was the number in April appreciated if you if you choose to look past the one must -- connecting wire and -- ends of the belt understand I don't understanding. You look at the numbers he's having when his best seasons. What are you going to free agency what a year. They caught the salary drive that's -- that's the baseball term board the in house term -- and he's on his salary drive right now he's -- -- park. He is amazing. In terms of and I do believe that some players. Are capable. Between the years of taking their gain -- high level when is that at stake any he's basically pitching for. As I like the say the trust funds for his grandchildren. If he had his that it has money he's pitching. As well as he's ever pitched in the regular season. He's pitching basically the way he has in his career in the post season which is like out palm. Dwight think that if the Red Sox called up salmon Seth Levinson today and -- our outlook. Final deal five years 125. Will sign it today. I guess is -- -- known. What I think that's what I think they would've said yes. A couple of months ago I I think under normal circumstances. With a player I'd say no we'll see him free agents Bosnian. Free agency I think with this situation. With this player. I take him for his word he wants to stay here I think that it's. With this guy. And he wants to say here that I don't think there's any doubt. I think he's totally sincere all the things he set about wanting to stay here I don't think that's posturing I don't think that's grandstanding on it as part. I believe his sincerity I believe he wants to be a member of the Red Sox I believe he wants to be a member of the Red Sox going forward. I believe him when he said he would take. A discount a hometown discount to stay here. Now 125. Is probably 25. Or more under what he's gonna get the free agents -- our hometown discount well. I go I get a mention that did you see the picture in the globe. With section today Jim -- of great Qatar broke up and he's got he's the one that Belichick shoved out of the way but ten years ago when he was meeting Mangini. And he's got a picture of up at the owner's box. It's like John Henry huddled over a computer when guys in the phone -- looking over the computer that weren't Keeneland. Like other executives. We don't there -- also -- what tweaking. -- I was there I was like like you know does -- come within -- you know I would suspect that after ordering a pizza or something in this this picture becomes like but they're -- Lester you can see right there out what was the computer -- That says -- -- -- I got I -- I try to figure okay what -- I might say it's the watch the game not the -- last part might thinks we should take a Seattle deal amount but not a a text or on the AT&T text line at 37937. Says you're full of it dale. The tigers offered a scherzer of 144 over six years set the market. Long before string train -- spring training I'll point out -- A heat and it down. Because he thinks is gonna get more than that beat Lester said back then boy beat up to turn that down and he wouldn't have. And I believe him when he said he take a hometown discount. Maybe I'm just married to this number because I've been saying it since March. I thought it was going to be 5125. With a six year vesting option based on innings pitched. That would add a sixth year into it. And and I thought all along now. The way he's performed by the way it would not have been on down discount by my reckoning but -- well compared to what he's gonna get. -- -- that noting that and a right right and I'm saying now based on the way he's performed your right he knocked it out of the park in the salary drive. Based on the way he's performed. He's now gonna get 1516170. He's gonna get six or seven years for a -- It is we're balancing the numbers yet throwing and one right in the calendar on another hand. Those numbers. If they had been offered and accepted. In spring training to me wouldn't have been noted he hometown discount those numbers now. Would be -- on this degree with -- -- just dot. Com let me ask this because they'll I have. Hostile to when this stuff without me I was not part of the show is that basically we are hearing about was you have -- was here yesterday you -- morning drive yesterday transfer over to Google blog that's pretty -- I turned down on the morning showed it to be here today. Luckily I like the -- you know you want to study that solid solid may have been an up and pray you don't wanna get up a poem that sucks. Or AM yeah get -- Orleans and you feel miserable. From what I hear people say I hear you know people do a morning show on a regular basis -- It's great I get your 10 o'clock that part has come -- like I -- what I feel it might do it. I'm hole 11 o'clock I'm like you -- I'm just deck of the world yeah I've got the -- that might say but. You got bring up -- yeah. Don't happen and you wake up in your kinda rocky where argue all day people say hey