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With Revis and Browner, should the Patriots Defense be more aggressive? 7-28-14

Jul 28, 2014|

After comments by Nick Caserio, the guys discuss if the Patriots should adjust their defensive approach after the additions of Brandon Browner and Darrelle Revis

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Lunchtime hour noon hour lots to talk about and for folks who weren't able listen out worker. Here at home and into work now for the first time -- -- -- -- -- like that well let me say this about a -- a baseball discussion here amid days of the map below Maloney Christian -- it's invents. We don't like the idea of Matt Kemp for Jon Lester is a trade prospect that's been floated out there. All three of us think it's a bad move unless the Red Sox are able to have a dodged absorb more than half of Mac -- remaining salary. You have an opinion there 61777979837. The Ortiz vs archer bat flip controversy coming out from Tampa. Again in my opinion is this kind of situation where yeah obviously David Ortiz were showing up to Tampa Bay Rays four. What took place the last time these two teams faced each other. But consider the source of the complaint. Chris archer the same guy kissed his biceps after striking out Daniel nominee game in June in the fourth inning. Is that the got a guy who should be speaking about propriety when it comes to baseball. Ethics or unwritten rules. That's my thought there what's yours against 617779790%. And the guys -- mix in some football to. Is where the lunchtime hour of one broaden things out talks and patriots. Very interesting piece on WEEI. Dot com today some quotes from -- -- stereo. About the quarterbacks that have been added a defense of whether or not that's going to change the approach on defense -- in the patriots. He says here I think our philosophy is the same every year we try to look at our team try to improve our team and do we think is in our best interest. Both guys have been successful on their systems that they played and their new system with a new team no real change in terms of what we look for. The measure bulls may be a little bit different but there's really no change in terms of how we approach it. Is that approached the right way to approach. With Revis and Browner in the fold guy's -- at a different dynamic to this defense Christian. Well I mean. Has their philosophy change as far as what type of players they -- -- mean good character guys please try to get good care guys that continent mass murderers. Alleged murderers. But yeah I think they still look for the same type of player. Now he says the measurable have changed now that the cornerbacks have gotten bigger and got more physical. But I think the philosophy. I don't think as far as the way they played defense. I think it's gonna stay like it was last year. I mean that it's pretty much emphasis -- brown that's what he did previously you have options of what does -- bump and run right from the their first game. Not necessarily on -- same article why wouldn't you if you got guys like this why would you incorporate that Colorado is not going to be around for the -- -- have his but it -- first opportunity. Listen to same resort Randy Moss never played in a pre season game when he first got here this -- always there's -- this deception. -- you can name a bunch of different reasons. But you know it in this article is it references. And another article for -- -- ten. There was no bump and from the EU ports need to keep to leave following their best wide receiver he was just on one side. Their mix and matching different coverages and wasn't like what they do with Richard Sherman we just hate someone sign Browner. When he was there he stays on one side. As the game has progressed at the third or fourth game then you start seem to leave solve their number one guy. Now there's been lots of talk about okay what do you do with a guy like -- do you put him on the number two receiver. On -- bracket -- zone. The number one receiver. Or if you have a guy like Revis who can stay on the number one guy. You leaving there the plays on everywhere else what I think -- is probably going to be the number one guy eventually that's what is therefore it is -- 41 take out. And the patriots lost the is more about who was the most dangerous person on the offense Heidi take that personally. Jimmy Graham was the most dangerous person on a New Orleans Saints team and where was the key to. Following him wherever he went it matter what the -- for -- the -- kind of bullets that are doing the bald so eventually took about a game. -- but now they have enough depth police in the back end. I think -- to recover from if they lose a guy like like like Revis or to leave but -- -- -- accuracy nothing but the same. Those guys need to make big plays needed you better job on third down LB that's where he's going to be. A better players execute their game plan and that's to me -- guys -- a certain game anyone excuse -- at the town that actually do. The united that it changed the philosophy go what's the philosophy is the philosophy that the team not -- I would hope that it didn't change of philosophy now supports that I don't let me get -- -- I say boy if -- go to take away team's number one weapon is that that changed now. Is that now we get the personnel the -- different bodies dueling duo Revis our philosophy is to win games that changing how we get Revis out still win games so. You know I think just got to semantics as far as what it changed the philosophy you know. It's not semantics are gonna play more bump and run and it's not semantics if you're gonna it's borne attack the line of scrimmage more allow those guys to cover guys one on one. That that's more than just semantics that's a tactical. Shift and that's what Alex would expect more from the patriots with -- announced it was that last year against I would ask. Or maybe they can do it more more collectively now because they have these guys of the body but again that is -- tactical thing that's not just a arguments to -- it's not -- I don't I -- -- what I'm saying is that this is their philosophy last year. And it