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How does Tom Brady's leadership help the Patriots? 7-29-14

Jul 29, 2014|

John, Gerry, and Steve DeOssie discuss Tom Brady's impact on the rest of the Patriots, plus Steve tells tales from his old days as a NFL linebacker

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-- D&C. Fault lines opened 6177797. To 937. Turner tension of the patriots here in just a second and Tom Brady's some. Influence on this team not just mean throwing passes and column plays but let's talk to. To bid in Maryland who's been waiting patiently before we get to -- bad what's up. The morning -- I've been I just wanted to make to the quick comment that wind when somebody goes on trial. The jury hears all the evidence and they make a decision from that. I don't think everybody knows the whole thing that is going on with -- right. Do you think the commissioner -- us. I'm sorry do you think the commissioner does. I don't. I really do I think they had they have seen everything heard everything. In my personal opinion I think Ray -- is protecting his wife. Well what are poised to me if what you say is true what that means to me is we will see. That inside the elevator footage at some point why because it would be good for the NFL. And Roger Goodell if there are some mitigating circumstances. That made him. Only give Ray Rice two games does that make any sense. I think that I don't know what ideas but I'll back up but -- didn't help would like to see. We're pretty thank epidemic are are well. The stick is the next call and then discuss discuss who likes it lol Mike. -- what's up -- I was I was up to Saratoga reputed last week and I -- on the TV. And down. -- -- right there round. Because importance of the NFL arm in between Myanmar and Vietnam. Said that -- -- did doubt it's you know that video. And down that. I don't like -- -- and out on him and he just was defending himself. And shell out there and she hitter I don't know Whalen. There was no you don't -- to the space. Or anything like that so much so it is that John I think he's seen the whole video because there's no way that he wouldn't give it. In a video from. Punching her in the base -- it would have more than two games. Is that. But yes he just tried to push her away and she hit her head on the rail and that's why you wish you only got two game. I was -- me earlier. If you're the NFL you have to get the word out if coming Goodell can't stand the camps -- and she started she attacked she broke you -- -- that works well those -- the poorer if there is you know circumstances. That. Helped Ray Rice make his case before the commission like that later she was wasted and use that anger and and she angered animal -- Many will -- goes out you know them -- -- that's what you have to direct and maybe get all the footage maybe that's what he did in May be the footage maybe you'll see eventually. There was another report through that it was an open handed shot to the head too -- that report came out to about the video so the junior -- and state and Davis -- some effort this number and said now look for yeah. -- but dozens -- it's the only thing that puts. That makes sense but it's only thing that gives you some reason call you an accident. I don't smear I don't -- some sort of mitigating circumstances that are Roger Goodell the NFL knows that we are not privy to at this point OK okay. I guess I and did you think Roger Goodell it is it is heart of hearts could look at the inside elevator footage and just bear with me here for a second. And he sees the two of them arguing. And -- hauls off and pops are in the job right and knock her out and drags -- -- that he'll get to get help absolutely not knowing some. And there's going to be some of the book O'Keefe -- to the fact that word the word is that his wife and fiance. Came and pled a case for us to Goodell very passionately effective OK maybe that has -- them to -- you know she's. Decided she's a stay with this guy no matter what anyway and she say for better -- for worse -- going in and try to. You don't get this big -- to the bestseller cancer she's. Whatever she's -- On the on the -- where is it is -- possible that she said Roger Goodell listened it wasn't his fault it was my fault. I was -- -- I'd attacked him Boca and an I fell down and he just kind of defendant himself. Pushed me away and I felt that it might have pleased he wasn't all the according to Chris mortenson sources good rice did not knock out. Palmer rather with the defensive blow he -- over backwards and she hit her head on the wall or railing. So that's the NFL story and many that are -- under way to defend yourself. Yes -- as a -- won't get the hell out of there and if worst worst case scenario of she's following you on the elevator. Hit you over the head for -- -- rate -- -- -- you're used to get it you could elude her you can absolutely care -- all right then -- some security guards -- visitors busy -- we have that benefit in the elevator footage -- entered his sister in -- going nuts already got a body guards there right right you know there's ways there's ways I. I don't think there's a way out of this forgive bill regardless of of how would. Transpires. But in this scenario he's. This isn't slowing down this is picking up steam -- you know it's been. What a few dollar toward four hours since the dolphins came on the -- -- and blew it up -- -- Phil Ray Rice is. Leaking to the media today about talking about why he didn't appeal this and I think it's pretty obvious waited -- slow reel with two games got yeah. All right 61777. Point 7937 patriots go back to work today and and and I'm reading. -- now Boston Herald that gives a high five. Five players who had what kind of impact on this team. In the first four or five games days they should take a training camp. And and this is why this team will always have a chance when you have a player like Tom Brady and our -- that you were putting. You know -- -- prawns in front of his speed as he can walk and appeal rate. But listen to what Jeff how -- dinner every single day. It's a tough job by the use of their and you and you write down you chronicle every single play that this guy did this on this particular play in the Skype and cake that guy to this guy my point is is paying attention. Impact Bob Brady has been at the top of his game with his accuracy he never lightens up. A rally -- his pass catchers for extra side sessions during special team periods. And going through the route tree route tree with Rob Gronkowski after. Work -- Brady dropped four dimes into his receivers hands and back corner of the end zone and he names them -- -- care. Brady cracked a small window with each touchdown completion here's the skinny. Brady has a great chance to win his third MVP award if gronkowski plays the majority of the season. When your best player works that hard when your best player -- that kind of example. And this is a guy that does not need to work. Doesn't that sort of elevate everybody's game and and conversely. When he's going against -- Revis is this beyond the fact you're gonna have Darrelle Revis. Manning a corner for you when the regular season rolls around those Darrelle Revis is presents. In front of Tom Brady not make Brady and the offense better. Well when you look at a guy like Brady it's all about the competition and you know he loves. Having a very difficult path latent problem and try to take advantage of it he's gonna have that every day in practice especially in training camp we've already heard reports. Coming out to let that. Reduces is freakish sleep good and had two receptions on one thing to borrow against Brady -- -- dead couple mocked thousand. And we're here. Tom doesn't just look at that is practice Tom looks at that is a straightforward. Competition competition and he loves that he loves the idea and but he's always been -- I heard Chatham make the point the receivers -- better. Because of re Gil -- and you know they're not used to. Going against the guy every day that got it right and they're gonna play game and is going to be some stiff back there for. Whoever penalty what I -- jets and they'll say while I can get open in practice -- -- and he doesn't give me room to breathe. I was gonna steal lawsuits though because we talk about all the time is there such thing as a good NFL quarterback who is not 100%. Committed who's not. Live in and breathe and for the game was not there early is not Stanley. Who's not completely immersed in every aspect. -- of the preparation before regaining the freakish athletes like Michael Vick when he was Atlanta cases no good ones while Michael Vick was it was a pretty if he was a guy you have I think times occasionally excellent progress and we -- The best here he ever had statistically was when he was under the thumb of Andy -- in Philadelphia and he was basically mortar 24 hours a day. And he was coming into work at 7 in the morning wasn't -- one dollar it was a two and he he would you -- -- his. Career completion percentage up about nine or ten points because he was -- you -- on the head. These guys nowadays. How -- -- speaker under nick like. Peyton Manning. Can be is Griese is his arm is editor nick it's. I mean for a look at a piece but he's got a great athlete you you if you if you took 53 guys in the Broncos. And divvied up squads for dogs ball QB the last guy and it it's. -- his arm isn't near the strengthening used to be it's still pretty decent. What do you sol. He studies incessantly these guys get on the plane after game. And they have a an iPad loaded there with the game that they just played on the plays that they want as their study on a two and a half hour flight back. It's it's gotten so intense that the guys that study. And the guys who work at it like that are the best quarter energized him and Zell is probably not one and those guys. Here bees is in the iPad out as he studied tape that if somebody gets to him if somebody guest room you look at Matt Cassel. Matt Cassel was told his rookie year. Getting Tom Brady's