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Villani and Buck Discuss the Lester Debacle -- Do the Sox sign him, trade him or simply let him walk

Jul 27, 2014|

The boys get into the biggest story and debate going on with the Red Sox right now - what do they do with Jon Lester? It's a decision that could really shape the franchise heading in to the future.

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I know Butch Stearns today. He's hanging out with. How -- Ian Ponzi and whoever else and Braintree. Whatever their names are down at the the drive in Arnold I did just picturing butch like -- Letterman jacket. You know -- the 1970 convertible or something up crews and -- -- and I -- what was a very good athlete are now I don't I'm just picturing your votes don't kind of living out those days still. This Braintree Letterman did and not Iran with a great. That's what he's -- Hanging out today so crystal audience for -- parents Steve Buckley is here 6177797937. We started of course talking quite a bit about the Red Sox. And disappointments what was the question US solid the end there what went wrong with this year's team is wine. It is a lick your reasons. For me the biggest thing people mile point -- kids I like veterans underperform. Or in some cases like chain victory -- inability to stand feel I start with the veterans. As a driving in to the station this morning and they are playing at an interview that the mid day show. Did with buster role from the SP and appeared to driving in February here and I think a Christian -- only a -- This year's team and in some up and Torre's name came up. And bust an interesting point where he'll -- that was kind of sobering if you're Red Sox fan is that. In busts are only view baseball people. In -- baseball has seen north respect or Dustin Pedroia. In the same way. The industry has had respect and has continued respect. Port Derek Jeter and pride of that -- Revere. These big guys that you had the people in the game. Wanted to see succeed because it was so popular. And that. Blessed are only says the Pedroia is in that class. This is where it it's sobering. Buster Olney said those people are cringing when they liked Pretoria play this year in these of people -- while Pedroia who -- -- succeed it's a scary. Look if you look at some of the numbers for Pedroia. He's got a four year decline in OPS. Bounced back to bid last year -- body was good last season defensively he's always been ended. But haven't same for awhile that it's it's one of those things you don't wanna be overly concerned about until there's a reason be overly concerned I guess. But this is somebody either invested in long term it's got huge money fourteen million a year when -- -- -- -- still over a million bucks and he's been in decline. And easy injuries part of it maybe is he playing hurt and gets possibly did last year while you're in a weird way to get the -- -- part of the story to. It is but a weird way you kind of almost wanted to be heard -- point -- that was -- -- -- you would like for the going to be in this capital last year. And what are what is happening -- the ticket it's up a standout in early in the season. And you like that think that in the season is over. That somebody you'll say the jury was playing with this injury or season. Right at least then it's OK -- now we can get that sixty can take time mopping rehab -- common new season this and they -- buckles that few months ago I wanted him to be hurt yet and it and here's the thing. When people ask me and it -- Comcast and it's like. I got to see the old Pretoria for most seven general went what you do when the MVP. Oh wait you were gonna see that again. My answers you don't need to not. You don't have to have that all wade sees a lot of guys when an MVP early -- -- -- as did 67. So you'd you can win MVP of the never win one again and still have a long productive contributing career are hoping never wins an MVP. I'm OK with that as long as he puts up. You know but Bobby -- like I don't mention Derek -- never won MVP yeah you know in -- -- but a long productive when you lose any sleep over the -- and MVP as long as he's putting up those numbers. So it it's more so about for me where -- an -- is going because they're counting on him maybe not to reach 38. But at least through next report seasons at least. Being one of the more productive hitters in the lineup in this season at least point -- fact he has not and 6177797937. Let's get to some of these phone calls Sean in Framingham is up next a shot. Governor you place on. -- to. Report in years it can go back to the what are. You don't know who argued that Cuba but the are -- have been. Yeah big what -- it -- -- Lester back. -- you know it didn't hear reports fuel projections over the next few years and here is my understanding that after 2050. -- -- talking about that but Gloria is basically the only one side bet that term OK now we have you know I'm ever going -- -- world. It