hasn't changed is that the problem with last year some injuries came into play and they were able to execute their philosophy you know or. In a setting there to me keep the league took away the number one option last year. There was bump and run coverage with him existed then you start to lose some really big pieces of -- defense so you philosophy had the. Change -- Dickerson you watch this team for a very knowledgeable point of view last year you've been in the patriots locker room you know what they think you know what Belichick thinks. You saw this team perform on defense last year. Did they attack the line of scrimmage as much as you thought that they should on defense. And did they play as much bump and run with their quarters as you thought they should on defense. Well I think what they were. As far as attacking the divas they blitz enough to to get to the cornerback enough know a lot of times based on. You know what officer Plante at the play a -- playoff. We come arch. -- but now they don't have to do that as much look at the most important thing with this team. It's just the options that they're going to have -- that's the most important if they want to go ahead and press play man in -- and bump and run and be aggressive line of scrimmage. They have the right guys to do that. If you wanna completely changed their philosophy in the third quarter on the first series they can do that too on the first play they can do that it's all about. Creating as much deception. As possible when the quarterback so the -- back. He's been seen for the first two quarters force first half game. Nothing but bump and run that the but receivers at the excrement sort of go on at halftime they're completely changed the game plan what happens on the first play of the second half. Completely different defense put up the middle drop back defense event. Interception that's usually what you hope for. Preside nick says an ex nick is aerial says -- it -- game plan changes every week. Yeah you play well but they -- the offense off of the game plan always is is constantly changing. Based on who you're playing what their what their strong suit is what you need to -- what you need to attack. Same defense but the best thing about this is just the options that you have that's. Let me sleep at night that you can completely more than any defense you want. Any defense you want to start calling holding calls looking wanna play up a little bit out there. That to me would be the one thing that I would listen to as to why you wouldn't change things on a much particularly early for the reasons we talked about where in Foxborough. Last week the training camp which is if you're a little gun shy about having your quarters up the line of scrimmage and use their hands a bunch of bumpy plane bump and run. It you don't wanna do that because they're April bunch of flags early now one router comes back -- week award to that point that we were discussing last week. The referees get tired of throwing their own flags in the penalty start to a road overtime I think you should be interest in morphing into a little bit more bait. Physical corner presence in attacking the line of scrimmage allay these guys work on -- little -- not try to protect them as much. I yeah I I agree -- Syria and that's that's the that's the beauty that they haven't we don't know how they're really called this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Initially. What what they really gonna say other gonna say listen guys to the rest will come and they speak to the team and we'll have wraps at almost every single practice. Even through the season even in the middle of the season late season will be -- there. And these -- I have their marching orders so listen guys I dose new rule came up has been a greater emphasis on this on this is how we're going to call so you know. Looks the same with passion appearance and holding. Anything it works this way so be able say illicit. This is the emphasis were looking. If you hold them if you grab them. Let him go after a while 1002000. That we're not gonna call it. If you hold on and you grab them and they're fighting to get up you need to know to let go. So there will be a time with a little rest we'll have his his hand in his back pocket didn't -- throw that flag. Internally you need to know how much time you really have a -- -- with the quarterback did they hear clock ticking when they're going to be sacked it's the same thing on defense. How much you can get away -- And again it's so subjective every breath. All in the same order to do little on the opposite line already -- -- -- -- tackles one golf let him go. The flag you'll hear defensive players complain about that after games. I could hear the -- tell them to let Nadal and he wouldn't let me go and he still didn't throw the flag. So they do you do that they -- -- coach the players that you will on the film I write about oh yeah it. It all depends on who you get as a crew league -- are all different. And it just like any sport late in any conference the hockey -- crew yet popular original that you want to be on TV in your argument I need to know he was gonna have a tights -- you know. And he was gonna be Jack is by subsidies -- -- Somebody rest -- the biggest jerks the biggest jerk she could say. They were sucked sucked on a power trip it was a ridiculous I don't know their names I don't know and I know I just. I -- like when I needed to shut up. Basically because I'd pushed it to my attitude and habit too far nobody whether they're -- to me to not let me go out there and you don't talk. And as good as the people you talk about army unit. It is no reason to know these people's name now there was some of the women and you know in the world like Paris Hilton passes should well they are don't need to go to the referee's. -- Yes at Huckabee were mostly shirts very familiar we go you're Jack. It's six -- 77797. -- 37 patriots fans should the patriots cater their defense more towards the corners that they've added horse they just try to do what they did last year better. What do you think six point 777 ninths and on it for seven -- not gotta disagree on this one how