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Red Sox routed by Blue Jays as trade rumors swirl, 7-29-14

Jul 29, 2014|

The Sox lost 14-1 as Clay Buchholz and Felix Doubront both had awful performances. On the heels of the loss, rumors began to fly regarding Jon Lester and John Lackey possibly being traded.

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-- -- Right three falls they look like I do everything he practiced enough with the balls throughout the late in the ball game. Mercifully so. The final tonight Toronto fourteen. And the Red Sox won. When I was little -- get into the air station today but I think Christian we in the allow that. Given the exhaustion. He suffered through yesterday. Has yet to ensure that nine run innings. Indy Toronto Blue Jays Boston Red Sox game last I heard here on W the eyes your back or right after that. Florida roadways and the heavy late if you get going wireless had thoughts of like that he could walk around -- is the first thing I thought it was like. What is he talking about what it is all your stories are used to fill space and time when the game's going slowly -- use it all up in that particular rating did it just off. -- -- I haven't all they really from the very beginning of -- buckled -- -- look comfortable to me it was just got the mound and -- I've first pitch fastball race strike and that he walks him next pitch home run the Cabrera and it's like. You never he never found it is comfortable they'll let off what three innings of the five with walks each one with the innings he scored runs just. He never seemed right that Felix game and well Basra thrown me out there off I mean I -- mainly if you want to give you better a better effort here or more gorgeous it's just. I don't -- at the games they didn't know was every ethnic economic -- Mr. -- -- is disinterested. I don't think that -- yes yes and listen I guarantee John -- for the same one yes -- does -- doesn't agree it's ugly you're probably not here. He does a great job of really stick up for his players or not it may not sticking up for them to just. Do know electing -- and collecting it and just like making light of an -- patent well you know not really this is what he was doing what it's so obvious that. He just did not care well this is what John Ferrell had to say about Felix two bronze team effort us out on the mound. -- -- -- -- -- What a better word disinterested. Out there. I don't I don't think that is disinterested. He's capable more I think we've seen that. He is three of the last four outings lovable kind of been very good tonight obviously not the case. I ends and when on a night when you're hopeful that. You've got an opportunity to stretch -- but get multiple innings that wasn't the case. No no wasn't. What do you think what do you think two Bronx give a crap level was -- -- higher OK are you doing why why don't you might need one. NBA best one being war it was one but he's really want brought the wrong strategy if you want to leave eighteen if you want to get traded from a team. Pitcher away off the team because someone else wants to acquire U. I mean how does -- I agree with you that's my point it's -- is give a -- level that -- -- you know you don't Daryn you'll look at car -- says she wants to be traded. He comes up a place with three pitches throws is that good roses helmet in the Ehrlich is pissed off and just. Kind of meanders back to the dugout and -- brought if he doesn't like his role he wants to. Pitch his way onto another to be got a pitch to -- yeah popular -- look at Felix to brought see that effort say you know what I want you why that guy. He's -- -- he is the problem with Felix is facing in on is that he's out of options. So it's it's if he had a couple options left near the Red Sox tickets -- you don't want. Mr. point 50 lefty last year Davis. And it really nice 334 month stretch force. He's gonna freeze that the -- optioned to triple -- you know or next -- casino you know that went up payroll of big league club I'm not gonna give up on him yet. And I wanna start to Tripoli next year they still think there's some in there you don't have that option because -- -- one. You know -- what do you do with them. You don't want them to your point I mean this is the part this is extremely difficult for these guys understand that trade deadline people aren't happy with the situation. But you gotta be able to understand what you can't he can't control. You'll feel as can be pissed all he wants after game two deepest Ali wants driving at a ballpark but the many shows up the work has to be put in. But he has to be prepared to compete that night. If you let it go up there in if you got -- compete for a site for self in this league the two teeth kicked in which is exactly what he did last night in two thirds of an inning. Yet is it he said it like you Billy Starr for -- like. That was such a will always meek effort uh oh whoa is me Cilic he's EU war. Eight yours on a low I'd just nobody wants three I can't star and not a whole attitude about it because it is there's dry low will always know somebody fix my tail like that's what it felt like to me watching it it was so. -- frustrating and irritating. Because if you're going to want something that you should -- you can't allow people to outwardly see what's going on -- All his emotions were showing up on a space on the way he works on his demeanor while you're on the mound and taking pictures catching balls -- matter. What it was but cultured to -- that. Inning was just dreadful to sit through the jays have eleven base runners nine runs in 32. Minute inning. You brought two thirds of inning six hit six earned runs no k's to walks. It's the first nine running since a twenty to twelve loss to Oakland in 2012. The fans gave a standing -- I've heard the phrase Bronx cheer before obviously a cheer of mockery for your own team if you well. That's not without was last night that was thank god it's over. And that was thanks for ending the agony what's our plan to strike three to. Sync fans wounded. Yeah so I can prevent. Reaction of the crowd has finally. Top -- the sixth named the winner -- weird kind runs scored for Toronto. They read through and after five and a half thirteen nothing changed. I was in the press box last night at Fenway and there's like a race to the men's room. If sports is kind of holding it for awhile because 32 minutes to go knowing you know that wasn't even eat what do you think that game was over what did -- watching it based on how this year how -- first. He's six pitched out of like this game's over. I guess I would I would go that far. Fourth -- You know three you know -- goings. It's that signal the middle course to make it four to nothing and at that point -- says that this thing's over before now to Bethany like art. That's regroup -- a little Britain and he got an innings to go. Voters sport nothing at the start Dickey for three innings and it just lease off from clay and it's just not. It's a tough clubhouse right now it's a tough time you know it. Wouldn't normally this team is usually winning at this point even in 2002 -- it was bad as it was a big deals that trade -- are still three or four games out. This team has done in the reality. Of playing two months of meaningless baseball start to sink in. In the reality of of some veterans in America and help you normally can help you win the big league level gonna be gone guys that. You are helping this team win could be gone. That's frustrating for everybody else that stick around I mean you've got a third this roster right now that's being rumored in trade talks. Though the -- that -- big on yesterday I guess or else I know he's I think yet some people. I could probably had a -- a ousting of alerted her that great last I spent about him doing the game. And sweating right swiping writes I'd be right we don't -- don't do its bit ego that you don't about a month. Don't expect Obama left -- -- kind of live like Presley leg you on his -- and. Yeah Alex you can just you can feel it lock it in there you know it's just. Don't know who's gonna leave. It you don't always get his day. And it's a sensitive time and meet some guys like like a Mike Carp like a feel it's too broad. Out wanna change of scenery and they want out other guys that we mention. I'm saying I I know we're losing but I don't want I don't wanna leave here I'd rather stick around sign an extension. That's always had a great year it's confused what's Lester. Yeah well I mean he's been a big white whale. You know four and the beginning of the season so that's but even like even like the role players I know the the big guys the last there's an old guys like him like those guys are gonna. It's easy for them to say the right thing he's having a great year and was looking out anybody wants him to get paid nobody wants him to stay. Yet there's talks about trading at the other guys the role players. -- -- really kind of find out what the guys are made of because -- -- I would love. That your guy. Listen I I wanna stay its satellite although all the one them when the ship is going down and everybody's trying to you know find a life -- for the self. You don't see of their -- but well you know. That yet items off finished. I was gonna say that. This is exactly why we're speaking earlier in the -- about our grades or mid term grades while I was a little easier on Ferrell and maybe some other people were because we had seen its. We hadn't seen the percolating. Angst in the clubhouse he'd managed to keep everybody on the street Merrill on the right path but now it started Friday. And this is where he's got a close ranks and make sure that doesn't get even worse but already you've got to