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Three For All: Christian's girlfriend calls him out, 7-29-14

Jul 29, 2014|

Christian tells a story about taking his girlfriend to see "Jersey Boys" in NYC, but he leaves out some crucial details. Luckily, she was listening and called the show to clarify exactly what kind of shenanigans he was trying to pull.

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate. Renaissance man in the DC east three for a long time number 30 yeah our country threes overall venture. It's 34 wrong -- these days with MF beat. The very brought today is brought you try to -- symbolic instruction if you needed your roof they've got you covered this -- -- -- whole bunch of things under our group pyramid day's limit these. Weather sports or not. Wanna get to Christians very quickly -- -- on this and mentioned go to the -- -- -- -- -- page you can see my contribution on line two links I've put up. -- Family Guy Simpson's crossover episode. September the twentieth on fox comic con leaked some footage of it and a unit barely got him a little -- -- -- -- But they're up stocks -- religiously are always -- I am I disagree I put my shows so it's. How fun life Jones and the crossover episodes between the two -- and -- Mike Tyson cartoon which is sort of like scooby -- is like a crime fighter. Yeah actually looks pretty funny actually this curse words -- there on the news David peoples lives. -- problem there I guess. Sidekicks yet has drawn like scooby yes. How would you wanna bring up because I was so that I think all mentioned this yesterday here's a question you guys as a sub -- girlfriend. On vacation actually notifications. For her birthday to -- York city park to play turn out to dinner that the whole night yeah. So there -- a conversation during that trip I've found out that it didn't really count at the birth date yet. What do you mean by that particularly -- because I was there I was going out to dinner I went to the play I enjoyed the play do you I don't delegation had -- we have we are away from the kids though. I kind of felt like she'd thought that I was biting on her birthday present so the question is like OK so if you if you bring somebody -- -- -- life. Odds on vacation on a weekend trip for her birthday do you get should you get full credit for that yet. Regardless of the fact that you're going with them you're enjoying the play you're being joined at dinner so. It's not like here's a watch there's a necklace is the weekend for by the way are coming with waits the table the whole time you expect this to believe the -- they deflate you but you're. This is not deficit in half I thought this this is here's the gap look at -- -- coming at dinner singing happy birthday you know and not -- corporate. But -- touch it depends the -- that are they got I don't get it got a cap if if you would have taken in New York city's that you could go -- Jersey boys. That's not really much of oppressive right I mean if she was dying to see Jersey boys and you elect -- it really careless -- go see that I'll go to one. -- -- Anywhere at the broader there does that mean they keep coming innocent through this you know you'd. Was wasn't what you really want to be doing but thank you so much for that yet but when you're one wants to go to Jersey boys got to stop yeah. -- like ivy heavy never found yourself in the position we're. I have you realize awaits the next among people put up ample -- Lewis saying it by -- dialect to Miami. In the middle of winter because you wanna go to Miami getaway that's great all but I'm going to Miami because when a ticker don't Iron Maiden concert well. I don't think it's gonna -- all of -- put iron meeting console would beat wouldn't she obviously selected that B plus for her boys are you supposed to be penalized did you like them also. I guess yeah I can tell us if you really wanna surrender I give her tip for triple digits under way and not go winter days ago. There's just -- by herself her friend. And they really don't go. And you still -- -- you watch it. There would -- it just depends on and you know if it's something that your wife I think it's. Would love to do in this place she would love to go in no way I never -- what kind of been to Chicago I wanna go auto shop that whatever. OK I could care less vocal Chicago -- it will go to Chicago. -- high in Chicago her to write knockout yes jewel of you together I'd go to seed Jersey boys like to see maybe that it's accurate and took lucrative book says about this this for this play. -- -- not just it was it was an open discussion and I set about -- what's nice restaurants right sure. What what's like your bravery in your state guys are obviously got answers okay so now if he took get a towel they have since she -- she's a state girl that she wanted to go to STK. But you witness sushi because that video that there are certain -- -- new restaurant that she wanted to go to the next few would have liked it -- -- -- made calls you on the rest I'm pretty sure we just for the sake of argument got some female input on this. The the area would be just because you picked up that have doesn't necessarily mean it's a perfect birthday yeah. In fact afterwards telling me if we go to the AT&T hotline right now we might be able to get some insight on this. Let's bring on him calling from Foxborough then show up -- A -- welcome to middays of them at -- -- I -- given that this this thing play out as we're saying you know Christian that this is Christian we go again which we know Christian really loved the place you know loves the Jersey boys was it. Up and you'll really want the deal or it's almost like he -- you when you've earned it this. Yeah I hear are hitting it very much out of it really happen and that's well we have you on. About a couple of months back. Thank you very proactive it is trying to make up -- yours are saying though how about was last used -- to remember this is a new show we don't have the history here. The last here's -- eight. He -- it like it before he and hit the mob. Philadelphia. And that's academy let the sunglass hut and got me can't laugh at himself went to throw the and they he made a couple of but he he put it he got a candle at -- -- you know Howell who lives. Omen workers and its partners will. This is Arnold this at. All what is the matter with the supervisor tried that make up that Florida can't they go to older too young. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The talent and he did -- proactive but he said. Okay we're gonna go to -- out of Ivan in New York I try to -- for fifteen years would not place that I got off. The other -- go to the east side just in the distant. Spell but you know I'm gone I go to upload a -- welcome any that you want to -- he lineup -- -- people now. Not -- and I spent together I turned into -- one -- he'd ever heard a lot. So the -- over your birthday was let me take is that I wanna do or let me take this is something that I wanna do more this Christians like him. -- I I might get married and I have a hold until I liked him a little bit. Another planet -- it is not from me that that he. And it was all about just making sure you had a good time does not Lotta weekend actually getting worse I -- -- worse it is I think this would be this is not the question the question is for you guys all will we're we're supposed to answer are you -- in Jersey boys get. You know what I'm hoping it never. But you know -- -- -- that -- -- yes -- Like he did. You wanna go to phantom even when the -- man to -- -- I mean. I'd like I'd go with the loud and it would rate it would never be and she. I have reaching a verdict and insolent. I'm Jim thank you for calling I think we have all the information we need to wait can't get what you think well one thing at. Yes can you confirm that he at least let you pick the restaurant at eagle -- that he wanted to. I mean he -- it if you think you're like cricket -- eat some food and I don't hide. I like that balconies and -- and he can and he -- venture. -- I get a verdict I Jim thanks for in a panic situation and you're gonna have the suits and thank you very much for it on credit. And got a lever the joint birthday number two Christina Cox looks an amber credit record book is not like another 1213 games you love letter written. As the worst deflected the on the city's -- out of all the songs you play you play a Diana Ross. Song that one of the mostly invitation line over some sort of a turning on the -- love. -- the -- yeah I don't. Miller -- but look you don't know -- -- -- doors I don't. And from parity bill -- an -- how Happy Gilmore he he he was the lead singer for The Commodores you know that do not know that. I could care less -- -- Coming up in the 1 o'clock hour we humiliate Christians have more anti -- talks about Darrelle Revis that's to -- -- received an idea.

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