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The NFL is taking a look at "high-stakes" Fantasy Football, 7-29-14

Jul 29, 2014|

MFB discuss a Peter King article that suggests many NFL coaches and assistant coaches have felt increasing pressure over big-money fantasy football players. Christian also weighs in specifically on how his knowledge of game-plans resulted directly in him winning his first season as a fantasy football player.

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Plus days that we are. Men have a certain age and we don't want. To prematurely climax in army Christian side I don't know which of we will an extra that. I. Although I have heard Jolie. Has heard about. I just from the student grapevine I've ever heard of that tradition of minding your business been at the new world the Africa. But it was we don't want -- go off purely about his job yesterday we had a case here yes. Yet know what we want a full at least from what I added just flooded there another another that we wanted to crescendo then run perfect time -- wanted dubbed him. Right a lot of say for a long time. And -- merely self help people talking about trading of the deadline. Getting mad at those individuals who think that is a good idea back and you know may. So here we are a face the reality of -- I'm. Not happy about it but I can't destroy them until they actually trade him. Or John Lackey or both yeah and that it might boil a little bit might boil. We don't watch upon a -- because we want the stability of the proper. Climax point when it actually happens of people we should be calling success. -- -- Something just that some sole source Dreier now -- and -- rooting for the John Nester trading -- you know you don't want to do not like when you if you don't want that. The people to talk about the potential Jon Lester trade and the fact that John Lackey has been worked into you can still call it 61777979837. But in the interests. But not building this up too quickly. Roland we want to mix in some football on -- -- -- crystal ball found something very interesting from Peter king's Monday Morning Quarterback. -- this last night you had the same reaction and I didn't think Joey did as well we're not as hot on this. Christian and I both saw value in what Peter King wrote. If you missed it we've gotta post it online it's on the links page middays with MF be at WEEI dot com. It's Peter -- assessment. That there is undue pressure building. Against coaches and players. To perform based on fantasy football gambling influences. -- directly to you from the way that. Peter King wrote it Monday Morning Quarterback. I think one of the most interest in things -- heard a week one of camp is the undue pressures of players and coaches feel from big money fantasy football players. I had one coach tell me there's so much money in some of the Tennessee football playoff pools. That people who used to gamble with -- he's illegally are now gambling and high stakes Tennessee football leagues which is not illegal the NFL has its antenna up over this. And it'll be interesting to see if the pressure escalates to more serious threats on players or coaches as a result of fantasy football. You don't think that's gonna ever held by -- Christian you do now you've experienced this right. Well -- -- as far as the pressure goes from fantasy football players. I mean I guess the pressure it depends on how you really take it one mentioned the ball first came out -- people coming up to me 1000 Seattle. All -- be have a great game and I got you I'm Starr Newsweek I was like I'm I'm you know I'm notes are cocky about and I know cloture talking about some make believe game and an edit that nobody dungeons and dragons. As we were comparing it to had no idea would blow up to be what it is now. However. I can't see how like players. Today. Gotta take -- a little too seriously. And it is an act like that's the reason why they should succeed that they might let. There of the guys who choose and select down. Down we get. I -- I get irritated about Mike Mike -- ratings magic look there but these guys are thinking about a make police sport. I understand what you're saying is that pressure right you you get pressure before. I think what we're talking about here is it -- actually money lake actually is could there be a problem could have beat. Could it be fixed -- zone situations seem to explain to me how this works because to me. How can you if Tennessee football you wanna wide receiver to perform well quarterback to perform while running back to perform well. How does that work because you start talking about fixing games is easier to fix wins. It was easier to -- it fixed failures -- -- losses so you what you I have my quarterback. You know. One point. Did you open a good to get a crap onto article out there myself and throat he'll be 2525. At 350 yards -- I got to fix that okay I'm gonna fix a running back. He'll allow you to break one. For you know eighty yard run that extra