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Producer's Podcast-Is Lebron a Genius? 7-29-14

Jul 29, 2014|

Sam and Zach discuss changing the format of the Podcast, the Chris Archer-David Ortiz debacle, and LeBron James being a super genius

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We'll soon. -- -- -- -- He's not a right. It's. Business in the -- and -- Sam Tucker. But who that you could -- just -- the blame game. -- yeah. That -- in essence. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome welcome. Episode six. Well yes more positive -- differently on that path that's like an early crack -- so we were before Nancy Reagan came and told you it was wet every respect and never thought cracked so cool. East -- prescribe it to him and from sick people not at all now and that's -- from the seventeenth -- like curb your appetite eat sugar. Yeah Florio. Have a have a sort with -- meal or heroin used to be just like cops are particularly those things in Iran not to crack. -- -- -- -- -- invented by freeway Ricky Ross in the caller ready -- because it was ready to smoke the real like Hillary across the real Rick Ross. Let me tell you I've seen probably. Prison guard Erica now and not him -- more recently photograph -- and -- -- Robert Kraft. -- and I'd like to -- -- and his chain of him and gene nobody's really absurd I believe yellow outfit that like to know what their conversations like. You think. You think Bob -- ever heard of roster. I think Bob -- heard of freely Ricky Ross the original because he's a businessman and robber -- -- anything nosed businessman. I don't think he knows anything about the -- The thing that chanting can happen. Where was it did today. I think it was also that some sort of business venture I'm not sure. Not a businessman I don't know what business. And on the what circles terrorist Rick Ross and Robert -- both walk in the page. Many they cross paths the cross swords probably -- Do you think they cross sorts. Now I mean. Talking about crossing things though we're crossing our format. Brawler listeners out there as we think in the we're just -- hot sports takes left and right yeah yeah if you want hot sports sticks to the -- in 937 mostly radio. That we give those AG for the updates yet are stationed -- that twelve hours a day sometimes more. You wanna hear that from Moscow who -- Don't know that much like I think I know a lot about sports. And I think of Smart -- -- in fact I know not -- my point he not use that generally in general audience generally general audience I know outsmarted and you. I'm not professional hot sports take direct outspent -- fire. You you. Now we do you know I've known going to be okay in the out of -- that would vacuums and I have to say amounts. Dixon line in the sports industry will be you do wanna hear us talk about -- and random share. Will we do best are you did any other show talk about Rick -- Bob Kraft thanks now I think you know listen because I think we did a better job. Yeah I -- here in discussing Tony of course all of our hosts take a Rick Ross. But now you do that. We should we should ask every single host absolutely thought that maybe not Rick -- specifically about the girl nonsensical thing yet new feature the -- -- maybe that could be a segment. Nonsensical styling. The activists. Who do you think to be the best. Hillary on yet or is our horse he's our respect he's -- -- -- jolly guy he's the guy goes. He treats this is his job like he didn't he enjoys it and -- into that understanding that the election is inevitable last. Laughing all the time my favorite for anything right now is his -- for years. Going to school when you have volume test the -- showed that. List but here's I was thinking about commercial. Think about this if the test -- plans. And then the sub shows a rate that something bad happened to that teachers -- he's really rejoice seen. In fact that his fortune in this fortunate teacher because of the teacher plan to test for that day you think they would have planned to come and so if they're not coming in there are they're sick they're car broke down something happened to that teacher of the Christian -- is not. Not talking about here. -- some teachers now. Could have been hung over. Well out of my teacher friend they get down man to love to drink they drink hard ball and I mean c'mon you know. Little rattled. I mean I -- a waste. I wasted. But you think -- would like that we're going to school for teaching -- that we'd have the people who the excessive drinkers. Because they need teachers. -- you wanna be a teacher suite we need as many of those is possible to double our minds. We need the young minds to you all so yeah. And that's. Probably a little preview of what -- is going to be like in the yeah it's ridiculous. Aggressive. Nine cents if you like that nonsense tyranny and that are this next segment which is going to be more nonsense that well some sports mostly sports announcer so it's sort of related definitely they're -- and has come and tell you about lakers might weekend or my -- takes Israel. It's that's not how it's gonna go -- start with our first. Non hot take. On sports and the David archer. Got that one -- got archer Chris Ortiz situation. Now that so order t.'s Chris archer situation you the rundown of what happened after over the weekend my main man big pops Sox a -- here. And basically. The situation is like a go ahead home run at the time I I yeah I think they're down to is a three era era adamantly and so it's like you consent. On a Mac kind of home run you can so. I don't yet know he. Indeed yet here's the thing on any home run you should be able -- selling anytime. 