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Rob Bradford on the latest with the Sox at the deadline 7-28-14

Jul 28, 2014|

Rob gave the latest on Jon Lester trade talks and the flap between Ortiz and the Rays.

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Or 3-D and C 6077797937. -- lineup if you like but first we're going to talk to a good friend from WEEI dot com. Calmer. Mr. -- Brad. Himself -- how are you. You that threatening right year with music my years as a pot punctuated. By the BC dropped it once outlawed abortion. The only thing would have been better if he did it the other rooms we could see us click OK back there that -- has been retired of -- Or is he noted if you put amend their little likelihood of these market now. It it it -- that there are -- about the fifteen different subjects who wouldn't talk to you Bob but let me start with what we just heard in the open Bible say this at the -- -- certain things David Ortiz does. Drives me crazy. Flipping the backed and pimping his -- run so scroll trot wouldn't wanna call it is not one of them. Where and what side of the he's he's not playing the game right verses say he's earned the right to have a little attitude a little style is rob Bradford ball. Why I picked it -- well the the rays senses are heightened now think that Chris archer doesn't talk to David Price. There isn't a consensus for Monday Tampa Bay pitchers it if everything newspaper you'd opt out. Should he be pimping cold front row but it has is -- David -- -- or run. I mean it it's a bit at your lack of the list of things. The worry about right now I just stole. Think that this -- -- -- especially where the rays are the are in and like I said our I understand where -- is coming from. Because. In that clubhouse. That's what they're talking about means something we're gonna come up with the rookies that have happened be it. Up before we get to the specifics of all the things that seem to be on the table and may or may not happen prior to Thursday at 4 o'clock. Give us a sense of the mood the tone of the -- in that clubhouse it's sounds like Lackey and David sort of -- the manager under the bus or not. Challenging the play at second base. -- it also seems that Napoli was unhappy -- Jake Peavy departure more that may possibly happen is -- deteriorating in their mood wise rob. Well I think when you go through last year. That the when things come up every one kind of check themselves because they know there and it. -- -- -- better as the most important thing is the greater good mom and this this we have to get along at -- he'd be says. We haven't sent the -- now rewind back about note that dynamic right now and and they're positioning themselves individually is -- and like last year this -- but it was like last year guys. It would've bought more than three in a row -- -- this occur I completely different. Dynamic weather because of these these young guys in the old -- the injuries there or at the guy who are playing old son who want to play. So yeah our our I didn't think that you kick prepare last year that you're number one and it doesn't surprise me get to the point that people oral -- Looking at a more -- instead of loss. Robby go to the -- and wacky comments after Saturday's game and by the way I happen to agree with -- I think Farrell's coaching staff bought this one. They of their casual take on this well we have to say the challenge for later on. Forgetting the fact that this is a desperate situation they're trying to win games in this saving a challenge. -- for some event that may or may not happen is stupid and and that they need to be called on that. The problem is we need to call them on it not his own players and for two veteran guys. Like lacking entities that throw -- under the bus after the game what kind of message does that send these younger players. All first I agree I mean I agree bark that you'd have to do everything and even if there's any any group for -- application yeah app that. Probably challenge. And and secondly you're talking about you guys through a pretty strong minded guys who have in the past that stuff like that. I'll go back to it last year at this time if that happens I don't think is that I think they fight bill that I agree with that. Yeah a lot harder committed to a ready now. And it is it that go along with the frustration across the board and where and when it's already think you're going wrong and then something like this. Go wrong and you think -- -- -- potential go right it doesn't that you don't take advantage of it. That's exactly what happened and -- you know these guys maybe Berkeley these two sides. There -- emotional guys especially after games and when they -- up like I don't biggest -- -- you would surprise be more or in the middle of the battery. It's like I completely back Ortiz in the selling the moment I have no issue with that whatsoever. And in what. So so what -- I think we need more of that baseball rob we need more entertainment in baseball. And we need more guys island on home runs I don't have an issue with that whatsoever. I had a big problem with them -- -- under the bus even though Ferrell was wrong but quick thing this is my quick question. -- reevaluate the way the review plays when the season is over because just to be clear Ferrell didn't know what he did know he was up the talk of the umpires Saturday night. Yeah all. You know you go earlier year and they were missing their priorities right in what they did they did -- slight adjustment they had Brian Abraham who won all kinds factors. On the road he moved in to do via the reviews so that Billy broad and could. And his duties as they get to the lot stopped on on back there. And it's a lot to ask one person so they on the relative strictly Brian -- and do it in the got a great job you go back to when they move them. They've actually I think hit on almost all now this one and -- are -- I agreed part I agree he's when you have sent a light room for error. You have to take advantage of everything and you might have to take some chances that you normally wouldn't I think that was the case here. Our rob Bradford the latest on WEEI dot com Alex spear six or not last night Jon Lester says you be unlikely to consider extent to a team that traded for him. Spears doing a good job a story you are as well what are you hearing about Lester and will he be with -- team on product. Well here's here's -- -- after -- in. I first quality if you ask me this before this