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Jon Lester is on the table, will he end up in LA? 7-28-14

Jul 28, 2014|

We talk about the latest news surrounding Jon Lester and the Red Sox. Could he be dealt to the Dodgers?

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And you'll be given every opportunity over the next four hours to -- that. By the clarity expressed my disappointment -- heart patriots football weekly. This would be the first time I've seen you in months where you did not have a patriots football weekly feature no media access today in practice I went with the little less formal. Although as he did point out to meet with school of speech still pre Super Bowl and I edit the articles started at about how to use that -- Davis are wearing free golf shirts that I -- on how well not got married to bought -- bought one I haven't bought -- gonna and that -- local slumber with Brian Gregory. I've about a -- in. Fifteen years at a welcome to the Monday edition of dale and Holley Sports Radio WEEI Michaels on vacation. Any -- patriots football weekly Greg Dickerson are in the house whether it's. And at some point between now and 6 o'clock. I will just dropped the microphone and walk off. I'm not sure when I'll say something really really important and at the but just you know I'll drop a microphone and I'll just step off -- And you won't be able to do anything about it because you don't have the right tell me what did you. -- -- -- -- We just stop with this Chris archer the masters fears and -- here's a -- where Delaware is go to the characters are thought crests. There's a reason why Major League Baseball is at this point in many people's minds are. -- -- of the four major sports in this country in many people's mind it's now fourth and falling. And it's all this mean yes unwritten rule about don't you dare show me up to just say guy. Struck out Daniel not a year ago and kissed his biceps. And as David Ortiz points out has about two days in the big leagues and he's gonna tell big poppy. -- shoot like that that way don't you take your time running I said it last week he should've circumnavigate at the stadium. On his way around the bases every at the home run over the week -- also the same thing the Chris archer that I say to every other. Baseball player who believes in these old school rules or pictures that believe measles school rules decrease guess what your great idea. -- flipped over on -- back. Group wonder David Ortiz and let -- launch a moon shot don't give up a home run. And I don't care really about his service time that's not. I I like your first point better. I think baseball should want as much -- want that he's -- our excitement. And you know it's interesting because the most popular sport. Football is the only one that actually. On the rules has a taunting it you're you know I actually think players in football would allow things to go march much further. Then they do now because of the officials and there is an actual taunting rule on the books because. In football teams like they take it as it comes if you know how many times does a guy get mad when he gives up a third down catch in the receiver points for a first down never. Because I think he's understands. I gave up a first down catch I give him three seconds to celebrate -- prep football is so bad that sometimes defensive backs who make tackles after a first -- They celebrate the felt while trying to just crept up on so. But I just. And I find it. Somewhat ironic that. The sport where there is there there's virtually no physical consequences for anything you'd save by hit by pitch that is the only way -- there's only one guy and does that -- Moreno does anymore there's only two guys involved in that that the pitcher in the hitter. Every other sport there is at least some even basketball there are some physical consequences to how you play there are things called finals and and things of that nature. And and the sport. Where there is no physical content that's the one that has all these unwritten rules and the problems are all sensitive babies and I. I agree with you deal there should be more of it but it's also funny that the guy who's a sensitive as anyone David Ortiz. Is always in these these little disputes because you know things in the game bother him. And he's supposed to do his thing cut to 500 home runs in this league I just everybody needs to shut up and have fun and be more entertaining some more people watch. Ironically. -- win when David Price hit big -- back in May. He did exactly the right thing. Adam don't. And and hit in the right way by the way -- did. The -- get him exactly like -- supposed to hit a guy in Major League Baseball and opera what is at if you wanna do something about it and oh by the way Chris archer. You face them again. After the home run. Man up and Adam if you don't want if you don't like it if you don't want it. Do something about it don't whine about it afterwards and -- -- -- up up