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Christian Vazquez with Joe & Dave after the win at Tampa Bay

Jul 27, 2014|

Joe & Dave talked to the Sox rookie catcher, who had a hit and a couple of great plays in the win that closed out the series.

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Well this year it was a big big day for Christian Vasquez throwing out a runner in the first inning catching six different pitchers get two strikes that. -- framing pitches so well Christian that Chris was really a team winning you've got plenty of experience with this staff. Seeing the ball on him than they -- looked up to them but on a strike and c'mon you know the strike zone the. -- you must take a lot of pride in being able to occasionally get a strike three your. For your pitcher by framing is the way you do does that take a lot of work hand in a lot of work with a particular scouting report where is it just something you do automatically. Now like to you know train every pitch you know tried to -- all of strike you know -- like to frame you know that's part of my game. As good. And what about working with -- part of the attack Q what was your plan -- pledged. You know he loves his changeup you know who you like to throw it any count and you know we get to set to that venue for the. Christian you throw down to second base was it was just picture perfect today doesn't get any nicer than that you put it right on the button here. What what do you take more pride in the work you do behind the plate or you're throwing arm in your ability to throw off base -- I'll -- all of the good old men men runners. Mine -- a lot of it. On and on a threat to the -- and and help the team when you know what -- question -- why I didn't even try to run. Record -- -- and -- -- the -- -- around the -- very quickly. -- my first. First solid second. Congratulations over the -- you had the out at second base last night. We got to got Escobar and that's what six you know the replay. I think it's. Well. You know we thought -- and also last Sunday against society has created track. Yeah and of course close to -- and -- tell us about working with pitchers you've ever brought before. He's got here like his -- spectacle -- It's fun and I thought -- them in in and restraining in the game. I'm on that a bit of them Perriello record you know would they know if that's for sure here. You know no -- The in thing for them to his ranch yet and it's got to be a lot of Juan Cruz and catch. Told you we are right course record in all star game you know we're on. Great pitchers. Tell us if possible -- influence. -- -- proposed today there are yet here you guys both. Voyager or your closer with Jose -- and also. Rendering him for legal. -- you know in these fellows. Catching it from game. Helping a lot. We also know you've got a lot of the great ability yourself we saw a lot of it today. Congratulations -- -- great job today I think there might --

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