you. They -- grumpy because your -- since 4 o'clock. And you spent time which Jerry which makes it a lot probably very happen either tomorrow I don't know it's as far as I was as I was sitting at Fenway Park last night. In the midst of that -- Michael -- -- -- with with Kerry tried it rejection by the way is the biggest Boston sports -- ever it department has only been referred to as Michael Miller sisters aren't as pointed out that carry. Eyes and I -- as as were watching the game. And and I think it myself OK they deal Lester. They -- Lackey. I'm looking at my opening day starter starting this game. Weeks if they do that you're opening day start is not on the team right now. I guarantee you I'll tell you don't get to I don't I don't -- I I don't know who that is right now. I just guarantees not to be buckles -- are opening -- gamble that if that thing yet they're gonna go get some. I'm I'm sure it's going to be as good as Cole Hamels I want to ask that -- a -- and borrowed Dale's lexicon yikes. Ovechkin sake people this is reasonable deficit. Say this is a particularly last in the that's -- -- particularly for -- year in the free agent pitching market which is why Jon Lester is gonna cash into such a degree. I don't see what's out there from a freeagent point of view it's going to be. You know send your your hair on fire here is the Red Sox fan. I hate to say at last night's starter Easter opening day starter if they -- those two guys and that scares in the absence of what Greg Sutton and I don't everywhere -- -- -- find. That guy. I mean you could theoretically I guess acquire Cole Hamels although it's interesting. The stuff I was reading yesterday about Hamels is that the prices through the roof yet. Baucus got four years left on right and I understand that so if you're a Red Sox fan. You wanna give up you know three of your five best prospects and I'm just throwing these numbers out there for the sake of discussion. Three of your five best prospects. To pay this guy twenty some million a year for the next four years. Or give up nothing. And -- guy you know can compete the American League east 25 million a year for the next five years which leads me -- my question does dale I hammer this out yesterday. We bought or at least I don't want towards him -- I believe the Red Sox don't want they never wanted him. At a fair price they wanted to make four and seventy I ask you. Why why -- -- not willing to give this guy a fifty year 125 million dollar well let me. Take stuff off the table before we address why they don't want. The subject -- the table is. Well they don't like -- got a good club boss guy's not good with people mean a bill is not issues I agree completely but those those are not part of it felt like they need to rid themselves of a distraction he's not Josh Beckett circa 2000 oil that would take -- since our. Zesty. War or mania when he quit on the team with a name Bynum back and give a big ovation. And Corey this touched (%expletive) -- -- let him -- the first pitch a lot of thought that would choke. But so. So those are not reasons when you say I bristled when you say they don't want I -- -- -- I don't want I don't want it Francona I understand where senator Specter. That he tears it apart. But. I think they have attached -- all of value -- -- moving forward and they they are obsessed with. Players feel -- need to -- And they've been burned by. A lot of guys Gonzales in Crawford and in book read to -- And went missing Lugo to some extent -- those -- of our pitchers who were going to be 3435. They were -- for other robberies but there is this this mindset I think. That. He he's going to begin the decent. And -- I look at a guy who's locked -- thirty starts every year his body seemed suited for the heavy lifting approaching. He takes care of themselves he has his focus is anybody and it means old fashioned. Winds about umpires too much but I think that'll goal -- its solar I think he's a good investment -- And the thing you know about Jon Lester unlike other guys around baseball you know we can handle this town you know we can take it he can pitch and lost. We've got a lot of things talked about throughout the course of the day Jerry -- -- will join us from ESPN will -- with the national perspective is on the yeah on the 48 hour period that were about go through 4 o'clock on Thursday as the trading deadline 4 o'clock eastern time. On Thursday as the trading deadline. I set the over under number on the number of guys from this roster who will no longer be on this roster at five counting Jake Peavy. I may be low Steve Buckley's and. Then there. Have been traded and been given back eminence. I don't think anything you know especially in and Boston can surprise you. You know Pakistan I think we all understand. -- over we Anderson's business. I was Red Sox left handed pitcher Jon Lester speaking last week. He said we all understand it's a business me ask you guys a question here maybe