back pocket do whatever he does. 42 million dollars -- from Kansas City. It worked out for right is -- good quarterback double file accounts drop below stinks so far so far -- The -- is that. As he has just not spent enough time in -- is physically over well I absolutely get out there there's this specially. You can especially the level of play he came from you can complete passes an arms race. You're not completing passes on arm strength. Or or one look off against -- Revis you're not doing that even against the next cornerback on the on the patriots. It's gonna take quarterback that much longer to. Understand he's got to release the ball. Half second quicker than he would make up his mind half sicker quicker than he did and in called. But again being around Tom Brady if if he's Smart. -- she's a Smart kid. Which we heard about we get drafted and he will fall Tom Brady around like he was a puppy dog and and have no issues doing everything that Tom -- well -- -- the -- total were not in eastern Illinois anymore mr. -- but it Z gonna beat out mallet is sounds like it says that will be a big hill -- -- to get to an amber too. And -- and melts in the last year to steal but they're gonna have to keep three quarterback and they're gonna have to. Give him a lot of time. You can figure that out those logistics that -- Belichick has a way of manipulating or moving around it that's fine. The other part of that equation. If you're if you're going to back -- quarterback. Odds are you're screw you lost and a -- you're -- so that might be a situation to give. Drop -- some playing time if all the sudden it's gonna get in the next in the four games in the contest it just just say that. Com disappears and plays zero to sixteen games and Belichick quarterback person or publisher quarterback I'm games is about -- rubble. The answer that sold us an idea -- And the media is all reports on the -- looks particularly bad yeah yes you think. Belichick's concerned though this is way too early not even remotely within the Belichick has is that is. A library of NFL experience goes back further than almost any coach in the league. There's no doubt that he's seen young quarterback struggle or young guys and any positions for quarterbacks just more obvious. I don't think it pleases him one way -- the others didn't. Now if he comes to training camp next year and he has shown improvement then bills global. -- you want to build tension but right now is a pay attention when he doesn't. -- is not important zealot might sell -- In public board race where you're depending on and it's funny if the quarterback job has gotten much harder over the years you'd agree with that I will -- and yet teams are more inclined to play their rookies start them early. Then they used to be because that makes so much money. Because they are such stars. You don't wanna say you know like again Aaron Rodgers example as one but a lot of guys didn't start right away right when they get to the NFL a top -- didn't start right away right. Upload ghosts apart or give put them in -- important portals probably at the start -- and -- probably gonna start up these guys are gonna get thrown in the fire. But -- doesn't start and -- What do you hurt an owner -- head coach yes they would they said about their number one draft choice the guy who is with the exception -- brawn James these the the path. Let it darling of a particular city in -- -- well change his ways a top concern. The rolled up twenty dollar bill is not a good idea we've dealt with that in the -- course. Showing contrition came out said yep. Made some mistakes. Make him anymore it would be a good boy go on for weather is or not I don't know. When we heard an owner and a and a coach do that with a number one draft choice while all that means to me is that a concern. While much has concerned. It means that they've set it to him privately before this. Because they're not gonna come out with their first shot across the bow would say it. In the media right they're gonna pull him aside pull -- agent aside whomever his handlers are in whatever situation turn it on generates -- here's what you gotta do. Now the fact that you didn't pay attention. That's why it came out that's what these guys spoke Dexter wants and what did Steve DeOssie do on the plane right -- The -- in the first six or seven years my career -- Grab a few breeders and relaxed and access OK -- You knew it was OK until until one aggregate. Caught a deep and wide coming back coming out of the airport yeah so that instead of open bar. They had just two or three Beers on each seat on ice when you when you got there who but. A Smart guys who understood realize that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But. It was enough for the team trainer come down with them. Whole bag of tools and wouldn't you wouldn't you would be the TV now on -- -- Well painkillers all the time did you do and just -- for the bugs -- -- them pain you didn't lose most of time we do because. You know you're kind of needed it'll wanted