would go outside players in the thirties well okay eight or five players in their thirties well guess what they thought. The pretty major market while it's okay. Essentially because it will you gotta get -- fuel. Players that certainly are younger than -- what we eat maybe 27. In free agency. Teams they kind of money. You know probably. The angels -- and other players' -- and -- you mention all the war teens are stretching. -- making the effort to sign their young players. So that you get by you know with the rays and -- -- -- Yeah here in the air coming on to the reader market -- Eight but let. I think what we're at it yeah I guess -- -- up where they're gonna spend the money and it is actually kind of I don't know -- used word scandal and the thing. It is they're gonna be here tartan you know -- heard -- -- -- in value to a three years and you know we've got even if it's a mediocre. You know it you know. You know of young players you know making you know complete teacher -- humiliate her. Whatever you know. And again I think why. This -- a little -- -- yeah it'll make. -- dear to your first point out the Red Sox. Basically their payroll cuts in half next year now obviously they're gonna sign other guys but right now 78 million committed next year and -- right after. 2015 after next season. Pedroia is the only guy on the books that's it so there's going to be a lot of you -- out of his flexibility. And I guess your question John and I think it's a fair one is. Is that payroll gonna get back up into the range that we've seen a 15060. Million other words are they gonna continue to operate as what they are. Which is a big market team that gets in on these big time contracts and I think the fan base. Is going to demand that I think they should this is a big market team huge television revenues that's the way they need to be eight. And that's what worries me a little bit about this Jon Lester conversation is it about Lester. Or is this an organizational philosophy. It's gonna see this team paring payroll and essentially not behaving like what they are. It can't people last year and they can't be about Lester going to be you know initial lawsuit because in the if there's any player that any team you know would would. You know that the -- doctors say the Red Sox you know would would extent right now -- -- Which is you know help them great health and performance and and everything else I mean you know look at markets so -- Iraq will retain Lester not a not a creative player -- -- you know every. You know intricate medical history and is make up and on and on and on it's not -- than the hope. Yet thanks to the phone calls John -- it's. One of those things that hitting a lot of Red Sox fans are concerned about like even the ones that are saying okay Mubarak from Lester. Hey you know thirty minute thirty years old and 140 million dollars hurt can be too much money move on for him. The fair question then for me to -- is look at -- I don't like fare quite are yelling and here are all the unfair question is NN it. You spend the -- money your big market team you ought to be the biggest payroll team but I expect the Red Sox to be upheld a lot closer to top to bottom. And there is nothing but money coming off the books next year's -- them. It's a fair question I don't like at me like their questions now it is a fair question and I. Which brings him back Jon Lester Lester isn't given. I understand the these guys they -- thirty people off a cliff and mr. John and Iranians little stat geeks could by the way I got a fine. Bear with me is that I've got to read this Q and -- John Henry does with. Michael Silverman. Even in the in -- health and you know wedded John Henry institute statistical analysis yes I mean. It's it's like little TV commercial. How do you -- a man like me became a man like me and other -- million is becoming in his because there's more with the money yet knock him down and and then not. -- them with their money. And John Henry and in any series I -- Q&A return him last year he doesn't just sit down with you into the co QNA. You send in the questions in the one that idealized she was done through a series of like fourteen emails back and forth. Some -- which he sent to me from his plane like 30000 -- this guy. And they come in drips and drabs yeah but one of the message he sent Michael Silver and a quote verbatim. Eat it and again this is a guy. Deeply deeply wedded to statistical analysis he believes in the process he believes in these people. In even he says and I quote. Even running the bases as measured by external stat geeks. We've been the worst -- I just love the fact he's so casually refers to these people as external spec geeks yeah. I love that that's critical well what are the external status that keystone and about Jon Lester is a fault part is thirties that I don't believe that and you Britain and I know you'll believe it. And you're always one pitch away 22 year old haven't Tommy John