you can help me. I read Scott -- in the Boston Herald yesterday. Any brought up an interesting point he he said that one of the things bench Harrington is probably concentrating on here. Is trading Stephen Drew by the way probably very few Red Sox fans have an issue with that. And I thought about it he was saying -- their desirous to yet will middle Brooks back up here but he can do. So I guess that means. -- -- is back at shortstop right. They deal drew they bring up middle Brooks are complete middle Brooks -- short you could theoretically play Brock whole pitch short. One of his natural positions and where Zander Bogart and apply it sounds to me is though. The plan which doesn't seem like much of a plan if all that's true is let's deal drew up here Red Sox Nation rejoices. Let's get middle -- up here got a little bit of a power surge going on -- Pawtucket we don't have any power. And let's put the kid -- we moved out of the shortstop position back into. Who would you or would you rather see at third base right now is -- Bogart's. Or is it will -- Brooks I've seen enough. On Mel Brooks for me to believe any hat -- ain't working policy more -- to welcome. I think I wanted to I'd be counted out by saying might not -- said that about John Lackey couple three years ago fine up to John Lackey. -- -- want to see him again yeah point taken in guys do write themselves little Brooks is still young. And and in no way in my giving up on him but I I do think they got the most upside is Bogart a boy are you close to giving up on Brooks -- -- He's got to lose now I'm like giving up on at all. Even after what you -- the last couple times out of work he's been injured I don't that's part of it that's part of felling though it -- but I wanna see him help. I wanna I wanna see something I've never seen before you know what that is that's. Eighty consecutive games -- -- help I I understand completely that it may be totally coincidental I happen to think it is totally coincidental. The struggles of -- Bogart's. In relation to and he shift from shortstop to third. I don't believe they're related I don't wanna speak ill of the vacationing but. If you had a thought that Michael -- yes we disagree on that side he thinks that the two are related I don't think their related. Alexander -- is going through the struggles that many young men prospects goal specially when they're 21 years old by the way. They come to the major leagues. Opposing pitchers get a chance to see some film they make adjustments he has to make adjustments conversely chipped it. Alter that there to counter that has been able to do that what he did the other night was the right out with the -- with -- -- of the game right there. And and really I'm a market that's not me being bombastic. They should sit now playing third base where a -- moving to right field whoever. They they should -- taken right out and I said at the time since that happened I wasn't being sarcastic. I tweeted out do you still think -- -- dozen little time in the tactic cleaners had the year. I've been saying for a month now not doing this -- any favors hide it's it's not that I'm about a while back but there's a lot of value that right now. And and I huge you'd still consider sending him down for the August apps I flew to Hawaii we've gone past that point if you've given up on the season. I must admit they're based on the major lyrics well this idea that you can't do when he more harm to a weekend. Yeah making it worse and it is getting on my second a nasty of point of view I'm like wait you wanna play with the ahead will be can't see it. Go find a way to get they had what we currencies to go to the top of the two weeks -- -- play we need this is the big leagues kid play like. Is -- nice to everybody likes him. But it's it's clear that he dat -- That little situation right there and some of the areas he's indicate to me that that his head is elsewhere so send him on -- not to for a couple weeks. And do it no uncertain terms don't candy -- like you know what Pope go play protect will call you when we need -- so that's all -- Scott robbers right. What's gonna happen is he's got back to shore always not now. -- let's say lovers right they deal Stephen -- they bring will middle Brooks right. One of the -- while some -- productive for a couple weeks and there is one was one thing right there apparently at LP opening isn't working out. They talked about that would middle Brooks and by the way you have that you have the potential next year to have like six guys playing out of position for a little Brooks in left field. He you know the third baseman playing left field Bogut the shortstop playing third base got a -- lot of -- that up -- -- playing center field -- whatever. And at it elect anybody out for me all these guys going to positions what's the. Kid's name at the -- it is that Navarro. That the shortstop. Over our -- that and Maria yeah router I think he's the shortstop for