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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Joe Torre forgets The Boss 7-28-14

Jul 28, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by John Dennis.

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It has brought you by AT&T they cover more than 9% of all Americans building a better network. Operatives walks in here has been the stack of stuff. -- -- -- -- Hazard you headlines and -- now. Analysts and that brings back my child abuse -- you. Are set to support -- -- again to bring back -- -- music. In. Tongue and. And -- -- -- CNN news -- it's -- ports and -- you go well like a mysterious you know like -- you know like details from the crypt and that a looking fine after the back got a guy I implement it. But you -- of sports related stuff or creepy story of the day. Gold -- -- the day of revenue goes you know 500 dollars and you would not believe dateline is Blacksburg otherwise known as the lack -- A box containing human remains. Was discovered in -- -- yesterday. The box was wrapped in cellophane. Chandler and Hector Rodriguez father and son. Came home to their Alexander way street Sunday morning and -- the -- law was a box. -- pulled over. And the father and son went over to check out what appeared to be a cardboard box wrapped in cellophane. -- neighbor came over to join them as they approached the package they picked up a bad smell -- Quote at first we thought it was just trash but when we got close we discovered a terrible stench. Police later told the fathers on the box wells. Indeed containing human remains out by late Sunday night expert please confirm that. The body's been handed over the medical examiner which is a job I wouldn't take no matter what -- away. Deal with that. As elegantly is Roddy got there what happened this quote equal to seven. Well yes it first they had just -- Joseph Torre feels terrible about. An element of his Cooperstown induction ceremony yesterday. It look like a guy who just fulfilled a lifelong dream and take a place among baseball's all time greats just moments after finishing his halting speech on Sunday. -- -- -- -- And he was frowning you why I do he was crushed ball. Then he had blown it by not talking more about George Steinbrenner and what the owner had done for him. And what the boss meant to him. He mentioned Steinbrenner the man who hired him for the job that made his career. But Torre felt he did not do Steinbrenner justice and he knew it as soon as he turned away from the podium quote. I missed banking the most obvious guy in the world and when you're talking about the Yankees visibly shaken Torre said after. Asking to make an opening statement the post beat conference. I mentioned George but my plan was to thank him. And the fact that we had a great relationship was so obvious that I was going to do that and it went past the entire whole family and higher. Steinbrenner I am most houses aren't. I don't know it's as I was watching Olympic and I was waiting for was I'm -- story. It's kind of Reading -- glance and then looked up you know on the field you know -- don't you spend some time compiling your speech. Good thank you making a list of all the people you want a bank while I don't know upon parents to help. I don't know from spilling the beans here but when Eddie Murray -- into the hall of fame. His -- -- induction speech was written by Charles Steinberg. There of their longstanding relationship the Orioles -- -- I don't know like that he Mara. And well -- that's a different topic but the fact is that there was a closeness there and they -- both with the Orioles and and and Charles. Got involved in this and and shaped his remarks and I'm guessing that Eddie -- very bright guy I'm guessing that Eddie. Rehearsed it and yes and and tweeted -- and what not one would think. I think the biggest speech anybody makes in baseball is once -- reduction yeah it's unless one is also likely Jim Bunning is also the United States senate. So that might be some some some big speeches and in his resonant. That being the case. Even even reversing it even with the experience to judge Joseph -- is really Smart guy -- he was a broadcaster with the rivals for several years. So so he's worked in media he's done a lot of stuff over the years he's been a -- cameras he's been a funny cameras but still when you get up there. What is really in arguably the biggest day of your life. I have complete sympathy form because it did this so many things going on that you never dealt with new Elvis this when an iron is not go when there was. Require no I'm not I I I thought I fault him for this at the very least if you want to write it out and out with a calm Levin at every word we heard with in the last dollar written out. A piece of paper. At the very least you make -- list of how many every what 101520 talking points at what point exactly an annual yourself to be intelligent enough in conversation enough to see. You know you have a little. Q were there about. You know the minor leagues. -- -- story about the something's happened in shape -- in the minor leagues and another couple parables of a couple of analogies -- ever have again that night at Toledo yes exactly and and oftentimes concede more natural yet been a guy bearing his face and copy and