surgeries you're always one pitch -- understand that -- I've for everybody they they can name this my probable conversation. It's become about that failed contract it's about CC sabathia. Well Lester Nazis -- sabathia at least fifty pounds overweight he's brought a whole lot more innings in last in don't make it about the contracts because that's solely dependent upon. When a -- fortunate enough to free agency Tom Glavine going in the hall of fame today if you were thirty today. And get a B freeagent what kind of a contract would he be in line for and that's one of a number of pitchers you -- Andy -- way validate my opinion Cliff Lee some disagree on that. On even if you wanna go guys like Randy Johnson mean there's some of the -- last dramatics not a -- that's going I'll -- These guys were all very productive into the thirties in any of them were giving a 120 point five million dollar contract at age 3031. I think any one of those guys in the world. And that's a conversation me about -- Now I agree I agree and I -- here very interesting offseason. Yeah if fascinating offseason and always loved I loved the team building immigrants are actually last season was biopsies is pretty -- I have to celebrate I have to look this up but. I believe the 1976. And -- you right here goes but again but it's relevant to this discussion because 1976. And today reds. Swept the Yankees the World Series and the year World Series roster 125 players in game four World Series. Is the same 25 players they opened the 1977. Season. Which means that. Came the end of the season they sat down and look at what they had they went now we're a good but it -- set. But tough on Cincinnati sports talk radio that -- so I mean listen in -- they had Tony -- -- Pete Rose -- Joseph Morgan and AM it's like guys you -- bring -- Concepcion. And in jail they -- just back from -- going -- when he was still there and it would just stacked on top to bottom. But can you imagine. Winning the World Series and in -- standing over you desk and looking down the spreadsheets and in your farm system and you depth charts and you looked up and there's all you little minions sit there and and -- bench Harrington. He's got like Mike Hayes and stealing known as the advance scout and bank Crockett -- -- Harvick who is moving up the latter. And and you look out with them and you say. That would Gergen but don't go -- want our boys were down there to get people to see in February it out of Florida. Thanks for the time flip side of that as the cardinals who won a World Series few years ago and then played the Red Sox last year with four players. There were on how the world to act two years before exactly and that that's a testament to the strength of that organization JP in north Providence is up next on Sports Radio BJP. -- bought a morning guy morning. And it sounds like Tina proprietary and get married would be join in now what they would bag and. He would be sensitive point that I could see that happening in the varsity jacket hang with smoke and until the cigarettes from a town common legacy that. They had all along was sounds like a great guy the first time I've ever heard it from -- one of the great when opt to go a little weight. -- -- -- You'd think what Curt Schilling did. It's up -- -- what you did with a bloody sock that the bloody sock became so big but people don't appreciate that type of surgery got a lot of and -- what's -- -- now a witness are they haven't been that he's going so I might my second part of that before I get a lot of. OK -- real quick IA my understanding is he's in remission I -- that he was white put a thing on FaceBook incurred tweeted. And I think that. Globe at a piece on his thing -- who's pitching like legion ball. -- -- -- umpire Gehrig's baseball games are you quicker as the coach in and and soul so that's good news that the families doing well. That the kids playing base when he was just a little of sweet Eric rice to run around and -- upped your ankle then and now. The ice storm at -- about a month ago and incurred. Introduced into his kid and -- that this is -- I say Europe and Garrick Schilling content and and the kids said to me I get a lot of that. And says I get a lot of that is a US -- And so so like so my understanding is that he's in remission and we don't want -- playing baseball which is great news. And is far as the second part of that question I guess I disagree in that I I thought that. Maybe I'm being self serving I thought the media in general. Did a pretty good job of pretty good job of educating readers about the the seriousness of that surgery in -- right and exactly as suture it was a it was a it was a big deal I thought I thought that that was well documented. Yep that not put something into it and I'm not into the president elect called it a week ago I put what they need to also play a lot it's a lot -- -- -- -- I think he deserves -- what are you gonna spend the money on -- said this a week ago to buck