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David Ortiz offends the Rays again 7-28-14

Jul 28, 2014|

John, Meter and Buck opened the show by discussing the latest flap between the Red Sox and the Rays.

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This Monday morning I think we're going to find baseball at center stage and will in large part between now all and 4 PM on Thursday -- of course -- the trading deadline. And it seemed to line up nicely mr. Buckley mr. meet Burrell but the principles are grouped together in -- you have Jon Lester and mapped out. You have David Ortiz and Chris archer you have David Ortiz and Carl Yastrzemski you have Tom Glavine and Greg medics and parents. We may start that you have winning vs chemistry chemistry vs winning. Which one creates the other one on that last point this is what I know for sure. Nine months after this -- Band of your Brothers. Are happily won the World Series are still bearded but they don't be so happy anymore so I think that's a sort of putting a cap on this debate. If you're out win their not chemistry not a pure -- nice guy you bring in although it worked last year chemistry doesn't create winning. Which is sort of the subject of what a piece was on the barrel this morning. Well yeah I mean it's funny is that right in the column with this line they still have the beards but that's not much of -- brotherhood -- -- And it is there any doubt that August -- make sure this though. Ambiguity ambiguity yeah thank you reward good good big boy weren't. Or did you Ortiz. The -- -- under the bus Lackey. Heroic barrel under the bus token spears unindicted -- -- yes and and you can put all the perfume you want on that but the two. Players having among the best seasons on the team. With Lester is up there of course but he's having a pretty good season. We're -- having a pretty good to have a great season not gonna win awards. And also veteran guys who between them have won five World Series -- -- three. Lester Lackey 202 going to. And to the media after decade screwed up. Did I pay he's somebody screwed up a lot when I was when I say Ferrell is I since Ernie Adams screwed up exactly yeah while. It's it's it's the Ferrell coaching staff. That screwed a charge of look at the well it is. It's no it's of the what Billy broadbent is audio guy area and in what is -- infield coordinated as a young kid. Abraham. And he may be involved them to a -- brought bids that the video guy. And somebody should -- sent a signal. John Ferrell to challenge a call -- and while watching the TV broadcasts they didn't think it was charitable. Well you bit -- because they've been mistakenly thought rice challenged on the or -- is written written by rail to Russia so they didn't have it in federal would have known. And that they did not challenge that to me. Suggests a they screwed up and be a lack of desperation. These are desperate times yes and for -- to stand and this is where -- This confused the heck out of me while we wanted to say that challenge totally typical Watson. You you don't saver challenge. For an imaginary play that may or may not happen later in the game. So I understand why Farrell why why Lackey -- -- the pit stop what I don't understand why they felt the need to throw the manager in his staff. Under the bus in as though there's no way to does it. This I don't think that David would do that now. But it's frustrating lack doing all it does and I agree William and David David would be first in line I mean if they if they gave an error supposed to hit and he -- and -- would innings this about it tomorrow nobody wanted to all -- what kind of disease and visit us at home run. Is it bad or anyways we just went off I here's what Ferrell set about not challenging that fourth inning. Would ask. And that's another reason they should it channel yes just to give that we're about to get here's what. Barrels and after the game when we reviewed internally it was not conclusive. Where we work the time of the game give artistry. With when we've used the system before. When it's not conclusive were not going to risk using one challenge. That we have. At the moment. Well I don't know what. You're video guide John -- was watching. But after about the first or second replay there were 23 war that showed the love clearly on the hand and and about six inches away from the bank that it was extremely include the most conclusive replay that I've seen this year yeah. And I don't know why he didn't go out there at least. Get a little animated. Release may be. Well again he appeared to be any different throughout the game in fairness to John Ferrell he he's out there and -- he's waiting for -- he doesn't know what we know. -- I've watched beginning I was going to be and yeah I Sunday morning right so it was in my best interest to aid to keep up the next game. Some I'm home Saturday and do is on some watching it so why of information at the moment in real time. The John -- lack you know he has his eyes like that to me is a -- you see from the -- but but -- that's that's the different that's a different thing. We're talking about information are you talking about baseball acumen and all that that's -- bright but we're talking about cold hard facts. The cold hard facts are that that call would have been overturned. And he. Have