up for a novel -- you can Adam. What you could strike about to get about Mikey did and they can't try to -- before. The titular character -- to get him out and this whole thing you bring up old school in baseball. And for forty years. And -- here at home runs. Flipped the bat I think -- You know on the early 1980s rolled back down stare at home runs like this is five years old it's like this -- -- in the last two or three years. For a long time that a problem that we were talking about this earlier today and and you're exactly right there. If you think about football there's a physical confrontation that can take place -- I don't like what you do I can do something about it physically. And I'm not talking about. Taking a shot at a guy's knees I'm not talking about that's different than taunting. Gesturing for the first down celebrating in the end zone chronically Roger Goodell wants less of that I think Major League Baseball needs more of that. In the NHL you can pretty much do what you want. I'm gonna stick up repeat -- ban here and you'll never hear me say those words on these airwaves ever again caught a bunch -- crap up in Canada for celebrating after a goal. Should celebrate. -- should do that. We need more of this stuff in sports not last we need more entertainment value we need more excitement we need more emotion. Not less and and I forget that it is entertainment first and foremost I think a lot of players and coaches forget that yes winning is important but your job. Winning is the entertainment succeeding is the entertainment your job you fall under the same parameters as music and movies and everything else it's discretionary money to people choose to play. Took it to pay to be entertained and the more you entertain me the mormons spent -- you know I'm an -- a teacher. And yet. Papelbon did it was anything -- within the way he entered and then the undertaker light stare as he took the -- The more you have of that the more popular you will be in my eyes the worst sport in the history of the world of soccer. That -- sorry tale that being said. -- -- -- -- -- -- I stick their shirts off guys get dull actually get to cart. Take your share profit to check our our holiday rush IV and it into the flat -- water dog that's now before I get volatile. That's a school like it's got to elect -- -- Don't go back to the early days. Of the 1980s and what was the fun bunch him in Washington. All the guy to do -- oh yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- five to go that's the NFL used to have some great sure they're aware of what she was John Yang group ones and then they served a crackdown and it. Look I am I not only do I think what David Ortiz was okay. I would have had a problem if Chris archer had a next time he faced them. Here's the deal. If you have unwritten rules not rules. Okay. It's a little news flash for Chris archer if it's unwritten if there's an unwritten rule it's not a rule. Rules are written down everybody knows what they are here they are here the rules you can do this you can do this year and you can't do that. There's nothing that says David Ortiz can't let the baton showboat F three hits a home run. So what's -- unwritten rule and is there any sport that's that's more sensitive than baseball and forever in the umpires. You know you can't shall open -- party commercial the pitcher you can't -- open battery can't -- do it quietly not showing up officials -- double -- but that. They are all sensitive they all think -- the show and I'm not allowed to show this guy. Just play the sport fiscal play and entertain us -- and I agree with -- the umpires are. We're censored Olympics. That you beautiful -- -- -- -- a topic on the shell. -- came -- seeming not you'll -- again you watched the the behind the scenes at the Mike up segments in the NFL and there are F bombs flying and as long as you don't actually called the official bleeping bleep bleep but they're just F bombs flying in. And criticisms and now they they'll seem to do fine they all seem to be able to finish the game -- professionals and move on I just. This whole era of a year of who's the show and who who should be bowed down to -- who just. I don't get in and by the -- you don't want to watch baseball for. Chris archer no well. I watch for guys like David Ortiz but I also what are -- guys like. You know with Chris archer develops into Papelbon and he's gonna celebrated -- you know any of these guys you know and mark the bird -- to anybody. Anybody who wants to celebrate I'm all for I am all for the entertainment factor in baseball by the way and think about in the down times. You know when you're when there's down in the actions not accident taking place if somebody celebrating -- -- about a lot that they throw the ball on the infield I -- the next pitch. Idea for the -- who says really dale how many times have you talked about the about the unwritten rules of fighting in hockey all have talked about his. A right way to do