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Tim Kurkjian, ESPN: Red Sox are in a tough place with Lester 7-28-14

Jul 28, 2014|

Tim Kurkjian joins the program to discuss the Red Sox options at the trade deadline.

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It's I don't know it's what I love -- like -- said funny at times as -- and they trade -- -- I completely understand I -- this. They said no hard feelings and what they have to do for. For their organization. And -- -- mean so -- it if it doesn't. Keep -- after five days intention. Settled in November December. October whenever this. Jon Lester on the prospect to be traded from the Boston Red Sox -- to -- a hot topic of conversation our program earlier today Alou Maloney Christian Fauria and meets him -- -- -- with an FBI on 937 WEEI your home of the Boston Red Sox -- us right now let's talk about that and more on the AT&T hotline. Promised pianist in courts in. Tim thanks a lot for joining us and let's cut right to the chase here Jon Lester -- be traded will -- -- -- LA and is Matt -- coming back here in exchange. Orlando -- early in the first question today. I. -- gives -- I'm gonna pay that now answered. In not only be traded with the understanding that it finally occurred to me in the last five days. -- it and -- possibility -- I would say and they ago I was built Jon Lester is not. Going to be traded and now that possibility. Exists in the airport it is a fascinating situation. And the dodger angle is Barea is staying they have so much money -- at all they care about they're winning World Series if they can't get David Wright. Then maybe just maybe they looked at Jon Lester. Is that your Matt Kemp is the right fit here granted. The Red Sox need all sort of outfield -- that's pretty obvious he played all three outfield positions this year because he has not done very well in center field. But he just doesn't seem like this is going to happen. Camp Lester beat. Too much money is involved but champs and created the little faster to me they're just too many moving parts. Announced they -- it it isn't gonna happen but the bottom Lester being traded as possible but again I didn't think that was possible candidate to. It -- ten days ago -- to Tampa Bay you know David Price was number one guy out there and are losing and -- -- you know now is that they feel like they're ready and these might look at Lester and say I don't have to give up as much for -- -- mean that he beat that two months as opposed to a year. And a quarter. But how do you find that desperate team -- How do you find the Texas Rangers for Matt Garza right -- units that's been there that the can get over the hump and that's that's we wanted to do whatever it takes for a lot of Q will give you the best prospect is that the Dodgers with the amount of money they spent recently. Well Beck could be the Dodgers but the doctors there and irked late date yet. Swept the Giants GM there nick away at the very Smart guy you not. -- glad did you get a rental guide for a couple months give up future being in that Jack Peter certainly it is better fielder of the future and -- need. A center fielder for next year probably. You got Corey -- you would be very shortstop or third baseman of future in either walk back tied it one of those two positions. Sooner rather than later betrayed both of those guys are David Price and I think that's what it's gonna say. It's just too much -- -- -- you give up certainly one of them for Jon Lester and he out at self. Is that work that or a two months now and they're bad situations there's no telling what they might do. Let the same time and is not in mortgage the future Jesper two months so if it were GM -- Earn every out of their salary right now to like make that looked like take a chance or do you like it that it. These are the hardest decision. At GM will ever happen. Regarding Andrew Miller and his future and -- we can now attached Koji who Haaretz of that discussion as well. Yeah I mean it's gonna be really stating what they do with coach you'd been. -- at a second half of the year like almost no closer ever added that all it this year Duke. It created the end of the year how much an apt or. But the -- -- that 2000 ER club do we need to re sign him and what bat going eight. Well I would all I'll on they're not in OT it there in the race but. If they operate they. Actually leaked at the look into it and I'm sure that they well -- And all Burke and he'd need a reliever that's sure that the where in Anders including the Dodgers is absolutely load up. On it's many relievers -- that you get. Down the stretch if you win and I'll see -- would eat or probable and those are gonna have about -- to ensure they already have. But the reds back they'll have better yet and I returned from him or make a trade candidate you guys now that is. A different situation here in botany. -- You won a World Series last year their ballot out virtually every night. Expensive ticket can't you give up on the either in or near the Boston red dot that tricky spot that there. He didn't it -- it's just ironic is what we lost but something up that. My concern is big picture of what this Jon Lester negotiation. Committee how they're moving forward here and -- and John Henry. There's still a big market team as long as you -- three year deal under. And that David and how well the golf for five years in a long term and invest that kind of money but it's under a year to what three years bill overspent to bring you win. And that's a little concerning for the Boston Red Sox I think if your fans. Yeah I would think -- -- I mean look I understand the Red Sox either a lot to beat that. We're not gonna give a diversity here deal to a thirty year old pitcher Pete being that. With so many pitchers here recently -- -- -- being probably. DT the bat is well and many others either in the logic there. I didn't get a clear track -- that band of the -- back in there at the board that eat every sources and the money that this club as. They are or not the award given Jon Lester or year or whatever it that's not replied not in this. And that's why the Red Sox are in that top spot in logically they shouldn't -- be cheered he'll do a thirty year old pitcher then maybe you're right maybe they got a three year. Make it Rick daily lucrative three year deal at the very end after three years but it gets let him walk when they don't have anything close immediately. Number one starting pitcher behind him. That that would have been a really difficult but. To encourage your premier SP and joining us radio and WE I was sure all of this earlier -- because we went through a list of Red Sox that could be moved at the deadline that have either asked for -- been brought up in rumors surrounding Gomes -- Do brought Stephen Drew Miller Koji and Lester. Lewis on the game tonight any I've said that -- that they're all getting get traded before the deadline now I think it's because little wants to come out of the broadcast Booth and suit back up out there and not happy about everybody that I hate the Whitney and a lot of the situation but the weather right now. -- could get the sell off -- that massive do you think. Now I don't think I'd give -- time a year at least that is my experience -- here. -- the name and then move on one of them. -- and he also a look at the value of of people to trade the good player. It in -- he can help you in a lot of ways -- he -- kind of bring you much back really realistically. So you're not getting me back why would you move them even though he'd like to move. Look at the silly not to change subjects here think like nine guys on their key. That they would like the move and yet he checked the people who didn't know that silly situation. They tell you that maybe. Marlon Byrd moved maybe attorney at the start a move and maybe everybody else say that that's the way it works this time a year. It's a lot of that everyone's available but it very rare that. Pre war I guys move from one team has betrayed and. Tim thanks much for going Allen is really do appreciate -- busy time for raises for everybody in baseball circles thanks for carving out a few minutes for us here in Boston. I think it means that I -- arts and thanks.

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