to but they muted than -- whatever was toward the popular back in your day yes yes I got a couple -- Indian descent to hell in a couple when he got -- no less which is just what was your favorite you would even hear you which is here. Abu Anderson off the don't know -- And of itself back then but. I just remember there are number tires are decent there. I'm looking at to have something or not -- read -- something to pull my hand doubles guy came by and that would have reviewed. And look at its duplicating. Absolute -- that because it kind of -- -- after after a little while they didn't ask what your injury -- Japan well no leverage is the utes just kind of you're just comics become a new it was like you. Public order to your favorite no Lou you know neighborhood bar idols would become Buford the -- what comes -- amazing that. -- more. The clashes drug we -- you know -- like Brad -- Ryan -- who got the patriots who was -- -- -- was you yeah 1000 offensive -- he was I'm only the papers keeps them like that totally on Red Sox -- all we know every. The effort yet. -- But they're up -- -- -- what they are so much. More. In tune with taking care of that stuff now they don't do for the last. 1215 years so. They've been so at least 1250 -- have been so cognizant of not doing that anymore so it boils or are they are absolutely. 0100%. In line with any normal procedure that you would for dispensing prescription drugs have absolute change it's it's gone the other way now ballots. Not just one doctor prescribes -- -- another doctor signs off on it the trader has you signed supplements it's they're pretty toderat absolute absolute. -- wraps its that would year -- and guy's name in Google and the first thing that pops up as OxyContin this particular it's not a good sign that Nick Kaczur was part that was yesterday. Is he not go in or out. -- Rehab jail. Well -- I think he's that he got up problem if it turned on his dealer member right right right he was arrested he cooperated with the DE NA. Wore a hidden recording device. And apprehend and help apprehend the dealer who. And we know hardly anything I mean if I don't measure of this or Boston Red Sox player. A war or Aaron Hernandez or New York Jets when we don't have his entire background did you know Nick Kaczur. Amid a few terms -- yeah because -- -- results could you play without it. -- could bloated and her what does it do for -- feel pain as much you don't feel yet you don't feels much of the pain you don't it's. It would depend on what the injury was yet. Believe it couldn't heels something that wouldn't hold together -- book. If something blows like muscle conclusions and bruises and stuff like that corps will be a slight tear yeah lower -- Shoulder to get the pop out of socket or somewhat better deal -- -- those things how many of the 53 mention it would take a shot of at all. Before game everybody but the punter no no no was probably. I'd say you. In the in them mute -- two ladies a city. Anywhere from sixteen to twenty guys that's correct yeah yeah we -- we're now. Mil I don't think it's more now I think it's lasts and first off. There's. There's still any damage from right -- was -- -- all sorts things that they've got they've got other things -- rebels have better. Much better training techniques now much broader medical facilities now much better rehab facilities must mean that these guys. Can. You have things in place now that help you recover. Organically from game yes there have been met and we had backed that view these guys that you know we've got a massage therapist on on staff they've got. Every sort of. Hot tub and water if -- -- got everything I mean the if it's it's better for them now much but a match the conditions like John Hannah back -- Schaefer stadium all. Minute cold water showers for -- you know how awful -- as a person being in high school probably when -- -- cowboys need for. They have their -- of the year before we moved into -- to practice facility. In the old locker room. Systems north Dallas. Was it of the tin -- huge ship basically without the weight weights and and to feel there. Every locker had. -- reported to of those. Of the Sunday -- -- they were all will use thriller no yeah absolute it was it was. I'd love it -- couldn't bankable. And watch him like cigarettes or we'd cigarettes it was good guys smoke cigarettes in the locker room after work out. I had -- on what the wide receiver still at every little Michael Irvin. I did not play against -- he came the -- Asked to leave dose. Dow impunity that more and the White House didn't exist when you were then we knew we had. We had a -- to told Jones guest house. Good to talk going to be huge house in the he would -- guest house it was a bow to a hundred yards away from -- that was. So you could agree noise when happier and guest stays in the this I don't know it was never -- -- have been yes a six month sentence that I heard legend -- that's all 7797937. Doubles Callahan and the Osce.

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