your bank encrypt the direct not to try to play the ultimate game. I'll check in right up to the deadline on debate really not know what they're gonna do it must. That's a great question. As we -- there are microphones I I don't like the idea of them playing chicken I hope they are. I hope that they're being -- the in the they're trying some stuff out there as a posted you know markets -- very rules. I would like to see him played dirty in them and -- played very it'd get a real good negotiation going and then hug afterwards and -- -- site that equal -- would and that. I'm just like to explain it -- what -- lot of teams don't give them because I wish there -- -- disarmament overpaid form and I think. And may be good news. Mean I -- that. I know nobody brings it up but the fact that what Lester went through physically that fact that we're the Jimmy Fund capital of the world I know it shouldn't play in the plight. But in a pot of a lot of Red Sox sent -- be myself and -- ones who would Jon Lester went through and the fact that he can still put on top of that and they need a lot. Shouldn't yet. The extra money that they're direct acting to make a statement and he can go perspective -- people what we gonna spend money -- well. I'd like to see I know it probably not illustrate that it's physical attributes that he overcomes should go to court but he did -- sort and and their direct outside and I'm not going to be happy. Wyatt think a lot of Red Sox fans feel that way and I don't necessarily tie is beating cancer to whether the Red Sox again a master contract or not. I think their play baseball related reasons to make that argument but. If he ends up if they sodomy -- entire career in Boston and that's is part of Lester story and it's a great part. Of Jon Lester story got it can overcome that and also be. One of the beyond better pitchers in this franchise may be part of a at a championship team and all that part of the story I think their play baseball related reasons. They are not sent a medal that. Just by -- Jon Lester. Karen in Orlando hang tight -- to get to your phone calls coming up 617779. 7937. Couple opened -- lines gets in Texas well polonium Buckley with the at a Sunday morning sports rated WEEI. As Jon Lester speaking with the media a couple of nights ago and one of the big. Things that he said adding -- two days ago. That a lot of people are gonna grasping on to now is. Well hey FIA portrayed in its trade deadline I'd still be open to coming back to Boston I'd still be open signing with the Red Sox in the offseason. And that's a nice thing to hear it Lester -- really been an example of saying all the right things throughout this entire process and he's pitched well would certainly helps make easier by. In the same way. That saying people shouldn't get too excited or shouldn't have gotten too excited about that hometown discount thing doesn't mean he's gonna play for you know fifty bucks and cab -- Fenway Park. That I'd be open coming back I feel like. It felt to me like more the planets like that they wanted to -- the most money or come close to it or be equal to another offer. I'd come back I don't think it was Jon Lester being like Rick Aguilera back in the day and being traded to the -- sites and immediately being Patrick activists. What are -- more -- Boston. -- and in due time just because he I love Orlando. What Matt wrote the cost realist knew the Red Sox were going to struggle I love when you get through. Late July or early August because I had Eric and I knew it RO Orlando got a lot of passions himself -- I think you'll Orlando I'm not saying skip. A non -- get him you know literally like everybody else geologists aren't there and is -- -- note that that's all and textile Lester is Cy Young award candidate. -- you not me. Because you can and you complain Chris Sale -- in New York I think so it's -- everybody else Felix in that conversation mates Chris ailment. I'd get a job and I didn't event at -- high school about a month ago Q today a fund raiser for the baseball program. With John Ferrell and John Farrell and I -- the stage right private of people in the audience and they had the QNA and of course that people in the audience and asked great questions -- -- as it is and they wanton and somebody in the audience at ready memorial -- was beautiful auditorium amp up their. That up that he could pick one -- story Retief was right now would it -- When John took on hand and I'm well we've got a great staff -- and finally just threw it out mr. Chris Sale yeah. If he could start his team -- one guy right now this very second but of course he didn't pick into the all star game -- Yet at sale I think would be. Berkeley finding -- shop would be easy answer is the 4526 years old to Cy Young. But phenomenal year for Chris -- in the league ERA in whip. These ten and one if you're into that sort of thing and he's but the best hits per nine I believe in baseball while this year Karen in Connecticut