practiced somebody hung him out to dry on his staff. This this system is in place guys mean they have people to immediately look at replay and signal somebody who says to John -- up or thumbs down. Whatever recent field in this particular case he -- he was a man out there on an island an adolescent until. He gets that signal he's not gonna waste so can somebody other than John -- screwed up he just happen to be the bearer of bad -- a Lackey and David Ortiz exact we're not shall. So this so we're old agreement on that juncture at that job and a after the game and they lose the game. What do we get we get we get Lackey entities tossing the manager under the bus and as I said. I thought I was pretty clever I don't know who added that they've you know they dragged the body they -- it hit it it it. So you've got that and then you go to -- Playing his role. Complaining about a home run rubble -- earlier in the game and the locker replace the lack of talent and in the in the -- a challenge. And dumping a way to make you have to muddle through all that to get to the fact that they lost another game right. And they won yesterday Ortiz sits the home run out to a bottomless on the trip since writing a winning streak. Into tonight's game against Toronto a rural street by definition adds to it and it it it goes back of a hole and you touched on -- the opens the whole chemistry thing. Which -- and the yeah -- -- Eric and I understand all that but this is this is bad and it was one thing a couple weeks ago they created a fall guy in Pierzynski. He looked as phone Monday everybody cried and everything fell pardon the which was a lot of nonsense. Well not you've got them throwing this guy under the bus and I find that are out. Big Farrell before the game yesterday approach like you are two reasons no no -- -- guys don't know. -- by the way to no one's surprise. David was more pointed. And vociferous in his comments about that lack -- challenge the Lackey was Lackey weighs in at first he says. Our challenge would have been nice there. Looked like he was pretty out at Lackey I look at it he looked pretty out to me which are right sometimes they still don't overturn things when it looks well you never. We had to go both ways this year so what are you going to do broached the subject and he's not possible bombs at you David. How in the hell did we not challenged that one inconclusive. They played bet on team B twenty times I saw the replay like twenty times on TV media and chainsaw. That was a bleeping out. Well set -- Maybe maybe maybe with a little less vigor attached now. -- wasn't conclusive I think the home run call on the railing on the one -- line. -- first public or Thomas for 23 times. That that would hit the wall come back yet but David -- -- good point when he said. The force of the ball hitting the guy's glove. Probably brought it down you know from north to south. With the force of the ball hitting the law but on my guess would be would literally broke the tape down and that's what they did -- yeah yeah. But probably David's. When David sought. What it is he saw when he says that was a -- at home run that was a homer I don't give a bleep what they say that was a -- run they bleeped up on that right there. Was that based on his eyeball test -- So monitoring down to first base as rip that first night or was that based on separately later -- on the club boys. DH so he's got lots of times look at it go read a magazine at least appointed time to. This size things up so I'm Teresa are replay during the game and made his decision that way -- You know you you you still get the situation where that is how lost they lost that game they fall further behind the seasons sloping away slipping -- It's fair enough fair enough it's done and yet when it's over. We've got this. And it it's in this two months to go when not in August -- -- Like it used to -- months. Of this remaining. You're your analogy about let's look at this another way if the -- roles were reversed in terms of who was the thrower in the -- we under the bus. Almost or what your your analogy your paper today well let's just say that in his next start. John Lackey issues -- bases loaded walk and they lose a game into it and imagine the outcry. If John Ferrell after the games that -- a couple of strikes would've been nice. I'd be like yeah. Youkilis and Bobby Valentine -- I had that -- -- -- via -- and it's. And a point in this manager is not unlike two managers ago Terry Francona. Both. Modern day hardcore baseball men who in and I had. Back in the day. I consecutive years if you can believe this I covered the Yankees in 1980 Billy Martin was the manager of hurt after a year. Of over the -- manners and Dick Williams listen to fight back to back years. Of Dick Williams betrayal and Billy mortem. Back in the day. And so. I was accustomed to going up to the manager after the game. And having a manager rip -- -- Dick Williams had a whole team filled with boring -- on the Seattle. And that didn't sit well Dick Williams who was out of the fifties and forties you know aborted them -- and and Uga -- links and Mike Moore and Alvin Davis and Mike king -- John Christensen. And that was it just didn't sit well with him. And I have no -- Q&A guy's religion at all but it didn't work well -- that was my point being that Terry