point second win might week how to fix that according to our defense -- de -- don't tackle this guy when he catches the ball it. How do you fix a positive. They're all they're trying to be positive anyway. OK I won't a positive as what got you -- trouble. Heroes an all hall bankers have been on his own team. OK so as a for -- if you don't want gambling to be influenced in your sport at all. The argument is -- argue all use your example is not so much an eighty yard touchdown run its hey this guy has five million dollars. Riding on ten million dollars riding had a fantasy football game OK and he goes to Marshawn Lynch. He gets he finds a way to get to Marshawn Lynch through his agent or whatever run better. Now he says to -- look you get two touchdowns. I give you 500 K. Okay -- Sean Taylor's Marshawn Lynch goes to Russell Wilson eight. I get 500 K if I get two touchdowns today I give you 250 you'd check out of a play at the line of scrimmage supposed to go to tide and you -- -- to -- the two yard line. That's gambling influencing football. Now the negative. That are constantly calling I I I understand a -- that's one bowler on today when you start tonight you to get some coaches involved. Not necessarily a blood a lot of my cereal in the -- the coach you got to get the quarterback. Quarterback yeah so we can audible out -- to throw a lot of that run in April football. Well that's the case that I think -- management take is nobody better than nobody more football first and goal from the one will play action. About a negative and a blowout game OK it's coming down towards the end of the fantasy season this Seattle Seahawks are. Thirteen and one or twelve what do fantasy league start stop usually the fourteenth week. Fifteenth sixteenth via okay so -- -- -- in one yeah same guy goes to Marshawn Lynch again -- -- -- I need you to dog the other guy's got EU in his Tennessee team. Do me a favor you guys don't need this you're gonna get cold in the second half anyway they're on the goal line slam and the senator's passing go down I give you 500000. -- just syndicate paerson like Pete Rose is right go to the negative. You know peak in May put a lineup out there it is -- compete beacon maybe not go to the reliever. A maybe he thinks he should go to. Peak has knowledge of his own team and knowing that in L. I'm gonna start Felix who brought. Up three days against Toronto and yet I have pretty good idea to bet against my team. I like the way the Oakley buckles been goal proved that this week of the stretch he's on right now. So yeah I can also manage a game like it's a game seven of the World Series right seeking gold out of nowhere. In a month of April he can have his clothes -- whose dominant throat to winnings to try to save that game because he needs it. But that's a manager controlling game that's like going to like David Ortiz and say hey man. I got you all my yell fragile deal whatever it is all all these different fantasy leagues -- they got -- on. I -- Judy -- runs tonight David. Okay. I try to tool every night but you know it's -- -- like the natural and got a very key man in on it is the pitcher you get that key man who's the quarterback and talked about before. Under the -- I did you throw complete game shut out crap. And the but the -- part of it well OK so. I need you to an -- -- -- actually yes in baseball and football ought to set but he doesn't even have a way to detect how does that help -- even the positive is something that the NFL doesn't want even if the positive is. You are getting more money to try to perform better doesn't want the notion that gambling is influencing the game in the outcome at all. Because other people -- who don't. Marshawn Lynch is tried to perform for this guy who's giving me money there's a guy in. To peak at Kansas -- thought against Marshawn Lynch. That is now pissed because he feels that money has influenced against him because he's in -- fantasy football championship. So I am -- talking about -- -- here no -- we're talking about like a guy in New Jersey who makes 200000 dollar overnight Wednesday -- all -- boxes out anyway now talking about. This is -- -- each. Christian we're talking about totally see others can be -- abuses but this isn't just kind of -- like OK like you know the sky's falling patent issue. What allows -- to see is how congress. Has decided. That fancy football. Is not gambling and here's this is -- Goodell comes into it in this is where the NFL comes into it because the NFL was real -- this ruling came out the way that is so so playing Tennessee football for money is gambling because congress has decided that. Quotes now an outcome. That reflects the relative knowledge of the participants or their skill at physical reaction or physical manipulation but not chance. And in the case of a fantasy or simulation sports game. That's an outcome that is determined predominantly by accumulate statistical result of sporting events. Is that -- that's a mouthful it's also be