much you. Well no I think that they should continue to do with their -- before they'd been injured. We -- it to -- in the points early on was that it change your philosophy you'll was their philosophy and a -- defense is outstanding the first four weeks you can look at. Who they played and I get it. But when you're at Talib leaves the game you know week six doesn't play for what four weeks of -- in play for. You know you lose Vince Wilfork you lose Tommy Kelly used Jerod Mayo you have to change your philosophy. Because you just can't play a certain way there's no way in hell you can attack. You know without those bodies you can't play aggressive bump and run with ought to keep the -- So you have to would just now in the gut the lead back is little more aggressive is that nice to have interior part of this this defense at all so. Yeah I'm fight of file with the added that they will that it was at their place own. Is that or think and we hear this not gonna change your ways that we bring in the -- -- a political -- to one -- but it put down there and up and best position to succeed. He plays a role the -- to lead you'll succeed. You've got the players Dexter game and you want to last year before everybody went down. Well if it's a 5050 call malveaux is three blitz on this player should wait. No more often times than not the answer should be yes we should because we got the guys have been covered now we got bolt especially after week four when they come back. That's from thinking there's just so much more of an -- it seems an offensive coordinators to be creative offensive coordinators to. And old to what they have in terms of personnel. But I don't seems to be at the same time this willingness. To accept we do what we do on defense regardless of how the personnel has changed that never quite. Understood that. You don't consider what we do what we do in this not changing based on what the opposite doing -- based on what you have been a house in terms of talent maybe you can't. Rushed the way you used to. And you have to adjust accordingly maybe you -- your linebackers don't get to the quarterback as much as they used to. When you blitz that may be your corners have gotten old or smaller for free agents they. What happened with this team in the past. And as well was cut through like you know defense is what it is because the personnel is not there I want to bring pressure but every time -- bring pressure the guy kick it to the lines. And it's just we still can't you know bring in six guys and we're still up put pressure on the quarterback why because the guy -- -- is not that talented. It just don't have the bodies. To me this year it is no excuse I think you've got some bodies get that done. Go to Jim in Florida Jamie -- -- I totally agree with you -- keeper at the same planet the clerk from last year -- got to -- yesterday I was you can wait -- more -- if -- -- And that was no big deal at all back from. The long term -- -- -- it's there was an error. So a green in the little -- know with this week's upper garden at the back seat. Glad I don't think -- was the deal Arctic and you -- -- seem a little bit too big a diplomat knowledge does. Jim Jim Jim don't put this on the media I think kids said what he said archer simply said yeah he was just delivering the quotes now this is not a media creation. This as well -- speaking. I could certainly seem worried he's discovered -- you. Shouldn't be wary as great now and you know he's got a stolen. -- -- They're the world what we call the corporate -- with two wide receivers that we quietly though I'm one to Jeter and others. Former browns wants forty minor. I've -- about these or it's not so quietly in Libya over the years. It is our crew members that are well this. A Brooklyn wide receiver like a Linux. -- -- it doesn't -- -- -- horrible little. I we don't have enough money or lack of. Greg you're going in a thousand different directions at once and I don't mind on my face that you them to hang up and won't get back to another point but what's gators wide receivers -- talking about. On the ticket to other bodies on the sign bodies -- mean that it pick up two other guys and a beer for three days before the cut it now. I don't know what Florida 8 am Eric Kidd Bryant time's run is it was a rookie. But I really felt you your guy Cabrera found the island of Zeta got a date picked up. The you want to pick this guy awesome the question whether he dropped passes two when he drops also stubborn everything else. Why don't they bring in a veteran wide receiver Tom Brady I mean this is the question I don't know only want to ask this one -- about a year and a half. At least this the last year we -- but same thing bringing Damian and dole okay issue be and injured this year run rail fell just hope the other guys improve. -- -- -- Unfortunately -- -- the biggest biggest holes that I think that the patriots -- gonna have to address. Again are still wide receiver than the other one is at linebacker depth I think those are probably. Actually deepen the tackle not even if there's a -- to tackle things another issue. And and often July will be next split the defense of a little linebackers. After Jamie Collins. -- -- -- Jerod Mayo. Who's next in line. Who's good who's the guy is pediatrician Chicago ministers to Carter James Anderson okay. -- who's next who's strong side backer undersized guy played all last year started well -- -- what I think you're getting a little on specific economic patriots in that context because everybody's got depth issues in the cap. Did you have sort it's one of those guys go down and listen Dave lectures don't he don't -- don't tanker -- spikes now eagle my. So I've -- I know everyone has depth issues and everybody scripted -- state healthy that's a given. You know someone's gonna get hurt you know depth is going to come into play in one of those guys has to be able to play. It could take up the slack. So if you're looking at it then OK Steve will harness. Chris -- Two rod Davis I mean I just feel like. You know there's there's so much focus is on all the good things on the defense and all the positives and they're they're gonna make it