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It Is What It Is Cast: Has Darrelle Revis' impact actually been underplayed?

Jul 29, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price discuss the latest development at Patriots training camp. Chris says Darrelle Revis has looked great, and that his impact on the defense is actually being underplayed nationally.

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Welcomed outside Gillette Stadium everybody my name is Mike petroleum joined as always by patriots expert writer for WEEI dot com Christopher price. Life's too bright for the patriots we got to Wear shades. I know everybody around me filming this is like Mike please don't go out there about it I couldn't -- anyway the bright the future is bright for the patriots. And certainly for their secondary. Something I know you wanna touch on Chris is the secondary play led by none other than Darrelle Revis you'd think. Chris and I don't know if I buy it yet. That the Darrelle Revis angle here in New England has been under play. Way to really not just in knowing about it nationally when you look at the way this team has been constructed you look at what they've been able accomplished over the first week of camp. Rivas has had a great first week of camp Revis was tremendous today knock away a handful balls and a couple of really big interceptions. Look tremendous in his defense -- look like he's fitting in very naturally we talked to Tommy Kelly after practice the veteran defense attack we -- what can -- bring to this team that maybe they didn't have before is that. Revis has Revis you give me -- resume speaks for itself so. I don't think it being underplayed here as much as it's being underplayed nationally and I think really you can make a lot of comparisons to. Randy Moss and 2000 some -- didn't really see a lot of rainy moss in 2007. Sat out for of a big Turkey camp it was a big surprise come we want. I think nationally. One of the biggest surprise about the big surprise for this team come week one is going to be the emergence of Darrelle Revis he's one of the most confident cornerbacks and for good reason in the National Football League. But picking off Tom Brady. Do you think that's important for Burrell in his confidence coming in -- New England in this first year yeah I do and I think he said the other day it was interesting he said look there's some butterflies here. Some a new guy I'm coming into this team -- you know this is the -- -- my first practice is only because good impressed with my teammates -- do think. That there is something to that I I don't think that he's not confident but I do think that that helps with his overall acclimation process to this defense. I had a chance to talk to Ty Law on Monday he is obviously going into the patriots. Hall of fame on Friday here at Gillette Stadium more specifically the hall at patriot place. The -- off -- actually was asked about one Darrelle Revis they went to the same high school western. Pennsylvania Alec put a high school and Ty Law obviously went there many years before Darrelle Revis but they stay in close contact. And -- Lott told us yeah he did recommend coming to New England because Bill Belichick will give you freedom. That he won't give other players and entire law admitted to us essentially. Bill Belichick does treat players differently especially when you have the skill set and you are the star caliber player that Darrelle Revis is. Yeah exactly acting Q do you have to build up some currency with a coach but I think. When he recognizes how good you are and how good you are within the context of his defense this defense in the -- the way they play defense here. I think he will give you for -- rain we've seen it from guys in the offensive side of the ball the last -- here. Talked about moss. Welker it did there's a handful of guys who he trusts and they think that did bid into the funny going back with something atomic telling him for in this defense is all what building -- trust and -- working -- that right now. All right let's talk about some news of the day Tuesday here at Gillette Stadium as the patriots got back to practice for in pants for a third consecutive work out. That is the return of Alfonzo -- speaking of the patriots secondary. What do you make of Alfonzo -- coming in he did get into the summer wraps some seven on seven drills some individual defensive drills what do you make of his return. I think -- and slow -- into Needham starts -- is coming back from the shoulder issue in the offseason so beauty of working him back up to speed gradually. -- an awful lot of sense in this defense looked. This is not like it was a couple of years ago though where they really needed Alfonzo dinner to be a part of this defense they can kind of work him back for slowly. You do have the first four games of the year where ostensibly you're going to need him. Opposite Darrelle Revis in place Sabrina -- of a right now in his defense he projects as the nickel corner you know you have to figure the Revis is -- -- one Debra vision number two guy. And then dinner will fill in as needed with -- Arrington in the slot but just seeing him back out here just another layer depth to this patriots secondary to grouping for doing in -- CI. Disagree with you pay this much in that I think Logan Ryan Crist has a chance. To beat out -- dinner because in talking with some people -- observers close to the patriots camp here in Foxborough. The one word you keep hearing with Alfonzo -- is trust. -- has to re gain the trust not only of the coaching staff but of his teammates your great. Guy and I do think they rescinded the radio Logan -- is gonna push him this year form for playing time and I think again that goes back to we talked about before when it comes to a depth situation this is not a situation. Like they had a couple of years ago are you really needed Alfonzo debtor in the south and right no he's a good complementary piece who again is probably going to be pushed by some of the younger defensive backs when it comes to playing time. And that we should note that speaking of Logan Ryan he sat on active pattern this morning at I practiced and picked off one other note none other than that Tom Brady was a nice. Sit pattern needed -- -- march but it was Logan Ryan reading Tom Brady. Off the snap and a good sign. For number 26 as the as we've said -- fights for a spot also. Aaron Dobson was on the field here running on the side not in -- whatsoever. The report out there is of the Boston Herald reporting that he had a pin permanently placed in his surgically repaired -- What do you make of that. I think -- he needs to get back on the field as soon as possible -- knowledge he's going to be in danger of a roster losing a roster spot because I don't think that they would. Now put a -- finisher give up on on a second round -- -- in his career but. Tom said it over you in the spring he said look. You know when you get to training camp betraying his run it in you know if you don't get on the train. You do it it's gonna be it's going to be a struggle for you so you wanna see him on the field soon around later we talked about depth at the quarterback spot. I think the presence of Dobson at that wide receiver position gives another way of layer of depth to the wide receiver spot. One other player that spoke today that's certainly figures to have huge role on this team and Bill Belichick spoke about him at length. On Tuesday morning with Ryan when -- a senator and he said that look I know that when you bring in Bryan stork. That's competition but we all are here on the same team until we're told otherwise were all planned. For the same head coach. Ryan -- what kind of challenges and what kind of you know -- does he have to climb this year to improve upon his pass protection which. By the way -- he was asked about he said. We can all improve in some areas in other words is acknowledging you get a rough here last year protecting Tom Brady. I think Ryan windows are really interesting guy for a couple of reasons first of all. He's a guy who played more snaps than just about anyone else in the National Football League over the last appear slightly undersized center. I wonder if the extra work has kind of gone from a little -- at I wonder if you know they've maximized their window with him -- -- interesting apparently Bryant's short went down and early in practice -- we don't know the severity of the -- a window into teaching the majority of the -- so it's going to be interesting to go report. How that position shakes out but they're very secure I would think would with -- Brian window at the spot but again. You bring -- bring at a guy like Bryan stork a guy who won the Remington award last -- the nation's top senator. A peerless Reza musical legion you know it only makes sense that he's gonna push you know that that the guy who is you know -- incumbent right now. All right that is that day number three of padded practice wrapping up here at Gillette Stadium. Speaking of senators did a couple of special guests were on hand and Copeland was in the media tent of course he knows a thing or two about snapping the ball. The Tom Brady. And also Charlie Weis the head coach at the University of Kansas. Was in attendance the former offensive coordinator actually the coordinator of that last patriots team that won the Super Bowl. Super Bowl 39 in Jacksonville. We'll be back here on Wednesday as patriots resume practice training camp 2014. For Christopher price. Unlike the -- outside to let stadium WEEI. Dot com.

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