Francona. Who played critically and and John Ferrell. Are cut from different clock they are two guys who would never criticize a player public. I can I can only think of mr. what -- -- album I'll bet that that's a dinosaur that kind of set extinct at some site right. And dug out that there were the most the most recent homes loop -- what amusement in Tampa Bay and Chicago. He was still doing it up to the end Jack McKeon when they drag a -- -- ball Andy and I and I would say so social media is probably the closest right now. In terms of having a willingness. Or the lack of filter to criticize the play but not like in those days it's. It's been set oftentimes -- satellites and a bunch of people there thereabouts aisles and one reasons why I could not be a Major League manager all the obvious ones like vaulted him knowing the game that well. But near the top of that list is would be my inability. To bite my tongue and yes these people's asses. Win they -- -- -- under the bus you chief among many people think if that's -- I. Captain I'm saddened I couldn't do it now -- -- many people has -- his -- and now. So I don't Agassi at his vision of teen image in the red thugs that accurate -- a great job. It's a copy I could not stop back from Arizona. -- -- -- -- correct in your -- an -- under an eyelash junior high unemployment and an eyelash and this morning I woke up to the water I tried. Try to drops trying to sell. Drops. Travel at all and anyway I may have some -- is advising WA AF. With that foursome bi -- go through areas that comes after another one image that I'll wash nearby as well it. Out not to say. That David Ortiz was done there. Terms of finding himself in the spotlight. And some surprise some people judge -- about assumes he flipped the bat that well. I wouldn't be surprised if some then comes of this -- somebody gets drilled. Based on the history with David Price Tampa based on what David Price at about David Ortiz and he did it again I wouldn't be surprised if you were. Do you Ortiz as well as it turns out not the -- of -- until after the game. The home run call and -- -- at the bat bat flip is classic -- threaten classic eighties when you got it does more -- week. Here's the call from Jokester. The runners go into high drive -- right they got paid back by the law here iron there. On at three run homer and it -- and with a blast. Into the right field stands for a five rolled up his 25 home running in 76 on they eyes. And Red Sox have a reaction here and it's a lot -- Cheers and boos toward David Ortiz and those faith. -- David just tossed the bat aside Moby -- contact. Was a little funny if -- yup I just did that at the that just happened. Now it is all in the eye of the holder that was -- -- able Bryan Joseph didn't seem to have a problem with that. Quite frankly I didn't either I tend to agree with people sick too sensitive you know if you don't want to flip the better really but all if only we can hear the other broadcaster is a -- and other broadcasters are responding to the same bat flip from David Ortiz. Did not hear homer. Must have been -- Tiger on the basis. Of the voters -- screw me up. But the there got a but it up these BI isn't it funny like a client. -- -- you look at things as in the I did my. Absolutely I think we and a total bush all but gone. Bush Lee and I go on my diatribe -- all -- of -- it's a reasonable Ortiz being not that I'm surprised by it. But -- that guys with Tampa today if that's on the blank. If they can hit a home run and that is set to change he has gone -- Acadia are are you like -- gain protectorate game type of yours is -- the -- Play of the game right way to gain while it if it could play it right to be the first. LB that would be news that would be David Ortiz actually you know that the united -- stroll -- the -- would be would be news but the -- -- committees bush. What it violates the unwritten code to get into the -- drives -- thought flipped the -- up. Act like you've been their before well guess what human Chris archer the pitcher who watched it backed favorite who said something earlier in the season about David Ortiz -- -- in and -- run -- Archer said yesterday after the game. It feels the way Davis said he does it feels like he's bigger game he feels like this show's all about him. Which in reality. If I don't walk Daniel -- If I don't give -- the infield single -- Pedroia has one home run means nothing. I hope that he he realizes that. There's more that goes into it than just him all my interactions with him outside of off the field have been good good. When it comes to him on the field I don't know what makes him think that he can. -- the way does. And then nobody retaliate. Nobody look at him a funny way or nobody pitch him inside. Personable he -- I didn't give up a walk in the infield single that's like six foot six like it up and I'm like OK out beyond that nobody can. Look at him funny nobody can pitch inside -- question David Ortiz what you just did that. You're right -- my take on this I find it entertaining and I know this is gonna get shoved down my throat but I think the same thing applies here. That applies in the National Football League when people say. They need to stop running up to school for an embarrassing the other team and respond to that he has. Why don't -- keep them out