brought. Pitching -- got car carping and you've got David Ortiz trying to play general manager. These it's all sorts of ancillary issues that are cropping up right now. About the club from the clubhouse. In the wake of the losing -- and this is where he's got a keep everything together before we going to fried chicken and beer territory 617779793. -- And -- a much different categories you know I can say that you know -- of yeah part time welfare of the alleged hit lefties who's not too happy about here in the people wanna -- down because you want Tuesday. But the thing is you got to realize it's a compliment but is it does she think people want him out of town or does he just think he's tradable I think about -- he only has its sensitive right just -- that. Hum. Some people look at this team doesn't want you. Of people don't want you there's a lot of GM's in this town -- -- fans radio people talk radio played a role bench Harrington. And -- -- taken away that that personal emotion of a guy that may -- would like this -- would like to sign he'll extension here would like to help this team win here. But it's. For some that are mentioned it's a compliment. The meat if on the team when I look at -- record of Jonny Gomes. Notified have a you know left -- alpha struggles a little bit off like a left handed dominant team maybe electronic blue jays. Who could use a -- about the bench -- occasional left the I want a moment team. But it's it's a compliment I think he can help and of another team into Miller obviously there's a lot of guys that are compliments. You know I think Stephen -- -- I think somebody wants him. Because I look at it as -- -- it's close missed three months of spring Trace -- -- the season came to Boston. You know I had about a month but that have bet that didn't feel right lately looks like a at least have a big league hitter -- they did the first three or four weeks so. -- a -- for the guy I'm gonna get a guy that I think is now swinging the -- -- liken it can help we went others like to broaden. AJ Pierzynski. Because you don't wanna deal with the headache the next two months the only deal with the -- the next two months. You like yours -- wanted to forgot about moms and let me get help the team and he left it about the bench you know I think he can help team -- so. It's sensitive bright nobody wants to hear the name Gonzalez feel -- out they don't want me. When it's the other way around -- your contract in what you'd do that makes you commodity right a lot of these pieces. Out of that Jon Lester. Because I think that they're gonna dive into that amount of money into the season every one of these guys are freeagent. They could bring back again I think the Red Sox a -- big market team when it comes to three year contract or below. -- -- overpay. A small market team to get a guy and a three year deal or two year deal or one year deal. Elected did two years ago overpaying for victory for three overpaying for Dempster for a couple overpaying maybe Jonny -- were -- -- all of these guys. -- to a three years. All the fall a category every coach -- bat out of you a dollar -- remained on three years twenty million Uganda Milligan of the year. You courtroom what Johnny goes back to Johnny goes back. You know you really want all these other guys will freeze at the degree to back except for Jon Lester and hope that they can. So it's. Guys don't wanna hear that they don't want a look at that way what's -- because it advance -- sick of the they don't want me. Lackey to you a Lackey could got the get go this half Koppel Douglas and I you know you can Rosenthal. Story the tweet that came out from -- is that he's now being packaged and shipped with Lester as part of the trade. -- I'll try to start the beginning. -- remained calm here today on July 29. -- because I don't wanna sit here incarcerate -- retreating Jon Lester and John Lackey because they haven't. They haven't yet. When it happens. Okay there might get different level. It might be a tune in factor let's just say what we're about to see if they trade away their number one. -- ever so okay think that that's a good idea. To -- Danny -- plan right. -- assets up here you know a lot okay. It demos that eleven nice heated discussion if indeed the Red Sox do trade Lester and John Lackey which to me is just. Unfathomable. I can't even. Imagine. Why you would do that if -- the Boston Red Sox would welcome. To the Tampa Bay Rays if that's the Q what we're talking about this yet why don't you almost want to see it happen -- less and lose react and I don't wanna see Jon Lester I don't know what they're yet. But don't do it do you think maybe you have -- reserve the right that. This the Lester traders probably gonna happen -- you are you still holding out -- up around us you know -- five or you are you cautiously optimistic are you like you know false. -- Offside