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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Championship Hangover Edition - 7-29-14

Jul 29, 2014|

We tackle four topics all sparked by the Red Sox worst to first to worst run in 2012-2014.

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-- -- Well we'll go to some of them or. -- no way the -- month period that this record. I don't get this villager replay and the -- I had corporate. Wasn't fast -- and boy it is there. A little bit. It's okay. Thirty she's got a lot of -- get the pay off line. Large please. There the meet today. Our diplomatic off I thought our forefront by AT&T. A team discovery when Johnny Cash and 99 yes my dad with. You coach that's a term cash and could not be -- Johnny Cash. I mean look my dad with a huge country music and all I ever got to listen in the car radio and our car was country music in Johnny Cash. -- Nagel Hume. All that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Covers more than 99% of all Americans building you better network or until the point where they call this the Steve -- show which were working line. -- some very -- the lights went they went and we started by we're having on if I have ever done. I'm gonna knew I think I'm gonna name him in large part to any thing but so by the way may be the only -- we -- -- Why don't migrate my chance I'll. It doesn't apply as much in today's world because this would be to move names that we -- It was a -- including my own greatest songs and yeah yeah there -- ND IN DI. And I. Folsom prison ya both got to the blues right but walked alone he'd ever deployed teams who know. I thought Johnny Cash ripped a legend you're not. We got to get to it because after all we're running out of gonna catch -- I. Well in honor of SP 2014. Championship hung over Boston Red Sox. They take you down -- -- talked about four of the teams that had horrible. Hangovers. And you'll see if any of -- bad as the Red Sox were gonna start. With the 2012. Giants into the 2013. Giants. I. And five and won game six and seven. -- -- -- World Series. The giants over the time. 2013. Giants came back -- 76 and 86 and third in the NL west. Limits at the Red Sox will be better than seventies and eighties this year. I don't know if you can say that. Because they're going to be playing with Portland. These dogs as they who's gonna replace Jon Lester is five wins towards the end of the season with academic Portland's. -- it up there for a while they got to fall on their faces with other players are -- be taken for the reds on my guess is Henry -- gonna make its final start for the sea dogs and night. And then have -- talking post trade deadline if he starts the Sox for the season's over September yeah okay great that's remember it yeah if it. But but you'd have to say -- to go from a World Series championship. To 76 and 86 that it is a championship angle that's pretty bad yes that's that's right up there. -- -- -- -- Two -- to Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl demolishing the Oakland Raiders game back in 2003. Went 79 and finished third in the NFC south. The worst possible thing about Tampa where John route. And the worst possible thing about basketball. Is that Warren -- can now say he's got Rory that he wanted to. By all accounts the biggest fraud in Vienna. Lost forty -- and your thoughts that he was at the -- We immediate. Halt all of it started and -- apps today. Sensible theory whatever hopes time comments about -- very. And that bothered to ask for it. Who -- some different. -- daring to weeping in the rough it was and thought we being interrupted him to -- that nineties with little. Is hoping to never never did that never say that's sort of stuff on Dancing With The Stars. Of the good guys always want. But again all premise of the of the -- days of -- Super Bowl champion to 79. Is a -- fall. I'm -- that is at least make comparisons it happens obviously mournful while does. It. Yeah I think that's not -- sure anything can have an injury team blue ball hard I want typically do. Other teams raced Super Bowl champions all of a sudden you lose 345 million key players it wasn't of that -- -- -- people -- when the miracle patriots in the Super Bowl at New Orleans. They did make the players in Europe they needed Green -- to beat the jets are old and try. Back away from the article about half a. Yeah. 2002 angels beat the giants in the World Series they came back in 2003 finish 77 and 853. In the AL west. As they did meets at least expect it probably got is that 77. -- 85 and now. A lot of aren't -- football team. Fall that far we had to now where World Series champions off the pace of the -- How does that happen you know remarkably when they're putting this piece together -- I'd NHL needs. Spell that are well except that that -- that different falling out it don't agree with this. First round exit