is up next on Sports Radio -- parent. Okay on the computer Karen Bobby from Connecticut. And I just have a comment and -- -- not really opinion about fifteen. All that I don't really care who outlet where tax cap on their team I'm an added that there are bad are they at. And no problem no matter -- there. I'll I hate love you guys go -- agility and not okay. I'm like -- is. -- I watched them in 2012. All the way to work. I watched them in 2000 all right let's send rather I really don't watch okay. I'll I listen to them in 2013. All the way to force I'd listen to them in 2000 -- fourteen all the way to work. And my comment is it seems like they can hit people on -- They can hit an all around at third -- Well when it comes to getting them home I don't believe that this spread like he knows that home plate is the page. And I figured they twelve attempts fatigued at home plate would sport nation had maybe -- -- some people -- Well I don't know about the anecdote working out there but a bigger point about runners in scoring position that the Jews trying to make is is correct. Red -- is certainly struggle with runners in scoring position there's no doubt about that. Am adding power has been another problem for this team is into Bogart's right now I think you are leading home run guys so. Yet runs scored like eight at fourteen -- run game in Toronto last week to the Red Sox from dead last in the American League in runs scored. All the way up to I think and they passed about five teams there is a bit of a log -- there but still. Getting runs across just trying to. Have any semblance of of production with runners in scoring positions been an issue was an issue all season this team are right. Per box request and he is up next anyway Orlando and Boston Orlando. What. What -- a lot at Bob Ward black a little I would argue forever. He went in my may I wipe receipts and -- yeah. Every time you used to call on every time I didn't show and used it much as the bank of ghost. Wait wait where the woman goes Sissy Whoopi Goldberg the medium. And and and -- dead husband's Orlando. And Orlando -- will be go braces what you got on your head with a Mike has she changed -- over here if and if you go. Are related do you like. -- -- -- Well. I. I got it right here that. I got him got my hands in the but. -- that. Well. And yet. -- that take. A look more. -- That is obligated to lose type in Orlando and I did this in the tape. -- -- -- was that it was that it was -- -- -- that Celine through the Bruins okay. Yeah on the settled. Crap valued don't you know for that okay. It's right about that and I. Were acts that they spent money would have. Been demonic everybody about spending money. We'll spend the money. -- evaluated throughout I don't get like step. I get I don't know Chris does though he's. He's not any and -- like record number two and it people -- but it looked like he's calm you know a number one I mean I wouldn't. It's like let's walk to where we got to meet. -- happy -- you -- if you can get built and were left that you can't. Say which. You don't. Yes you can -- this you'll agree that left. Out how the other you're drawing up a line there that doesn't exist. I agree -- pitchers in baseball that are better than Jon Lester I think this whole east thing and and frankly the tired conversation to me because there are some that defined an ace. As a five or six or seven best pitchers in baseball and nobody else and if that's your definition of an ace then fine I guess Lester doesn't meet that criteria. It's funny how we forget outlook the struggle real bad actually. -- -- you act but he was so horrible. Last year -- subplot actually. Yes and it might let things like shut down didn't like there I mean whatever it is he -- ego and game and -- pretty. You know and it it's what I got sold a lot. We can't open. Talent like -- You spoke to read this comment you know. What people say is too -- Red Sox overeat or prospects and hope that they listened to Alex -- down on the farm podcast earlier today is when he does a great job until. All you're reading their own prospects went when these rankings come out you -- about scouts around Major League Baseball so the value or the the the hype around Bogart is not just a Red Sox driven thing it's the belief it's the perception of scouts for all teams of what they think. Of the Red Sox prospect that -- I can't be overrated but it's not like it's the red sox' PR machine which does churning out these prospects to Elian. This guy's gonna be the the next hall favored owed them Wear Red Sox uniform. Well well. Now my next point this out the Red Sox wade through the rebuilt would have been elected state. Basic Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Bucs. Are black -- -- and is that okay and tried to get the best match away. Air land -- can I just interrupt for second now -- texting here and and -- I'd say. He wants us to roll back the -- 2013. And this text to claims that you -- beginning