77 nothing in homer a solo shot make it 71. In order extreme it's more entertaining for me if you silly there's -- big game on the Sega Genesis -- political World Series baseball. And you could just do as many -- as possible and ran the base of the program in it was sweet. -- people become more inventive how -- on the greens was that like fighting games you look at special move. For players -- is there's only like three button so Lewis like -- and knows all the same seller -- Genesis of the hand held on Bryant. Although that was like a sick something else Genesis was the first Sega system has three buttons and and you know the cool six but it controller. -- street later on it and online with former the hand held. It was like -- Saturn or something is now it was -- and nobody it was something it was this it was under the -- brand but it is not the Genesis the Genesis was a definitely a console system you can like sonic. Marbles he's on anything yet as -- for the -- If you had a if you body had tiger as a pet would you name sonic no. -- Parent or club you know clubs arrived at the guy that has a Billick that's a great pet name yet. Org guy I like I like people names on -- oh yeah. I determined this weekend that if I have a son I'm gonna name him guys. Mafia guy -- That's like a news reporter or that if the guy -- measures utilized yet TU I mean -- our market debut appeared. If you weird that EE EYEE. Getting gay G life and I once met a French guy named. -- Each pledged he'd Jermaine you're not a mighty ducks' guy shocking. Let's go back to the original story we're telling now. Chris David Ortiz it's a three run shot to take the lead we assume yes -- bet face towards that towards the Tampa Bay dugout. And takes as long as possible around the bases. -- it was sweet. I saw buying video of it it made me chuckle though he tossed it towards the Tampa Bay -- oh yeah and then there's been off them. What's beef beef is when you see being in the streets. And throw my bad even after I hit -- -- here I believe the original here -- -- and equal parts. So up. What what do Chris archer do. -- you. What -- next time he'd do anything outside of talking. -- he faced him again of that team does nothing like if you're gonna complain you -- plunk them now doesn't hit them more. And then complains that game things -- Ortiz thinks he's bigger than the game. Or have fun out there and -- it's biscuit just that big a -- is Tampa Bay which is good. What a rivalry that's turn into I know I hate it but they've waited more than that they can -- teams in the division and ends. Oh and eat it I'm excited for the rays to return to. Finley is at that point they'll both -- the race in this will only be playing to brawl. But -- gonna have to be a brawl making if there's not it's can be very disappointed. But -- the base brawls kinda like. Has really been a good 10 there's one in the minor leagues the other day some guy for the Albuquerque isotopes com. He just like -- the captors face shoved captures face. And then just ran away. Like you realize that it -- ass kicked in just ran away and was like the least cool -- -- that's what you have to do that if you legitimately won a charge the mound the tactic catcher for so is -- Contra style idea that they'll -- drop kick the catcher -- the catch and spread out the map. Yeah there's just not a probably baseball bats and oh yeah back in the 71 marshaled that if famously in the for the -- -- -- -- If you're attacked somebody -- keep the weapon in the your whole team with few of it is through a -- a project to LAU. -- absurd. -- -- more celebrates how I feel like baseball needs more celebrations is like Korean players like if you turn it really sweet defensive play each assists like starting a team or like. Don't look rose from like second base on on double plays that equal diving catch it has to be honest on quality oh yeah could I add one. Intercom systems are planned to music oh immediately after an advanced yeah awesome because so these are so much better when whose music involves. It's like the reason we like these players is -- of their personalities of any situation where you can show that you actually have a personality I'm off for -- well I'm a big week for -- League's best while we are ridiculous human being that is. Well we've reached the time it was time to get serious in this podcast enough nonsense. It's time -- better officials. Official on official sponsor stands -- let's say it actually sponsored god. I've never talked to stance stance has never talked to me that we should reach out. On the on the borders clear path somewhere I'm -- -- will do that in the future by. We -- should do in the futures -- and stuff. Because. It's like having a post office in your pocket you don't have to buy stamps you have to go to post office and have a box in your hands and wait for things and interact with people know. Borrowers. In -- is over -- -- your recluse yet hope -- things. It did not -- you know great pronunciation. Is there another Korea fear of loose for clues and I've always thought it was reckless basically it's a that would definitely that -- so I think because that's correct. You like the correct version better but other food Stamps.Com guys just -- Grateful put in some sort of lettering from another podcasting you'll get savings. And -- dot com. Between -- link to our collective 201 followers oh yeah some of them probably over. In my work -- wondered why can't dot com a thousand times. If we ever actually get -- outcome to be a sponsor of this podcast. I don't know what I would do. Maybe dump them in -- unbelievable. It would make. Everything every I think we have to have at least 500 quarter -- each is that what that they look for wonder what the minimum. What's the what's the lowest Stamps.Com -- We need money from unnecessarily just. So we can say were officially sponsored no I want you to be able put in an EEI producers pod in Stamps.Com and get some sweet deals. Like two for one on at George Washington State's. Or like all like American adventure he's a running back has witnessed and secondly 81 stamp in the evenings and yeah I got. Taking. In a rental car going through. EZ pass slam but I have an easy paths. Those were doing in the rental cars and then she like harmless. Now working -- and put ourselves a Christian of the shady but I. That's neither here nor