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Jeff Howe joins Villani to discuss Pats' training camp, 7-26-14

Jul 26, 2014|

Jeff Howe from the Boston Herald joins Kid Villani to discuss Pats' training camp and the shining star that is Darelle Revis

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Sports hernia WEEI Chris thought it would give up until Red Sox pregame -- come your way around six point. On the W yeah I Red Sox radio network like an -- get your pregame we're talking patriots right now. -- pads today. NFL for the Boston Herald joins me Jeff has gone but. Oh. Yeah I know we never talk anymore it's like. -- -- -- long it has been has been a full twenty when he hours something like that give -- take. Bomb could just re played really we did yesterday and I think of it but there was new developments today. Because your big take away Darrelle Revis tell me what you saw from Darrelle Revis earlier today. The other outstanding and the salute this rule we all really came to watch it to market losses first time they were at. Heard only good thing former teammate he will work. -- -- people trained him to look this guy at work ethic is like behind the scenes at practice go on little or. And did it where it's everything that you really want it to the yacht in best player on the field and whether it's number eighty Darrelle Revis whoever I mean when best player on the team the best player at a certain side of the ball it's also your best player practiced. -- without a little more electricity to the field. Developed out -- and grievous when when he was really light up the open area and making sure that you player on any given -- You really -- Units that operate twice. One of the pleased with athlete phenomenal when a look like -- settlement might have Adam eat on the right sideline -- -- in the ground really quickly tracked the ball in the air really. Studied the way to and a little white ball just as soon as -- told all comes down a turnaround -- intercepted at. In sort of at. And I reminded me of the -- any -- he's track all year. Obviously different sort of -- that by being able to react so quickly just that the ball coming down and get ready here -- human and you've been able to do it and two -- Broke up caught more passes. In -- nominal so it was probably -- bank account. The big question would this guy command it was hard to answer last year because it was year one -- the AC LA's plan and that that Tampa two. Is is this still Revis island you know -- the patriots getting the guy. Who established himself as the best quarterback in the league not too long ago do you feel that that. Is or at least could be the case. Yep they get the guy and that goes back to be able to -- doing upbeat and one of the big ones was trainer professor -- Fisher institute. Down in Arizona. Guys know rivas and -- -- in -- -- and every off season since that so. Mean you want -- outside Revis knowing its own body -- read this note. Well Revis is capable of physically as well as anybody and plant and that there right away you know -- upbeat and it was a vote. Trying to rehab the injury and trying -- log in in the right type of progress and make sure the documents you paint store. Cliches you hear me like coming back and they see color or any sort significant. That it -- he's been. Eight -- that -- were able to. The fact that they had to rehab or force -- certain days -- on the rest and stuff like that it was never in the equation. And and regroup come on said very similar things including. Are there no word opening or -- he was told it was gonna take what a year and a half. Get over that that the injury -- back at full strength and even though I mean last year there -- a lot of people think that you escort American you'll in the league last. I mean I -- that you -- Sherman what. Worst case scenario what Revis looked like the fifth best in the league. But now that he's even further removed from that injury -- we've seen them so far what I've heard Baltimore the last few months. You have to expect that got beat it's not a bad one of the -- -- -- server. What's the reception been like for Revis and that's in the different uniform may have changed some patriots fans opinions on this act. I got -- -- lovable. And they -- I'll -- Without in my opinion. And not that are really yet on a -- here. Well it is the biggest free agent signing -- into that were at currently most high profile free agent signing the treatment ever out and that there's something to vote. That dynamic when it was a big time rival and grievous and stop and outlets and those -- see you later. On those yet seen it and did a lot of great in order. Now that -- on their side -- law. Jeff how the Boston Herald joining me sports hernia WEEI the other big name that people wanna hear how he's doing his Rob Gronkowski. Coming back up his own ACL injury how is Brock looked so far. Not status quo the first three days same exact schedule each day you go 08 or they -- additional drills individual drills -- like that -- It's definitely broken -- Oakland it was about seven or let Carl Levin. -- -- he has aren't even really. I think it's too much and not many one on one day but. It was not the burger without you there either. Well I