things there's a right way and a wrong way. If if you're the top guy on on this team. Uncle take on the skilled center on that team -- if you wanna call that unwritten rule fine. If you wanna call me on that there's a right way and a wrong way. If Sean port is gonna get quite on the other team it's gonna be against the tough guy and the other he's not gonna go take out there they're not -- technical fight Sidney Crosby okay. Not gonna do that and and to have a code of conduct -- the right way in the rights like I said the right way for. Or David Price the hit it shorty don't know it's Stephen prohibited -- and what the right weight which he did. He did at the right way he he upheld in my mind some sense of morality in the whole plight. But this this crap about you know -- don't steal the -- you are up five runs don't steal that base. The unwritten it's the cold it's the -- But David Ortiz doesn't make the situation any better any time you what he's as bad as -- he's as sensitive as anybody and and again the air right good animals 500 home runs in this league rules so. So the rules are different for you so there'd be beat the unwritten rule is different based on eight capital play is not like getting any and every single sport right guys got seven year compared rookies. With the -- and outlawed and you hear people talk about it very very rarely. -- I think when they do they come off -- DBs like Kobe Bryant I know this guy going to that. I know him like they're beneath you know actually it's like Pedro in Carolina bar who are you cutting Garcia. I mean it's it's silly that if if he's in the pros. He deserves a certain modicum of respect whether Kobe Bryant believes -- -- not exactly whether Pedro Martinez believes that are. And again it's it seems like the -- less physical of the sports. Though the stars and the veterans have more of an air about them of entitlement -- in the sports where you actually have to do battle on every play. Hockey and football so I just. That I I I don't we talk about it doubles the pink cat thing. Like that these these veteran players look at the rookies as having a pink cat your new year. Watch keep you -- show for about four years in a 150 home runs and then you'll play by the same rules what has always been like always but it's idiotic flights like the hole and I could care less but it's it's like the whole. Jimmy corrupt well you gotta do carry. Your own head helmet and Patrick -- Brady's but that's a team. Knowing -- the building and team. Okayed signed -- -- tradition look at what's so where does -- end. Well within their team that's up to the team but you're talking about between teams. You know so now lot of Jimmy -- gives his -- to somebody else on the other team because he's younger and -- every team has its its its hierarchy and its traditions and its rites of passage and all those things. But across the board to say I'm better than the guy on the Dodgers because I've got ten years and he's got a -- it all right let's let's use the NBA is an example is it all right pit if York. Andrew Wiggins in -- or against us. Seven year veteran Al Jefferson that Al Jefferson gets the calling you don't because you're a rookie to locate and officials I don't like guys differently I don't -- -- -- always the way back -- always -- that it and I don't like that personally added there are rules in place and that the written -- -- talked about the other -- -- it's like the in that case the official -- -- like consult. All the media guide bio says he's been here twelve years and he's a target of the call him now who felt -- -- -- -- -- the stripping the -- or David -- -- -- shot. They get a bigger strikes on make -- better -- that don't. Bear in say a rookie pitcher or middle likely the rich guy getting a free meal the rich doesn't need a free and well you guys -- -- sculpture. I'll give -- out and I have any by the way I the only one in this front not wearing a rate cut out -- in my basketball equivalent to. Michael Jordan said it was OK. LeBron James wearing number 23. And why that they give him. Now unless the lead editorial the number unless the league has retired the number league wide like they've done with Jackie Robinson right I understand that. -- -- Michael Jordan to say. It's okay for LeBron James were number 23. Eagles the context that while the context -- idling I was deciding between equity and actually he when he went to Miami dropped to 23 supposedly it's it's retired in Miami. Well and he had supposedly been talked to about. You know out of deference to Michael Jordan maybe you should go to a different number -- up for people who don't know him in the dumbest thing in the -- and Haskell who's retired aren't you go to American Airlines Arena and the Miami Heat have retired -- numbers. Robert -- Well I guess they are debate with Alonzo morning no. Michael Jordan. -- -- -- the -- retired jerseys. Up in the rafters that's like American -- career -- -- believe it's pathetic it's almost