is but we get we're talking about -- I don't even make the play almost given. In the anecdotes of the red wings -- they repeated. -- years ago but it's amazing how many Stanley Cup if it's called birth -- from here. I'm trying to think back to the giants team into the angels team. I don't remember -- them to the Red Sox the last few right up the Red Sox kind of stole a World Series in one World Series averaged count. I remember those two teams being really good teams drop off idea -- two angels gave for it for the rally much. They are. -- pilots proved that spot wasn't on the comfort and well this morning and and the thunder sticks too forget about the -- is that there yet. Back up. Time now for the AT&T championship hangover the day before we get to this one just let everyone know we didn't choose teams like the Marlins. Dismantle themselves -- teams it stayed. Al -- doesn't count of a blow yourself -- so. The 2001 patriots as Buckley said in a won the super cool they came back in 2002 you went in 97 finished second in the AFC east and missed. The playoffs. All right let's try to think up excuses because where you know homer Boston fans some intimacy excuses to be made here right but it -- seven or seven and I'm like I don't think ever ever vote that is they won the 1 o'clock game against Miami was it. We'll come back. And then there was still lives if -- it was over there was still alive. But they had they have -- the jets of the mentally that was yeah and then and then but it smoke in the yet against. From unmistakable that the game of Miami went into the locker room and back out it was something -- Glad you said it is excellent with something weird happened in that game but connecting your clock -- down incident lasted. Yeah confusing the -- about what I mean I remember the game it was at the old. Fox as the act could have been that was a field that wasn't the old. Though is a one when they won the suitable. The thought it was the last game no but I'm saying that the game what they had to come back out of a -- -- all I'm -- was what's in the old stadium so it had to of been. You know. And I think it was just that extra point that game -- thing. I don't remember because I remember guys coming out and like shower slippers and stuff you -- -- right -- that was on the field. Yes that's the old stadium and -- with a shower slippers and a bunch don't and that's on. But but I think I'll look it up but -- jets Green Bay game was what kept them out of -- Now the question becomes your Red Sox fan and we didn't look this up in the in the course of preparing for today's already I didn't. You weren't in the crucial conference call either as a team ever gone from worst to first to worst. Not not to my knowledge and talk about that I -- for them bring that up on mammoth beat today I thought they -- the giants. With Jon Stewart. They went from a baseball. Baseball that they went they -- worse the first back to worst yeah. So this is not on trod ground is when I don't think discussed earlier today and tomorrow on this -- if there was an innate sixth. Not that I am aware 9/11 rather them work. According to several techsters. It was Pete Carroll coaching and it was the buffalo game. And not Miami -- I I didn't remember the specifics I don't eat well. I knew what was the old stadium so Pete Carroll makes it whether -- whatever but he came back I guess where they had to come back out. And and there are literally players standing on the sidelines and showers with him -- -- -- literally just came back out because they etiquette expert point wasn't it. It was that simple. I remember correctly which I'm probably wrong. We it will have to look it up because. I seem to remember too. I don't want to fight -- remember but it will look at happens if we can remember but there championship hangovers not to make you feel better because it -- None of this -- feel about. Some of it was horrible but to try to make you feel worse. -- -- ready for Jon Lester the larger. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number Carlos is -- -- Carlos detained a second Bob's on the self. -- about Bob. Gentlemen how are you. But I don't buy it and do what I want to ask your opinion on -- older Russian market out today. The -- multiple baseball and Everett -- given up on shortstop. It it's -- the -- well yes pose the way oppose the question yes they've given up on him at shortstop that that has kind of a negative connotation to it. I choose to phrase it this way they see him as a third baseman long term so they've moved in the third base which they believe his position he'll grow and so. I think in the -- -- saying the same thing I'm just being a bit nicer human. Yeah I do -- I will we talked about this an hour hour and a half ago that I think that they. Look as an organization and see their future shortstop. In Pawtucket right now and they see the future of Bogart's