yet again win it this and there's a lot of work them there and you don't know what they're talking about. The fact is they've decided that it's not -- it's okay. Fine we're gonna we're gonna use it would more -- make sure there is -- by an all the stadium's right exactly games. And date date date date monitor their fancy football players who maybe be on the team that that they're watching right at the moment. But there is a significant issue I think what the players now. You would have to be really balls the detritus if -- a player. But and you really kind of know how the system works bars this fantasy football system works. That same time if you have a team a giver receiver sample -- Jones. I have my team and I have myself on my team but it's not Julio Jones team it's its goal cluster team let's make a name for my offensively you don't make a quick -- K. I'm gonna get my buddy Tim bands he's playing quarterback. -- Kill -- right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All eyes just I think that's a cup I think -- really crazy -- think that it that it it it -- are not thinking about it. Now I hear the players do what's the F Bryant Gumbel HBO I got their match fixing nearly all the only is different sport they'll double fantasy football. Fixing fantasy football period of fixing football games. You could fix it negative -- -- you can make the -- -- you get a guy. You get a quarterback can say anything to lose this game. But go to the quarterback -- to win this game. I now don't try to -- -- you don't wake you do that is if you get the quarterback that you set those situations audible out. Be like I need you -- -- this guy all game long did you audible out goal this running back you know that that's what I need from you and that that's the only guy that can -- if it. If it's any thing at the least. It's insider trading at its finest -- your idol my last year in 2007 outlook fanciful -- When I was -- my team. I make sure to pick guys and I was kind of had a relationship with our knew about I had a firsthand knowledge of the system and the coaches and and -- division and -- everything defense. I want to leak but first I play this big guys I would start guys I knew hurt I had Steve Smith on my team. I knew what Steve Smith was critical for hundred yards receiving and have an -- out. 'cause I'll sit there and going over the playbook and watching practice I knew exactly that we're gonna go to on multiple times so as easy start for me. I knew that we are playing Tampa how badly their defense sucked our -- one of the wide receivers -- there are -- were hurt I knew exactly. How to manipulate my team I had no idea. We were playing for money was just a you know a bunch of friends but I knew exactly -- to play. Powder and which guys is now. That. Ego point there -- our training site is found inside information you gets of people are spending a ton of money. You get a player and -- hook and CIA what's the game plan look like this week is gonna be a lot of Ridley. Is going to be a lot of marine -- going to be a lot of Julio Jones a Roddy White -- where's the best match up who's who's the guy you know there's there's a lot of times he northern. And a guy goes far. Realised running back by committee -- but 120 yards two touchdowns and -- -- this week it's -- aggregate and -- who both played down here or we cannot or let's all play to protect team with a re -- ten catches you know he's it would be an opponent the ball Shane -- so. That information could help it. Like that you would have. On accident debt civil happened plus I would have friends that other teams you play long enough. The F friends on other teams who are who you can call up to like listen let's let's do this I have this idea. You know let's pool our money. Put it into a little fund will start a team all managed it -- it got to gather our information because listen there's tons of downtime. Ice to do my ice to set up my roster. Saturday morning before my group meetings in my in my -- his remarks at -- feeders set lineup are already had all the information. And bam -- -- done so. It could date could somebody fall down and it and and manipulate a play during a game yes he did very well happen. You're stupid at the big guys started speaking about it would be an easier way it would be. Just what I just talked about to set it up yourself from the inside out. What do you think. Football fans 61777979837. Is Peter King on to something here is there a possible. Amount of undue influence that's coming on coaches and players in terms of big time fantasy football gambling. I think it's something that's a legitimate concern Christians seem to think it's of this legitimate concern Lou you're less concerned about in the sense that we did. You do think though that football players are susceptible to gambling influences right yes because you're seeing a difference between. Point spread shaving and Spanish she points -- because I don't see the difference there. I do and I don't know