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Three For All: Easy College Classes 7-28-14

Jul 28, 2014|

The guys discuss their easiest college classes.

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These guys know more than just sports educated well traveled -- Renaissance man who thinks he's three for wrong kind number 30 yeah it's kind of 33 overall picture. It's 34 brawl on dvds with MFD. The tree frogs day here in the days and MFA has brought to -- -- -- -- -- construction repudiated her roof they've got you covered this or throw a whole bunch of things under one roof for the free for all. National railways sports especially in this case for Christian there's nothing to do a sports or sports or does the sense that you use tactics like this to stay eligible the university car. Oh god and I don't know don't go over eleven minutes I'll start camp so. So the game -- prone to show that you have not seen right correct we have not seen -- year and as you viewed seated here you know I have. And I don't want our ultimate the -- the finale. Fifteen minutes of banality superfluous -- very good. Yet it's very pleasant Oilers so you really can't open and at the middle -- anyways if you wanted to learn about it you're still in college. At the University of Virginia you can take a class. That goes over the game of groans. -- office before we class but during the summer. And so basically takes the book written by a George RR Martin which is a song of ice and fire. -- actually when he read what the course description is actually looks a little harder and that that I wanted to be really kind of dig deep into the symbolism and everything else. So I'll think about just like obviously are on paper looks like class don't wanna take you know you always need some easy clap yet right yes it does gold go hardcore all the time. So. What was the easiest class that you talk -- college. And why did you take back. Spielberg. We wait but don't ever Spielberg's classic Spielberg is all about him yell of his works this is up until about I think the last we saw was Schindler's List. That will you review will make out pursues its dial. Alex I don't reference. I just gotta turn this into something like cabinet or girl wants to the -- -- -- like -- making a joke that was an actual parents get out of -- actually took place from side -- yes it's -- -- Exit what did you study -- over style and in this eight movies or just ask it was a disaster movie -- and -- -- -- he's right it's all of Spielberg's career and you've -- to find the threads that weave together through all of Spielberg's movies. From his very first one which was called driver trip yet drive. The with a car crazy -- artist Troy movie about a excellent movie. Take that all the way to Schindler's List to be kind of connect them was it is easy you felt like go in -- dog -- it was it wasn't that hard mysteries of course. I -- about digital watches that you -- you. You to -- -- -- -- -- because I don't know if -- editors the solid Syracuse eight several universities -- good basketball. Beauty is irreparable universities. Since I saw one time there are some it was offering classes of -- -- -- -- I saw that -- I think until I read it what the bill and Ted's excellent adventure point break there's some Def our director of the -- hatred -- and -- -- why would you -- school allowed to have those classes. What was it television William fault not obsessed. It -- glasses like that in -- this at one elective Spielberg I get it maybe because it's like if your film study class you know whatever there's a lot of that right. Whatever it is radio TV movies exactly -- but certainly a basketball. -- probably get credit for that. I got one credit for it and the reason they do -- at large parties and the people build up their course -- become full time students and occasionally toss in some like it is. Or people taken his -- coast or courses because they wanna go on court coaching. And minerals and coach healer not a quiet and the clothes of a sort of gotten out -- columnist Brian right now my doubt that they'll all of province politics there's one class. That's pretty much fits that bill was military side. And that was hit. Land bubble we play nothing -- -- ROTC you know -- just. You -- and it collapsed and you look writes it down that look in the first second and hockey team -- my right. Look back here -- Selig you know powerful as the little team over my left. The cross team was vector soccer -- director of the called against military side seen now that. If I saw that just on paper anyway I would stay away from it are obviously had inside information is only one at the one collapse that every sort of felt like. -- in the class -- product that you just sit -- ROTC stuff you know just a questionable history of this dead in the history -- ROTC those military stuff but not. -- in depth study out at all. At all typical hockey team along we have guys out rocks for jocks in geology 1010102. Or whatever they called it geology they -- Iran expert Josh -- And all of the athletes would take it is a science core course and most people who took it more athletes were dragged in by the title it was an easy. Was