of the end zone. -- -- you stop them from dancing on your leg or the guys all cut by the back in 07 but not not because running up the score after the Redskins game than yeah yes yes but not. -- -- -- -- It -- my only complaint and the only focus of that comment was. Tom Brady at 55 to ten does not need to be in that game. Now what if Bryant lawyer I guess he was about the back up. Whomever they have been committed and here they score five quartet -- that's -- the country and I only was it close it all in an instant summer months. On on Brady's leg. And I -- that good bye to our group that are the number it doesn't need to be as the game got them from getting in and go to Chris -- stop him from getting out front make a better pitch a bit better judgment David Ortiz make a better decision don't -- that. Look like an eighty offensive I just think it's abortion -- -- -- per year probably was my total bush lady you know I'm surprised I'm surprised this. -- -- bother me it's like -- was tossing and turning it. That it wouldn't work Ortiz. If they -- I heard a comment from march I stood up and up one. OK first of what did you guys if you guys seen a video marchers -- note in Ramallah. Yes. Couple years -- last year a little. Celebrations little celebration accusing his biceps to do the Fernando Rodney did that that that this pomp and jumping up and mrs. This was a Mickey mentally strikeout it was Daniel -- no -- the deal mama is out there but yet you don't strike out Daniel now by and then. -- biceps. So so hopeful who has this kid David Ortiz kisses his biceps ever doubt -- but this is my issue. I don't properly. I have a problem with the hypocrisy. Of this this nobody. Wearing his cap on backwards on TV. Shouting out at David -- now. Well just so we're clear on this owe you a little point dollar hit it to write him a go ahead OK now. You heard at the beginning of the program. I criticized even to -- for throwing for a one of the bus I thought I was quite pointed on that point that was not yet okay. And there are a lot of things like criticized the moderate he's for whining about the travel schedule and whining about score -- decisions. And on and on it's it's it's really gotten kind of disgraceful the three -- again. Where I draw the line it is on him calling called camping on home runs not only one out of a problem with it is putting two more of that. It's called entertainment and it's the same reason I look at the NFL. And make -- two groups celebrations can't do this weekend that. All these kinds of things what is the sports dollar cult it's an entertainment sports dollar I would implement the -- or -- the bat. And runner -- giving your Reggie Jackson yes leverage next Reggie Jackson was doing that when I was in high school which is fine but it's fine what's. What that was -- here's a guy like the Jeffrey what -- out more than anybody. But Ortiz to me yesterday first like -- in last place you're sucking wind right. And a flip of the bat in the second inning of game like it's like it's the sixth game of the world that you led lighting up affected its Tropicana Field and they are ready in his ass off of borrowing is as sought. And and did the news is that it's his fault but the fact is -- history between the two teams David Price drilled him. Because people because they've got a they've got -- tortillas -- yeah. I didn't Chris archer got the balls to Julia -- why is the one thing you can do -- talk about -- do some now that's the one thing you know I thought he might come I can't believe I -- in here in the role of protector no David Ortiz hitting point 20. All right here's David Ortiz responded to Chris Archer's comments that he needs to stop thinking he's the only thing in the -- -- -- -- -- -- They're good they're too sensitive about things you know out. It's merely you know I think it's impeachment -- got great stuff. I think I would be reviewed. In a way I think sometimes we get to a level. You ought to say. I think pitchers are too sensitive I could not agree at all baseball players are too sensitive. This -- play in the game the right way mean yet to bother me when he managed -- the first base I get it he's. Probably close to forty than he is 38. So we saving his legs now all -- law and is yeah saving his life. You know let's. Run around the bases and he -- I don't putts and that's what exactly are in the right way is playing the game in the right way Arab League flipped the bat is playing the game the wrong. Mike I think it is and Reggie Jackson Reggie Jared Jared what splits the straw that generated record comeback and Jack is Ricky Jackson at the vested Kamal what it is tax. Is there Ortiz in the just. -- indignities do you have an act in this situation to talk to reject newsroom will be listening bat he did he gave that's there. Holding -- the post the post right. I was the -- It. It's not you wrote the book right 6177. 79837. A lot of ground covered today still got to get into what Jon Lester and Matt -- David Ortiz not vs Chris archer may be against -- as it from Tom Glavine a very well thought out. Speech at Cooperstown over the weekend and now winning that we agree winning creates chemistry yes yes right. If I don't what the bearded guys did last year winning creates -- baseball special.

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