I think you can affect it negatively. In point shoot me get a guy. And sandy you lose this game. You know in big football stats this football double positive. You know it is I think it's more difficult to get a wide receiver it's an -- of the game and almost -- again unless it's like I said let's say delegates like fixing a game but if you're if you're got -- what's the fix a football game to go to Tom Brady's -- -- this game. No I go to the Tom Brady said he didn't lose this game. I go to the running back who I think could fumble ball or I go to wide receiver that they think to drop the ball bright if I'm playing against that guy. Like it you and I have a couple million dollars on the line for fantasy football game and you have Rob Gronkowski. I can get to Rob Gronkowski. And I she gave him some money so he'll drop a pass and doesn't get any points and that's the same way -- point shaving -- all the blame. It isn't there are it's seems harder we're talking about fantasy football. But the fact is that there's no differences yeah you can -- it she says how creative can you get how how sneaky do you wanna be. How how how many guys do you -- in fact. It's 100% -- Ball up a -- -- from the inside out of the outside and if you're talking big numbers like a million dollars now I don't know what the actual. Hannity how big these -- to get but I'm assuming it's only going to get better the pots are going to get bigger. And so that influence and the consequences are gonna get larger. And a and a. But days I called controversies that does happen and it leads to the inning it is in football on going to be pissed -- -- The Red Sox -- Lester Lackey and for all forget about it. Six -- 7779793. Seven's gonna JR in Springfield JR go ahead you're on -- 37. Creator Geithner took the boat my trainer. Who got it would be content -- -- -- wide receiver knows order pizza. We got a couple million dollar bet I'm going I'm. Eight -- out into old beat scored a touchdown. TV apple might get. Simple insider that -- can fix the game to get more points. And another thing that's part of the concerning Christian you alluded to this -- brought -- separate for a -- in the segment is the NFL loves fantasy football -- that keeps people watching. The NFL with commissioner Roger Goodell is blessing. Has gone to the point where they've tried to improve Wi-Fi access and encouraged every team in the NFL to show more in game replays and NFL. Sanctioned. Telecasts are broadcast snippets during contests so people will come to the games. Since attendance has become an issue in the national football -- and large part because people wanna keep open their fantasy football teams. And watch multiple games at the same time at a sports bar or at home to the NFL red zone channel and things of that sort so the NFL is. I don't seek complicit. But they're helping exacerbate the situation if this has turned at this eventually comes to light that maybe there was money changing hands illicitly here. Yeah I don't hit it eight coaches are being part of this also if you think about and it causes really don't have a lot of time. But who does more homework. And the coaches who studying more film in other players -- scouting more teams and has as more resources at their disposal. Then the coaches and if it pop culture not make him and there are work demeans the bone and they're just killing me left and right with hours and never see my game and never home. How easy for me to just you know what I'm a star Little League have all this information. -- may make a -- a couple of bucks you know we. I wouldn't it mattered for that I mean I guess other people in the league would be me that's not fair. But how would you even know it was a coach like to lose a coach Tom I got to know it's a little Maloney. The deep on the backs coach for the New England Patriots would have no. Clue right and is a lot of web sites out there knowing their fiscal policies a lot of web sites you pay money to go on his website to get information. If I was running one of these web sites. Tried -- and get information should they have their guys in the leaving your ports and it just. All the patriots in injury reports and always a team's injury reports but the it's somebody in the inside. Now you get better information. -- promote new information you're getting noble people come and you. Now more people pay and they'll sixty bucks hundred bucks for fancy football season to get information weekly daily. They have that -- inside training information stuff is probably to me easier -- where to be an issue. And look I don't be dismissive of your point because yes it is far fetched obviously it's far fetched but 1990 was far fetched you -- black Sox -- And I also tend to think that from. Where you're coming from it's it's still a negative. To have guys influenced by the positive of -- money. You know they're gonna look at that from everything up to and including salary cap in -- I had to say about -- ought to him. 1919. Because