they try to but shortstop and there's no going back he's a third baseman now. And will forever be in the Red Sox -- It by the way I. I mentioned this couple times -- last week. You'd be amazed if you went through the rosters of every big league team in the investigated the backgrounds of these guys. How many of these guys were shortstop at one junction their careers. The jury was a shortstop notebooks with a short but I think some basic goal was it was a shortstop. And it just makes sense Major League athletes are all the best guy in the Little League teams and high school teams. And the scope position of note is shortstop so a lot of these guys naturally got to play shortstop so if if there right handed assuming. So it's it's not a -- -- to say that I get a story out the look it up years ago they herald. And I did it toward the patriots locker room how many do you guys who quarterbacks. And you be amazed how many of these guys including some of the wide bodies because they were just great athletes and they they didn't know they gonna grow that big but. You'd be amazed how many NFL players will quarterbacks at one point native in their image today. -- by the way just so we can clear this up forever and ever December 24 2000 against the Miami Dolphins. Ended up losing the game 27 to 24. The dolphins had to come back out of the dressing room some of them in towels. Some of them and other shoes but it was December 24 Christmas Eve game 2000 in the old state. What's the pissed off a lot of people want to get all the Christmas. To say nothing of the guys who work. Coming up in towels wrapped around her waist and standing on the sidelines -- at Gillette Stadium I got to get John Ferrell credit for nothing if for nothing else. In for candor. I'm meeting with the media here in the last few minutes. John Farrell said. That. Jon Lester is scheduled to start. For the Red Sox tomorrow but he peace traded Brandon Workman will start in his place that's what does that specifically yes the program. And that's pretty candid for you know while for coaches and -- -- -- -- -- that at all I can't speak about tomorrow tomorrow as tomorrow today today. The guy he said that the plan is to start John tomorrow but did say quote if John -- traded by this time tomorrow. Brandon Workman bulls are right kind of goes against everything we've always heard from the Red Sox what they just. Deny deny it and I don't look the other way -- for John proper game. Open on -- like well and it also. Certainly gives you a pretty good idea that they are working on stuff. Yes and the paper resolve themselves to the fact that go by him saying that -- -- resolve themselves the fact that yes indeed. He's gone he's gone somewhere they just don't -- -- He's acknowledging that -- certainly talks going on as we all know anyway. He's acknowledging that you know there is at least plan in place that. It doesn't work out port -- while tonight. And he's gonna it -- here's the good news the bad news good news is you are gonna start the bad news is might be in the Antarctic. But it might now. He's gonna start either in Pawtucket tomorrow night in Boston. And we all sit here believe him and I can be a topic I don't believe so -- I agree. By the way Ferrell went on to say. This is him talking. I am reading from Alex spears Twitter account he sure the Sox are listening on everyone right now said it remains to be seen who was traded and four watt. You know this is let the trade deadline is kind of touch and gold kind of period of time for all teams except the NFL nobody aggregate traded. You get in the trading deadline and all sports and is that little walking on eggshells thing. In the Red Sox clubhouse. They're going to be guys would bags -- donors balls. You know thinking about could be me could be gone I can be out I do find it telling by the way that Mike -- -- playing again tonight starting at first base for Mike Napoli that means Napoli. Has sat out two of the last three games and -- -- showcase his car and car ended up spelling him last night as well on the fourteen to one game. I had to your point -- I agree completely they're trying to show somebody ticket requests taken to put carpet for all right hold on carp. Let out -- written on -- in -- and then the seven political play right field to when Egypt where it's like the old jokes -- -- guys who -- the red sexed up or not overestimate. -- by the way neither the giants -- the Marlins went from worst to first to worst so we're back to and that's the wrong this could be the only in Angela they're not worst yet. Working on that but they're not there yet. And based on moves that -- -- at -- running out of power with a little luck and lack of effort -- get there 6177797937. Dale and -- Greg Dickerson Steve Buckley and for Michael we need two guys to fill Michael's -- Sports Radio WB.

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