mean America is that of yesterday that. You know goal for any player again whether green last year you this year thoughtful or the goals we. When you're that sort of -- tenured veterans. Not the approximately forever long read it when you have that sort of status. Training camp pre season but really mean as much up performing in in practice in the preceding it doesn't mean anything. When it comes to making sure he's ready for week one -- out he's proven that he hit the ground running -- go out there anyway be productive player. And -- said the goal to be grateful we want whatever schedule happened to be between now in the next six weeks the couple days. So be it but it's all well get ready for week. A lot of talk about gronkowski and this goes back today the ACL injury last year. Is just the way that he plays the way that he -- how big he is the proclivity -- that tacklers are gonna have to go low on him. How big of a concern how big worry is something similar to what happened last year with -- Happening again you know within the broken arm it was kind of a freak thing. With the ACL that's one that you could see you could see their point when they say that -- you -- go load try to get this guy down and you worry about that injury reoccur. -- up here under percent right and I mean I don't know what's up percentages are of -- hole. The percentages increase -- that once torn ACL and how much he -- at the second -- the or even just how much more in danger is he might be in the first year pact because. He's gonna be tackled in that same area so yeah I mean that's that's got to be concerned because. Yeah I mean you look easy award in the smaller -- aren't hitting the policy he. According to the contrary it was in the middle of a contract year got -- -- -- -- and about Marco Island bouncing off a he's gotten up -- -- eight securities we -- as global -- safety -- but we just -- at that site and police got it. Eight so he lives out there on the field on national TV. And I mean ward in every state even smaller broncos' usually is -- -- -- lol well I rather it be fine. There on the -- bouncing off the Chester becoming a bowling and you go low yet -- actually bring that idea and effort of all your corporate jet. Yeah we've ever heard at all stop and we want the dolphins. It didn't -- as a contender in the AC. As the ship and if they -- okay. Figure out how on earth patriots for the next fifteen a game. Then that increases adult such -- catching the patriots so go to our -- you name. It's got to be your reality whether yet been injured or not -- mean it's the most practical way to beat the guy down now that he has had injury you have to be the year all patriots. But even longer repercussion. Of getting him back go to out of the deal. Chris why tiger we Jeff how Boston Herald patriots training camp day three maybe a less sexy but no less important position that offensive line and you wrote today about Ryan went out. And Dan Connolly who could be in a position battle just -- Samir early thoughts impressions on the offensive line as much as he could -- and and how might things. I shake out a little bit of uncertainty especially on the interiors to what their personal might look like. Yeah it's really at the wide open battle obviously make fine but that center right -- it's a wide open battle between Wendell Connolly. Josh Klein who is. Got under the radar there was their top backup lineman. Talk back -- interior linemen last season John LPO. Who could really contend for the starting job right guard Bryant store I don't they -- it'll take. Ryan Wendell for senator but being Connolly who got a lot of reps -- -- yesterday could absolutely overtake the right -- I think. Is because of the salary reasons and I'll -- all of the interior guys are behind and that -- young guys. I really don't think there's some room for old Wendell and Connolly on the scene and not advocate and former. -- Look at the dynamics -- -- -- to run their. Does. The contract side of it in the personal side with the -- turning their plans for president in the future. A left right when the Olympic volleyball like the world on fire over six weeks I'd be surprised they kept all the so they're competing for jobs and they've got six -- topics like LPO or optical extort. The guy who played well in his role last year Josh -- so communal lines could look at you take note or conceit. Completely intact for the third straight season. The could be two new starters they could be one new starter I wouldn't be surprised if one of those -- in new starter either at the center or right guard. On. How much of an impact -- anticipate the change of offensive line coach to make going from of course a legend in Scarnecchia. Yeah -- got a rental car rates that -- acutely Elmo who is pretty fiery guy in his own right like I mean can't it here. And saved the greatest things ever about they are Nacchio for. However. Obviously since retirement but for even years before that and in and say well you know it's not that big deal has -- -- And simple way so there's gonna be drop off in some capacity. And I wonder what that dynamic is like and you know they brought in Reno offensive lineman in the -- Three young guys so that's bit of change in the garden