first time the games have been fixed no pressure still don't think it's been a lasting right and it's expenditures to the World Series. I think that was going on. Normal people don't think. Or one of belief back then guys are making no money whatsoever it's a weapon to be a World Series and it's completely obvious and a team that was outstanding. Kevin you're an -- MW EI. I guess it's that a little need to get on them that a couple of things like that the money that these guys again now. You say that the draft extra -- that it's so the rules and had picked her bank and I'd like our whole debt. Yeah of the temptations around there and the possibility that went into what could happen but it's an advocate come to light that. -- -- -- They didn't get somebody. Which shut the door to panic people ball as as we know I think we just seek -- that the propelled would be like -- that it would -- Yet not only -- it then be with the NFL Kevin but if the NFL since the apples -- started on the Russians had baseball kind of started fantasy craze but. The NFL took it to a whole new level and if something like this -- you would be exposed to their work to be some sort of fall out negatively it's gonna trickle down to the NHL. Yeah looked a step would be -- that it would click through sport that -- and yeah keeps it mean else that he appalled at the calendar that says it would it would be good into the sport guys that aren't. More -- said they gave content congress gave a blank check that Tennessee football commissioners to do what they wanted to. At any point on any level -- -- football it. -- you you can't use the excuse that -- look how much money these guys made as all be able do it. It's that's bogus and every guy's trying to make as much money as they possibly can the average year average lifespan for -- topple ball player. Is like. Three years and not every NFL players in good financial standing yet so I've seen broke well that's not saying there's some guys played right now that are struggling. Need gimmick team and need to get the paycheck this year Saudi that the money always been -- floats -- more point that you mentioned Christian cult success. -- that information. It is a playbook -- -- No I would I would be more surprised. If nobody is doing it now. I would be more surprised -- their players and coaches are doing it that's. It it's almost a no brainer if it view I mean there's so much downtime you guys like even doubt during camp. They hang out and in and chill in the -- growth and lift weights more there on the field. So. You know I was speaking about it and you know and realizing how what are what are advantage I had back in 2007. Yeah I imagine where they are now. It's a slippery slope now that -- you know just imagine -- for example is boy's bicycle. Aren't always best friends to play fantasy football. -- how slippery slope is -- for chewing them to talk about on a Saturday. That you know Morgan beautiful -- to the office. Or only beat equally this week it's -- this guy gonna trick played ball or throw the ball yeah -- -- points -- thrown a ball. Perhaps I -- took place there is still might not happen right or. This -- -- actually just got to write down a metal you know don't from a vehicle ball twenty times its weakest can be Allred. The real blunt -- also the players -- FL right now to be careful. And here's that they see just go to go to football reference to your baseball reference -- on the all time they also have a football reference page ad is clicked on a random guy. And I ended -- clicking on. Daniel Thomas running back out of Kansas State teams are running back for the Miami Dolphins and you scroll down to see all stats on bulls' scoring summary. Well look at this fantasy numbers. Then he commerce for this guy. Okay seven new lineup -- to point to -- and 201168. And 12832013. His position -- Like if it's on this page in grocery guy to be on this page. Don't draft a good late draft -- area there out -- a -- lot I -- it's a one line open on this drive and now. 61777. Now 77979837. When we come back many people -- doing and think the pats defense would be the best in football this year but some of the New York Jets disagrees. We'll tell you who said that and -- when he said exactly we come back the WTI Sports Radio network. Got a lot of people that story talked about this. NFL fantasy football gambling influence debate that was written about like Peter King. We've got that posted middays with an FB on our links page -- go check that out at WUPI. Dot com. Speaking of football and on. Defensive side draft defense is in fantasy football right is our league and have a defense that draft to draft the team. Yes you know -- yet to have a -- to -- who would you draft first the jets' defense or the Patriots defense this year. Then. Patriots. -- bias -- update you see a lot of turnovers you couldn't go you wouldn't be an adamant that your. Yeah pitchers there punt returner counts is defense and your team's defense. You know in