series I'd say he's not coming back is not signing and he's god and you probably should trade him. But Lester. Also based on the comments made -- blasters so badly want to come back here I actually think this could -- it worked out for the Red Sox in the sense that. Lester could give them get out of jail free card in other words. They straight laughter this is their opportunity guys to get something substantial up building block back it was a one of these other guys getting traded. Jon Lester Matt Garza gets. It was a rebel and use their power without top pitching prospect. So if Jon Lester says -- -- I understand it better if you trade me but I really wanna come back. If the Red Sox finally come through. An offer him something close to market value -- -- not gonna -- what you're gonna get Nazis and that's something closer market value could end up getting the building block. And our laughter playing without building block next year. Rob is Matt Kemp's name being mentioned in the Lester trade talks because the Dodgers really wanna move him or because the Red Sox really -- him wildly. I hope that the -- -- from warily -- that. Clip Leo that's always good Red Sox front of attack. Right absolutely it. It so -- -- take on the back down you know about a month ago that could come -- and I asked a modest said that we're kicking the tire and everything. I think it's kind of that mind right now if you're talking about a raid with the Dodgers -- laughter park -- C. Eager -- -- Peterson do not our. Mac -- And if you wanna go down that road where you wanna trade up for a veteran and well you know look at Tulowitzki. People are being kept and I understand you are in different situations and laughter would be included -- deal like that. But Matt -- I think the -- our reporter yesterday Matt Kemp had body armor on the 2012 and -- -- it. -- so it's I think that. If everything felt perfectly in the Dodgers or will it be the -- give them away as far back to -- Unmistakably rob it would be ironic trending toward perverse if they chose not to pay Lester because there were afraid of a guy north of thirty getting hurt. And bringing in a guy who's right around thirty now and has already been heard the last two years threes major surgeries. Act is if you're talking about including him and trade him okay. You're trading for a contract and then you're gonna go try to -- a -- -- in the offseason and adding more money. That's our comeback my whole theory -- Lester trade which is it the perfect opportunity. Trade laughter he'd get back control bull dog would prefer probably a power bat back. And then you'll keep your payroll to control and that you can go back after laughter it yeah it makes absolutely no sense. The only tool is in the morning traffic -- I don't think you match up with Colorado because they're the same boat the -- -- Not trying to win this year. Call me crazy Bob -- let you know I beg him yet I don't it publicly and I am. Got a I would be Bob Jon Lester I -- the Red Sox send me to the Dodgers to win a World Series enhanced -- -- -- How well it and he. -- fully embrace the Cliff Lee dynamic couple years ago. Where he's that was the Phillies history does Seattle go to accidentally comes back the real. And and he. Most of the time this doesn't work -- we understand that where a guy who believes in and he doesn't -- sign with a team. But start laughter through -- comment or thought record up her record -- Really really want to stay here and -- comes back while all the red guard -- in spring training via the opportunity like I -- they didn't. Well OK forget that. Yeah at this point you have got that point it out this opportunity to report on. Where you know how one -- couple months and then we're gonna offer you our op operate in the offseason it's not going to be -- the other one. What you wanna come back -- so much probably take in and everybody. -- you know I coverage the internationally -- three years way back in the day and one of things we learned was that that took place that's when I universal. Guys would come in the PC EO and struggle Rick Lance a body put a monster numbers that PC EO struggling and National League. With that as my guide posts I look at Peterson's numbers in their phenomenal across the board. And I'm also impressed he's an old fashioned climbing the ranks prospect full season and a full season double a full season AAA like they used to do. So I don't know if you look beyond the numbers. What what do you nobody him beyond the numbers -- number is by themselves are impressive safe from might slight trepidation over the PCL. Is just it's dark Beers and ideas yet so they'll basically. If the guy who has some real it'll open a power but not a -- in Egypt from home runs but he can chalk it up the part -- -- and bright he. He he strikes out a -- Are you guys -- He does some good plate that -- late strike so a lot. So but you're right -- I mean he would come up he's produced at every level. He's there's a reason why he's the top thirty right now I'd probably top forty prospects in based law. Is the only thing in which you're looking at trading arm left there or -- piece. I think that it would cause a red flag that I really want that power back and Peterson not that -- And early court seek the shortstop also in the backyard but maybe you just say we have to get it. And so all start no matter what type of players they are though I I I agree and I think either very good player. Yeah one of those guys that would be certainly warrant it where you start out with guys. I'll come back to it Matt Garza is that -- the sample Matt Garza was the guy. That Texas traded or from the cubs. No they were gonna get a graphic or clear rental and make it CJ Edwards and -- other players. He did Edwards as their top pitching prospect in -- -- that we can agree is not -- is -- It's a president get a bad back to return for JP Vienna they got through so called decent prospects but I was a little perturbed -- that. You know Bob -- -- to right now rob and agree or disagree every trade I'll ask you for I'm outlook and a basket for a power bat. Yeah you're out before but there's so few out there meter and I think in this case is that beggars can't be shoes you know it -- -- You we looked at the peavy trade in weeks or what you get back for Jake Peavy now. I'll parole wet blanket on this because why everyone -- screaming and yelling missive these guys -- pop and prospect the giants organization. Well that's great you know in that that