respect to get the -- -- the coach you got a guy like -- into -- Getting toward the end of -- were on but it still look at still looked at as the leader is the leader of that off the line and I mean it's that it. Definitely different looking group and it's. There's a lot of weird dynamic since it's of the offensive line thought it never sexy but I think that it's it's that -- -- interest staying on the story line is this group as being in Beverly. It's they don't just talk about the offensive line it's a one of them was blocking examining your franchise quarterback and -- his -- then everybody wants talk about the offensive line all of sudden. Speaking of said franchise quarterback and we just kind of taken for granted Brady -- check mark he's gonna be great again that is what have been your early impressions on him. You've been you've been really good and yeah I got picked off twice battery today. I wonder how much it is read -- -- all -- fewer chances ornery its -- and -- we've got that competitive nature and and I don't wanna -- wanna binary it's actually that burst their that you had with settlement wanna want Brady. Screamed themselves yeah I mean you -- the title and -- -- got an all he had. The first team offense a little sluggish to start yesterday's practice they start up the Israel -- On Thursday at the operating results and he need. Media -- doesn't grows in really tight spaces and mean for -- -- -- quarter the end -- Weary hit with him and dole look at what point I think voice might have on -- and -- water to. All motto in new we have one and he is making it drop -- the England I'm. And and he looks great. 37. 4757. However -- he is -- going to be. Right now the guy looks like -- -- at quarterback and certainly no issue nothing that anybody needs because articles. What is there an area where you look at him at 37 and say okay he's not the same quarterback he was five years ago or eight years ago doing X it is there anything that has dropped off appreciable. Yeah I mean I don't know -- governor -- eat fall guy but well -- obviously the statistics back it up in broad deep ball well last year. So that's an issue -- -- view there -- -- people today Andelman I want and one. I think that might even won aboard that either way too right there there -- -- to go. It's obviously a lot differently going up against the -- the and that I don't know that the trend in the all the Sunday is gonna reverse its course. Paying all all all -- up by saying. If Peyton Manning didn't break every significant perhaps Urquhart last year. I think operation in the MVP I'm nothing should have been -- -- -- but it Manning they'll sort some of those statistics. I know what they get it up Brady was. Outstanding last year and people look at some of this wrote that he had -- group that received this career over the margin for error was a lot. Greater error with law lower last year than it's been speaking quite sometime for Brady. It wasn't for him I -- that team if he wasn't in the equate illustrious acting might be lucky went for. Double minutes let's hear it Jeff how the Boston -- targets of patriots and he's a guy that we're we're not really prior to think about for maybe a couple years -- Brady but from what you and others wrote kind of a tough. Couple a days especially yesterday for -- to rappel up. Yeah and captain it hasn't really gotten off the greatest. Start or I mean I think -- the first practice that we saw in OT it was open to media. Became a bonfire is absolutely electric like oh my goodness that you -- corrected it on. With. And then he looked very much like a rookie a moral or legal artery. Yet that at all. They get to interception yesterday two under and have the occasional problem were bought the that happened today or and off I think that happened yesterday. So to. And the mistakes and that pivotal rookie quarterbacks so these mistakes are magnified because this equality and they're certainly gonna happen because these poor. So you know what is it normal growing pains form. You look at the positive. Again he command line -- me at the huddle all they lost we were extremely crap or -- really like working with and talking -- All the -- here is blowing up on crime scenes. I need to -- could savvy. Smart he would let the cool to be a real leader to outline. Inaccurate or -- he that are he beat out the visible drills. What -- -- slows down or if it'll be a lot her last three it is though not not too. And finally jets and has been talked about a lot we're getting into it a bit before -- -- Don. How good can these defense be BK is at the like people look at it with the addition -- Revis the addition -- Browner after he serves the suspension. Growing developing years for guys like Logan Ryan dinner in the secondary linebackers. And then it's you know to keep some of the big guys healthy up Friday. With a defense that was top ten in the league already in points last year how good the defense could we potentially be looking at -- -- -- Yeah I'm what they have the same sort of run of injuries this year at last here -- in -- -- the at least and scorn and you wanna measured other ways to mean fine but the way in terms of scoring like he that they were ranked at and would be. Unbelievable