the nine slash ST. We'll get I didn't know that. I wasn't sure -- -- these this new for me when you -- famous -- never played an -- they can't beat Tennessee football but believes our I was playing and we did not have. Returns count as -- -- a week putting any money in our little -- football -- and noticed a lot of gambling that we are talking about that currently has this -- only directly -- -- strictly scientific we wanna I wanna see what happens to the group good natured -- all its competitiveness that actually did it -- signal. We can better dinner who never did that -- now that's money I would never do that. We don't -- money and disinterested that. -- a couple that are out. -- rights bragging rights isn't enough well Philadelphia. Cortland, New York. According to one of the New York Jets Calvin Pace he says that the defense the jets will have this year will be the best in football. Asked -- he thought the jets' defense stacks up against others in the league pace told the news on Sunday the daily news. Compared to the rest the leagues the rest of their defense is the NFL. Shoot. Man. -- the best. I obvious that the best defense is on divisions are probably draft the patriots burst as well. -- on the jets' defense even their down years has been. Better statistically. Than what you would think for a team that doesn't make the playoffs -- struggles. And -- come approach things the better this year. But I still think it's a leap to suggest the jets defense is the best in the National Football League but I mean that's their attitude just. -- actually the big -- -- -- all I don't think we talked about this box for got unloaded Bakken bucks for a guy and said that a few times out like anyone is saying in the best. It OpenId could be a lot of assumptions that depicted there's a lot of -- that they -- -- -- better that the gonna be top spot I still think it's a -- to say that the going to be top five but that's like saying they you know I think to finish second AFC east. It's a huge gap there right between being the second best team gave seized. You know Huckabee 79 football team and being the fourth best off best defense in the league of the third best even amid a figure but look at Seattle we look at San Fran. Maybe look at Carolina the only meteorologist -- the FC west I don't go to Arizona Saint Louis who notes. There's that there's a big gap. I think most people feel at the majors have a shot of being top five top six in that area but top one I think hugely -- an odd jets to say that's crazy as well. You're not really dealing with offensive juggernaut in the NFC west either I mean nobody suitable lasting -- cap and Russell Wilson was very efficient. Arizona still know who their quarterback is. -- Saint Louis you know kind of got things together but at the same time nobody was released. We don't have that you don't have to Denver Broncos don't have that high flying object of Atlanta you don't have. A real terrorists New Orleans sure you know so. So I think that the stats to be skewed a little bit but still at same time not to take him to where they just beat the hell out of Denver Broncos so sure how good though both defenses work. However I think with the east. Adding -- and I think -- jets I mean are they right to Ghana. You know you know beat their chest Sony haven't done anything yet social premature but at same time but all the deep it is and and if -- Had chances to be great and I had chance to be really good -- the pitchers the best offence -- -- -- -- we know how bad they were based on our standards. I just I just elected New York Jets. Take private conversations. You know within organ within teammates within a coaching staff the mythic -- head coach Andy make a public. I get a lot of teams out there that feel like nick could have the best defense in the four in the in the NFL a lot of teams up there that believe they're gonna win that division but teams update it gonna go to the Super Bowl. But it seems like the jets are the only ones that will atop what publicly. The other guy up sure Rex Ryan's and it talked nosed defense pop them up right now and get them all excited to all of -- going to be the best defense in NFL. Open them up they're gonna beat the patriots at the patriots should be worried about us not the other way around with a New York Jets -- and as well written probably six assault. Right JETS. I think that happens a lot of locker rooms this time a year. At that get you ready for camp to get your mindset rated -- and actually because mentally yes that daddy's got to change that mentality of organizations to believe in yourself. It just seems that the jets and it was a wall -- -- publicly just continue to take that locker room talk and make all published audio problem that. From doing that yeah I do know -- -- -- as you point out all the stuff OK we think it's well fortunate right now a drop -- Darrelle Revis. Well jets think they got -- -- defense and us you know so it's just to skip practice deep