at 2013 the Red Sox would sucked and so. -- don't know if I just a little message to boy a year like that. It's like coming yankees got you got out all right -- art on the docket certainly off. It pisses me off that we pisses me -- -- now that you mention it hasn't great this year and it's. So I don't like we haven't. And I -- -- I'm good -- up from the Rockefeller talked. -- -- -- -- -- And outside Napoli struck out not what they know what my -- -- But you spoke and talked about you cardinals don't see it. So what about -- start now I -- that. You play like that black guy. Are you don't need players like bin Laden who can drive the ball when when Major League teams -- trying to find those guys. Don't know I have a two year deal though Orlando and -- I've heard is kind of playing the greatest hits their effort a lot of them before. Which is fine. I love the back to back text he read one embarked. But back to back Williams is all about Orlando he did say in the next one says. Is a fraud he says and every -- -- -- so maybe the first texted -- didn't hear him say it last year and earlier to say at this past year. I don't think the Red Sox support talent value -- I don't buy that I also don't by the notion attack commenced this -- ago. That they some out tripped and locked in Koji we Tara as a players they scouted him and targeted him. And signed him with the intent that he would play a big role in the bullpen they -- to be closer now than they think you would be. You know for calendar year at least at one of the best seasons ever maybe the best ever for closer now so you can argue they were fortunate for that. But they still targeted and -- this guy. With the intent that he would play that he would have a substantial role in the bullpen so I think overall for the talent evaluation of the that's been the issue with the Red Sox. You can always point to mistake I issued -- the talent underperform. That's it. And -- -- -- like the last would argue not hit anybody wants the blame -- the players. It's always been -- and putting the team together what mistaken John Farrell make in these guys are not blameless. But it seems like at the end of everybody's list. Are the 45 guys in uniform many of whom not all that many from Obama performed. That's -- nine. So it's one and what are -- nights ago so we can keep exploiting that interest on your back -- this pan mass challenge compact that they amassed a -- doing the entire thing like on -- town from where is -- -- Star Search while there's like ten different routes but the original route -- -- -- province yes. And and how long does that take. What -- 192 miles of two days we -- they like these they hotels and stuff and and that mass maritime. Sold today are disturbed your balls they don't outs they don't tell and I before and Herbert in disturb -- start and stir bridge fell 530 -- -- in the morning morning. On Saturday next Saturday are you going alone you -- group. I have -- teammate. We have a two person team I'm different talent. Allen and Ayers and you strictly teammates three yes -- we -- rights and get back where three or four other I want to see those spikes veering off into the woods halfway down -- -- three -- -- -- close friends that then we've. And brining together know each other to writing for the past five years. OK so will write a 112 miles I think it is give or take this to board as a threat on the icons that were not how the -- credit where our roads back roads and we start on time when he. We end up kind of veering through -- you guys like the whole State's traffic is up tied up because this thing is going on being a wise I know you are but they do a good job with you know the police in Seattle -- -- trafficking conveniences they hope people understand what we're doing out there I think most. It -- particular stretch that -- straight up till like twelve vials the worst stretch of the entire thing is right at the beginning the first. 4540. Miles from stir bridge to the second water stop and Franklin. As the biggest clients. -- and then after that it's just kind of gentle rollers down born in the the only other part that stopped short steep climbs natural. -- Barack. Yet at their -- on -- the dunes right -- there's there's a Jordan of those there's ensured -- -- -- -- -- it. Lions heading out that that direction that about eighty miles a second I get to -- doing good field I love it and it's a placing -- fifth year for me labor of love kind of thing. It's it's held a lot of fun that's the best it's it is and the thousands of people lined the streets people to wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning on Saturday you don't have to. It stand out there and cheer us on that's that's incredible. That's Catholic it's good that's awesome that's great. Our it will take a break Tyler and Doug coming up 61777979837. More your phone calls text -- -- -- -- -- Barkley with these which -- --

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