as -- as Michael Jordan on James to Wear number 23 in Cleveland. -- -- -- human mission to where it would where 42 when he went to the wizard does is that is too. Michael Jordan and do whatever Austria but it it's back to that whole idea about you know then. It's funny you may have hit the nail on the head here in the sportswear and there's some answering for who you warrant what you do in football and hockey. It was much of that takes care of itself somehow -- -- and help out. And in the sports baseball and basketball whether -- less of that there's some physical contact in basketball understand that which can't fight. Mean you can't gold -- Diana's button in a way it. And any baseball as you said the only physical confrontation. It's semi file out his hitting hitter. But in the sports where you got cancer for yourself I. Like. And and the one thing I came up with -- retirement earlier things in football but one thing that I thought of from from our patriots experiences when Brady slid. Who years ago now with the clean up with a clean up yeah agreed and then immediately everybody's kind of and he he apologized to -- that's the only time I can think of something that was deemed. You know some unwritten rule was was broken there then he came in I would cleats but. Even that was it -- 00 was -- I would I thought it was one of the worst things Tom Brady's ever done in -- you know he he makes the right decision more often than not. That was one of the -- things he's ever done. -- and we almost as lame as the all he retiring. It was guys from other -- a dollar but it collapsed but it's thirteen. Or sorry Eric thank you. But it is -- Retired and Marino's number for the Miami eat. It's not like they don't nobody read doctor -- -- where twelve after after Tom Brady retires they've been elaborate April -- I -- I don't have any idea I don't know Charles -- article I thought. I just had some times. This the -- crap that goes on and we've got several techsters were sent take Kabul on dale baseball's second not for I'm telling. National perception right now is it. And if Ellis park when one knows that we all know. And and the national perception is baseball's slipped a lot -- locked. It's true. I'm reading your proper etiquette -- argument as to what's going what's three out we don't know what effect but in this town -- -- -- basketball line by far nationally steal away and I and I understand what you you forget about. All -- -- like the three of us. Don't ask anybody OK okay are not -- and a half court at NASA and sprawl IE 842 year old or 25 year old or eighteen year old. -- confident yes. It close and it's the techsters reminding -- -- he give his permission he was asked about it said he didn't line. What should have said was I have to say about one number rewards Cleveland that was another bad question. Really really bad yet a member of the question west. Somebody asked the the White House spokesman about LeBron going back to Cleveland really mean all people -- about. Why are you asking these. Because I can't wait to find out what a White House spokesman says about right wonder if he's okay -- point -- perverts almost as dumb as when US and actor. About some political register as like wicket keeper Sutherland that Canadian right in says about. What's gonna tell us -- yeah you know what it sells. You put that in and a week or you put that as a as a link with a headline and a Jordan that's on the same outlook and you did he talked about identity and where I feel dirty having done it I'm I'm apologizing. Do you Andy you don't apologize it's okay we'll -- an element -- respect I have to apologize because after all might have said something wrong. Somewhere where I might have dropped the microphone prematurely. If you dropped the Mike at six mile an impressive I sit on the shelf now ends. O'clock trust I'm glad you finally I -- Palestine and they're all by yourself. 6177797937. -- telephone number. I I've tweeted this out last night I have sort of resigned myself to the fact although I hate the idea. That between now and Thursday Jon Lester is going to be traded away from the Red Sox have resigned my -- Because I don't wanna try and -- -- of the signing thing isn't going all that well but we get something for so I've resigned myself to. But please Boston Red Sox don't try to convince some now on Thursday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And barely play and he's got a home run power that's good so far this year and Larry here's a great idea. Public sent a -- that money on -- John -- there are. Wild idea chance this is like a payoff on the the Gonzales Crawford tree public. Well of books that we -- you want will be what are yours at some point I'll eat this I tell you what I think will happen if Kemp is involved in the deal for Lester. -- I don't think it will go down. We -- back right after this -- holly I'm Greg Dickerson Andy -- house Sports Radio WB.

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