inside. Confidence is within that locker was fine -- it makes our public step wouldn't bull's eyes on it. Yeah but that's the jets though so it's Alice that's theoretical it exactly and dared to direct correlation between how the jets players are talking. And going about their business and what their coach sesame we saw. Rocks aren't on on sports center earlier today during his team that very tame big like past the big direct question. About what his team was going to be like well -- -- -- come out say if you were gonna win the air seat because he got trouble last summer doing that he couldn't. He couldn't back it up but he you'll continue to say hey you know we're gonna come out there are people are going to be word about us we're gonna give them everything we got what every coach is doing. So with -- just -- -- get old you know the whole song and dance gets old embassy got almost lost his job that owner had basically come down to say -- we're gonna. We're gonna keep you around and the players rallied around them they are able to get the 500. With the players. The other you have deep -- there right you know second year guy you have Calvin prior verse here back. I'm out let me say because those guys have done everything -- Pryor has not taken a snap. On but not the right OC has not taken a snap. -- pace may have a little bit more to say based on you know is better status but if you look at it on paper. They have just a good chance to be as good as the patriots. As the patriots do 61777979837. Let's go to like Donte' is gone from Medford high -- -- They're gonna. Lol yeah I don't know I correct on that professional sports. Very difficult to. Pollard yeah marketing paid. Now on how to -- to fix all over that I have six citrix it will be like Hulu or YouTube back. Do you want a quiet -- that gain an example the patriot that they've apart well. You have to get to keep quiet or what would be what the court so easy mistakes million dollars a year -- -- It afforded him the rookie but he hasn't hit that commitment to stop -- rookie minimum he's not make it about some money in some some some some -- as a last caller was talking about is you know is that he playing. He's like ten million. But it. You have to get to the bit to that it to a key player in the Hawaiian and that you got there are out all back to three million dollars on -- game. That the that little bit can you know. Don't know it's got Ellis now south of that majority of people -- -- vast majority carpal tunnel we're talking about we're not talking about the vast majority of people were talking about Gilani Yahoo.com and Google the story about the guy. Who made what was it 2.2 million dollars a year last year and a month last year. You would fancy sports. No -- -- a couple 100000 dollars the a night they're betting on fantasy back on the NBA okay -- about more more -- -- under on again not a million little couple 100000. A nice big Felix stock options. Right not -- Don't you have it and that all the talking about it and accumulation and they picked up. A partner a team each sent a quarterback a running back and -- the other highest total got you win it and it is and it's something like that. -- -- that picks up the other point as you mentioned before you know my gut. Marshawn Lynch did you have a bad game that's fine I. I thought profit up OK but I got to get the seven of the flyers played Tennessee football martial it's disappointing weeks six point -- a ball points. And still have three other guys blow up. -- it went for 122 touchdowns. And I can only get to one guy. I gotta get the sex will try to get the 40 that I think it is. Unrealistic as far as getting the players I think the inside information. Is the area. That I think you'd be looking get -- You know I think the website to make a lot of money I think the people can get to -- a coach and talk about game plans but even that like I said I mean. Mean of one -- -- Thursday night goggle for a buck 32 touchdowns in -- up like thirty enough and in you lose. -- you need you know you need everybody you can't just get one player defense team and -- almost set. I get this guy here he's -- a book -- this cleric at the running back he's gonna take it okay well. Hoping got their quarterback duke is because the 354 touch judges screwed -- got the wide receiver. I'm hoping got their tight end as well it. But what a prison Monday night at the end of the Tennessee football season and your -- probably when it's gonna happen. When the big money's on the line and then you go to a guy that your place not so much a guy that's on New York teams -- announcing guide this you're that you're playing against. Fumble for me drop a pass -- That's what doctor Peter King is writing about it it's a very slim. It information side I packets -- 61777979837. All right we've done Ortiz vs jazz what about yes vs Jeter. That's percolating ordered to talk about that next on WBI's Sports Radio network.

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