saying. You know today we identity -- has -- exactly that it that it had a -- of funny -- -- story and then and then at the end of that that your bank people you know you know which -- -- mom and dad the owner about about about so I. I thought that that the whole family's going to be you know -- -- off on its imports now. There's strained at the end was not a very -- yes RE FO to bet. Yeah I mean that that famous Suzyn Waldman sound bite that we always play yeah. Is is on the heels of Torre managing his last game with the Yankees and it ended badly as some doubt about it. You probably heard this story will just touch on briefly Colorado Rockies gave -- 15100 -- replica jerseys honoring all star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki. -- TU LL. WIT. ZK I on Saturday. But the back of the red whiskey. They are noticing the -- Other rocky said the indeed discovered misspelling at some point instead of disappointing those fans looking forward to receiving the Jersey. The team said in the statement they decided to hand them out anyway. Is there something wrong with that set a fan I didn't notice with the name being so long rocky planet remake the jurors into the correct spelling later in the year. And fans if they so choose in exchange Saturday night's. Misspelled uniforms. Or new -- at the stadium or at -- stores somebody somebody -- a minute ago was that Levi the last he portrayed as the secretary. Out of public hear about this Louis -- hello. Could hardly believe it when he found the shiny 2013 championship ring. Red Sox championship ring at a restaurant sick sick. And it looks bar and -- turns out the ring belonged to drew Weber. Who owns the wool sweater -- it's a private Red Sox classy minor league team in Massachusetts. They lost Red Sox World Series is back on the finger of its owner thanks to a nifty pickup by an ardent New York Yankee fans. -- -- and throw in his late likable very good friends of mine and I believe drew was from New York -- -- Yeah yeah well this is in Manhattan to the restaurant is it was the real thing and diamond and sapphire and ruby said in fourteen karat white gold in the Red Sox emblem in Boston strong logo and the image of the teams bearded players. I was like Jesus is big league this year. I'm a big yankees -- what is the chance of this happening in any event he contacted the authorities -- -- -- the Islamist figure. And send it back to where. To Jerry we're here you -- with us it's I am burying the lead. While the -- crisis simmer an international conflicts player President Obama can be counted on to pitch and putt. Other differentiate the late 81 rounds of golf. And has attended 75 political fund raisers. In the 628. Days into 2012. Reelection this is according to New York Post make of that. You will be one round and I guess he's going. Next month the -- course it's two weeks. Quality doesn't overlap with my two weeks as I wouldn't doubt it my privacy says they've they've they found a place that's way over there. Way over there and won't have nearly the impact of other places that he has been far wreck on traffic ultimately a farm credit and you will be department of snipers and Secret Service guys in the woods. As well bush should. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have not. August when he on this week at the time in 6:11 o'clock o'clock to. -- I ask them to play by play just. -- cheaper stuff. Play by play guy I have big shots how that day Altria would be do it's about what we need to know -- giants are. Yomiuri giant that Japan I do not -- it's Stamford Connecticut with a -- It's good question actually beat that but another -- -- -- it -- so you won't be doing game. Point five Japanese players -- what's solo and a couple Americans believe he will leave open the door got blown four. Nobody will know if you messed up their names you can mess ups and aims to leave Aaron started and already in -- you bring in Bobby V and I I. And lives in Stamford and there were some robot rovers from mice that LLC part of my dog we've played is likewise a baseball and he's an expert on -- I'd call my gosh it's been floated that might happen. It's like you can -- there dip back to meet you in the WWW we headquarters there aren't any fun right near there in the -- -- broadcast capitol bureau in the seriousness that effort -- Tonys and Brighton where we take a break -- it was undermined. I'm -- Judy quick jump start. Let this golf smokescreen left historic Cleveland Cleveland. Yeah it would -- final -- to look at for eight. And -- such well. Will it Francona had given to -- for a couple of -- gets him. While it's out of them won't vote you'll I would go to the prices in my opinion it's going to be or -- -- -- And then all the options to -- that -- gets them because everybody can use. While Lester to Cleveland LeBron James and Ted -- are -- are we number I don't think in making up with -- -- nothing to do with the acknowledged now they can do that not make haven't heard that. That rumbling now. -- at a Cleveland yes that's vs pop that's interesting and statistically there are some amazing comparisons between the two have -- -- -- And welcome back to. Sorry it's the revolution in the Kansas City Wizards tonight John -- -- Perot might do it.

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