the future I think to meet the Red Sox in their minds they say. This is our shortstop for 2016. And beyond. That's why middle Brooks is at third base right or that's why Bogart has been moved over a third book it is done at shortstop DIA I Greg. Believe that yes. He hasn't played an inning even even -- Michael late inning situation where. This guy hits -- that guy in this -- stubs his toe in the opposition brings and Jake McGee and we end up football that is an even happened. I mean even Youkilis I think played a game at shortstop Lleyton you know because of these kind of circumstances -- maybe it was Hillenbrand I forget. These things happen that hasn't happened -- -- they do not want a -- put. DI -- I agree but don't you believe that there are a lot of people out there who still threatens his position is going to be -- guys -- -- -- -- -- -- you wanna have a 288 when he 590 guy which people opening Borger it's can be. Playing shortstop and we we went through that Europe. Where Ripken and Nomar and Jeter a rod -- putting a power numbers that shortstop and why would be great to have that guy. When now when Michael and I disagreed about about I don't think that the position change. As led to the issues present -- Bogart's. The point I've made he has do we think he's making throwing errors. Because he's playing third not short like if he was a short and the ball was hit to him he would put them the right into Mike Napoli Scola. But because he's playing forward. And I don't mean like you know it's everybody makes throwing understand that weird strange one hell broke kind of throwing chairs. Yeah it and if if it is the position change I don't believe it is but if it is -- he's not a guy bottomless. We will go to their base he actually had five out of seven games and of the exact numbers we played fairly well offensively. And -- itself. Soul so what happens he moves the third. And after a week -- so leases like this this is too much pressure and then it's egos so. All always that the exact moment that Stephen Drew walked into the club laws. Any cried and items hopelessly. Is that Penske was tightening -- home while Bogut was crying. And that's why you got traffic in and -- lied. The Red Sox season went down the all right whenever I went there I blame it on presents a lot of people -- -- -- from people be playing -- Alison we be pretty playoff tickets right now with what we've come to an area agreement that -- to -- -- -- -- like I I I think that this team is about to face. For the first time in this ownership -- Two -- two months of meaningless baseball. It has not happened before even even the awful Bobby Valentine year at this stage of the season they were stolen. Back by Brian and I went to a game. Two years ago. And giving exact you know look it up but Cody Ross. In a walk off home winning it's the way to win the stands it's and -- -- early August late July. And Cody Ross it's a walk off home run and it was that big big -- home plate like Italy that we hadn't seen all year. And I thought to myself Warren section nineteen looking right now on the third base -- watching this big mass of humanity home plate. And it's on the back in California wild card now cause nothing happened but you know -- right they they wore at this junction two years ago. They we -- quite Enron -- there were hanging around that it would put the hang in there were Tampa. Boy camping -- -- at the -- -- up -- ranked in the final year of the Terry Francona regime as we all know. It was -- an epic September collapse that left there to his demise and and the team's departure there then they kind of racist I wanna see went 06 was pretty bad I -- see windy where. I I seem to recall four game series tickets a look it up by -- call. A road trip to a -- places Kansas City and then Tampa Bay. Odd mixture cities but they went west to Kansas City so the Tampa Bay I senior recalled that. That road trip I covered it seem to recall that road trip sort of ending. And there was there was a lot of meeting with baseball -- 06 and if you talked to Francona by the way. He was always very proud apparently there was a lot of stuff going on and 06. Without the what he's fifty moments here year. You're better at the government -- now but there was a lot of stuff. Quote unquote going on in 06 that didn't make it. Into public discussion. Mike this year we've got to tees and -- team. Carpet and abroad is the last stop happening that that's getting disseminated. And I'm not gonna say that on Farrell but I'm just saying that I'm simply saying that when they thought of -- 06 that didn't happen. 