back and it just. A gorgeous glancing over some issues that could be huge. Huge issues. James Anderson was a key guy but I think they need another one and I just figure come -- some young guys got to fill some roles. Am not again question marks galore. But it just doesn't necessarily and automatically to be this great top ten defense well how many how many America's -- music -- six. The a three starters. Boy -- it depends six -- a six or seven. Depending on how your are using these guys who's going to be a special teams know it you know how to contribute and and other errors of the field. Exact village you're good at -- teams you're not worried about it -- four -- four guys there. Made it to last couple of spots right -- what the other guy a and miserable artists. Second -- guy. Chris White against the in the mix idea okay navy fifth sixth linebacker. Kind of with. Him on this one now word -- A 56 linebacker questions on this team everybody it. -- is that they're not six Lima yes okay well one guy or teams have issues open on a wild okay so like -- one guy goes down you're OK with it. I think -- I just like I don't think he's probably -- is -- the same question if we lose a couple linebackers how are well within. I think every team in fell -- -- -- -- -- -- would -- two areas that still need to be addressed. I still like to see another wide receiver also lets see one more backer well for inside -- gonna Stephen Fall River -- you're an -- -- seven. I think. A millionaire Steve yes I am widely seen that are not common -- settlement. I'm not calling him a gold slot receivers that I'm certainly not gonna tell you apart how he's gonna play quite. There and had a bit situation I don't all they don't have a number -- -- -- someone on the upshot will be not one but they don't have the traditional -- one. I'm not sure they have the tool adoption battle all the guys played lots. Actually read them -- and career ready. And what you -- -- I. Mean we really gonna happen not only I'll let you out of there is wondering who. Like the rest of the week if they ever wondered. And I think that there I think it was kind of created issue all of them in the play are back out where these -- Bill well okay well what went up OK Brett all made at the playoff spot. Everybody -- and it goes back out got the wedding -- go to little spot even then you'll look at that. I don't know what you look at -- making it easy ugly out that he had. On me like you're sharing your string and get a lot of logic there did it to an eventual point which is what -- saying is that the weakness of his team it'll eventually undercut them is going to be the depth at wide receiver I mean. To say they have these can be five and it's all gonna collapse once you get the playoffs is a bit extreme enemy if you think that the real wide receiver depth and lack of number one caliber players are wide receivers a problem. This could be a problem the regular season two is is not just gonna suddenly manifest itself in the post season you do remember this I don't know to have you around -- you might have been because as we beat the steelers' all time. That when people want the people asked Brady who stated receiver was muted their worries though say the one that's open one that's open nets. I don't think. You know the more S and against the Steelers all of them were all well and -- always open and why because the Steelers never changed their defensive philosophy and or stubborn. And we really did a good guy that's -- you -- it also August output at all on. If not all civic -- screwed up you know we don't do that. Brady was tremendous but it doesn't there might not need to be a number one receiver I mean this to be very easily the in a receiver by I mean that you just all kind of contribute on the roll it doesn't you don't need. A guy to catch a hundred passes you don't need a Julian element catch under passes I don't think that's going to happen I don't think he is -- -- Me can be you can spread it out -- all these guys. Are gonna have to be more impact players and say. You know numbers guys. -- forget about. Making the global aids by -- 200 catches on and make probable I used to be the mark right like Al think that's gonna be the case. Plays an impact. But third downs situational plays red zone impact plays keeping drives alive impact -- may be -- three passes. But maybe they're all maybe all -- lead to scores amid all lead to keeping drives on that's probably used to be. It Troy Brown -- now that would catch over you know catches a high number balls and Deion Branch still there wasn't a consistent level of catching. You know -- awards Britney gets wolves. Or -- in the slot. Remember it was -- issued additional it was excellent point up to my point -- wasn't. I really felt that we had they did have a no wide receiver until Randy Moss game. And it was like Randy Moss -- must lockers one and one day depending on your plan that's the one aspect of the callers you can't just say that minutes it was going to be an issue in the playoffs and -- cases on the same argument. When there was not a number one receiver the teachers to great in the playoffs back in the -- And and the thought that you know we've seen you know and great offenses and -- shut down grown well you know the last three years you haven't really had -- And and that's the boy was making before as far as how important I think he is you know through the New England Patriots the as far as being able to win or not. You know if you have because of Steve doesn't wanna include an -- as one including Amendola. I don't know I can't we -- -- and I can't include -- and -- because he's not tradition outside the numbers guy OK so welcome was on his team eutectic count. Wes Welker either. We've -- with the Huskies healthy -- might not catch something you know streak in forty yards down outside the numbers. But he might catch a ten yard out for a first down because his quickness sniping -- Danny Amendola and that's what you -- Dobson that's who you'll look fell. In one of those guys can take that next step one of them you take the next step on the outside.

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