actually kind of hard is that if -- a heartbeat there's a hard -- to get a -- there's a pretty core science course USC. Mine was astronomy. Now what I saw this is a night class that took. If you're always trying to did find ways to get those extra credit and you -- did you drawl -- no astronomy now I knew was sodomy but I -- there when they're when they're offering to say -- politics this sort of like astronomy night. Like four hours one night a week. Mike held no Crist I all over his last I know I mean and I 'cause you always had to have some my class is it just because the football schedule. You couldn't take classes actor to never had a goal the morning Soviet work area all the stuff so if you'd had your class -- number two. Yet to find a way to supplement them so you'd think tonight so -- it was one of them. It just so happened. It was just like your military tactics whatever your Agassi yeah computers -- it it was coached by -- it was it was caught by a former Rhodes scholar. Out of the University of Colorado. Who played with a linebacker and I remember walking in and when I saw the people who were in the class are they. This this is why they wanted to class a they have -- our our elected all clears there is funny because in the front row. It's not been my costs are a lot for like -- moms of the people going back to school -- you know polls suggest doing education continue education so there all the front row. In the last five growth I did you not was the entire. Woman's basketball team men's basketball team. Football team. You name it they were back there and it -- us up to it I was sold bears. Because they are acting like it was just to hang out session nobody was little those huge classrooms -- at auditorium seating. And the first four wrote for for the serious students are really taking notes and paying attention and that the last four rows of the -- it was. You corporal papers -- people bring him to dinners and hanging out so I was drinking beer. Mean basically it was a show up course if my door up and all what good for us it -- that you showed up. You're gonna pass this course and it was one of those that those sites is that you needed that we say astronomy stayed away from astronomy. Like I got tiger got rejected -- can't confirm that apparently. That you maps as the class. Knuckle walking. The class is called walking walking. It's something that I took while weightlifting in walking at Amherst that a guy scuba diving at UMass Amherst. All of this -- Springfield College when -- -- took six B classes took relaxation. No lie. Relaxation. -- but no relaxation I always heard about the extracurricular stuff like -- -- -- -- by the way they're pretty deadly school days over ego. You can take a glass of relax there it just sort of jealous he's the real credits fluid this. Wants to make a contribution -- Steven Maine hi Steve go ahead you're 937 Debbie. -- He on the need to be -- viewers. Cover the court and -- astronomy Iraq -- ordered one school in which you plan to build what are -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah especially and that little building at Syracuse our member of the building where you had yet to cram in there and then if you if you manage to get some space and only in a fall asleep. That's -- we have passed out. There's a little teeny tiny old observatory to what was your major in college broadcast journalism pockets it for a while mine was film studies -- I thought I was going to be some mostly a thousand students over to the guns feel so it got a -- and we're -- -- our -- actually shooting moonless. Really they had merely had to read this camera. And it bristles just this whole dramatic or keep peace. And I happen to -- I had took my camera and I just. Ran through it through some weeds in some bush -- like -- tax them crazy title at the end of it -- -- on that. -- at that what I'm like okay this is where I belong. Krista Garcia dog do you still have the summer -- but I have a fighting column eight millimeters or so why it is so bad don't know the Super Bowl nobody could find the film of the University of Colorado followed a post that I wanna put on the -- itself I would love to see it promising -- director producer guy at an art piece of -- -- -- -- -- French mine was smoking a cigarette here David Justice then. I had I had my buddy I'd jump into. Shopping cart as it -- -- we really fast. And to see would have. -- the -- an -- is not a part filming something first -- as -- lost for the year with a broken by a vote if that's what I think is ever tried to figure out what I was trying to say whereas it was really trying to say nothing. I was like when all and we nobody came up with something bad -- -- because like you're right that she's right. She's right that's that like a girl I do that and headed classic and the girls like look at it elect a lot of -- and dreamy yet and everybody's raised deep she raised their hands to clap -- rush out here in Iraq we're all yeah there -- -- simple art digital scrap the Christian voice is -- and realize these -- he's actually breaking the mold of the -- student out of an alternative.

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