6177797937. As the telephone number you Texas whenever you're like many purity have at 37937. Honest Jerry crass like of ESPN a friend of both Steve and myself we've known for a long long time superb baseball reporter. Will give us kind of a national perspective and and what's hot in the rumor -- out there for the Red Sox and where these guys could be headed. Greg Dickerson is in the house as well we dive right in the phone calls with UConn up next. The participants got me fascinated already. Top text on the AT&T Tex lines -- guys please ask Resnick. If he remembers being attacked by a pitcher before remain guides game. Was crass attacked by a pitcher reforming -- game. I don't recall that would have -- their problem is he he actually 1787. When I went to Seattle -- he was when that would mean Phillies. That's -- I don't know. I don't know that it was well asks scope Jerry -- -- join us at 315 let's dive into the phone calls have you 6177797937. Kirk is in Texas you'll kick off for us here on Sports Radio -- on how. Exactly go to great hurry. I'm calling from Texas removed from Connecticut back that you wish you guys the only. In and that my teens and what a separate vote or my optics and delete an -- in it that absolutely saying -- -- -- -- -- -- on. Eric bigger pay -- the result of the miles away and you're not close up to occur -- be happy. Thought I do not -- why I haven't given up -- aren't open -- out this year. Kirk Kirk when somebody off. Instantly you take a little pop off of something. I consider the source and maybe think that it's not a good idea did you get tried to amend the institute -- I do you isn't sexist or the Mexican border if you know what I Balkans. So he's able to make stories over the anyway and I get a medical supplies I -- -- -- -- and -- -- Smart Alec and I and I probably shouldn't be -- but. I don't know anybody who still thinks this team -- was a rough there'll be nobody not even they happy toddler's death -- clubhouse. In other show that Gary does get a little too general bouncing around. I think those kids if you if Gary said so little Johnny would -- the ritzy ice packs are. There are certain mess and people all its ordinance and reporters are still my current stock while what does this at all and I don't regret it let's go ahead name one. Listen I always thought the Celtics were on a matter I was just -- they -- it says the guy on the -- the garden when they were president of fifty world like it's a great night to go really gave up to par -- nothing better than to. You know seventeen and 37 basketball or baseball tickets still available -- good seats still available cores in Rhode Island hey -- and I need him. Well. I'm gonna put one hole you guys concede -- -- there. Just don't take chances on that stuff anymore Johnson Hartford hey John I -- I'm doing that it. You know Clinton quit last season site -- ignore it you know unfortunately it had a bit of barrage currently sit. And the most fun I think whatever -- back on from the beginning of the media. Well and I hate that the Democrats it's a short memory. Side. -- -- -- better in the I'd by the won't lose a couple of those -- -- -- go about. I wouldn't be right back when it does but it won't on this stretch and start with -- from other last year. -- gone done you're done this year. -- I don't mean I'm quoted her years old I've -- some -- baseball you're I don't remember. I didn't group of guys who have a lot of guys were common to all of that mean that just seemed to when the going -- up. No I don't want you to work quite it seemed like on the court. You think -- really you really think that how a a couple of did you ever think John maybe they're just not that good. Maybe this grow rag -- honors Majorly over achieve last year and they all what they are this year I guess you -- to -- quitting is but if you are not fully invested in the game in your heart is not in. As I suggest the case might have been for the -- last night would that not meet the textbook definition of quitting but I don't and I don't look at this team -- a hole and say. A bunch equator this team is quit on the C I don't see that I do see a team that has. Average talent. That over achieved last year and is now playing -- it's a time of my idol as I Dick Gregory -- the caller that you. And we didn't mean they've got on them they know it. And what. The word that that made it difficult when you use them in equal measure but we can't measure quitting and we can't match their hearts I'd. You do Mets and yankees on almost. All -- good that you're. -- Yankee while you were a pretty mediocre squad. Hung in there until the end of the year they blocked out in Portland. And we'll go out and played -- well. I don't mean on paper we don't have a lot of guys who know how to beat England who although well you're going on the order from last year and yet. One reason. It look like -- -- a -- ball. Always a -- about you don't wanna you. You know somebody just gave -- -- to throttle at both sides to broader or jogged him I see -- -- talking too -- quitting is. I think by your definition where they say we quit. Rogers who wants lackadaisical play to -- -- the old ball out and end so I would I would answer your question with a question. Is going out to the feel with a certain. Level of resignation. Which is how