there. Gonna pick up that video games I believe. From what the video games stored on the I was stranded easily transition to the next. Oh really don't hide a dead horse -- went over my -- really kind of floors. You know what you'd you'd be you'd probably have to be a genius. Holiday season three if you're going to be using -- stuck out of genius and Justine uses the word genius. Recent article came out by -- win Horst. Basically just saying that LeBron James is a super human computer. And has the memory of the cyborg. Well -- the computer whose secret jets beat so there everyone -- an attack on public it's like Lucent in. It's the the -- -- his computer he can remember. -- Story that -- -- -- Wind horse between wind force prime wind worse. He's the deal that follows LeBron are around and wrote a story about oh. He's just a brilliant. Brilliant mind beautiful mind if you well is used to play Shaq flew. Against his boys back in the day. Never -- -- as like fighting games before but -- measures he get exactly. Meet their budget different characters and they have special moves may be yield a look at them once or twice. And try to memorize one -- two. Like speaking of the Sega Genesis like I know all right use moves from street fighter I know how to service -- -- and and his dragon punch like I can do that right now is around -- It's -- a left with a rotation while pressing the punch button rotation we've rotate from back. And then down tennis ball using the right left down. -- -- silence and then dragon punch like I it. It's not not listening to describe its. Feeling I -- yeah does he only have two special losers -- -- now know he has a third special that I don't think you know now not everybody knows of a special news LeBron James does the according to LeBron Tony's who used to play against I would play against -- more recently memorized. Every special move for every character. In the east thanks -- -- completely -- effort and it's not even that Heatley -- memorize your room that in strategies in year -- to place. That's just not fun. Memorize teams play ebooks and Matty and he knows here they are doing is third down play he knows your style of play if you play him once you have to likely -- in the be tricky. If you have a good play the noble work don't use it as well know. Every time after that it's come this makes -- think he should just be like after his career just become like a defensive coordinator for -- programs. Our minded player coach -- he doesn't play one and two he wanted to play but that's going to be a better time and -- Said. Yeah I buy dot I don't disagree I don't know if you can take -- hit by it if he can just remember everything lineup please call plays how he's never been hurt. -- That is crazy he drives going so hard every time never an -- Here's the thing -- -- thing about a piece at a super genius what is he'd like here's part of articles like I have to stop like any. Intake of books or media at all during the playoffs because -- like. It makes -- bring to overload -- what is LeBron reading like what what does LeBron watch on Netflix. Have no idea the Dubai. Do you think so do you think card's probably -- really likes tasty and who -- its new relationship in season two. Mayo arrived I -- can I but I think he might who knows he's a super genius. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it makes no sense -- -- Smarmy and the LeBron James. I know it's. It's crazy you'd never know and -- trying to make the argument though like. This is the reason he's the best player like clearly -- -- physical gifts make him the best player this is is on top of that. Who have the music. Them. Now he is best athlete one of the best athletes in the league and apparently one of the smartest. Now apparently can do -- around I LeBron for president. I've never seen someone. Do one thing and have a 180 degree. Change about how people are about to say that I used -- run the most beloved athlete in the world right now. Oh yeah and he's just said -- man. Focusing such a better situation in Cleveland Miami and team -- think it is it's completely unprecedented effort guy to lead the team to four consecutive finals and then. -- -- -- Where snakes. Is that. Super -- help each day. Smart man hey hey LBJ don't plan in basketball or Shaq -- how many kids you kill today you know saying albeit not chance of good. Yes your -- are just so I will that's not original that's that's an old Vietnam protest chant about Lyndon Baines Johnson. LBJ chance yes you start with of the -- because Lyndon -- yeah so not only on the produces podcast. Are gonna get nonsense gonna get historical facts. You can get insight into the minds of hippies. Around circa 1963. To in 1968. Because then you know LBJ's -- not to run reelect won you know so much about the sixties. I was the American history in government major. That real for real Israel's. On why I'm doing this job you do that I worked at MIT for a year before coming to do this show. You pretty Smart quote yet I. I started this -- -- I don't know because I've been really down can't notice because I've been trying to get by hot sports takes to not drop it knowledge onion. That's got to be what is the are new format is really help but now. That's been episode six of the producers podcast pretty good man have some new elements that actually. Oh yeah being segments you have any suggestions. Opened to them or even -- this artist wants them to acknowledge that we exist. Pasture. I know above some Twitter page right now if someone just -- Beasley you're shows -- We could easily have not had one -- -- this entire time. We've had three units is like 390 my Brothers listened I know my Brothers listened I know my girlfriend lives in and I know my -- churches listened trio for or minimum and none of them have Twitter tweet that he broke. Get access if some tweets vacant field put them to -- in the air that we feel bad about myself on the Internet. Please. -- We'll let. Bush.

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