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Headlines Headlines Headlines: Whale Watch Catastrophe 7-29-14

Jul 29, 2014|

A whale watch boat is stranded overnight in Boston Harbor

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Battle lines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better net work. Is that our I don't know eight judge ruled. Against Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling on Monday. In his attempt to block the two billion dollar sale of the clippers the former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Superior Court Judge Michael Davis. Cited this early estranged wife Shelley. And Shelly burst into tears -- the ruling was announced I can't believe it's over I feel good. Let's all just. Hold hands and thank the lord to Doc Rivers will not quit that's true currency was is bags were packed usually I was -- -- she heard her talk about this. She's she thanked bomb for all the perks did you get pass and solicit what perky I tell you can't tell him to -- at parking which is mail she she. Let slip. Race she's got lots of her and she also said that she albeit games and he will be allowed to come to games as well -- initially initially she said. Not right now yeah eventually you'll be dead before that. But showed that Carol will be on her every game one aren't you paying him and again with a boy toy. -- yet but not so fast my. Donald was not in court to hear the ruling but his attorney Bobby -- Said sterling reacted calmly to the ruling and told his lawyers they had to keep on fighting. Until his death. He spent. The age of -- usually go to this mosque while I loved the fight. He loves and it isn't it -- going to be better off when he crooks. And surely surely Shelley whatever and they don't beat the ground that the clippers doc river I guess that means the league. The Arizona Republic reports that suns forward PJ Tucker was arrested for what is being termed. Super extreme. Did you lie and yes that's the actual all her scooper picks trained him to do that you -- No longer ago. -- events some of our library and ruined. The root -- with but super. Super extreme yet any idea it's like to Seidler yet -- it's like getting -- a triple whopper like three large Fries and a big like 55 ounce Coca-Cola launch. Yeah -- blood alcohol content on the scene. Registered a preliminary point 201. In the field a driver is considered legally drunk at point 08. So he is -- well there's more. He was taken to jail and later analyzed. And the accurately showed his blood alcohol content to be point 222. Should Killian. Is now quite acute alcohol. Santos -- that's not even close to the record we did this one in the record -- point for some than. When I'm -- that's an embalming that's not close it's close or yeah that was we don't try our a look at them but there was a a list of the highest death alcohol levels ever recorded it's not -- driving it's again I passed -- You know like -- -- Randall -- or or in a parking lot in the lead the keys. In the ignition -- was driving is 2011. Mercedes-Benz. Slowly through a stop sign. Come. Near a popular downtown Scottsdale my life area. According to report the vehicle -- that's stop sign at 12:30 in the morning turned wide left in the right lane on the westbound camelback and turned wide again. Straddling two lanes on the northbound. Not during a walk and turn test Tucker stumbled to the side and caught himself on a construction -- it took command and 2.2. Point 222. As the number. And the highest block blood alcohol levels ever recorded but he got. As a whole bunch of different lists. -- makes a good one maybe just try and honored Derek Jeter. At 222 ago and discuss point 55 -- -- 28 year old James Henderson in of Indian. I from national point 55. This is a woman and she looks -- in so many issues and got a picture of a guy port 559. Home and look at this guy. Point 69. Then again another woman point 708 well now we get somewhere point seven awaited old patterns of -- passed out after stealing and delivery truck. Point 72. Two point seven I wouldn't think that they would remembering right. Now associate remember stealing the delivery truck now -- -- definitely not a yes say the winner. Terry homer CO ME and it's news. On running. -- -- was far running in a snow bank Lemmon 30 in the morning she appeared comatose. By the -- whose -- in the hospital blood sugar. The AC -- point 72. Brcko was from fifty feet away. She was -- like in the snow bank so. -- attackers used a hiker who Tutu. Got to accuse. It would try and heart are right. Whale watching ever gotten. Yes yes I have its interest very cool of them and why -- -- -- -- deep sea fishing yes you know it's more observational. Not active relaxing or something bad happens a whale watching boat from Boston Harbor Cruises. Is on route is on route to Boston after stranded fifteen miles. Off Salem on Monday. When it's propelled became entangled in a lobster trap leaving it for. Saw like much a couple of -- right way and who I had a fat or maybe got to tell you about it and -- Leaving 157. Passengers and six members stuck on board. Overnight all. I'm sure -- lovely cabins and -- -- little. That sounds like the definition of hell wounds stock floating around yeah and I'm sure a few people were seasick the idea. Earlier of the initiative and both stocks snack bar the boat is probably back imports that it was a expected got -- -- bash is often at 730. It's just an hour arrive via. According to passengers on board. The ship was actually beginning -- return voyage Monday. When it stopped about ten minutes into the trip after apparently hitting up the Coast Guard eventually determined that the propeller had become entangled and lobster trap. -- but attempts to cut the propeller loose were unsuccessful think they get a voucher for free whale watch crews get in the future we will get to that. Attempts to transfer the passengers and crew to separate ships also did not and out. There's more -- the story. We do you think -- wouldn't -- mentioned that you could roster off load yeah I would only fifteen miles yeah. Corbett told maybe how Long Will take -- -- ago. -- 63 people were left to spend the night on the water while three coastguard boats remained alongside the ship for security and medical personal -- -- Anybody who needed any kind of treatment. This morning but divers with special equipment made their way out of the ship to -- the propeller and just before 6 AM the ship had been freed. And this is the answer to question -- he. Companies said the passengers will get refunds. Hope. 1606. Is everything refund your clothes and they did have like com. No food bags of chips. Don't Coke. You know it's -- probably just sitting on hard bench all my law. I can imagine as anything and it's cold this -- There and after an hour that the venture all kind of where it didn't rain a little last night and so -- about it and I like the definition of I'll add -- jump off. It just swam by the coach art of political probably -- lieutenant Dan it just adds women. Airlines has brought you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building. A better network all -- outlets fox.

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