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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Red Sox Mistakes - 7-28-14

Jul 28, 2014|

We talk about four of the biggest mistakes the Red Sox have made over the past 30+ years.

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Took -- a minute but I got I got this ball. And with -- on those things right and it. Florida for brought -- you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Building you a better network. Mistakes. I don't know but honest but mistakes we found. Oh mistakes there have been a plenty and we'll start with Carl Crawford seven years a 142. Million. The Contra was so bad. That it prevented them from ending up getting Jacoby Ellsbury on top of that. Really thrilled to. House arrests are right now it's that dynamic player like this impacts the game every possible way and entering his prime he's using game changer for us and -- that is part organ. I'm definitely excited about outcome involves them. No it pales. So I don't really have to make too many adjustments. Some of these code -- about it. You know it's probably unfair in the case of every organization on the planet to play that press conference to conference footage again. 'cause they're all gonna sound and some of whom are not great but for every one that didn't turn out you're going to be able to trot out that press conference footage. -- tiger about the dynamic player and even Carl Crawford now says signing it was a mistake -- but to be fair a lot of people said it was a mistake at the time. Fans all right -- I was at I look I thought it was a horrific signing the second. This second that it happening you know they gave him how much he's not a great player exceeded their there's were IE disagree with -- -- I I agree in the sense that was about contract but unlike. This -- Kansas City this -- Minnesota. -- and absorb a -- contracts aren't like at the time the fact that the Red Sox. Overpaid for somebody like -- call Crawford got a name here brought an Adrian Gonzales is just about the same time. It was a great -- so I think he's got a live up to the numbers but he's still going to be pretty damn good player I guess site -- on not yet I've done. I just thought he was a good not great player. Who didn't do anything at an elite level and did nothing by any means to earn twenty million dollars a year look there is a whole list of players that we could have come up -- -- Who in hindsight. Just weren't able to play here just yet couldn't handle playing here. But his -- at the top of all those lists yes and always will be and he'll be the guide you'll always say. He just couldn't do any end to this day he still complains about he's still can't let it go. Listen to him any time their spring training and he still stock about the war book on -- in Boston and how we was treated. Yes we are the summer of 1990s. On the Red Sox make a big deal for their pennant push. They traded prospects Jeff Bagwell for Larry Anderson Larry Andersen made fifteen relief appearances in the one point 23 ERA however after the season. He signed with San Diego and now Jeff Bagwell. He went on to be great player well. This is not -- so good game Vernand. This went further toward left center with a 379. Design. Were not hurt when he had a number of 400 and his career. 400 homers for Jeff Bagwell. We're talking about -- this June route miles I don't know. Now the argument that the Red Sox would have made at the time as. Larry Anderson came in here it is job helped the Red Sox it was good. Kaman and a lot. He was sort of one and done and move on and about it but at the time the Red Sox needed bullpen they were desperate for bullpen help. So you bring in Larry Andersen did -- twelve -- he pitched poorly. And then don't forget the Red Sox don't let that guy named dogs as their third baseman. And who was their top prospect -- talking at the time third baseman Scott Cooper. While he may be in necessarily deserve it. Went to a couple of All Star Games and then by the way there was. Jimmie that well -- double left the all star game because they had the rule that every team has -- and that's that's why went to double up that party went into law -- I thought it was the right deal at the time hindsight you can say anything but I would have done a deal -- as Lou Gorman and I -- on the deal the same time as well. Yeah I just think when you give up a whole fame talent which he ended up being now again you know at the time. But he ended up being a hall of fame talent and you got a middle reliever who pitched fifteen times I mean you didn't get nothing out of it. Whether whether you should have seen it or it ended up you made the playoffs and it's that's great. Jeff Beck would -- -- under that's back in those days we used the measure successful outings and -- we made the playoffs and I'll give it a different mind asset backed them. Back after the 1980. Season Carlton Fisk was no longer with a contract but Haywood Sullivan -- when no one. But unfortunately it was a date to late and he signed a five year 3.5. Million dollar deal with the Chicago -- Quality I'm going to happy man tonight he's landed the big fish from Boston. Traveling Frist while not officially signed has agreed to a contract deal with the White Sox. One plus the White Sox won't have to push the company anymore he's a lifetime for forty against Chicago. To this status when drives me crazy mean to this day for the for the for the simple lack of a postage stamp. And getting a contract put a mail soon enough. John cholesterol over again or Jon Lester is called fiscal all over again. They want Karl fest with Deloitte Maryland there was no like screwed up the pulpit autumn. They didn't want him then and now this organization that want -- Course you'll remember that Rick Burleson was in the exact same category I'm at the exact same tired Fred where is and I always forget what was friendly and ought to hear couldn't -- on the same time to 83. He had the Grand Slam. In the all star game was he already gone by then it was like it but I just remember in like a two year period. Lots Burleson Yost -- and -- off for a mile and it was also the era when the same thing was happening with the patriots they were these contract squabbles every year with -- The offensive lineman -- on -- it was the era of Boston. Sports not paying. And losing talent in and having disgruntled talent when you really shouldn't. Didn't quite work out the way you like and then they had come up with. But he did finish -- career with the -- Writes the teachers to get his number on the -- yet to finish of the Tony -- yet and by the way Fred -- did -- in the exact same -- -- -- mail us at risk girls and and -- and I thought you should expect to get all -- but they picked up catching prospect Michael Berry -- with a bit of the time and you'd have to say that that hole. Offseason was probably a bit of a mistake. And finally come to the AT&T Red Sox mistake of the day he. Normally I mention we're leaving the April figure out OK right outside the biggest threats optimistic the last half century. One man one name. -- But an embarrassing things say you know up there right which you written about our. How that felt like it checked out. I I when we were discussing this earlier. I senate can come up with a bigger mistake that they that they made in my Red Sox lifetime before little after Babe Ruth and Bobby Valentine's. It was the single biggest mistake I can remember this organization with all the stuff we've talked about. Also lost the knack. For business on welfare but I but also go back now that you now that you remind regale. There and and you put my head directly it was the same year as Fisk and Burleson and maybe. The whole stupidity -- four if you. Them together with dumber than Bobby -- because -- -- the Red Sox and their ownership have the intelligence to say. We scored Todd what Bobby let's get an ally Iran after one year. But at least they could fixate your right and the -- -- signal stop. Parents -- -- for -- and the -- thing was with Bobby V is if you if you think they actually wanted to and thought it was a good idea. You know there's that whole. I've heard other radio personalities talk about cleanser is in the business you fire -- a very popular host and you bring a guy in for a year sort of cleanse the airwaves until he really replace him with the future. He ended up being a great cleanser he was the worst possible candidate to get barrel you moved on from Francona you -- were and one -- didn't settle Grady leaving. Pedro in too long in the playoffs. We weren't talking about and in an individual game missed. Yes that was Bill Buckner would be up there are talking more transaction right it's not about organizational. Mistakes and I said Bobby he was the biggest mistake of gold backed that off season we lost. This worlds and and -- in the same offseason. He had that happen in this day inning off with. Twitter and talk radio and TV ratings and around the clock -- heads -- -- below not just one but three. -- cornerstone players and a starting shorts right that would be. We'll be historic news -- like there's always things happen now. A lot barely got -- back and repaired everything with so much better back in the day well accorded L they treat Lester to be right up there. It's a mistake I what -- they throw and Ortiz. And I think it's a big mess up at that we're talking Atlanta and fast and it's an even bigger mistake.

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