come around this the reality. Of people tonight change it to no no no consumers' opinion is it's still open at the original opinion is you signed the -- but -- all these reports. Right audience -- yes thank you I -- -- -- animal here. Right Major League source said Monday -- the Red Sox have been informed of what kind of contract lefthander Jon Lester seeking. And that has led routinely putting ace on the market for everybody at every contender apparently has been called a coronet Jayson stark right. Right and basically that just talking about you know market value in the assumption is twenty to 24 in the five to six to go home. Now that's market value right now men on the market value to three months the unwillingness for them to go to that point to 24 for five years. Pisses me off the gang makes zero sense to me. None whatsoever. Now after reading this report last night being around ball park. Tired from multiple sources different people that that is not the case the Jon -- is not for the Boston -- talks with -- they just assuming. You know Red Sox assuming that this is what he wants -- damn right. I -- yes. Yes that's what he wants so I've -- the realization at the Red Sox are willing to go to this so the reality of them trading him is now possibility -- I'm not happy tonight that the turn of what I want return which discussion if you want -- first place. What I'm not gonna go crazy yet. We have a caller that that one -- our callers yesterday brought up John Lackey. Before we even mentioned him. About and we I think -- much -- you got a guy there he was the -- it's -- let somebody else deal with -- in terms of his contract on the back and what's a 100000 -- what's led to us you think it was during a -- -- talking about -- he's just -- retirees -- at peace in the -- and be done. If you trade him or is that is why trade for lucky it will we are hearing that out months ago when I had that approach but that's what I thought they would get something -- last year. And now that it's becoming clear to me as it is to live with the the trade might have to happen because the only other option is for him to walk for nothing. Then. I think that you would be wise to figure out what to do with John Lackey to keep him here because you need somebody who compared to. We understand the premise even a guy yesterday of talking about what someone else deal with -- lackeys. 500000 dollar contract. Just the premise of right so it trailing lack because we don't want to deal. With 500000 -- which. Another team except. Says John the -- but we're not gonna make you pay for five immigrant. Yeah we got the leverage -- to threats to the leopard. So given -- season is going to give what the market looks like it would all these pitchers are making by the way you've thrown a baseball will give your two year deal for point. 22 winning or. Point five million dollars of the PR freeagent. -- services. Would probably cost two years 362. Years 35. But to what penetrate field to deal with the big prob with the Red Sox have with the withholding on -- a veteran established pitcher pitching up very high level at about ten million dollars under market value such -- had a problem for the Boston Red Sox if they -- -- -- it's got a two -- 24 million dollar deal. And save on eleven million dollars what he would gut the open market. How is that a problem for the Boston Red Sox. If they would do that people like event -- event. Make him play first 500 grand. Don't give -- god forbid you sign a guy picking goal of the postseason and win who can be your number two on a great pitching staff. For 1213 million dollars should be making eighteen got forbid what probably Red Sox have got to get -- AM. I don't give -- Obviously I can't wait to hear the system so when you choose what you do lose it is how we're gonna start your rants -- -- piano playing in the background. And then once the news comes days. We're allowed you just gonna go on tight rein in the background you could hear a little bit Eminem is well. And you can't wait to go to my guy to having battled through it up even more notable event. Eminem right now plug -- here go let it happen and don't let it and have a Red Sox don't Boris it is. Red Sox fans -- the good news that John Black tree might -- the heart of a John expressed trade. 6177797983. Or seven. You can -- text and it's easy text line reset and we've got an eyebrow raised seven million -- We've got one phone line open for Red Sox fans of your -- I think you go right to be madness did so well let's hear it lose yourself on the island good days than it being. Speaking of trades now Jonny -- may not be going to Kansas city of one of his teammates maybe. Once Red Sox player we thought would be traded may not be going anywhere we've got details next -- WEEI Sports Radio network.

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