I think they did about as good as they can do but that doesn't mean these guys are gonna contribute at any level and accurate example. Mean every country being yelled about how western ruby del Rosa and it might be great major leaguers. But we saw the -- we saw a lot of these guys games so. You got something back or by the company backed your point meter. Is that there are just so you power bat out there if it -- you know what it seems to have on it which is mostly the cup. You to have on our routine and so they our country to me either. It rob I'd like you to rank. From most likely to leave too -- less likely or least likely to leave the following I think it's six players. -- -- Koji. Andrew Miller Mike Carp Stephen Drew golds and -- brought most likely legal probably car right. Because they're under control up I think Miller is most likely to go diving gold right there. I threw it also right there drew. This is what you have to prioritize I think is that you get a straight he's been group not because he's not -- for the last couple months. Because -- things you have to figure out these last couple months. It came under Bogart played shortstop think it will -- Brooke produce the Major League low and received it from here that are gonna happen. So I think you have to prioritize that. I I think that the electorate that go right down the line here and in their currency they get the right deal and I think -- they get the right -- obsolete trade him. I think they'll all on the Cody go -- is probably done it -- anybody. That's it why would -- let's go back to shortstop when he's not a shortstop. Well because they -- they usually don't I disagree. Well I mean there they'll they've gone on record saying you are -- project here now whether or not that we Guerrero. That emerges in -- say they were comfortable with his back. I don't know. Bye -- -- is -- whether you know we can disagree here they can disagree review whatever. This is a perfect opportunity in the last -- are. Like if you Wear your -- and and if you if you get to the end of those two -- you don't work. -- our shortstop will mark it down also allows you to help with -- -- -- well. I I was under the impression there already moved on for him a shortstop and if they put him back there it's a huge mistake. Well like you said I mean I think that is bearing opinions on whether this sort -- not came on. You remember army came on the last couple weeks before they get through these. It's pretty decent. But let the music -- or not I just think this is the opportunity find out and I go on again with -- -- as well. So it showed to be clear your scenario has them moving through. Middle -- returning from rehab going to third and Zander sliding -- play shortstop until September. Yes it and I note that they say it again one of the things and I know bark you referenced in this as well. This had no matter what we're leaving Bogart -- third. Well you know that was when they thought they had a chance to win and and it be interesting to me got another part of this Brock hole. Don't do that you may feel comfortable Brock all play short Auburn didn't feel comfortable playing third base. It is good that he's been what his position next year about another and yet the find out these couple months. Obviously he's your super utility guy. Mean. But he's also your legal operator I mean -- You know it that's a pretty guilty guy that guy who you don't feel you don't say argued the play every day they wanted to play every day. Don't you feel like that he's gonna have a regression next year though. -- -- all some kind of a Joe Hardy bays and -- or. And when you hit perfection you can only go down I mean it is of course I think absolutely in -- -- You he that you got -- the -- -- Brock coal I think you can be a very very good visually. I do wonder why there aren't more guys like him in Ben Zobrist that they expect and routinely move in infield the outfield. Of always 33 years haven't surprised that we don't produce more of those kind of players. But market I think about no -- is that they actually -- rounded -- position usually for a does that -- in these are in the position result Brad yeah whether. Factor in or right and they ride up like it and -- not mean you could players foreign places to play. A playmate yesterday was phenomenal. Gonna right. How would you -- in the really really good player and are you wonder what -- what planet sort next year especially when you know you need. Probably more pop the outfield you don't think you've got covered up -- that and it than just incarceration although I guess you know you want as many good players there. Final question is said Jackie Bradley junior's defense so compelling. That'd be -- even swing a bat stand up right at home plate they're gonna put up with his offense. But for another it's a great question that another thing that he up or down the last couple mum. That's that's where we're going to be look at what we get through trade deadline. By the way sparked by -- -- -- insurance -- dot com was hit it a game once we get through this Saltalamacchia wasn't available. But didn't apply to all different. Beat this. The public television -- on the part of people who aren't anywhere anyway the -- It's the work things after the deadline we find out where that where we talked about bogus talk about meadowbrook taco proper Utley and guys think about Bradley. How would the last time you are remember a player they got this -- release. Entire even by hitting you attend and majority year that's because he was back could be spent playing the outfield. And I didn't think that you speaker a lot of things out in May be paid off. But in the last couple months I think your questions on I think that they have to feed something because it if you go away and any. Slump like he did the first couple mark he hit it stated there outfield -- via. -- -- let's go rob and I'm sure it did not go unnoticed by -- that the giants provided more run support repeated in the Red Sox did they got him three runs -- of the two point 90. The Red Sox provided all season. And it did make a difference. Oh it electable up. Rob good talk and appreciate the information visit me right there. Our cargo thanks rob Bradford WEEI dot com chats about the owes him there are more inept offensively in the red -- Oh goodness. Quicktime -- -- -- we'll talk with you would double talk football patriot football -- bendable and at 9 o'clock.

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