I choose deported. Is does that qualify as quick. I didn't necessarily see that I see it now certainly -- at the end of July I didn't see that. To me that wasn't the reason that this team put itself in the position that it's again in April and may well June early July -- I would -- Like really psychological development ticket back to Saturday night. We -- you knew escobar's on second base Vasquez who we all love is just like on the ball all over the place he looks great doing it. Fighters that he'd done a second base umpire calls him safe. Barrel comes out I don't know as the family -- good movies lately he knows that his staff is looking at the replay. He doesn't get the call the challenge he goes back. I'm what I'm watching that game because it's Saturday night I get to the show Sunday morning some home in a few friends are watching some watch the game in answer to -- the challenge that. It is it not to tell tales what does it turns though everybody in the press box saying it on a -- was saying I go up -- take a shower the game's still a joke -- is saying. You know in his national -- -- in challenge that and some media -- an and the fact that lacked unity spoke with a manager under the bus afterwards. Tells me that the play is saying why can't we challenge it it seemed like as they wrote in the paper yesterday that Harold. It's human resignation might panic and let's David you know and and I don't know cool how that all played out Paulino is as. I'm looking at a from a far -- I think that there was area. Either a breakdown in communications. -- disagreement in communications. From -- looking at the video and -- -- I agree with that that's his -- was anything effort that's where I think the breakdown came either at the guy looking at the video said Tory -- we're gonna win this challenge. Lavalas and now. I don't know we've lost too many of these this year in war or the guy and the video said. Forget I don't know enough I don't know enough you know evidence here and I don't know. I ended may Madrid and I missed it they get Billy broadbent has been -- years he's a video coordinator travels with a team. And the Abraham who's a a couple opening catchers he's a former minor leaguer. And former college player. And he's in uniform pregame and I believe one of the both of them do this and they may -- someone else in there it's. Robbed by having off the year yesterday -- -- -- name I can't remember the name of the guiding it wasn't really broadbent and there's another name yeah somebody who's doing it now. Well -- again I am not qualified to say his world with I don't know which heads should roll. Other than a blanket statement that this is on the need to address the young season because. Desperate times desperate measures. And I understand the grand scheme that they lost three nothing I think right so it didn't really make a difference except that. It sent the message the players now when you can challenge that we're gonna save the challenge case we need it later. I don't like saving challenges for imagining scenarios that may or may not play out to different time you don't know what the future holds. And it's from me it seemed to slam dunk now assess the lions play a little parlor game one nests and where it -- the camera from this thing and I'll show from this angle and and you know nice try defending your guy Steve but Nadal challenged the -- play. And send out a desperate message to players that you wanna win this game game just don't blame it on the manager. Who was -- -- basically. Helpless at that yes -- he doesn't know what I know I mean right -- -- more than he does I don't hold any does bill with a bullet popcorn a piece of pizza and I know more about what's happening at that moment real time the John -- because. I've seen the replay eighteen times. In in thirty cents short of it appearing on the on the giant screen. In Tampa which if they're Smart wouldn't -- -- -- -- MLB showing those now. But you can't rely on that because -- -- -- on angle white -- and another -- but -- -- nest and is good they get you know twenty cameras there. And end before Farrell gets out to the mound. I assume it's Mike varieties that director -- -- this replay that see that replay and he's a talented people what was that you get no he's replaced. So I go back to what -- set. I -- better qualified at that precise moment in time. This year most sitting on -- couch -- better qualified to know these should do the replay to the challenge and not the John Farrell. Who is at that point I hate to use this term clueless yet he has no idea. Except when he stole what he was told obviously was. Don't challenge not worth. It was a bad call a -- this writing thing doesn't work out for a good second for a permit to be the video back for the -- summarize it like six -- -- -- 797937. Pop up quarterback Spezza Jerry -- from ESPN will join us at 315 Sports Radio WE yeah.

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