a lot of injuries they sustained and moving parts that they accept that incredible. And really what they were able to view and that's not the city's defense didn't have a lot of flaws lefty they were still at all and that opened beset. There's a lot likeable that -- they're not they're not on the level of the Seattle where they're Francisco clearly. But I think they have they. Definitely have a making the top IP at that Ferrari -- played all sixteen -- the wouldn't be practiced today there's no doubt in my mind that -- will be up by. Our great stuff Jeff how Boston Herald read his stuff their Boston Herald dot com on Twitter at yet he how I do appreciate the time but I'll protect him Monday. Don't recruit out of who are -- thanks you as well Jeff out of Boston Herald great stuff from -- the big takeaways Darrelle Revis. Outstanding today in practice by all indications too easy by a big practice -- like the opposite of Allen Iverson huge practice -- Really competitive even in practice odd year NC Tom Brady looking good. A lot of question marks interior of the offensive line outside of course Logan Mankins -- spot the tackles of these spots and Logan Mankins. So and then there's Rob Gronkowski who is just on the set schedule not a lot from him yet to react to. In terms of what he's been able to do but your Bill Belichick say that he's healthy he expects him to be out here. And I don't really view that's what -- shot across the bow given what happened last year -- his family was gonna come back and he got pushed back. I I think it's just -- apples and oranges comparison you look at those two injuries for a lot of reasons number one. Dear what is it that -- the nature of the injury itself was freakish uptight about the arm. In any of the back problem to have -- about the initial injury the bone break in the arm and that was one where. I don't understand how it happened. On a -- extra point on a noncompetitive plays Bill Belichick calls and that he had infection. Where apparently he stuck like a rusted piece of iron that they found out back over in the construction site here in. I guess street where they're building the new Bruins practice facility is stuck it in his arm can get some weird infection at all kinds things going on. And there was no real precedent Allegheny CL I ACL substantial injury are -- downplay it but. A lot of guys have them to the point where you don't have to be an athlete you don't have to toward -- ACL. Don't understand the nature of the injury what happened -- bright bright take eight out of ten sports fans and they could tell you without being orthopedist. May be missing some of the details how your rehab days yelled about how long you're supposed to be out. There's a set time table for this kind of -- and if there were no real parents setbacks he's rehabbing he's back out on the field there's no overstating -- to Rob Gronkowski on the offense. In the same way it is no overstating Darrelle Revis now a year removed from his ACL on that defense and I'm -- I think this has the potential. To be one of the elite defense is totally. And Seattle maybe not there's only once Seattle top five absolutely. I like there's any reason unless they get hit by a rash of injuries like they have last year which at the at -- happened. If that doesn't happen this adopt Indy -- I just don't see any other way around. I don't. -- in the secondary account data linebacker. I said the big questions. Depth at linebacker. And who's gonna be that other pass rushers so it's not as though this defense is perfect. But the team defensive concept has the ability to be the best but it's been in new wing would lean years because when you have guys -- -- When you have somebody like -- somebody like Browner you talked about moving in. You know even a guy like -- again -- In into sub packages in the probably play a lot of sub package defense as he got Logan Ryan -- Who is a guy that showed a lot of promise in his first year to Iran harmony -- the 42 safeties. There's tremendous depth and talent in that secondary when you've got guys taking cover. That will help the pass rush in the past one of the big issues the patriots have played with either inexperienced not talented or banged up secondary -- combination of the three. And when you don't have an elite pass rusher. Which I don't believe they do -- Chandler jones' closest they get I don't think he's he's one of those elite pass rushers may be can be but I don't think he's -- yet. When you don't necessarily have that -- The ability to cover the ability to buy your pass rushes to bide your fraud. An extra second second half two seconds delegate to the quarterback is invaluable and that's the -- defensive concept that the patriots have really tried to it to strive for over these past several years. I think it's gotten to the potential. And it's all potentially ST healthier perform I understand that but I -- the potential -- is good or better this year. Then any team we've seen from the patriots and decade going back to the Super Bowl championship teams and run 346177797937. Text like 37937. Another hour ago and now with you up until Red Sox baseball -- line with huge sports ready UWB.

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